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FACT: 64% of KCBS members own three or more grills/smokers    
FACT: 70% of our members grill-out/cook BBQ more than 25 times per year    
FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
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October Board Meeting Agenda

October 12, 2015

Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda

October 14, 2015


Roll Call: 

Mike Peters, Randy Bigler, Kim Collier, Candy Weaver, Bill Capstack, Dennis Polson, Mike Hays, Mike Richter, Sandy Fulton, Mark Simmons, Wayne Lohman, Dave Compton

KCBS Office:  Carolyn Wells, Karrin Murphy, Emily Dupont

MMA – Mike McCloud

Board pledge:

                Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.

                I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.

Minutes of September Meeting

Candy Weaver:  I move to accept minutes of the September meeting.

Financial Statements

Kim Collier:   Please accept the following attached report for September financials.   

President’s Report

Mike Peters: 

Sanctioning Report

Emily Dupont:  Automatic Approval  


REC’D                    DATES                   NAME                                                                                        CITY, STATE


New Contests – In House Approval


9/11/2015                                10/24/2015              Oktoberfeast BBQ & Brews Festival                                     Las Vegas, NV

9/22/2015                                11/21/2015              Mission Q              (BACKYARD)                                          Tuscumbia, AL

9/16/2015                                3/5/2016                  Sip & Swine BBQ Festival                                                     Lawrenceville, GA

9/15/2015                                6/4/2016                  Taste the Spirit of Madison (BACKYARD)                           Madison , AL

10/6/2015                                6/25/2016                Heritage Days BBQ Showdown                                           Belvidere, IL

9/24/2015                                7/9/2016                  Buttes, Boots n' BBQ                                                            Crested Butte, CO

9/29/2015                                8/13/2016               Tonnka Bay Beer & BBQ Fest                                              Tonka Bay, MN


Existing Contests – In House Approval


9/22/2015                                10/24/2015              Jack Daniel's World Championship

                                                                                 Shade Tree Contest (BACKYARD)                                       Lynchburg, TN

9/8/2015                                 1/30/2016                  Lakeland Pig Festival                                                            Lakeland, FL

9/15/2015                                2/21/2016                9th Annual Smoking Hot BBQ San Juan                        San Juan, Puerto Rico

9/29/2015                                4/2/2016                  Cedar Fest BBQ                                                                     Cedar Park, TX

9/21/2015                                4/9/2016                  NYC BBQ Cookoff                                                                 Staten Island, NY

9/21/2015                                4/9/2016                  The Best Damn BBQ Contest at Smithville Lake                 Smithville, MO

9/16/2015                                5/7/2016                  Brews, Blues and Bar-B-Q                                                    Lansing, KS

10/6/2015                                5/7/2016                  Naptown barBAYq Contest and Music Festival                  Annapolis, MD

9/29/2015                                5/14/2016                 Minnesota in May                                                               Falcon Heights, MN

9/25/2015                                5/14/2016                 Mississippi Springfest BBQ Contest                                   Ashland, MS

9/21/2015                                6/25/2016                 Hog Wild BBQ Festival                                                         Chandler, OK

9/30/2015                                7/9/2016                  15th Annual Bordertown Bash                                               Fort Smith, AR

9/15/2016                                7/23/2016                EffingHAM Jam                                                                      Efffingham, IL

9/21/2015                                8/13/2016               Pepsi WY State Championship BBQ &

                                                                               Bluegrass Festival                                                                 Worland, WY

9/25/2015                                8/27/2016               5th Annual Deaths Door Barbeque                                      Wash. Island, WI

10/8/2015                                8/27/2016               BBQ on the Bricks                                                                 Kearney, NE

9/11/2015                                9/4/2016                  Finger Lakes Fire & Smoke                                                  Geneva, NY

9/25/2015                                9/10/2016              12th Annual Recovery Fest/7th Annual BBQ

                                                                              State Championship                                                             Richmond, VA

10/8/2015                                9/17/2016             Tilley Harley-Davidson Biker Blues BBQ

                                                                              Rally and BBQ Classic                                                         Salisbury, NC

10/8/2015                                9/24/2016              Murphysboro BBQ Cookoff                                                  Murphysboro, IL


New Contests - Board Approval



8/11/2015                                3/5/2016                  Gwinnett BBW & Music Festival                                          Lawrenceville, GA

                                                Conflict:  Auburn, AL – 145 miles.  Auburn was in May for 2015


8/25/2015                                7/2/2016                  Made in NY Festival BBQ Cookoff                                      Sackets Harbor, NY

                                                Conflict:  Lake Placid, NY -- 138 miles.  This contest has been 1st Saturday of July since 2006.



