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FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
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Quick Notes March 13, 2013 BOD Meeting

March 15, 2013

Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Director's Meeting

March 13, 2013

Quick Notes*


Following are the Quick Notes from the March 13, 2013 meeting. They will become the official minutes of that meeting after approval by the Board of Directors at its next scheduled monthly meeting.



Mike Budia, Kim Collier, Don Harwell, Steve Farrin, Carolyn Wells, Mike Peters, Dave Compton, Wayne Lohman, Tana Shupe, Candy Weaver, Jeff Stith,  Mark Simmons (partial)


Mike McCloud with MMA

Members Call in

Karrin Murphy




Collier: Vote to accept minutes of last meeting

Motion  by Kim

Wayne Second. Motion Passes




Finance Committee: Mark Simmons, Mike Budai, Kim Collier, Mike Peters, Candy Weaver and Carolyn Wells (ex officio)

 The Finance Committee moves the adoption of the attached February financials

Motion by Mark

Second by Tana Motion passes

Wayne made a comment that the committee did a great job this year on cost for the Banquet.



Sanctioning Committee – Randy (Carolyn presenting in Randy’s absence)

No Committee List submitted


Sanction Requests (Karrin)

Council Bluff IA did not make the 90 days

Placerville, CA

Chattanooga, TN does not want to have a contest this year but next year for Aug. 30 2014,

 Santana CA, April 13, 2013 is bacon contest, a license contest McIntosh are the reps and are on board,




Existing Contests:                 Florissant, MO

                                                Council Bluff, IA *

                                                Placerville, CA *

                                                Cape Girardeau, MO

                                                Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

                                                Blue Springs, MO

                                                Fayetteville, AR

                                                Shenandoah, VA

                                                Columbia, MO

                                                Shawnee, KS

                                                Arthur, IL

                                                Clarksburg, MD

                                                Poteau, OK

                                                Garnett, KS

                                                La Quinta, CA

New Contests                        Central Point, OR

                                                San Juan, PR

                                                Thayer, MO

                                                Absarokee, MT

                                                Bethel, CT

                                                Galax, VA

                                                N Tonawanda, NY

                                                KC, KS

                                                Hill City, SD

                                                Chattanooga, TN

                                                Derby, KS

                                                Floyd, VA

                                                St. Leon, IN

                                                Marietta, GA

New Contest 2014               Harrington, DE

Licensed 2013                      Smyrna, GA

                                                Santa Ana, CA       4/13 *

                                                Santa, Ana, CA      6/16

                                                Motion by Tana to accept contest, Second by Dave, motion pass


Carolyn: As requested at last meeting, I had a conversation with the Organizer at Placerville, CA. She has requested a date change to 7/20-21/2013. There are no date conflicts, and the contest is listed on this month's report. I ask that this date change be accepted.

Carolyn: Per Board Request (tabled February meeting):


Guidelines for In-House Approval of Contests

Existing Contests:


If received before December 1 deadline, the contest will automatically be renewed.


If submitted after December 1, and there is no conflict with existing (i.e. if there were three contests in Kansas City metro area on March 8, and two renewed prior to December 1, and had peacefully co-existed in the past, but third did not get their application in until January 2, it would be approved) or new contests, the contest will automatically be renewed. 


Date change, reviewed and vetted for potential conflicts, density and saturation. If there is another approved contest on that date within a 150 mile radius, it will be referred to BOD for ruling.


New Contest:


Reviewed and vetted for potential conflicts, density, and saturation. If there is no conflict (150 miles) and no contests in immediate area two weeks before or after the proposed date, and having met all requirements (contest application, prepaid sanction, 90 day minimum filing date), the contest shall be approved.


If there is conflict, applicant interview by Contest Coordinator for flexibility of date. If alternate date not available, interview with existing contest to get their feedback. Attempt to accommodate both. Written report to Sanction Chair. If there is resistance from existing event, the new contest will be submitted to Board for ruling.


If there is any hint of conflict brewing, the new contest details will be forwarded to the Sanction chair, along with written report for further investigation and reporting to Board.


A listing of all contests meeting In-House approval guidelines will be submitted along with the Sanction Report the Friday before the next Board meeting.


Request approved as presented and procedure implemented.

