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FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
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May 13th board meeting agenda

May 13, 2015

Posted at 9:45 Central, May 13, 2015 -- Sorry for the delay in posting -- I forgot! 
Candy Weaver, Secretary.

Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda

May 13, 2015

Roll Call: 

Mike Peters, Randy Bigler, Kim Collier, Candy Weaver, Bill Capstack, Dave Compton, Dennis Polson, Mike Hays, Mike Richter, Sandy Fulton. Mark Simmons, Wayne Lohman

KCBS Office:  Carolyn Wells, Karrin Murphy

MMA – Mike McCloud/Megan LeBlanc

Board pledge:

                Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.

                I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.

Minutes of March Meeting

Candy Weaver:  I move to accept minutes of the April 8th meeting.

Financial Statements

Kim Collier:   Please accept the attached report for the April finance report.

Sanctioning Report

Emily Dupont:  Automatic Approval

REC’D                    DATES                   NAME                                                                                                    CITY, STATE

Existing Contests 2015 – In house Approval

4/30/2015              7/31-8/1                 Smokin on Route 66                                                                           Miami, OK

4/13/2015              7/10-7/11               Holbrook "Ace in the Hole"                                                                                Holbrooke, AZ

4/10/2015              8/21-8/22               Winnipeg Barbeque and Blues Festival                         Winnipeg, MB CAN

4/27/2015              9/4-9/5                   Beach Boogie and BBQ Festival                                                      Myrtle Beach, SC

4/27/2015              9/11-9/12               International Goat Days Championship BBQ                                                Millington, TN

4/9/2015                                9/25-26/2015        Hermann BarBQ and Brats Festival                                                Hermann, MO

4/13/2015              12/4-12/5               Calhoun KOA's Smokin Up the Campground                                               Calhoun, GA

4/30/2015              12/4-12/6               Christmas on the River`                                                                     Demopolis, AL


New Contests – In House Approval


4/10/2015              6/5-6/6                   Smokin' Summer Kick-off                                                                Branson, MO

2/15/2015              6/13-6/14               Pile of Bones BBQ Championship                  Regina, SK CAN

4/13/2015              6/27-6/28               Ribs n Rides BBQ Festival at Dorney Park                                     Allentown, PA

4/20/2015              7/10-7/11               Smoke on the Waterfall                                              Redwood Falls, MN

4/14/2015              7/24-7/25               Chattahoochee River BBQ Competition                                         Douglasville, GA

4/27/2015              8/7-8/8                   Grills & Grilles                                                                                      Penn Valley, CA

3/30/2015              8/8-8/9                  Fatboys Canadian Capital Classic                                   Ottawa, ON   CAN

4/30/2015              8/8-8/9                  Those Were the Days BBQ Showdown                           North Battleford, SK CAN

3/9/2015                                8/15-8/16               Middleton BBQ Fest                                                                            Middleton, WI

4/8/2015                                8/28-8/29               Raider Red Meats BBQ and Steak Champ                                    Lubbock, TX

4/27/2015              8/30/2015              The Southern New Englad Kosher BBQ Championship

                                                                & Craft Fair (COMPETITOR SERIES)                                          Fairfield, CT

4/13/2015              9/25-9/26               1st Annual 4H Camp BBQ Cookoff                                                 Halsey, NE

4/21/2015              9/25-9/26               Grill Cook Master                                                                                 Harrisonburg, VA

4/13/2015              9/25-9/26               Smoke in the Park                                                                               Lemoyne, PA

4/15/2015              10/2-10/3               Smoke on the Water (BACKYARD)                                                  Guntersville, AL

4/22/2015              11/6-11/7               Que'n In The Park                                                                                Bryant, AR

4/20/2015              10/9-10/10            BBQ and Blues on the Levee                                                            Helena, AR



Board Approval


Existing Contests 2015


4/13/2015              9/4-9/5                  Quing for a Cause                                                                Columbia, MO


                Conflict:  Clinton, MO  121 miles.  Clinton, MO contest is 121 mi away/Columbia MO contest was last sanctioned in 2010 and they are bringing it back.


4/28/2015              9/4-9/5                  Blues, Views & BBQ                                                             Westport, CT


                Conflict:  Hartford, CT  64 miles.  This contest is existing but they changed their dates. Hartford CT is a new contest.


