FACT: There's been an 18% increase in contest participation by members in the past year    
FACT: 64% of KCBS members own three or more grills/smokers    
FACT: 70% of our members grill-out/cook BBQ more than 25 times per year    
FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
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Approved June Board Meeting Quick Notes

July 14, 2017

Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Directors’ Quick Notes

June 14, 2017


Roll Call: 

Mike Peters,  Dennis Polson,  Mike Hays, Mike Richter, Sandy Fulton, Wayne Lohman, Arlie Bragg, Randall Bowman,  Michael McDearman, Phillip Brazier, Joe Otto

KCBS Office:  Carolyn Wells, Kim Collier,

Not Present:  Wayne Lohman in Europe, Karrin Murphy, Mike McCloud, MMA  

Board pledge:

                Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.

                I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Sandy Fulton:   I move to accept the minutes of the April 26, 2017 Special Meeting.  Mike Peters seconded.  Motion passed.

 I move to accept minutes of the May 10, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting.  Phillip Brazier seconded.  Motion passed.

 Financial Statements

Randall Bowman:  The financial statements for KCBS for the month of May 2017 were sent via email to the Board.  The Committee moves that they be approved as presented and entered into the permanent record of the Kansas City BBQ Society.  Phillip Brazier seconded.  Motion passed.

  Respectfully Submitted,
Randall Bowman, Treasurer

Chair Finance Committee


Presidents Report:  No report this month.

Sanctioning Report-Kim Collier

Event Name

Start Date

     End Date



*D'Iberville BBQ Throw down & Festival 



    D'Iberville, MS

Smoke on the Water New Jersey State Barbecue Championship



    Atlantic City, NJ

*Smoke & Soul Fest



    Casper, WY

*Polar Pig BBQ Cook-Off



    Concord, NC

*Humble Rodeo and BBQ ( WFC Qualifier)



    Humble, TX

*Western Legends Roundup BBQ Cook Off(BACKYARD ONLY)



    Kanab, UT

Pikes Peak BBQ Showdown(BACKYARD ONLY)



   Woodland Park,


*First Annual Half Way to St.Pat's BBQ Contest 



   Emmetsburg, IA

Smokin Up Layton Hill



   Layton, UT

Red Rocks Country Club BBQ Championship



   Morrison, CO

*CCS Fest



   Indianapolis, IN

*Total Eclipse of the Q Presented BY La Bella Casa (BACK YARD )



  Carrollton, MO

Indiana Bacon Festival( BACKYARD)



  Delphi, IN

LuLu's Brew & Que



  Brighton, Co

BBQ Gives Back



  Urbanna, VA

Eastern BBQ Contest




Chillin N Grillin BBQ Festival



  Sands Springs, OK


Cornelia Apple Blossom BBQ Competition 4/20/18-4/21/18          



Cornelia, Ga.


Needs BOD approval 

Smithfield BBA Classic, 08-4&5-2017

Jessie has been the person behind the scenes at all of the Smithfield Guinea Pigs events. So I know she can get it done in 60 days and with Smithfield backing the contest even better.  

The second item that needs the Committee and BOD approval are that both Pro categories will be supplied to the teams. In a random draw like the other Smithfield events.  The teams can bring in their own Chicken and Brisket.

Randall Bowman moved that the contest be approved as a regular Guinea Pig contest and that Arlie Bragg will be running the contest.   It will be run as all Guinea Pig Contests, with all four meats being provided.   Sandy Fulton seconded. Motion passed.  Arlie Bragg recused himself from the vote.  Motion passed.


May    2017 – 7 PM EST

Members:  Randy Bigler- Co Chair, Eddie Smith, Mickey Williams, Ron Templeton, Charlie Barrineau, Debbie Yopp, Graham Wilson, Robert Stouffer, Randy Bigler, Kim Collier, Betty Frizzell,  Carolyn Wells, Executive Director; Mike Hays, President.

Committee Reports:

KCBS Video:  Charlie chairs this committee and was unable to attend meeting.  Graham, Eddie and Randy will contact Graham to discuss progress of video and report recommendations at the next meeting.    Our hopes by June we will be able to present it to the Board for approval.

Cul de Sac:   Mickey Williams, Ron Templeman and Eddie Smith are awaiting direction from Board Member Michael McDearman on this special ADHOC Committee.

