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KCBS BOD QUICK NOTES - October 10, 2012 (Part 3)

October 17, 2012

I apologize and am not sure why the website isn't accepting the entire Quick Notes when posted, but am posting in as many sessions as required to fully submit them.

Thank you for your patience and support,

Tana Shupe, Secretary


Contest Rep Committee Report - Mark Simmons

The rep committee met by conference call Tuesday, October 2 and make the following recommendations:

The rep committee unanimously moves that Alex Brown, who has completed his RAT training, be approved as a rep and is now able to accept rep assignments, effective immediately. Seconded by Randy Bigler, the motion passed unanimously.

The rep committee unanimously moves that Kent and Rachel Scheetz, who have completed their RAT training, be approved as reps and are now able to accept rep assignments, effective immediately. Seconded by Randy Bigler, the motion passed by a vote of 9 ayes and one nay.

The rep committee moves that a statement concerning no cell phone usage during a contest be included in the 2013 CD. Any cell phone or camera usage must be either before the first category for judging occurs or thereafter, must be outside of the tent. Seconded by Dave Compton, motion passed unanimously.

The Rep Committee asks that the following statement, subject to modest revision by the BOD, be included on the 2013 Judges' meeting CD ... "Table captains should eat away from their table of judges or eat discreetly at the table. Discreetly means to "eat in a way that it is not possible to identify a piece of meat from a specific box at your table" or in any way to influence the judges. Mark will prepare a motion to submit at the November meeting.

CBJ Committee Report - Mike Lake

YTD Update as follows: 71 Classes, 3,108 attendees, 773 KCBS members, 2,321 new members, 19 media. Report accepted as submitted.

Election Committee Report - Randy Bigler

Randy reported that currently, there are 10 nominees. Nine have replied to Randy's call to inquire about their acceptance.


Enid, OK State Convention Proposal: Discussion on this proposal was tabled until the November meeting.

Review Retention of Records Schedule: Board acknowledged they have received the Schedule and that there is no need for revisions.

Request concerning the locations of future banquets: Discussion was tabled until the Banquet Committee can meet and will submit a report at the November meeting. President Weaver suggested "hub cities" receive the greatest consideration.

Approval of KCBS BOD Confidentiality Agreement: President Weaver will take it back to the lawyers to fine-tune the Agreement and will re-submit it to the Board. Legal will also research and propose Bylaw changes to incorporate board management as related to the Confidentiality Agreement.

MOTION: By Candy Weaver to establish a "bulletin board" in the Members Only section on the KCBS web site. All posts would be monitored before display. Candy will pursue research on this concept.

TABLED MOTION: By Randy Bigler that the Rep Committee chair should receive the critiques and pass them along to whomever the chair feels is appropriate. Randy withdrew the motion and the procedure will continue as is.

At 8:15, Paul Kirk made a motion to go into Executive Session. Seconded by Dave Compton, the motion passed.

President Weaver read the Agenda, and the Board moved into Executive Session.

At 8:38, the Board returned to Open Session at which time Jeff Stith tabled his motion to reconsider the suspension of a team pending further investigation. The Board agreed that the other suspensions shall remain in effect as determined previously.

At 8:36 p.m., Paul Kirk moved to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Mike Lake, the motion passed unanimously.

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