New Contests

4/27/2015              7/25-7/26               Illinois BBQ Fest at Hillcrest Event Center                      Orion, IL

                Conflict:  Morton, IL  86 miles  -- Morton is an existing contest, Orion, IL also existed last year but was not sanctioned

4/29/2015              9/11-9/12               Independence Event Center BBQ Contest                     Independence, MO

                Conflict: Butler, MO 68 miles.  First one with Indep. Events Center.

3/2/2015                                9/25-26/2015        Smokin' for a Cure                                                              Oak Grove, MO

                Conflict:  Warrensburg, MO 40 miles – Neither contest can change dates.

4/27/2015              10/16-10/17          Grills and Grilles                                                                  Broken Arrow, OK

                Conflict:  Parsons, KS  115 miles.  Parsons is an existing contest.

Sanctioning Report:

Mark Simmons:  The sanctioning committee met on April 28 with all the committee members in attendance. The committee engaged in further discussion related to helping new organizers with ideas to help the contest ... ie. gaining sponsorships, infrastructure, marketing, raising funds for charity, etc.





We also discussed a 180 pin for the backyard teams. The sentiment was that it should be a different 180 pin to distinguish it from the pro series, but also with similar branding.



MMA Marketing Report

May 2015


●              Total April Sales: $2,777.00

●              4 - Birthday redemption

●              4 - Cookbooks



•               Advertising sold for April: $1,050

•               975 members have opted in to receive Birthday emails

•               Phase 1 complete of Rep and Organizer web portal

•               Sent monthly Bullsheet eblast


250KCBS Meals Mission

•               Reset counter and ready for the 250,000 meals mission

•               Continual PR/Social Media Updates


Sam's Tour:

•               9 local events complete

•               Continual PR/Social Media Updates

•               On-going coordination and logistics for 2015 Sam’s Tour


Great American Cookout Tour

•               3 KCBS events complete

•               5 Retail Stops complete

•               On-going coordination and logistics for 2015 GAC Tour



•               Social Media, using KCBS, and GAC Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

•               GAC: Twitter Followers (5,088) / FB Likes (24,546)

•               KCBS:  Twitter Followers (8,599) / FB Likes (34,066)

•               Updated news sections of KCBS as needed, Bullsheet eBlast, KCBS monthly eblast


•               Implementing the Judges registration for event organizers

•               2015 Website Plan


Marketing Report:

Mike Hays:  The Marketing Committee met on May 7, 2015 via conference call.  We discussed a new initiative that we've been handed regarding a marketing flyer to share with contest organizers to encourage them to include sanctioned ancillary categories (steak, seafood, etc.) as part of their contests.  The idea is that we can show organizers how this could be an additional source of revenue for them and could also be a new way to include the public in their contest outside of the usual "people's choice" format.  We have several rough formats on the table which we will be refining before our next meeting and hope to have a rough draft to present after our June meeting.  The overall goal is to have a format that would be universal for any ancillary category, which would then be included as part of the organizers packet.

We also discussed in detail the need for a new KCBS Membership application, and how the application needs to be a marketing piece designed to not only inform, but to sell the benefits of becoming a member of KCBS.  We also discussed working with the Membership Committee to implement a "membership drive", which would consist of volunteers manning KCBS booths at selected contests to proactively reach out to prospective members.  We will be looking into the costs of having KCBS ez-ups made and at the logistics of how the drive will be implemented.

The last item of discussion for the meeting was the need to update/expand the Member Benefits that are offered to KCBS Members. The ideas discussed included discounts for hotels/travel, discounted memberships to shopping groups like Amazon Prime, or maybe the availability of group insurance discounts for members.  We also discussed the need to increase the value of KCBS Membership by providing a greater disparity in the scoring information that we provide to Cook Teams who are members vs. non-member Teams.

I ask the Board to accept this report.



Wayne Lohman:  The KCBS IOTeam left the States in late April for contests, CBJ and Table Captain Classes in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Salzburg, Austria and Brugg, Switzerland.  This has been our most challenging trip since we had 5 BBQ events in just 12 days and had 4 reps in training.

Our first event took place in Amsterdam where Harry and Linda Havinga hosted their 3rd CBJ and Table Captain Class for 39 new judges.  Harry and Linda are new reps in training.  Their son Triston, age 16, took the class in Amsterdam and became the youngest CBJ in Europe.  Together, they have organized 8 BBQ events that certified close to 100 new judges in the Netherlands and beyond.