BBQ Ambassadors and Welcome Notebook:  Debbie Yopp and Robert Stouffer

Debbie has forwarded to the Committee her packet to the members to review.  Will discuss t next meeting.

A concern of the Committee is the low percentage of Organizers that are KCBS members.  Kim reported that 60% of our Organizers are not members.  Some suggestions to encourage them to join were:  More discussion next month to finalize suggestions to make to the Board.

First year free Membership

Forming regional meetings of organizers

Facebook subgroups of Organizers

Actually calling nonmember Organizers to solicit membership

Do more shadowing of Organizers

Mailing address list for teams and judges for their state

Contest posted on KCBS managed Social Media

Currently, Organizers receive 10% off adds, as members they get 20%

It was decided that the Organizers Handbook needs to be rewritten.  It hasn’t been updated in several years.  Kim forwarded to the committee members the Organizers Guide to review.  Over the next couple of months we will strive to rewrite the manual.  We feel it needs more passion, share success stories, relationship you should have with teams and judges, Shadowing, sponsorships etc.  Each month we will review a section to update. 

Meeting adjourned.

I do have a Motion during closed session regarding the Organizers Video.

Arlie Bragg requested looking at contests when they are booked for Friday and Saturday and Saturday and Sunday within 100 miles apart.  We are losing contests because of this.  Sandy assured Arlie that it will be discussed at the Sanctioning Meeting tomorrow night.  

Marketing Committee:  Randall Bowman, Chair

We met via email throughout the month and are working on a simple 1-2 page presentation to give brands/partners to highlight the reason to offer KCBS members "perks". We are in the process of finalizing quite a few that will be added to our member benefit page. We have also met with a marketing firm that brings a lot of perk program experience to the table that is going to be helping us with our efforts.

Randall Bowman

Marketing Chair

International Board of Managers Report- Wayne Lohman 

June 2017 International Board of Managers Report 

I apologize to the Board for missing two consecutive monthly meetings.  The IOTeam travel schedule got changed due to previously BBQ event changes. 

April and May, once again, proved to be two of our busiest months of the beginning of the International BBQ circuit, especially in Europe. 

The IOTeam was present in Salzburg, Austria to help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of The Salzburger Bulls BBQ Team. Pit master and organizer of the 3rd Annual Barbecue Bulls Austria Championship is Helmut Carl who has represented Austria at The Jack for the past 15 years.  Our weekend started off with 35 students in the CBJ class and 28 teams competing in the contest the following Day.  It's interesting to note that we had 8 different countries attending this contest that serves as a model event for the new contest organizers that came from Slovenia and Hungary as well as Master Judges from the States. 

Two days later, the IOTeam traveled to Ljubljana, Slovenia for a 12 day cooking and judging training in this Baltic Country.  While there, we had the opportunity to teach at a Culinary College for Hospitality and Tourism in Bled.  Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries that we have been invited as BBQ Guest.

The Culinary Academy is known for graduating some of the finest chef's in Slovenia.  Also during our stay that week we the opportunity to meet Ambassador Brent Harley at the US Embassy.  Ambassador Harley was very receptive to our BBQ Classes and upcoming contest in mid-September.  He was very appreciative of our feeding the Marine Military Guards who secure our Embassy.  We were even more impressed and thrilled that he would try to attend the sanctioned contest in late September. 

The following week we celebrated the founding of the Slovenian BBQ Society, headquartered in Ljubljana.  We had 30 students in the cooking class that broke down to 10 teams who cooked all night to present to the CBJ students the following day, after they had learned the theoretical  presentation of judging.  This was a win win weekend for the IOTeam as we had new organizers from Germany and Croatia.  Germany has already scheduled a new contest in Bavaria for 2018. 

I'm pleased to report that the SOA panel approved all three meat products for Jubatti Pork Meats that will be marketed in 50+ Metro S.A. Stores in Italy.  The KCBS panel of six individuals scored all 8's and 9's for the 3 presentations of our first International SOA. 

The IOTeam is also working on a slide show presentation, with word tags, to help organizers solicit contest and class sponsors.  Due to the many language barriers, we rely on pictures to convey our message.  We hope to have this presentation done by midsummer.

