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BOD MEETING AGENDA - August 10, 2011

August 8, 2011


Board of Directors Meeting - August 10, 2011


 Member Request to Speak:  As of 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, August, 7, none have made a request

 Board members recite the KCBS Mission and the Board Pledge.

 MINUTES OF JULY 2011 MEETING:  Tana Shupe, Secretary

Secretary asks that the following minutes be approved as presented.

 The meeting was called to order @ 7:07 p.m. central time by President Candy Weaver.  The following members were present in person or on the phone:  Carolyn Wells, Executive Director, Candy Weaver, Don Harwell, Tana Shupe, Mike Budai, Mike Lake, Randy Bigler, Merl Whitebook, Wayne Lohman, Paul Kirk, Gene Goycochea, and Arlie Bragg.  Mark Simmons joined the meeting at 8:37 p.m.

 Members Present:  Mike McCloud, Vicki Payton, Dale Newstrom

One member made a request to Speak:  Roy Murray

Members of the Board recited the KCBS Mission and the Board Pledge.

 MINUTES  of the BOD Meeting on June 8, 2011):  Tana Shupe - Asked that the minutes be approved as presented with the following change in the Rules Committee Report :  It was determined that an electrical blow dryer is considered a secondary heat source, and may not be used at KCBS-sanctioned contests.  Seconded by Wayne Lohma, the minutes were approved by a unanimous vote.

 MARKETING REPORT:  Tana Shupe / Mike McCloud


-          Completed the first 9 events; official recap to go out this month

-          Ongoing assistance for the Tour Team in product shipments, logistics and on-site media promotion

-          Generated additional publicity through radio remotes in four markets

Sam’s Club BBQ Series:

-          Continued coordination of PR efforts for the Inaugural Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour

  • Sending regional e-blasts to competitors
  • Continued promotion of activities via all social media assets

-          Recruited local volunteers to ensure event success

-          Assisting Sam’s with logistics for its supporting sponsors (ie, American Grillmaster experience, Cargill, etc…)


-          Total June sales: $2,893


-          Advertising sold for June: $2,696

-          Uploaded July Bullsheet

-          Uploaded MP3 of June’s BOD meeting

-          Updated team scores on Events pages

-          Updated Forms section of website as needed by KCBS

-          Uploaded MP3s of the CBJ and Table Captain instructions to Downloads section

-          Updated website with all sponsor programs winners/information

-          Created 2011 Annual Member Survey graphics; added to website

-          Investigating and experimenting with a mobile application of the web site/certain databases

-          First six month recap of web stats:

                        Unique Visits to the site: 371,214 (15% increase YoY)

                        Number of Pageviews: 2,424,727 (8% increase YoY)

                        Average pages per visit: 6.53

                        Average time on site: 5:35 minutes


-          Social Media: Using MMA, KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

  • GABT: 95 new Twitter followers / 25,501 Facebook post views
  • 37,044 Facebook post views / 249,417 Facebook post views

-          Sent GABT press releases out in DC, Naperville and North Wildwood markets

-          Sent Rancher’s Reserve local press releases out Costa Mesa market

-          Sent Kingsford Points Chase press releases in Lenexa, Marshalltown and DC markets

-          Updating Kingsford Points Chase blog after events

-          Updating News section of KCBS website as needed

-          Ongoing CBJ PR

Sponsorship Activities

-          Continued Kingsford Points Chase implementation/follow-up

-          Completed second Reser’s Fine Foods American Classics Summer Series event

  • Assisted Reser’s in coordination of ancillary KCBS event

-          Coordinating Rancher’s Reserve Beef Cup pre- and post- event

  • Assisting Rancher’s Reserve with ordering quantities


-          Completed 2011 Annual Membership Survey

-          Additional discussions:

  • Goody Bag program has been placed on hold due to lack of support from sponsors
  • Credit Card:  Carolyn will begin working on the KCBS credit card and will get back w/the board
  • Infrastructure work must be completed on the new trailer and dewrapping is in  progress.
  • MMA will send a breakdown on how the $20,000 "slush fund" approved by the board is being spent.



Mike Budai moved that the board approve the financial statements as presented to the board.  Seconded by Mike Lake, the motion was passed unanimously.