Board Approval – Existing Contests


9/10/2015                                5/21/2016                Grand Lake BBQ & Festival                                                  Langley, OK

                                                Conflict:   Mound City, KS – 138 miles


9/28/2015                                9/10/2016                Independence Fire & Ice                                                      Independence, MO

                                                Conflict:  Butler, MO – 64 miles – both existed same weekend in 2015



6/25/2015              6/17-6/19/2016        Rock'n Ribfest NH State BBQ Championship                           Merrimack, NH

                                                Conflict:  Waiting until Dec. 1st to see if Old Orchard Beach, ME signs up for this weekend.



Sanctioning Report:

Mark Simmons:   The sanctioning committee met on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 via conference call.

Based on the discussion, the sanctioning committee makes the following motion:

The sanctioning committee moves that the definition for Backyard/Amateur Cook Team be defined as follows:

If any member of the team has entered in and competed in a sanctioned “Master Series” BBQ competition in the past, they are ineligible to participate in the Backyard/Amateur competition.  This includes the Chief Cook and /or assistant cooks. Exclusions to this rule would be (1) those judges cooking with a team in order to qualify for Master Judge status, (2) anyone under the age of 18 whether related to the Chief Cook or not.  The purpose of this definition is to ensure a level playing field in the cooking competition. 

MMA Marketing Report

September 2015


● Total August Sales: $2,499
● 10 Birthday redemption
● 4 Cookbooks


● Total Page Views for August: 441,937
● Total Unique Users for August: 49,713
● Time per Visit: 4:05
● Advertising sold for August: $250
● 2016 Banquet Registration live by 10/13
● October Cambro Giveaway live


250KCBS Meals Mission

● Current Total – 51,177 Meals Served
● Current Number of Events that have signed up: 43
● Continual PR/Social Media Updates
● Eblast released week of 10/8 to promote participation


Sam's Tour:

● 25 local events complete
● 5 regional events complete
● Continual PR/Social Media Updates
● Ongoing coordination and logistics for 2015 Sam’s Tour
● Sam’s Tour monthly eblast


Great American Cookout Tour

● 14 KCBS events complete todate
● 37 Retail Stops complete
● Ongoing coordination and logistics for 2015 GAC Tour



● Social Media, using KCBS, and GAC Facebook and Twitter pages to promote
KCBS-related events/promotion
o GAC: Twitter Followers ( 5,688 ) / FB Likes ( 24,430 )
o GAC: August FB & TW impressions — 81,112
o KCBS: Twitter Followers ( 9,807 ) / FB Likes ( 38,513)
o KCBS: August FB & TW impressions — 165,110
o Updated news section of KCBS as necessary with Sam’s Club Tour recaps,
o Promoted Traeger Royal Battle on Social Platforms
o Announced winner of August Cambro Giveaway


● Sam’s Club Tour update for 2016



Marketing Report:

Mike Hays:  The Marketing Committee met October 7th via teleconference.  In attendance were David Qualls, Randall Bowman, Ralph Williams, Larry Voth, Jeff Sharp, and Mike Peters.  We finalized discussions on a motion that will be made to the Board to be discussed in closed session.

We also discussed a potential opportunity to partner with a fulfillment company.  Discussions were preliminary and raised some questions that we will need to address with MMA.  The matter was tabled until next months meeting, giving us an opportunity to get input from MMA.

Please accept this report.


Wayne Lohman: The KCBS IOTeam went on its last trip of the year with our first stop in Wathamstow, London, England for the Grill Stock-London BBQ Contest and Rock Musicfest.

This was our first affiliation with one of the three Grill Stock Festivals, all located in different cities in England.  We were challenged by holding 3 CBJ Classes on one day, which we believe is a first for KCBS.  The organizers, Jon Finch and Ben Merriman did an excellent job in organizing this first time event.  We were amazed by the infrastructure created the organizers to support two days of 15,000 public attendances per day  the contest hosted 25 teams and 28 certified judges.  This was a great contest that was enjoyed by thousands of people who witnessed their first KCBS contest.

Our next stop brought us to our first contest in the Czech Republic.  This event was held on the Vltava waterfront in the beautiful city of Prague.  15 teams compete with an estimated public attendance of 6,000.  Many of the attendees were American Ex Patriots who thanked us profusely for “a taste of home” when sampling the products given out by the teams.  A special thanks to our organizers, Clint and Eva Meyer for an extremely well done and thought out  contest that was supported by 15 CBJs who were certified in June.  Even though this was a small contest for a first year event, teams represented 8 countries (England, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic and America).

Domestically, we continue to work on expanding the KCBS International Website that will promote our first TOY event in Europe, beginning  January 2016.  This month we have several new discussions for classes and contests which include Brazil, Guam, Mexico, Italy, and Germany.       