I request that the Board accept my June report.  Thank you.


KCBS CBJ Committee Minutes-Dennis Polson 

No report for May 2017.

Purpose off the Three Strikes Policy.  There needs to be a statement made regarding the Three Strikes Policy and have Phillip Brazier send it to Reps.  Also Mike McDearman and Dennis Polson will prepare a statement to be published in the Bullsheet next month, also to put it on Facebook and an email blast.  All ways we have to communicate with our membership.

CBJ Instructors Committee  

To date there has been 26 CBJ Classes with a total of 1002 new CBJ’s.

Rep Committee – Philip Brazier, Chairman

May 23, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM

Phillip Brazier – Rep Chair conducted the meeting

Roll call was taken and the following members were present:

Dennis Polson, Bill & Debby Gage, Alan Rothrock, Steve Alverez, Steve Grinstead, Ralph Williams, Mike Eberle, Kim Collier

Absent: Bob McKinnon

Carolyn Wells – Executive Director was, also, present.  Kathy Brazier recorded the meeting.

First item on the agenda was to discuss any feedback, positive or negative, about present methods being used to seat judges.  Very little discussion among the membership so, apparently, it is being accepted.

The committee was, again, informed that the latest, updated version of the Rep Advisory Manual had been posted on the KCBS website under “Resources”, “Downloads” so any KCBS member can see them.  Some minor errors have been brought forth that are cosmetic, only, and will be corrected.

Committee members were informed that work will; now, begin on updating the Rep Manual.   Brazier and Williams will begin the work and some committee members may be asked to assist in the future.

It was brought to the attention of the some Reps are veering too far from the set scripts when conducting the Cooks, Judges, and Table Captains meetings.  This will be addressed via email to all Reps that the scripts are to be followed.

Grinstead suggested that the scripts be separated individually as PDF files so they can be downloaded onto smartphones for easy access at contests.  Presently, they are all three together under one file.  Everyone thought that was a very good idea.  Brazier will pursue.

The next item of business was to discuss VIP judges.  Some reps are being caught by surprise on the morning of a contest by the organizer needing to seat one or more VIP’s as judges.  After much discussion, it was decided that during their EARLY correspondence with their organizers, Reps should stress to utilize VIPs in any ancillary categories instead of the main competition.  And VIP’s should be kept to as few as possible.  If VIP’s are going to be used in the main competition, the Organizers should inform the Reps ahead of time as to how many, so they can be included in the seating process.

Simultaneous Master and Backyard contests were discussed as to the proper segregation of both judges and tables.  Brazier will send out a reminder that part #6 within Advisory 5.05 Backyard Contest states that “KCBS judging tables and Backyard judging tables should be identified, prior to the first turn in.” 

The floor was then opened for any topic. 

The use of electric cumbrous was brought forward and it was determined that it should be sent before the Rules committee for verification on the legality.  Brazier will do so. 

Grinstead thanked Brazier for the email to Reps to utilize emails with KCBScore problems during work hours instead of phone calls.  It has proven very helpful. 

Brazier informed the group that the next meeting would be on June 27th at 7:00 PM Central

The meeting was adjourned at 8:06 PM. Central

This is a modification to Advisory 3.11 to include Family Members that I am going to make a motion for the Board to approve at our next meeting.  

If you have any questions, please, let me know.

As written now:

3.11 Judging by Team Members

Question: Can team members serve as a judge if their team is entered in the contest?

Opinion:  No.  A team member may not serve as a judge if the team they cook with is cooking at the same contest.  February 17. 2006

 Rewritten:  Phillip Brazier motion reads as follows:  Motion was seconded by Mike Peters.  Motion passed.

3.11 Judging by Team Members and/or Family Members

Question: Can Team members and/or Family Members serve as a Judge and/or Number Changer if the team they cook with is cooking at the same contest.

Opinion: No.  If a team is cooking at any contest, the team member(s) or family member(s) of that team, cannot judge or number change at that contest.

The Team member and/or Family Member may work Left-Over, Table Captain, or Turn-in (except Number Changer), if assigned by the Rep at that contest.          

The Team member and/or family member will abide by the “Fraternization Rule” concerning being in and around the cook sites, including the team in question.

Participating Team members/Family members must advise Reps/judge coordinators of their relationship to the participating team, to avoid conflict and disappointment.