Although there is very little going on with the “CAT’S” program this summer we are looking to getting some teams and competitions starting this spring which gives time to organize and find sponsors for the schools teams.


Right now we have an interest from Wheaton Missouri area, Stafford Kansas, Picayune Mississippi, Kansas City and Nashville areas and looking for more. 


CBJ REPORT:  Mike Lake

Randy and Carol Bigler have entered the training phase for CBJ Instructors.  This was due to the need of an instructor in the Mid-South.  No others trainees have been accepted elsewhere, due to present numbers. The judges' continuing education program is currently being looked at by MMA’s web people.  Update on attendance at judging classes has been submitted to board members for review.  Mike is still accepting questions re: CBJ on going education to be available on-line and the committee is working with MMA for the best way to format this project.



The Rules Committee met by Conference Call on Thursday 7 July. The following recommendations/motion are submitted for the BOD Agenda.


The motion to require a comment card on any score given that is less than 5 was tabled. 


The motion that rule number 7 be changed to read that all competition meats will be inspected by the KCBS contest rep was tabled


The motion that the contest rep be required to conduct a pit inspection for cleanliness at each contest was tabled.


The motion to change Rule 11 was tabled until the August meeting of the board



Don and Nancy Mueller have been hired as new reps in the Northeast.  Additional items to be considered in closed session were presented.  Mike also reported the resignation of one contest rep.



The Sanctioning Committee recommends approval of all new and existing contests listed in the July New/Change Request Report, with the exception of the contest in Waxhaw, NC.  Seconded by Mike Budai, the recommendation was approved unanimously. 


New Contests:

12/10-11  The Little Engine That Could                                     Vista, CA

10/7-8      Grill'n & Chill'n on Main                                            Waxhaw, NC

9/9             Hampton Bay Days BBQ Challenge                          Hampton, VA

9/30-10/1 TBD                                                                             Jonesboro, AR

New Competitor Series Contest:

10/8          Future Legends of Barbeque                                      Tuxedo, NC

Existing Contests (2012):

4/6-7         Kennett Jaycee's Show Me State BBQ Cookoff          Kennett, MO

5/18-19    Wheatstock Grill-Off  Peace Love & BBQ                 Abilene, KS

New Contests (2012):

3/16-17    Link Centre Don't Be Cruel BBQ Duel                       Tupelo, MS

6/29-30    Covington Cork and Pork Festival                             Covington, VA

6/22-23    Peak City Pig Fest                                                       Apex, NC

5/19-20    The Big Oink                                                               Sacramento, CA


The Sanctioning Committee recommended a request to reduce prize money for three contests be denied.  The board agreed to deny the request.  Committee also updated the board on requests to postpone and to move other contests.


TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE REPORT:  Don Harwell - No report was submitted, but mentioned that the new computer program is on hold.   Although Mike Budai will assume the position as chairman of the committee for the program, Don Harwell will continue to chair the Technology Committee.



Reported that the menu and other details for the Annual Meeting have been finalized.  Candy Weaver moved that we approve the contract from the hotel; Seconded by Tana Shupe, the motion passed unanimously.


Gene recommendations regarding business-related memberships.  With the board's approval, he will work with MMA for additional input and implementation ideas, and will send a questionnaire to board members for their input on how to proceed.







This committee is still working on implementation of specific issues and will update the board at next meeting.



President Weaver made a motion that the contest program committee chair be assumed by Mike Budai, and that the committee be reformed.  Seconded by Tana Shupe, a roll call vote was requested.

(7) Ayes:  Shupe, Budai, Kirk, Lake, Bigler, Simmons, Lohman

(3) Nays:  Harwell, Goycochea,  Bragg

(1) Absent:  Whitebook          Motion carries.

Candy will send the contract for the program to all board members.


Candy Weaver made a motion to ratify the Sam's Club contract.  Seconded by Mike Lake, ayes were unanimous


Candy Weaver made a motion to accept attorney's recommendation regarding wording for punishment of independent contractors.  Seconded by PaulKirk, ayes were unanimous.


A motion to go into closed session was made by Randy Bigler and seconded by Paul Kirk.  With 10 aye votes and one nay, the board entered closed session with the following items for consideration.