Our next stop was Salzburg, Austria on the following  Wednesday.  We held a CBJ class on Thursday  and on Friday, May 1st,  we held our first sanctioned contest in Austria.  Our organizer, Helmut Karl, brought this event to Austria to celebrate his father’s 75th birthday and the 50th year for his butcher shop.   Both Helmut and his father are Master Butchers.  We had 12 teams competing in the contest that kept 22 newly certified judges and 3 new Table Captains busy.  Three of our five US judges helped us by mentoring the new CTCs.  The entire town turned out for the food, beer and wine and the big tent was packed.  They had a local ensemble playing typical Austrian music and the townspeople were all in their traditional dress.   It really takes you back in time.

Our rep in training was Haymo  Gutweniger, who speaks 5 languages, is an excellent translator and ran the contest like an experienced rep.  As an interesting note, the contest site was held in a public park on top of a tunnel that Hitler built to connect two cities.

We left Salzburg right after the 3:30 pm awards as we had a 7 ½ hour drive to Brugg, Switzerland.    We arrived at 11pm and got up early for our 9:00am CBJ class.   We were greeted by Okker Cuiper, our contest organizer who informed us that heavy rains in the area may cause us to evocate the area before the contest was completed.  This first time contest had 20 teams competing from 8 different countries.

On Saturday night, Fokker had 3 large fondue vats with friends stirring the wine into the cheese.  With long forks, we dipped bread into the vats.  All the teams and a lot of judges were present to chat over the fondue.  It was really rewarding for us to see how so many have developed friendships.

The contest site was right next to the raging river and fortunately, we were able to complete the contest.   However, we learned that on Monday morning the site did have to be evacuated as the water flowed over the banks and flooded the area. 

Our reps in training at this contest were Luca Famigli, Haymo Gutweniger along with Harry and Linda Havinga.  We kept them busy.

Even though this was a short trip, the IOTeam felt that it was well worth while in that we had 3 CBJ Classes, two new Country Contests and trained 4 new contests reps.  We also met two new potential organizers for other sanctioned contests in Switzerland and Austria.

CBJ Committee Report:

Randy Bigler:  The CBJ Committee met 28 April 2015.

We continued to discuss continuing education. The committee has come up with additional 50 questions that will be put on the KCBS website under the Continuing Education Page. These questions will be used as CBJ review questions for the members. The questions that currently reside there are for the practice MCBJ test, Those questions will be updated and returned to the site for the judges to utilize as their MCBJ practice test.

As of May 3 2015 we have had 457 members, 907 non-members and 5 media take the KCBS CBJ class. We also had 357 members take the CTC class.

I ask that the BOD except this report.


Rep Committee

Kim Collier:  Motion to accept reps after closed meeting.


KCBS Score Committee/Technology Committee

Dennis Polson:  The Technology Committee met May 5th.

Items from the April meeting:



1.  Scott and Steve address issues and concerns with the Score program.  They will be in contact with KCBS Score programmer.  Scott and Steve Grinstead do a great job staying on top of the Score program issues.


2.  The Committee held a meeting with Megan and Joe from MMA on April 22nd.  During this meeting MMA explained the 20 hours per month that is devoted to KCBS and how those hours need to be prioritized on what items needs to be worked on.  5 hours each month is just for Joe to work on updates for KCBS website.  I think we are in good hands with Megan and Joe, just short on hours.  We came out of this meeting with a better understanding of why items are not done as fast as we would like.


May meeting:


1.  Scott and Steve are still on top of the Score program.  They answered questions on a few issues.


2.  Kim gave an update on Reps and Organizer website.


3.  Organizers need more information on website and the Reps need to be better informed as to where the Organizer can find information.


4.  Mike Peters asked about the online registration for CBJ's and was told it is ready to go.  Again Reps need to be informed to help Organizers and Judges.


5.  Candy discussed the Judge score viewing on line and it will be turned over to CBJ Committee.


6.  Megan and Mike Hays discussed having a Point Person that will be the contact between MMA (Megan) and all Committees.   Mike will be making a Motion on this issue.


I move to accept this report.