CBJ Committee Report:

Randy Bigler:  No report for this month.

Rep Committee

Kim Collier:  I would like to make a motion that the following rule be added to the Organizer Guide:  The organizer or promoter many not have access to any of the judges scoring card that have been filled out during the judging process.  The organizer or promoter should not, key, audit or have anything to do with the keying procedure of the contest.  

KCBS Score Committee/Technology Committee

Dennis Polson:   The Tech Committee met October 6th.

Item one was our wish list for Score. Following discussion,  Scott and Steve Grinstead will be taking this list of items to NDEX for pricing and completion dates.

Item two was our wish list for the KCBS website.  This list will be refined and given to Mike Hays to work with MMA as updated projects.

Item three was to inform the Tech Committee members that this committee will be in charge of the tracking of Judges program.  The Committee members will be giving input to Candy to start putting the standards together for this program.  Once the Tech Committee have the standards, we will be working with the CBJ Committee for their input.  I hope we can have something for the Board to look at in December.

Please accept this report.

Banquet Committee:

Sandy Fulton:  Minutes for  September 29, 2015

Attendees:  Sandy Fulton, Carolyn Wells, Barbara Driscoll, Mike Peters, Chris Peters, Raye Keyes

Banquet Sponsor

•               Mike had no update of sponsorship, said Stephanie would be in contact and bring us up to date.

As of October 3 have not heard from her.  Will contact Mike again.

2.  Recognition for Former Champions

•               Karrin is working on the slide show presentation for the former champions

3. Silent Auction/Door Prizes

•               Chris continues to work on items for silent auction and gift bags.  It was suggested the competitors that hold cooking classes to see if they would donate a seat at one of their classes.

•               Karrin Murphy continues to work on Goody Bags

•               Silent Auction items will be set up in the exhibitor/ vendor area.

•               An announcement will be made that door prize winners will be announced 15 minutes before dinner.

4.  Trophies

•               The mock up that Candy presented to the Board has been approved.

5.  Special Edition Pin for 30th Anniversary

•               Currently in house staff at KCBS is working on design for 30th Anniversary Pin.

6.  Registration/Activities/Tours

•               Registration will be on line October 1st

•               An ad has been placed in the Bullsheet asking for volunteers

•               Life Simulator Trailer sign up will be on site at registration.  It will not be online.

7.  BBQ Crawl

•               Sign up for BBQ Crawl is going to be online October 1st.

8.  Keynote Speaker

•               Carolyn has secured Dave Anderson as our keynote speaker.  Tentatively scheduled for 9 AM on Friday but Carolyn will confirm with him.  It will be a motivational speech to kick off our 30th Anniversary.

9.  Overall Conference Program

•               The agenda has been distributed to the committee and reviewed.  The final timeline and schedule to be shared with Mike Peters and Carolyn before publishing in Bullsheet. 

•               Organizers Round Table session should also have Sanctioning added to it.

•               Randy Bigler’s name should be added as the moderator for the Table Captains Cass.

•               Sandy has received two descriptions of sessions from two moderators.  She will again email them so it can be included in the Bullsheet.

•               Sandy will also present to the Board her suggestions for what Board Members will introduce the moderators of each session.

10.  Trade Show/Exhibitors

•               Raye reported that she has one vendor who has paid, and one vendor who is tentative

•               MMA has not secured any vendors

11.  80’s Groove & Schmooze Party/Lifetime Members Reception

•               Plans for the party have been completed

•               Lifetime members will receive commemorative wine glasses

•               Tables will be reserved for the Lifetime Members

•               Lifetime Members will be recognized at the Party

•               Banquet Committee discussed having a special tab on their name tag.  Raye will look into this.

12.  New addition to Program

•               Candy has only received one entry for the “Smoked Chicken Soup for the BBQ soul.

13.  Menu Selection/Food Tasting 

•               The final menu selection will be made on October 1, 2015.

14.  Banquet Announcement in Bullsheet

•               The ad for the Banquet will appear in September issue

•               Dates and times will be listed in October issue.

15.  BBQ Restaurant Session

•               Suggestion was made to have a session tentatively called From Competitor to Restaurant Owner

•               Mike Peters and Carolyn will contact the following people to see if they would agree to be moderators at this session:  Mike and Amy Wills, Rob MCGee and Tod Johns

•               The session would be on Saturday from 2:15 to 3:15.

Next Committee meeting is October 27th at 10 AM CST.