Motion Don to accepts, Jeff Second

Motion Pass


Marketing Report –Wayne Lohman

KCBS/MMA Marketing Report

March 2013


  • Total February Sales: $1,242



  • Advertising sold for February: $1300
  • Q1 Partnership eblast sent on 3-5-13. 13642 received, 5110 opens,      1011 clicks
  • Updates to partners page, ranchers, Resers, GABT, Smithfield, etc.
  • Tyson best wing winner (Black Dawg BBQ) announced: 634 page views
  • Sam's tour eblast sent on 2-28-13.       2000 received; 774 opens, 182 clicks



  • Kicking off April 5-6 at Smokin' on the River Chattooga's BBQ      Cook-off in Summerville, GA
  • Partners Confirmed: Big Green Egg, Castle Wood Reserve, Farmland,      Reser's, Smithfield
  • Accessory Partners: BBQ Guru, Thermo Works
  • Continual Coordination and Logistics for 2013 GABT
  • There will be 22 total events


Sam’s National BBQ Tour

  • Continual Coordination and Logistics for 2013 Sam's Tour
  • Completed 3 events out of 31: Tampa, FL; Daphne, AL; Baton Rouge,      LA
  • Continual PR/Social Media Updates.


Smithfield Super Rib Series - SSRS

  • Continual Coordination and Logistics for 2013 SRSS
  • Kicking off March 22-23 at Best of the Basin Barbecue Championship      in Midland, TX
  • There will be 12 total events


Destination America - DA

  • Integrated DA in the KCBS platform and once the DA’s new website      is launched KCBS will be integrated on their website
  • DA has a possible raffle to implement at the New York City BBQ      Cookoff - Staten Island event. Working on details



  • Contract is in client’s hands and will get back from legal soon
  • Client will be donating one bag of charcoal to all teams at 5 KCBS      events and the events will be selected through a voting contest on      www.grilling.com



  • Social Media, using KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to      promote KCBS-related events/promotion
  • GABT: 2,562 Twitter Followers / 1,770 FB Likes
  • KCBS:  2,495 Twitter      Followers / 12,559 FB Likes
  • Updated News section of KCBS website as necessary (Sam's Tour blog      posts, ancillary program previews,)
  • Produced Bullsheet Content – Kingsford Review, Tyson BWOP winner      review, Rancher’s Reserve preview, GABT Looking forward, Reser's preview,      Smithfield preview



  • Proposals to the board (Mike to discuss in closed session)

                        - Marketing budget

                                - Partner licenses

                                - 2013 Sweepstakes

                                - 2013 Strategic initiative

                                - Programs for contest organizers


Kingsford might cut back , on point chase , team of the year,  will not be a big advertiser on the bbq tour.However will be on the KCBS website


International Outreach Team – Wayne Lohman


I want to bring the Board up to date on the International Outreach Team (IOTeam) activities in those countries where we have ongoing BBQ events, such as sanctioned contests and teaching classes.  This year we have back to back contests in Amsterdam, Holland and Leicester, England.  Both of these contests are full with 47 teams in Amsterdam and 17 teams in Leicester.  All KCBS sanctioning requirements have been met and fees paid.  Also scheduled on separate trips are cooking and judging classes in Copenhagen, Denmark and Tallinn, Estonia, in which we have 30 CBJ’s attending the classes.  We will be repeating our cooking/judging class in Heinsberg, Germany at Otto Premier Meat Company.  At that session we had 30 cooking teams and 27 CBJ’s attending the classes.  This year we plan to repeat both classes and participate in a German BBQ Contest, location not known at this time.  We also have on- going discussions with a Meadow Creek Grill distributor and organizer for a sanctioned contest in Gelsenkirchen in late August.


Outside the European countries we are working with sanctioning bodies in both the Caribbean and South Africa.  In this month’s sanctioning report we have a request to approve a new contest in San Juan, Puerto Rico for June 29.  This contest has sponsorship from both Cattlemen’s BBQ Sauce and Rums of Puerto Rico and has been a backyard contest for the past 12 years with an average team attendance of 48.  They cook the same 4 meat entries as KCBS and the winning team is eligible to attend the Jack and American Royal.


I want to request permission from the Board to pursue the formation of International KCBS Chapters as part of strategic planning plan.  This study would be undertaken by the IOTeam who is familiar with the issues and challenges of establishing a KCBS Chapter for International barbecue societies.  If I receive approval for the study, I will give you monthly reports on the status of our progress.  Therefore, I make the motion to grant the IOTeam permission to undertake the study of forming International KCBS chapters.


Wayne Motion to request permission IO team to study forming international KCBS Chapters

Don do not need the board approval to study, board agree

Wayne withdrew the motion


Nominating Committee – Mike P

 At this time, the Nominating committee consists of Mike Peters, Chair, Carolyn Wells and Candy Weaver (ex officio). I am open to having a co-chair should someone express interest.

There is no committee report at this time and I will discuss with Randy by next meeting, duties of the past nominating committee. I am pretty sure that there are no pressing issues for this committee.