An Advisory, not part of the motion:

If there are instances that come up under this Advisory they should immediately be brought to the attention of the CBJ Chair and then to the Board.  

BUILDING COMMITTEE:  Arlie Bragg, Chair 

We still do not have any current renters for the upstairs or downstairs. The agent is working hard to try to find someone. We have prospects for both up-and-down stairs and we are trying to get that worked out. We also have a water leak in the basement. Mike Hays and Randall Bowman are assessing options.

The Board suggested that the downstairs of the old KCBS headquarters be cleared by the end of the month and also to contact a realtor and put the property on the market.  Arlie Bragg will be handling this and report to the Board in July.

Tech Committee- Mike Peters – Chair

Technology Committee met Wednesday, May 17

KCBScore is now at version 12.6.7 which allows reps to set up ancillary categories at home. Also allows champion reports to be generated and fixes windows 10 zoom issue.

12.6.7 is in test mode and there is one concern with ancillary events. 

*All worked until announcer printout for top 10. Ancillary had issues. Main 4 meats were correct. We are still in testing mode. 12.6.1 Is still in service. Another issue - overall tie breaker in ancillary. Top 10 overall. 

Request has been sent to Indevx for fix.

Discussed expanding the field but decided a better option would be to add 3 new fields. 1. Y or N for Member, 2. 15 digit field for phone number. 3. Country code for contest. Quote request sent.  Do we have a quote for services yet? 

CSV file to add 3 fields. Email sent to MMA.  Y / N for member & 15 digit field for phone number only. 

Copy of Cook team detail sheet online like the judges scorecard. 

MMA has been contacted to provide a quote for service. 

Website - Ad Hoc committee. Will discuss during call.

Mike Hays will request info on what KCBS currently has in service. Committee has IT professionals who will review hardware and software.  

Tech committee - contest organizer and all critique sheets. Could we have a judge’s critique sheet? Could a form be developed? There are different survey options. Move all surveys to one system - Cook, Rep, Organizer survey. 

BANQUET MEETING- Sandy Fulton-Chair

Banquet Committee – Barbara Richter – May 30, 2017

Committee members:  Sandy Fulton, Chris Peters, Randy Bigler, Rich & Bunny Tuttle, Randy & Carol Bigler, Bill Capstack, Karen Murphy, Mike Hayes, Carolyn Wells, Kim Collier, Raye Keys

(Bold indicates those present on call) 

Review of last month’s minutes: 

Confirmed that member questions will be requested in advance of the banquet to each committee chair which will be addressed at each individual session. 

  • For future discussion:   As the event is closer, the session presenters should request questions be submitted on their Face Book Pages for their committee, or we can put an “ad” in the Bullsheet asking questions be submitted via e mail to the board, and those questions could be distributed to the individuals responsible in that area.  The committee needs to determine when this should be done, and ask each presenter to put out a request at the appropriate time.  Maybe October/November/December?

Update:  Barb working on Payers Cards with Casino for KCBS guests.  They like the idea, and are investigating (because of gambling laws) how to issue cards, with proper ID etc., for all guests.  Overnight guests are not a problem because they have to show ID, but coming up with issuing Players Cards associated with our group for those members not staying overnight is what they are working on.  More information will be provided as this develops.

Update on Exhibitor Space:  Exhibitor space will allow about 20 6’ x 8’ Tables for vendors, registration, raffles etc.  This should be adequate to allow for 10 or so vendors along with the various tables needed by the group for our needs.  No vendor information yet as far as if we have any – will update at June Meeting.

Update on AV: Hotel has basic AV equipment available for rent (screens/projectors) but does not provide technical support.  We will need to secure outside AV for a technician to run multiple microphones/mixers/video/music etc.  As sessions are finalized, and we have a clearer understanding of our needs, we will work on getting a solid quote for AV.  Barb has been in touch with Jeremy Moyers (last year’s AV provider) to talk about final equipment etc., but schedules haven’t allowed a firm discussion.  When this happens, Barb will report back to the committee and have a better handle on AV needs. 

Update on Tour:  Need to decide if we will do tour both days or only one day.  Kim unavailable for call, so we will discuss more in June meeting.

Update on 2019 Location:  RFP’s have been sent.  No further information at this time.

