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BOARD AGENDA - June 8, 2011

June 6, 2011


Board of Director's Meeting - June 8, 2011


 Recitation of the Kansas City Barbeque Society Mission and of the Pledge for the Board of Directors.

 Minutes:  Tana Shupe - Previously communicated to the Board of Directors and may be viewed online by members of the Kansas City Barbeque Society.

 Marketing Report:  Tana Shupe

            GABT Tour

-          Completed the first 8 events; sent recaps to all national partners

-          On-going assistance for the Tour Team in product shipments, logistics and on-site media promotion

-          Working with event organizers and local stakeholders to ensure successful PR and logistics integration 

  • Planned 3 successful radio remotes at events

-          Ongoing coordination of retail and BBQ teaching stops

            Sam’s Club BBQ Series:

-          Continued coordination of PR efforts for the Inaugural Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour

  • Sending regional e-blasts to competitors
  • Promoting activities via all social media assets

-          Ongoing recruitment of volunteers to ensure event success


-          Total May sales: $3,381


-          Advertising sold for May: $1,644

-          Uploaded June Bullsheet

-          Uploaded MP3 of May’s BOD meeting

-          Uploaded MP3 of Special BOD meeting

-          Updated website with Kingsford Points Chase winners/information

-          Updated Downloads section of website as requested by KCBS

-          Updated Critique forms as requested

-          Updated Members Discount section of website to reflect new promotions

-          Corrected KCBS event links

-          Continued work on separate log-in accounts for TOY and News


-          Social Media: Using MMA, KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

  • 195 new Twitter followers
  • 37,044 Facebook post views

-          Sent GABT press releases out in Louisville, Memphis, Kansas City and Charlotte markets

-          Sent Rancher’s Reserve local press releases out in Morgan Hill, Green Lane and Westmont markets

-          Sent Kingsford Points Chase press releases in Louisville, Morgan Hill, Memphis, Kansas City, Sevierville and Rochester markets

-          Updating Kingsford Points Chase blog after events

-          Updating News section of KCBS website as needed

-          Ongoing CBJ PR

            Sponsorship Activities

-          Sold KCBS Membership E-blast to Grate Chef.  Will be to board for approval on 6/3

-          Continued Kingsford Points Chase implementation/follow-up

-          Working with Reser’s Fine Foods American Classics Summer Series on event implementation and auxiliary needs; communicating with event directors

-          Coordinating Rancher’s Reserve Beef Cup pre- and post- event; working with Rancher’s Reserve on logistics and judging procedures


-          Created 2011 Annual Membership Survey; working on implementation

 Rep Committee Report:  Mark Simmons - The rep committee met and is considering additional reps around the country. Nominations outside of the South and the KC area are welcome. We expect to be adding RAT's over the next several months. We have 3 RAT's in the Northeast that are at least halfway through their training and athey have been very well received by the cooks and reps. There have been a number of positive reports received by the office concerning them.

 There are occasional rep assignments that are having to be filled at the last minute and Dawn is doing an excellent job in the office taking care of that. We hope to alleviate that with additional reps before the end of the summer. We are combing through the critique sheets to see if there is a common thread and answering questions as needed.

 Motion to be acted upon:  We move that a more rigorous audit be required to be performed by the KCBS reps for all contests where the data entered is not entered by a KCBS rep. The more extensive audit process to be performed at the conclusion of each category includes:

 1)    Review of the tally sheet in each category before they are mass produced, looking for 0's, and any scoring irregularities.

2)    Identify top two teams, bottom two teams (with scores greater than 5) and two teams in the middle to check their scores.

3)    Identify all teams scoring less than 20 so they can be audited. (A 5-5-5 is a score of 20. This is a review of any score worse than a 5-5-5)

4)    Pull the cards and check the scores of the teams based on #1 & #2 and all teams with scores under 20

5)    If any irregularites are found, perform additional audits on teams 3 & 4th highest, additional teams in the middle, and the teams 3rd & 4th from the bottom.

6)    Review all detailed score sheets looking for 0's or 1's that are inadvertent.

 Once all the cards have passed the audit, then print out the tally sheet, making sure that all 0's & 1's and all scores below 20 have been checked and reviewed.  The rep committee recommends the adoption of this motion.

 The rep committee has no additional motions to bring before the BOD at this time.  Our next scheduled rep committee meeting is July 6.

 June Sanctioning Report:  Wayne Lohman - The Sanctioning Committee recommends approval of all new and existing contests listed in the June New/Change Request Report with the exception of The Big Oink in Sacramento, CA that has been contested.  Our recommendation includes the Lake Havasu City, AZ contest and the two same weekend contests in Edenton and Lexington, NC.