(1)  Behavior of a particular team and a recent incident - was determined to not be an issue for the board.

(2)  A matter pertaining to a specific contest rep.

(3)  Request from a team regarding a suspension.

(4)  Discussion regarding business memberships.

(5)  Suggestion from attorney regarding a rep issue.

(6)  A team member's celebratory verbalization.




Email Blast (issues regarding blasts, i.e. cost, criteria, etc.):  A policy will be suggested by the Marketing Committee with input from MMA.  Tana will submit a report at the August meeting.


The concensus of the board is to will allow a short period of time during its meeting for administrative and other "generic" questions from its members.


Paul Kirk moved to adjourn at 10:04. 2nd by Mike Budai.  Ayes unanimous.



-          Completed 12 GABT events; sent out official recap to partners

-          Ongoing assistance for the Tour Team in product shipments, logistics and on-site media promotion

-          Rerouted the Tour on an open date to the Eastern Carolina BBQ Throw Down in Rocky Mount, NC

-          Generated additional publicity through radio remotes in Columbus, MS; Springfield, MO; New York; Naperville, IL; North Wildwood, NJ and Columbus, OH

Sam’s Club BBQ Series:

-          Continued coordination of communications efforts for the Inaugural Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour

  • Publicized through regional e-blasts to competitors
  • Promoted all activities via KCBS social media assets

-          Recruited local volunteers to ensure event success


-          Total July sales: $2,543


-          Advertising sold for July: $2,410

-          Uploaded August Bullsheet

-          Uploaded MP3 of July’s BOD meeting

-          Updated Forms section of website as requested by KCBS

-          Updated TOY database

-          Updated content on Judges page of website

-          Updating website with all sponsor programs winners/information

-          Continued experimentation with and development of a mobile application of web site /certain databases


-          Social Media: Using MMA, KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

  • GABT: 1,437 Twitter followers / 20,596 Facebook post views
  • KCBS: 808 Twitter followers / 236,844 Facebook post views

-          Sent GABT press release out in Columbus, OH market

-          Sent Rancher’s Reserve local press release out in Louisa, VA market

-          Sent Kingsford Points Chase press release out in Greenwood, SC market

-          Updated Kingsford Points Chase blog after Greenwood, SC event

-          Updating News section of KCBS website as needed

-          Sent out Quarterly membership e-blast

-          Ongoing CBJ PR

Sponsorship Activities

-          Continued Kingsford Points Chase implementation/follow-up

-          Completed third Reser’s Fine Foods American Classics Summer Series event

-          Coordination of Rancher’s Reserve Beef Cup pre- and post- event


-          Completed 2011 Annual Membership Survey

  • Announced giveaway winners via KCBS website
  • Created and shared Survey results via KCBS website

-          Gathered and sent member-generated credit card designs to KCBS

-          Working with KCBS on Extreme Home Makeover BBQ Throwdown

  • Garnered sponsor donations
  • Assisting with logistics as needed
    • Expect to see national exposure of the KCBS brand

-          Request from Illinois Pork Board to rent/lease the Pork Board trailer (details to be discussed at board meeting)



The Finance Committee recommends adopting the financial statements as presented.



The Sanctioning Committee recommends approval of all new and existing contests listed in the August New/Change Request Report.


New Contests:

10/14-16   Best Backyard BBQ                                                     New London, CT

10/8-9       Grill'n & Chill'n on Main                                             Waxhaw, NC

12/9-11     Holiday Barbeque for Kids                                          Mesa, AZ

Existing Contests (2012):

6/15-16     Blue Ridge BBQ & Music Fest                                    Tryon, NC

5/4-5         Apple Blossom BBQ Contest                                       St. Joseph, MO

5/25-26     Lewisburg Rotary Club BBQ                                       Lewisburg, TN

3/30-31     Benton KY Kiwanis BBQ Kook-off                                Benton, KY

7/3-4         Whiting 4th of July BBQ Cook-off                               Whiting, IA

3/30-31     Slidell BBQ Challenge                                                 Slidell, LA

5/18-19     Randolph County Pig Party                                         Steeleville, IL

3/2-3         Smokin in the Square                                                  Pensacola, FL