Rules Committee -- Jeff

The Rules Committee for 2013 will be:

Jeff Stith (chair),Bill Moon, Mike Wozniak, Phil Rizzardi, Neil Strawder, David Hornby, Candy Weaver

The Rules Committee currently is discussing two issues:

1. Judging procedures - a suggestion to judge appearance, taste and tenderness for each box before moving on to each subsequent boxes on the table.

2. Legality of the "Smoke Pistol (www.SmokePistol.com)

Jeff motion to accept report

Second by Dave

Motion passes


CBJ Committee report:   Don Harwell


Year to date KCBS has had 9 Certified Barbeque Judging (CBJ) Classes 

     537 Students total: 374 New Members,147 KCBS Members, 6 Media

Year to date KCBS has had 5 Certified Table Captain (CTC) Classes

      99 Students total 


The 2013 CBJ Committee Members are as follows:

                Chairman - DON HARWELL




This month CBJ and CTC student applications have been updated.

 Instructor and Student CTC manuals have been rewritten. 

A Yahoo Group has been created for CBJ instructors to share information between each other. 

Next CBJ Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday March 12th.

Don motion to accept, Second by Tana


 Ad Hoc Membership Survey and Regional Representation Committee -- Don Harwell


The purpose of the committee is to update/finalize the Membership Survey that the Board was going to use in 2012. The goal would be to have a survey to all membership by mid-2013. This committee will also be reviewing ways to form Regional Representation within KCBS.   A map has been created to show 2013 members and voting by states. This map is to be published in an upcoming Bullsheet. 


This Ad Hoc committee is chaired by Don Harwell with members being Steve Farrin, Tana Shupe, Carolyn Wells and Candy Weaver.

 Map is on web site

Don motion to accept, second by Wayne



Strategic Planning – Mark Simmons 


The strategic planning committee at this time includes Mark Simmons (Chair), Carolyn Wells and Candy Weaver (Members ex officio) and Wayne Lohman.
Additional members are being sought and considered.



KCBScore Committee – Mike B

Developments since last report:


1) The test website API is completed and is now sending contest database copies to our results archive if needed for future analysis. The website is now ready to begin the next phase of beta testing.

2) I have received two updates to Score and met three times with the InDevX programming team. Two of the issues have been addressed. The remaining two issues are being worked on. When they have been addressed I will send the release to committee for testing.

Mike B motions accept, second by Tana. Accepted as presented


Technology Committee – Mike B


Activity since last report:

1) Posted the February 15 board meeting recording on our website.

2) Posted the board election results on our website.

3) Updated the board contact information on our website.

4) Updated the kcbs.us email group lists for all committees that I have received information on.

5) Updated the Accconference call-in codes for all committees that have requested codes.

6) Repaired the office server's storage array.

Mike B motion to Accept, second Dave, Accepted


Membership Committee -- Steve

Below are the numbers for   FEBRUARY 2013 Provided by Carla Page. 

Number of Total Members= 17298

Number of New Members= 233

Number of Renewed Members=1061

Number of  Non-renewals=565

Number of members who signed up via the website=182 (22 WERE FAMILIES)

Number of New Members from Judging  classes= 202

The following programs are being discussed by the membership committee but are only in their infancy so it's too early to provide a full report to the board.

Cooks Training Program
Affinity Program
Feasibility of a lower level TOY program

Recognition program and possible awards for long time cooks and judges of KCBS
Loyalty Program (waiting for report from MMA)
Exit survey for members choosing not to renew their membership, possible by e-mail or outside sources to see about cost, will get back to the board
Member retention

We are looking for input from the general membership.  If you are reading this in the agenda or meeting notes please email us at membership@kcbs.us and let us know how you feel about the possibility of a lower level TOY for teams that are unable to compete in 20 to 30 contests a year (which is the majority of teams).  Good idea ?  Horrible idea ?


Steve motion to accept, Second by Dave ,Accepted


Banquet Committee -- Jeff

The 2013 Banquet Committee includes Jeff Stith and Mike Peters (co-chairs) and Steve Farrin.  There may be additional people later.

Mike is going to stay at the Inn at Opryland in Nashville on his way to a GABT stop and will review the facilities to report back.

We are looking at options for the 2015 banquet

A contract has been signed with the Inn at Opryland in Nashville for 2013 banquet


Jeff motion to accept, Second Kim , Accepted


Philanthropy Committee -- Dave


Dave Compton, Chair, Iowa, Candy Weaver, President, Arkansas, Carolyn Wells, Executive Director, Missouri, Dave Londeen, Minnesota


I am looking for one or two more members who have some experience with Grants and Grants in Aid.  I will keep you posted when new members are added to our committee.