Banquet Committee:

Sandy Fulton: Attached please find the minutes from the April 28th meeting of the Banquet Committee.  To show progress of each item on the original strategic Plan we will highlight in italic the latest discussion.  I ask the Board to accept this report.

Report:  Minutes of Banquet Committee Meeting 4/28/2015

Attending:  Barbara, Chris, Raye and Carolyn.  Mike, Tom and Sandy unavailable.

1.         Do we want to consider a continental breakfast?


Barbara will talk with hotel about pricing a breakfast buffet.  Barb will look at menus and prices and discuss at next month’s meeting.  Update:  Hotel Restaurant Menus received and sent to committee.  Also information on Saturday Breakfast Buffet which is available.  Review at next meeting.

Update 4/28 – Off the Table.  Prices for breakfast are in line, and all guests will be on their own for breakfast. Remove from future agenda.

Hospitality Room (Determine if we want to keep this room available to general attendees except during Lifetime Member Reception)

1.  KCBS Staff placed on either side of Hospitality Suite (Raye will provide names of these guests to Hotel on Rooming List)

2.  Possibly using Suite as a “gathering room” for general attendees when not being used by Lifetime Members reception or planned activities


Room is considered as a meeting room and KCBS cannot bring in alcohol.  Lifetime Members Reception will need to have the hotel provide the bar (drink tickets provided, then cash if guests choose additional drinks).  Timing for Lifetime Members Reception TBD (based on Friday night party).  Room can be used as an “open” gathering place for members throughout the conference if we choose this because no alcohol/food will be stored in this room.  Further discussion on if we will open this room as a gathering place is needed.

Update 4/28 – Will keep suite for use of KCBS Staff/Board as needed.  Will not be open to general attendees.  Will POSSIBLY be used for lifetime member reception, unless reception is incorporated in 80’s party (see notes further down on this discussion).   Remove topic from future agenda.

1.  Banquet Sponsor

•           Secure Big Banquet Sponsor- Jim Beam has been discussed or a different spirits company.


Tom has contact at Jim Beam and knows that they want to get involved with the US BBQ Championship

Tom will give Mike Peters contact info and Mike will make the call to see if they would be interested in sponsorship

Update 4/28 – Mike Peters will update during May meeting.

2.  Rings for Former Champions


Table this.  Update on findings next meeting.  No decision made to purchase rings until report from Raye.

Update 4/28 – Cost discussed of between $200 and $500 per ring, however, we have spent $970. Per ring on the Team of the Year Rings since 2009.  Yearbook Rings companies only work through jewelry stores.  Sandy will bring up the following for discussion at the next Board Meeting to obtain approval for a ring expenditure.  If the board approves this expense we will proceed with design etc., if they do not, we will remove from the agenda:

1.  Anticipate that about 16 Rings will be needed.

2.  Cost per ring (based on the ones purchased since 2009) will be about $1,000 per ring.

3.  Expense, based on 16 rings will be an expenditure of about $16,000 for rings for past Team of the Year winners.  Board Approval needed before we proceed with this idea.  If the board approved no more than $500.00 per ring, we would need to present this sum to the designer to see what we could buy for that amount of money.

Note:  If the board approves this expense, or some money for rings, we would need to also determine if the team receiving the rings would need to be current members of KCBS to receive a ring.

3.  Champions Contest

Past winners (TOY) competition. 

Raye had suggested on road behind hotel.  Think providing water and electric may be a problem.    

It would have to be handled like a regular contest, with Organizer, judges and Trophies? 

Mike suggested that Raye connect with the hotel or city about closing part of the street to

Accommodate the contest.  Mike McCloud suggested that we should tie the public into this with free tastings.  Possibly use another team for the tasting.


Carolyn will poll the teams eligible for this to see how many are interested in participating.  She will let the committee know of her findings.    

Update 4/28 – Raye and Carolyn updated locations.  Ward Parkway (behind the hotel) would have to have a signature of every business owner and every resident approving that a contest be held on the street and then it would have to be presented to City Council for approval.  We will not be going door to door, so Ward Parkway is not an option.

Carolyn named several parks nearby, but again, logistics for hosting a contest in January is very difficult at best.  Carolyn also mentioned an area within the Royal arena that could potentially be a site.