Update on Goody Bags:  Some items are coming in.  Nothing significant yet.

New Discussion: 

We discussed adding a Legacy session like we had in KC 2 years ago since we are not having a guest speaker.  Carolyn (Thank you!) is happy to do this again and is sure the others involved will be happy to do this too.  Barb will work this into the schedule, possibly before lunch on Saturday, but placement will happen when we have a more permanent schedule.

Discussed having the committee makes a recommendation to the board to perhaps move to the east coast every 5 years – Nashville and Atlanta were both strong attendance meetings.  Will discuss further when Sandy is available next month.  What is the process for this, and is this what the whole committee recommends?

Carolyn will ask Raye to send Barb the final agenda from last year.  Barb is working on placing sessions, but working off a schedule that was slightly changed.  Barb will submit preliminary session schedule to the committee via e mail for review and input, based on later start time, longer session times, available space allowing for no overlapping sessions, no inadequate room turn timing, and adding legacy session.

Barb has had discussion with hotel on sale of Raffle Tickets.  They want to make sure there is not a conflict with our sale of tickets with the gaming laws.  Carolyn said that ALL Raffle ticket sales, including the contest entries as well as gift baskets are classified as Door Prizes.  Barb will make sure the hotel knows that in case there is any conflict.

Meeting Concluded.

Membership Committee – Mike Peters, Chair

 Membership Committee Report June 2017

Active Members  20097

New Members  558

New from CBJ Class 323

Renewed Members 729

Non Renewed 844

New from Website 187

Total Lifetime Members 1361

International Members 1467

Countries Represented 31

Members “auto” renewed 356 

Membership committee met on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 

Ambassador Program - Bobbi - RMBBQ.  Donna - CBBQA Update? Donna did the Ambassador program in Elk Grove and will be doing this also in Silicon Valley. Ambassadors are also speaking of KCBS/CBBQA benefits at cooks meeting and judge meeting. Often the Ambassador tent is the information booth so as long as staff know information about the event (who is serving BBQ, where are restrooms), it helps with public perception.

Business Memberships - Bobbi

Discuss other types of membership. Business Membership, Restaurant membership

KCBS is looking at a rework of the website and there should be some things we can incorporate. 

Survey for non-renewals. Sammye

Survey has been approved and in process. Sammye will go forward with sending the survey out to quarterly non-renewals starting in 2015.  

Request has been sent to MMA.

Cook team info like judge scorecard on KCBS. Stop providing contest information to non-member cook teams. There are approx. 4800 non KCBS cook teams competing. Couple members surprised that KCBS does not require membership to cook KCBS contests. In past KCBS has tried the carrot approach instead of the stick of requiring membership. Consideration must be made of the one cook teams at large events and hurting contests when KCBS still receives compensation in regards to teams from organizers. Part of the committee believes that providing the detail sheets at events is beneficial to membership and showing a non-member the benefits of KCBS. Comment was made that we are devaluing the brand of KCBS by giving the information to non-members. What do we consider to be included in our responsibility to the contest organizer? Is the detail sheet included or just the overall sheet? In discussions with Technology committee, they would like it to be gradually introduced as to not upset membership. 

This has been discussed in the past by the board. Will wait on MMA to get us information. Still waiting… There is team info online. Tech committee/BOD is looking at other options for data usage. If website can get team detail online, it should be behind member login. We should ask organizers how they would feel about non-member teams not getting the detail sheets, only overall. Or vice versa. Sent to Sandy for posting on the Organizer FB page for discussion. 

International involvement to keep them in the KCBS loop. Most International teams want to know how to better compete when they come to the states. Most International competitions involve culinary plating. What does BBQ mean to them? How can we share domestic BBQ techniques with our International membership? Highlight international teams on KCBS.us and YouTube. Why are they cooking KCBS? What are some differences? Make US members more aware of International teams and differences. Maybe tie into sister city programs. Thoughts?

What about providing KCBS Proclamations to International events. Also KCBS certificates of appreciation to International teams/members that compete in the states. For teams, since they plan ahead for cooking US contests, there should be time to coordinate with KCBS office and Contest reps to provide certificates at contest. Good PR for KCBS to non-members. 