Right now I am in contact with members of the Financial Aid office of our local Junior College system.  We will be setting up a meeting to discuss what other not for profit organizations use as criteria on their Grants in Aid and what are the typical deadlines different schools have for a student to submit their financial information. 


The Committee will also take a look into setting firm guidelines for both the Grants in Aid and the regular Grants programs.


For discussion in Executive Session: How should we set our budget for each of these programs?


I move that the Board accept this report,

Dave motion to accept, Second Tana, Accepted


Education Committee -- Tana


I am contacting members to be on the Education Committee and should have it formed and will have held our first conference call by our April meeting.

Mike and Steve are on the committee

Several branched one for the younger cooks, having more visibility for Kids Q and back yard


Tana, would like for everyone to e-mail her recommendations, and would like a lot of input so rules can be set up for backyard division






To receive TOY points:

1.     The chief cook of the team must be a member of KCBS.


2.     Only scores to be considered will be in the following four meat categories:  Chicken, Ribs, Pork, and Brisket.


3.     The top two scores cooked in the designated four meat categories will be considered.


4.     A maximum of five contests will be considered.


5.     Awards for TOY will be given to the five top scoring teams.


6.     A trophy and monetary awards will be given as follows:

        Fifth Place:            $    200

        Fourth Place:              400

        Third Place:                 600

        Second Place:             800

        First Place:              1,000

Accepted as presented, additional information to follow.


Contest Rep Committee - Kim

Rep Committee

Randy Bigler Co-chair, Bunny Tuttle, Teresa Lake, Kelly McIntosh .

Discuss about to get new button up dress shirts, Light weight, short sleeve in a rust or Burgundy color.

Kim motion to accept, Dave Second, Accept


Polar Bear Challenge:  Executive Session



 MOTION (Shupe):  I move that, after Board meetings, the Quick Notes is sent to the Executive Director and the President for approval rather than to all board members before being posted on the KCBS website.


I am making this motion because sending the Quick Notes to the entire board makes it impossible for the secretary to get the "Notes" posted on the website within the 48 hour requirement, and because any additional updates can be suggested at the next scheduled meeting of the board when they become the official "Minutes" of a meeting.

Motion  to accept by Tana, Second Kim.

7 Yes

2 no  Motion pass



  • Motion-A motion from Kim to approve the purchase of new      short sleeve button up rep shirts, KCBS would buy each rep one shirt and      the reps would be allowed to purchase extra.
  • Table until we get shirt and price      picked out


  • Motion-Candy      I      move that recognition be given to teams who achieve a contest score of      700+ in the overall division of any contests.  Teams who make it to      700+ to be recognized on the KCBS.us website (similar to 180 scores) and      awarded a 700+ pin and/or certificate.
  • Section      contest/master series only, Retroactive to the first of the year
  • Jeff      Second,

Mike B motion that Candy and Carolyn come up with a design, Second by Wayne


  • Motion      Mike      I would like to make the motion that we award TOY points to the Sam’s Club      Regional and final events in addition to the American Royal Invitational      contest effective immediately.
         Since there are numerous events on every weekend that teams, who do not      get invitations to compete (Sam’s/AR), may compete to garner points, it      does not make sense to penalize the teams that are chasing TOY points.      These are typically the teams that are cooking multiple contests and      promoting KCBS.
         Should the Sam’s events or the American Royal Invitational choose to      deviate from the 4 KCBS categories or turn in times, I would then suggest      revisiting this issue. Until then, because the events (Sam’s/AR) use the      same rules as all other sanctioned, TOY points awarded contests, points      should be awarded.
  • Mike      P motion to drop effective immediately, to go into effective 2014, Second      Wayne
  •  5 Y
  • 4 N     
  • motion      pass effective 2014



            Approval of Organizer’s Guide 2013

Motion Don, Second Tana, motion pass ,one abstain



Tana motion close, Second by Mike B



On the Executive Session agenda for the web:

  1. Discussion of licensing offer for scoring/judging      processes


2. Discussion of recommended Official Entertainment offerings for contests


3. Discussion of marketing budget,

 Candy Motion, Second Wayne to have a marking budget to further our marking efforts for 2013 with prior approval by the board. Motion Pass



4. Million Meals program, update at next board meeting


5. Birthday e-mails update,


6. Discussion of disciplinary issues, Steve requested roll call vote, 6 no 3 yes, motion fail


7. Strategic planning update


8. Rep issues/past contest, Table till next meeting


Tana Motion to end meeting, Second by Wayne Meeting adjourned 10:22 p.m.



Our Best of the Best 700 180 100+