Carolyn’s initial idea was that we hold a Champions’ contest (like at the Jack), and not as a public event.  Mike McCloud has a vision of a full fledged contest benefiting a charity that is open to the public.  Banquet Committee members are not Contest Organizers, and do not want to take on the task of becoming a contest organizer.  The four committee members on this call would like to table any further decisions until all members are available to determine if we want to scrap this idea.  Barbara went on record to say she is not interested in becoming a contest organizer, and her vote is to cancel any contest in conjunction with the Banquet for 2016, unless we want to hand this project over to an organizer to completely handle, and take it off the Banquet Committee.

4.  Special Recognition for judges, reps, past presidents and organizers (Committee please submit your suggestions to Sandy prior to the meeting!)

Board needs to decide what is criteria?


Committee members will give some thought to this and submit ideas to Sandy.  Sandy will compile suggestions and discuss at next meeting.

Update 4/28 – Discussion postponed until next meeting.  Nothing to report.

5.  80’s Party

•           KCBS members would send in their Prom Pictures-Put on display

•           Choose Prom King and Queen



Raye will get prices on bands and DJ’s, decorations

It was suggested that it be held on Friday evening with finger food and cash bar.

Timing will affect timing of the Lifetime Members Reception. 

We will discuss this idea further at next meeting


Update 4/28 –

DJ $500.

Photographer $500-$700*

Decorations - $1,000.

Finger Food - ???

Barbara will put together some ideas using hotel menus for finger foods to get an idea of cost per person.  We will base the estimate on 300 people attending.  She will send this info to the committee prior to the next meeting. Discussed if we would sell tickets, or open to everyone at no cost who attends.  Committee decided we should leave the event open to everyone at no cost to the individuals.

Based on anticipated expenditure, Sandy will need to bring this up to the board to obtain approval to have KCBS host this event.  We will discuss again at next meeting, and determine if we want to proceed with anticipated expenses for Board approval.

6.  Lifetime Member Reception

•           Determine date/time for reception (based on 80’s Party Arrangements)

Update 4/28 – Confirmed that Cash Bar and 2 Drink Tickets per lifetime member will be provided.  Discussed incorporating the Lifetime Member Reception into the 80’s Party.  Discussed ways to distribute commemorative wine glasses to Lifetime Members – leave as amenity in their room, have in gift bags for distribution at the reception.  Further discussion needed at next Committee Meeting.

7.  Contest Entries

•           Find a way to increase contest entries


Did not discuss contest entries.  To be discussed at next meeting.


Possibly arrange for an auction

Sell chances to win cooking class tickets, non-transferable

Possibly have portions of selling tickets go to OBR or Kookers Kare (split between two?)

Discuss further at next meeting.

Update 4/28 – Table until next meeting.

8.  Publishing a cookbook-members recipes

•           Collect recipes from members

•           Selling them at Conference

•           Sandy has contacts for cook book publishers is Morris Press

•           Cost of book $2.75 based on 500 books.  Sell for $10.00 – Profit $3750

•           Post in Bullsheet for members to send in recipes.           

•           Submit recipe but limited to two and disclaimer that all recipes may not be used.



Put a hold on cookbooks for 30 days has been done in the past and Carolyn will report on next month

Update 4/28 – Possibility of Sanctioning Committee taking this over.  Table further discussion until next Committee Meeting.

9.  Photographer

 1.  Hire Professional Photographer for Friday (?) and Saturday.  Designate Photo area in Room.

Need suggestions for local photographer.  Obtain pricing based on Friday and Saturday evenings (for party and for Awards Dinner) and for only Saturday (awards dinner) and discuss at future meeting.

Update 4/28 – Photographer will be hired in conjunction with photographer for 80’s party.  Once we confirm that we are moving forward with the 80’s party, we will determine if we want a photographer or videographer, and Raye will obtain firm pricing from a local professional.  This will be on hold until a determination is made on the 80’s Party.

10.  Guest Speaker

Discussion:  Carolyn to contact Famous Dave as possible opening speaker.  Mayor’s office will not be contacted until after May election to see if we can get the Mayor to welcome the group.


Update 4/28 – Dave is busy re-opening his restaurant after the fire.  Carolyn will reach out to him when the time is appropriate.  Table until Carolyn speaks with Dave.