Donna has agreed to design the certificate if approved. IO Team is sending over what they use for International. It is easy enough for the office to send certificates to International teams cooking domestically. The hardest part will be knowing who comes over. An organizer/team will need to reach out to KCBS office.  

KCBS Block parties at the new World Headquarters - April 23 KCBS is teaming with Boulevard for their overstock sale. Teams will be doing samples and a people’s choice. Boulevard is making a donation to the KCBS foundation. 

Boulevard did have an event - getting information from Carolyn about any membership opportunities. Event happened. Will grow with time.  

New Business

Member request - Mr. Nichols - Some organizations give free lifetime membership for Purple Heart Recipients and / or Disabled Veterans which I am both.  The Army Form DD214 can verify if someone has a Purple Heart and the VA issues a document verifying 100% disability.  Or perhaps just those with a Purple Heart or only those with 100% disability could qualify for free membership.  This is a non-profit organization and what better way to support some special veterans. 

If a member is over 65 and has belonged to KCBS for more than five years the rate is $250 for Family Lifetime and $225 for Individual Lifetime.  KCBS currently offers free annual membership to active duty military serving overseas. 

Discussed this in committee - agree with providing lifetime memberships for Purple Heart Recipients with Army form DD214 as proof. Digital bull sheet would be required. Family membership would be charged the $100 difference which is currently the difference between individual and family lifetime membership. Disability claims membership can be reviewed in the future but at this time the committee would rather not include. Military vs non military disability, % disabled compared to 100% for discounted membership, slippery slope. As we are in mid-season for BBQ, it is requested to not implement this until closer to year end so as to not overwhelm the office staff.

Will bring a motion to the board at the July meeting.  

Rules Committee:   Mike Richter

Meeting was held May 23rd instead of May 16th. The committee began by again discussing the existing pork rule and reviewing the pork rule FAQ posted on the website March 13, 2014. 

Pork Rule FAQ

March 13, 2014

Rule 10) 

Pork: Pork is defined at Boston Butt, Boston Roast, Picnic and/or Whole Shoulder, weighing a minimum of four (4) pounds at the time of inspection.  After trimming, pork shall be cooked whole (bone in or bone out), however, once cooked, it may be separated and returned to the cooker at the cook's discretion.  It may be turned in chopped, pulled, chunked, sliced or a combination of any of these.

1.  What does 'once cooked' mean?
Answer:  The KCBS board of directors considers the FDA guidelines for safe cooking temperatures the definition of cooked.  In the case of pork that is 145 degrees F with a 3 minute rest time.  Visit USDA.gov for more info. 

2.  Can a butt be trimmed down to just the money muscle and still be considered a legal entry?
Answer: No.  The rule states that pork must be cooked whole.  Trimming means to remove unwanted fat or gristle, anything beyond that is considered parting. 

3.  Once the pork reaches a temp equal to or above 145 degrees, can I remove the money muscle and then return the rest of the butt to the cooker?
Answer:  Yes, but the money muscle must be held at a proper temperature as defined by the USDA or cooled by USDA guidelines.

After discussing the committee believes the rule should be changed



PORK: Pork is defined as Boston Butt, Boston Roast, Picnic and/or Whole Shoulder, weighing a minimum of four (4) pounds at the time of inspection. After trimming, pork shall be cooked whole (bone in or bone out), however, once cooked, it may be separated and returned to the cooker at the cook’s discretion. It may be turned in chopped, pulled, chunked, sliced or a combination of any of those.


PORK:  Pork is defined as Boston Butt, Boston Roast, Picnic and/or Whole Shoulder, weighing a minimum of four (4) pounds at the time of inspection.

And would like the Board to discuss. 

The committee believes the rule is too specific and the other meat definitions are far simpler, i.e.

CHICKEN:  Chicken includes Cornish Game Hen and Kosher Chicken.

PORK RIBS:  Ribs shall include the bone. Country style ribs are prohibited.

BEEF BRISKET:  May be whole brisket, flat, or point. Corned beef is not allowed. 

The committee also discussed the recent occurrences of comment cards addressing issues beyond the requirements and/or personal preference of what they believe should be in the box.

The committee submits the following requests to the Rep Chair: 

1)  Ask the Reps to request the Table Captains to help them review comment cards (CC) and to point out to the Reps possible inappropriate CC. The Reps must still be solely responsible for removing inappropriate CC. 