5/18-19     Bakersfield's Biggest Baddest BBQ Championship    Bakersfield, CA

12/30-31   Second Annual Wild West BBQ Championship          Buena Park, CA

12/31-1/1  Second Annual Wild West BBQ Championship         Buena Park, CA

New Contests (2012):

8/26-27     Deaths Door Barbeque                                               Washington Island, WI

5/11-12     Rods, Ribs & Rock-n-Roll                                            Manhattan, KS


EDUCATION COMMITTEE:  Paul Kirk & Tana Shupe

In this committee's efforts to support the Mission of KCBS, we believe it is especially important to educate and develop a program for our young cookers.  We have researched a specific program that is exhibiting the success that we believe could help us reach that goal.  The facility is located approximately 110 miles from Nashville, and the program is designed to expose its participants to numerous aspects of kitchen operation including cooker design and assembly, cutting/identifying meat cuts, cooking/grilling, food chemistry, mixing/weighing, blending rubs, marinades, sauces, glazes, along with garnering sponsorships and community support, and creating brand imagery.

The program includes two age groups, one for 4th through 8th graders, and the second for 9th through 12th graders.  Participants are trained in multiple skill sets and are exposed to professional barbecue competitions.

We are requesting an amount, not to exceed $850*, for the chairman and co-chairman of this committee to visit the facility and to then determine the feasibility and manner in which this type of program can be encouraged and instituted in other cities throughout the country.

*Estimated expenses:

Round-trip flight from Kansas City to Nashville:                    $385

One-night hotel accommodation:                                            125

Mileage:  ±400 mi. @ .555

   Tullahoma/Nashville/Crossville/Return                                200

Meals:                                                                                         70




CBJ:  Mike Lake

Updated detailed YTD judging classes report sent to BOD.  Synopsis for 2011: 48 classes - 2,080 Students - 627 KCBS Members - 1,439 New Members - 14 Media Comps

Continuing Education for judges – MMA is looking at the formatting of a web based program.


CONTEST REP:  Mark Simmons & Randy Bigler

The Contest Rep Committee met August 2 by conference call. Mark Simmons, Randy Bigler, Larry King and Ken Dakai were present. Bunny Tuttle was not able to be on the call due to schedule conflicts.


The Committee is happy to report that Don and Nancy Mueller are now contest reps and will serve the New England area well. They have received several very positive reports and all of the reps who have been involved in their training have given positive reports. The same can be said for Audrey Budai and Sharon Hadley. All are now able to be assigned to contests.


There have been some situations where contest reps are smoking while they are handing out boxes. A note is to be posted on the rep forum to remind them that contest reps are not to smoke and handle boxes at the same time and if they smoke to be sure that they wash their hands before they hand out boxes.


There was a review of last month's recommendations by the Rules Committee and the recommendation from the Rep Committee was in agreement with the decision of the BOD that all three of the proposals be withdrawn.


No motions are being brought before the BOD at this time.


There is one matter that should be reviewed in closed session concerning a contest rep.



Committee membership: Mike Budai, Candy Weaver, Don Harwell, Carolyn Wells, Stephen Smith, Kevin Keeling, Scott Grinstead and Steve Grinstead


The Contest Program Committee recommends accepting and funding the attached proposal from InDevX inc.



The Rules Committee met on Monday Aug 1 by conference call. Members on the call were the Bigler's, Vince Carriccoi and Arlie Bragg. We have decided to table the motion on having the Contest Reps do the meat inspections and withdraw the other 2 motions for Reps to do Pit Inspections and requiring judges to complete comment cards on scores of 5 or lower.


After discussions between the Rules and Rep Committees, both committees decided that a motion be made to have comment cards discontinued.


We would also like to make a motion that the Sous-vide decision be added to rule #8. The decision we made was that sous-vide was not allow to be used as a KCBS cooking technique .


I would also like to have a couple of minutes to ask a couple of admin questions on how things are handled and by whom.


MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE:  Gene Goycochea - No Report


TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE:  Don Harwell - No Report



Candy Weaver:  Recommendation to accept the proposal to un-wrap the National Pork Board graphics off of the KCBS new trailer. 



For discussion:  Ruling on Bradley cooker.



1)         Discussion regarding a Contest Rep

2)         Proposal from InDevX Inc.

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