11.  Overall Conference Program- Barbara will oversee this area             

•           Breakout rooms on Friday and Saturday on same floor                          

•           Very important to study breakout rooms and timing of sessions             

•           Obtain record of attendees at last conference for each session, will help to determine size of meeting



Barbara to speak with Miranda and review all spaces assigned.  Also to speak with MMA about exhibitors and the process for securing exhibitors, costs, placement etc.  Will update group of any changes to the room assignments as well as information on Trade Show at next meeting.

Update 4/28 – No new information to report.  Will update group as needed.


•           Kansas City, being the BBQ Capital of the world has more than 100 bbq restaurants in the capital    area.  Plan an excursion for guests to go on and have them experience a Taste of Kansas City culture.

•           Suggest that Raye work on this project since she is in Kansas City.  Number of restaurants, cost, time and bus for transportation.  Need to sign up ahead of time.  Have cut off date.


Carolyn suggested having bus go to 3 or 4 restaurants; tour kitchens have samples at each.  It has been done before and been very successful.  Raye will gather information on bus arrangements, possible restaurants and pricing and report findings at next meeting.

Raye to work with Tourism Office to possibly set up tours of the city.

Update 4/28 – Raye obtained numerous packages that are available, with various pricing models.  We asked her to please send to the committee the results of her findings in writing so everyone can take a look at the options in writing, what is included, the pricing etc. and discuss further at the next Committee Meeting.   We also need to confirm the minimum number of guests, and if in the event there is not much interest, is KCBS liable to pay for a minimum number of people.  We also have the option of hiring our own bus, making arrangements ourselves with local restaurants and managing the tour.  We will re-visit at the next meeting, once the committee has had time to review the information that Raye will send out.

13.  Trade Show-Exhibitors

Barbara will oversee with MMA


Tom and Raye will also work on the Trade Show

•           Vendor Cost                            

•           Dimensions of vendor space                                        

•           Received loading and unloading info from hotel

•           Decide on move in and move out times

•           Need list of exhibitors from previous conferences

•           Contact MMA is Veronica and Megan.  They will be responsible for contracting exhibitors



Barbara will update next meeting

Update 4/28 – No discussion

This is as far as we got within our one hour meeting.  Other items will be moved up on the agenda as appropriate for our next meeting.  Barbara asked if anyone had any other pressing items to discuss at this time, and no one had anything else to discuss.  Meeting concluded at 12 noon.


Membership Report:

Mike Richter:    Membership Numbers for April 2015:


Number of Total Members= 20,621

Number of New Members= 680

Number of Renewed Members= 1491

Number of Non-renewals= 962

Number of members who signed up via the website= 222 (23 were families)

Number of New Members from Judging classes= 299

Number of Lifetime Members = 748

Number of International Members = 720

Number of Countries represented by KCBS Members = 29


Rules Committee

Mike Richter:  Teleconference scheduled for Monday the 11th.  Notes will be distributed prior to the meeting.

Nominating Committee

Sandy Fulton: There is no report for the Nominating Committee for April.  The first Committee Meeting will be in July.

Communications Committee

Candy Weaver:  Committee met on April 21st.  Discussion on review of Grants and Grants in Aid.  Report on May issue of the Bullsheet and proposed meeting with Megan and Joe regarding web site issues.


Meeting was held at 7 pm Central time.  On the call:  Ralph Williams, Candy Weaver, Michael McDearman, Karrin Murphy, Carolyn Wells and Mike Peters.


Karrin announced that she would be assuming editorship of the Bullsheet.


Ongoing efforts -- completed review of Grants and Grants in Aid for Philanthropy Committee.  Still working on rep training script.  Revise Ask KCBS response for multiple meat styles question.


Since the e-mail of the link to the interactive Bullsheet, 198 members have "gone green"!



Strategic Planning Committee

Bill Capstack:  Our committee members are Bill Capstack (Chairman), Paul Kirk, Mark Simmons, Dennis Polson, Bruce Bubacz, Joe Otto, Mike Peters (President) and  Carolyn Wells (Executive Director)


Our Committee met on April 6th & 20th and May 4th. 


1.         Permanent Home for KCBS:

We have begun our search for the new home for KCBS.  It has become apparent that finding and renovating a new location will involve a great deal of work and time.  The search continues…


2.         Review prior board decisions for their origin, justification and continued relevance:  The requested review for the reps has been completed and forwarded to the chairperson of the rep committee.


