FACT: There's been an 18% increase in contest participation by members in the past year    
FACT: 64% of KCBS members own three or more grills/smokers    
FACT: 70% of our members grill-out/cook BBQ more than 25 times per year    
FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
Joining KCBS has its privileges!
  • The official KCBS monthly newsletter, "The Bullsheet"
  • Access KCBS Preferred Rates at Choice Hotels
  • 15% off your total order from Papa Tony's seasonings and ribs.
  • One-day shopping pass at any Restaurant Depot location when you present your KCBS membership card.
  • 20% off your total order from Sadler's Smokehouse online store.
  • $0.50 off TABASCO Chipotle or any pepper sauce flavor!
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KCBS Advertising Specifications

Advertising banners on this web site are offered by time period (per month, with a minimum three month commitment). For a complete rate card and information, click here.

All banner advertising created for the KCBS Web site should:

  • Clearly and accurately represent the advertiser’s site and product offerings.
  • Emphasize the unique benefits of advertised product offerings.

The editorial guidelines below will ensure the effectiveness of any advertising submitted. We reserve the right to excerise editorial discretion concerning any advertising accepted for this site, however.

Banner Ad Specifications

Ad Positions

Properly-size Banners

The following banner sizes are currently available for advertising on the official KCBS Web site. Banners must occupy the entire space of the size allocated. Banners must also be confined to the allocated size and may not expand beyond the frame or encroach on KCBS Web content.

  • Top banner: 728 x 90 pixels
  • Event sidebar: 213 x 237 pixels

Acceptible Formats

Banner advertisements are acceptable in the following digital formats: .JPG, .GIF, .PNG and .SWF.

File Size

Banners must be 50K or smaller.

Animation Requirements

  • Animation is acceptable for banners in .GIF or .SWF formats.
  • Animation is restricted to a maximum of 15 seconds.
  • Animation frame rate is restricted to a 15-20 fps frame rate.
  • Audio and visual effects are allowed, but only when initiated by the user. The default setting for all ads containing audio must have sound turned off. Once sounds are initiated, users must have the ability to turn them off again.
  • All Flash banners must use Flash versions 4 - 8
  • Flash code cannot make external server calls for additional Javascript or other functionality. All functionality must be localized to the code itself.
  • Any banner advertisement submitted in Flash format is required to be clickable. The following PDF contains instructions on creating an acceptable banner. Due to the formatting of SWF files, KCBS cannot offer services to resolve non-clickable banners and must return them to the advertiser for correction. Any new contract launch date will be rescheduled until a correct SWF banner is submitted.

      Clickable Flash banner instructions

Banner Quality

Banners must be clear and legible. We reserve the right to disapprove low quality or blurry banner advertisements.

Banner Ad Content

Acceptable Ad Content

We reserve the right to exercise discretion regarding the advertising accepted for this site, as noted in our Terms and Conditions. Therefore, we may not accept advertising related to certain products or services such as, but not limited to, mature sexual themes, nudity and/or sexual activity, crude or indecent language that may be offensive or inappropriate.

Do not mimic system functionality or warnings

  • Banners should not pretend to be a system or site warning.
  • Banners should not mimic or resemble Windows/Max/Unix dialog boxes or error messages.
  • Banners should not have mock animated features, such as drop down menus or search boxes, unless the functionality actually works.
  • "Trick to click" banners which may confuse the user are not allowed. This includes ads which simulate a cursor arrow moving and clicking on the ad.

Do not imply inaccurate affiliations

Banners may not imply an affiliation with KCBS unless authorized permission is granted.

Trademark Infringement

Please note that the advertiser or authorized agent is responsible for the content of any advertisement submitted. KCBS Terms and Conditions prohibit intellectual property infringement by advertisers.

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