 NEW 2011:

08/12-13                    Smokin' on the Prarie                                       Gillette, WY

09/3-4                        Throwdown on the River                                  Dubuque, IA

09/16-17                    TBD                                                                   Worthington, MN

NEW 2012:

05/19-20                    The Big Oink                                                     Sacramento, CA

01/27-28                    Lake Havasu Music Brews and BBQ                Lake Havasu City, A


08/17-18                    Rock 'n' Ribs Festival                                        Salt Lake City, UT

05/18-19                    Grand Lake BBQ Festival                                  Langley, OK

04/27-28                    Hog Fest in Historic Edenton                            Edenton, NC

4/27-28                      BBQ Capital Cook-Off                                      Lexington, NC


05/6-7 TO 06/1-2      Valley Center Spring Fling                                Valley Center, KS

 Rules Committee Report:  Randy Bigler - The Rules Committee ( Randy & Carol Bigler, Arlie Bragg, and Vince Carriccoi) met Thursday evening 2 Jun 2011. The following items were discussed:

> 1.  Sous-Vide Cooking

> 2.  USDA PORK Temps.

> 3.  Is an electrical blow dryer considered a secondary heat source.

> 4.  Can an organizer's team compete at his own contest.

> 5.  Disciplinary actions against judges breaking rules drinking alcoholic beverages.


Sous-Vide Cooking technique

Disciplinary actions for judges breaking rules drinking alcoholic beverages.

 Education Committee Report:  Paul Kirk - We are making progress in setting up a high school BBQ system, we are trying to set up a meeting for Tuesday and I will reporting on any progress at the meeting.

 Finance Report:  Mike Budai - The Finance Committee recommends adopting the May financial statements submitted to members of the board on June 5, 2011.

 ByLaws Committee Report:  Candy Weaver - We have 2 main issues with the KCBS bylaws which originated from consensus vote of the membership in January 2011.  The main focus of both referrendi is providing diversity on the board. 

 Board diversity by regional board representation needs to planned, in function and as to implementation timetable.

 Board diversity by recommending term limits of current and past board members needs to be considered as well.

 Board diversity by limiting board membership to one member of a household.

 These changes will be made to one section of the Bylaws, which is reproduced below:

 Section 4.04 Election and Term of Office:

The Directors of the Corporation shall be elected by the Members annually.

Elections shall take place (a) by written or electronic ballot delivered to each Member

electronically or by U.S. Mail, or (b) at the annual meeting of the Members, as may be

determined by the Board. Each Director shall serve for three-year terms. In order to provide for staggered terms of office, the Directors shall be divided into three classes of not less than three (3) and no more than five (5) Members. The terms of each group of Directors will expire at staggered times so that in each year the term of office of one group of Directors shall expire each year. At all annual elections thereafter, the Directors shall be elected by the Members in good standing for a term of three (3) years to succeed the Directors whose term then expires, providing that the Directors be limited to two consecutive three-year terms, after which one year must lapse before a Member is eligible for another term(s). A candidate shall be nominated to the Nominating Committee in writing from any Member. The candidates on the ballot prepared by the Nominating Committee receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared Directors.  Election of one class of Directors by the Members shall take place annually. Terms of newly elected Directors of the Corporation begin the first regular meeting of the Board following the announcement of the election results. In the event of a tie vote causing the group of candidates to be elected to be unknown, the tie will be resolved by a vote of the newly seated Board at the first meeting after the election. Any Director elected by a vote of the Board following a tie vote, shall be considered elected by the Members for the purposes of Removal described in Section 4.08.  The election may be conducted by paper or electronic ballot.

 Technology Report:  Don Harwell - Web:

  • Created both MP3 files of the May regular and special meetings for posting on our web site.

Contest Program:

  • Contract is in final review after which Candy Weaver will then sign.
  • The Contest Program committee will be reviewing all screens and work prepared by Stephen Smith to ensure that the request for work to Data Access will be as streamlined as much as possible to reduce any rework to the design after programming is beginning.


  • Although the online elections company we have been using for many years has met all of our needs, to make sure we are not overlooking any new improvements and technology that some other company may offer, review of other online election companies are taking place.  

  CBJ Report:  Mike Lake - I am still looking for input from board members regarding questions or perhaps information that you would all like to see in a continuing education program for judges.  Update of monthly report is attached for board members.

 Membership Report:  Gene Goycochea - Membership is still on the rise, the office is having great success running the membership retention program recovering over 25% of members who do not renew on their own, a single phone call or personal e-mail is what is getting that 25% + additional from previous members. Looking for other suggestions that might help us retain more members.

 Philanthropy Committee:  Arlie Bragg - No Report

             OLD BUSINESS:

 Annual Meeting Report:  Wayne Lohman & Gene Goycochea












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