2)  Request the Reps place even more emphasis (than they are currently) on making sure the judges, judge only what is in the box not what they believe should be in the box.

3)  Establish a timeframe for turn in boxes to be distributed to teams. Some reps do not distribute until the cook’s meeting. The boxes are not currently consistent from rep to Rep. This would also reduce length of the cook’s meeting at the comps where they are distributed. 

4)  The committee would also like to know when Reps should be on site at a comp.

The committee would like to offer their assistance in modifying the training program for reps.  It is our understanding some Reps in Training are afforded more of an opportunity to participate, e.g. scoring, conducting meetings, during their training than others.  Standardization of the training requirements like we have for CBJs may help the Reps in Training.

The next Rules Committee meeting is June 20th.

The Board recommended that Mike Richter and the Rules Committee do a survey, possibly through Survey Monkey, and send to Cook teams giving them 4 options on the rules for the defining of Pork.  The Rules Committee currently feels that the rule is too specific and the other meat definitions are far simpler.  The Board would like to know what the teams feel it should be.  This survey will give us their opinions. 

Nominating Committee:  Arlie Bragg:  

I will be getting with Karrin this coming week to get stuff posted in the BullSheet along with I have sent you simply voting to look over we will discuss it at the meeting

Please if anyone has different questions they would like to ask the nominees please email that to me.

Education/Communications Committee:   Michael McDearmann

Communication committee had email questions on the transition of the Bullsheet. This is on how best to communicate and inform members of changes if made.

A  Did You Know section was added to the Bullsheet. Sharing topics like the 3 strikes judge policy, how judges are seated, etc. 

Marc Farris from BBQTV has graciously offered the archives to the museum. He needs to get them appraised then will donate.

Strategic Planning Committee:  Joe Otto

Strategic Planning Committee met on June 5

We reviewed our current projects, priorities, and staffing on SPC. 

Clear and comprehensive description of the duties of the executive director.  Sufficient staffing at this time for review will expand if needed. 

Develop Smoke Master Award Program.  Developing a questionnaire for Chief Cooks for input to the program.  Infancy stage at this time, will review and add members as needed. 

Explore craft beer and wine events.  Infancy stage at this time, determining direction and vision of desirable end result.  Will add members as needed. 

Review of KCBS documentation.  Discussing systematic review of KCBS documentation to ensure we are current and in line with KCBS mission.  Infancy stage at this time, determining scope of work, depth of review, and how and when to hand off to proper committee.

Request closed session for discussion.  

Philanthropy Report-Joe Otto

This year we ended up with 72 applications for KCBS Scholarships.  Our Committee divided the list into two groups and each group was reviewed by half of the committee members.  On April 28th we had our conference call meeting and decided on the funding that we recommend for each student for this year and that information was just sent out to the Board in a previous e-mail.

We've received eight applications for Charitable Grants and we will have our recommendations for those at the June meeting. 

FOR EXECUTIVE SESSION:  a discussion on funding for KCBS Scholarships this year with a motion to follow when we return to Open Session.  That motion will read: "I move to fund and award the KCBS Scholarships as discussed in Executive Session". 

FOR EXECUTIVE SESSION:  A discussion on Charitable Grants and our recommendations.  Motion to follow.


I ask that you accept this report.

Old Business

New Business

Mike Peters moved and Joe Otto seconded that we go into closed session at 9:11 PM CST.

Motion passed.

Closed Session Agenda:

Mike Peters:  Conduct unbecoming a KCBS board member 

Sandy Fulton: Motion:   KCBS Organizers Video 

Mike Hays:  Minutes from Closed Executive Session – Discussion of MMA 

Joe Otto:  Scholarships and Grants

Joe Otto: Strategic Plan


After Closed Session:

Mike Peters moved and Randall Bowman seconded that we go into Open Session.

Time 10:42 PM CST.  Motion passed.

Mike Hays:  During Closed Session the new contract with MMA was discussed with the Board Members.

Joe Otto:  Joe Otto moved and Mike Richter seconded to fund and award the KCBS scholarships as discussed in closed session.  Motion passed.

Mike Richter moved and Mike Peters seconded that the meeting adjourn at 10:43 PM CST.  Motion passed.

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