3.         Finalize the job requirements and transition agreement for the Executive Director:  The transition agreement should be ready for approval at the June board meeting.


4.         Develop ancillary category standards:

The guidelines will be discussed at our next meeting with recommendations to the board in June.


5.         Explore additional ways to expand participation at events, i.e., Collegiate-level competitions:

Progress is being made for the first collegiate-level contest at UMKC in early October.  Dennis Polson reported on and sent each board member his analysis of a Kansas State University workshop entitled Barbecue 101.  Dennis recommends that we consider having breakout sessions at our 2016 convention related to the topics presented.


6.         KCBS History: 

No update at this time.



Philanthropy Committee Report

Dave Compton:  This year we received a total of 58 applications for Grants in Aid, including 6 that were incomplete.  The incomplete ones were afforded the chance to submit the missing documents but didn't, so they weren't considered for this year's funding.  That left 52 completed apps that we will discuss in Executive session.


We received 14 applications for our Charitable Grants program and we will discuss these in Executive Session, also.


Our committee consists of the following members:


Dave Edyburn           

Nancy Goldsmith  

Raye Keyes

Candy Weaver

Mike Peters, ex officio

Carolyn Wells, ex officio 

Dave Compton, Chair


After the Executive Session I will be making the following motion:  "I move that KCBS (or the KCBS Foundation) fund the Grants in Aid and the Charitable Grants as discussed and decided upon during Executive Session and that Award Letters be sent to the recipients."


I ask that the Board accept this report.


Old Business

Budget for 250KCBS initiative – Did we do this already???

New Business

Mike Hays:  "I move that the Marketing Committee Chair be designated as the point of contact for Committee Chairs regarding work being performed on behalf of KCBS by MMA".

The idea here is to have a central point of contact to manage the flow of information to and from MMA regarding the various projects that MMA is working on for KCBS.  The goal is to free up more of the allocated hours KCBS has from MMA to be spent actually working on projects instead of being spent on "project management" activities. I think it will also be easier to keep track of the hours used each month by having oversight confined to a central point. It is not the intent to have the Marketing Chair establish priorities for the various projects that are being worked on, that task will still ultimately fall on the Board as a whole to determine priorities.

Dennis Polson:  BBQ 101 report. 

I represented KCBS at the first secession of BBQ 101 sponsored by Kansas State University Research and Extension held in Olathe, KS.

The topics presented were: Meat Cutting Basics, All about Rubs and Spices, BBQ Food Safety, Science of Smoking, Selecting the right smoker for you, BB Region: A difference in Sauce, Meat cuts to stretch the BBQ dollar, Taste the Difference: It’s all in the wood, Meat preparation and selection, and Competition BBQ (KCBS) roundtable.

There were 19 participants, 2 KCBS Judges, 2 KCBS Cooks, the rest had no idea what KCBS was. 

All the speakers, except me, were KSU Extension specialist. 

There will be 3 more class.  May 9th Manhattan with Larry Voth (70 registered), May 30th Hays with Carolyn or Dennis (60 registered), and June 6th Arkansas City with Mike Hays.

I handed out Bullsheets, Membership, Rules, New Cook tips, and www.kcbs.us information.

I discussed:  KCBS history, Membership numbers, Contest numbers, International, How to use the website to find information, the basic 4 meats, Ancillary, Backyard, and answered a lot of question on how to become a Cook and a Judge.

I fell KSU and KCBS will make a good partnership on future presentations.  Dr. Travis O’Quinn was great to work with and was excited about KCBS wanting to be involved in his classes.  He wants to become a Judge and/or Cook.  Dr. Terry Houser presented Science of Smoking and he has been a past Cook team member in Iowa.

At our 2016 KCBS Convention I would suggest we look into have some of these programs for break out sessions.  Science of Smoking, Taste the Difference: it’s all in the wood, All about Rubs and Spices.  I would like to hear what Carolyn and Mike think after they go to their classes.

Closed Session Agenda:

Kim Collier:  Propose new reps.

Dave Compton:  Grants in Aid and Charitable Grants review.

Mike Hays:  CBJ issue

Sandy Fulton:  Banquet motions regarding rings and standards for other awards.

Carolyn Wells:  Sanctioning ruling on a contest.

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