Membership Report:

Mike Richter:   The Membership Committee met September 16th.   The Marketing Committee previously met with a company with a potential benefit for the membership.  The company’s representative outlined the program to the committee and recommended Marketing bring to the Board.  We have our first member from Thailand and now have members in 31 countries.  The next membership meeting is October 21st at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Below are the numbers for August 2015:

Number of Total Members = 20,205

Number of New Members = 368

Number of Renewed Members = 1056

Number of Non-renewals = 535

Number of members who signed up via the website = 250 (21 were families)

Number of New Members from Judging classes = 177

Number of Lifetime Members = 813

Number of International Members = 926

Number of Countries represented by KCBS Members = 31 – New Member in Thailand 


Rules Committee

Mike Richter:  The Rules Committee met September 14th.  Several topics were discussed and the committee will bring a motion regarding tables for small comps to the November meeting.  The next meeting is October 12th at 8 p.m. Eastern.

The Rules Committee recommends the following language be added to “Judging Procedures - Item 2” of the Official Rules and Regulations & Judging Procedures tri-fold for 2016.  (Changes are in RED)

2) Judging will be done by a team of 6 persons at each judging table, who are at least 16 years of age. KCBS Reps will determine the optimum number of tables of judges needed to properly judge the contest.  In no case will a quantity of three tables of judges ever be allowed to judge any type of KCBS sanctioned contest.  Only Judges, Contest Reps and necessary support staff are allowed in the judging during the judging process.  No other activities are permitted in the judging area during the judging process.

Here is the rationale for this motion:

There is an inherent mathematical bias at KCBS contests when only 3 judging tables are used. For example:

 A 16 team contest with 3 tables,

     TABLE 1 Judges average is approximately 32

     TABLE 2 Judges average is approximately 31

     TABLE 3 Judges average is approximately 30

Only 5 of the judges scores from each table count, therefore the AVERAGE TEAM score we can expect:

      TABLE 1 =160

      TABLE 2 =155

      TABLE 3 =150

 Here is where the bias enters in, each of the 16 teams will hit one table TWICE.  Which table you hit twice becomes a huge factor in where a team may finish.  Example:

      Team Red hits TABLE 1 twice, TABLES 2 & 3 once.  If Team Red cooked completely average according to each table, Team Red would have a final score of 625.

      Team Blue hits TABLE 1 & 2 once, and TABLE 3 twice.  If Team Blue cooked completely average according to each table, Team Blue would have a final score of 615.  In a 16 team contest either 5 or 6 teams will end up virtually eliminated from competing for GC for the fact they hit a certain table twice

At first blush a 10 pt bias may not seem too much, however we are talking about contests that can be won by as little as Two Ten Thousandths (.0002) of a point.

The example used is fairly typical of a 3 table contest, some have less bias and some have more.

By going to 4 tables this bias is completely eliminated, since each team hits each table once.  Likewise, in small contests going to 2 tables is an option since each team will hit each table twice.

We are all aware there are Tables of Angles and Tables of Death.  However, in contests with four tables or more tables, teams can be assured of not hitting an Angel Table or Table of Death more than once per contest.  In a three table contest some number of teams are GUARANTEED to hit the Table of  Angels or Table of Death TWICE in one contest.  This would give those teams either an unfair advantage or unfair disadvantage.

Nominating Committee

Sandy Fulton:  Nominating Committee-Minutes from September 16, 2015

Members present Sandy Fulton, Dennis Polson, Randy Bigler, Carolyn Wells

The procedures to follow for nominations were reviewed.

There are four seats on the Board that will be open:  Mike Peters, Candy Weaver, Wayne Lohman and Kim Collier.  All but Candy Weaver may run again.  Candy cannot run another term at this time.

The rules and regulations have been posted in the Bullsheet again in the September issue. 

There have been no nominations as of this date.

The next meeting of the committee will be October 21, 2015.

I ask the Board to accept this report.

Communications Committee

Candy Weaver:    9/22/15 Communications Committee Meeting

Attending:  Sybilla Hawkins, Karrin Murphy, Mike Peters, Michael McDearman, Carolyn Wells, Candy Weaver

Discuss Bullsheet issues  --  Ask KCBS column questions.

Discuss video received from Michael McDearman of Dennis Polson conducting Judges Meeting.

Mike Peters requested discussion regarding office communications on social media -- expanding subjects.

Need for Chicken Soup BBQ stories.

Next meeting October 20th.

Strategic Planning Committee

Bill Capstack:  Our committee members are Bill Capstack (Chairman), Paul Kirk, Mark Simmons, Dennis Polson, Bruce Bubacz, Joe Otto, Mike Peters (President) and  Carolyn Wells (Executive Director)

Our Committee met on September 21, 2015 and October 5, 2015.

•               Permanent Home for KCBS:

The contract has been signed and the due diligence inspections are being accomplished.  The design process has begun and everything is moving along at a steady pace.

•               Finalize the job requirements and transition agreement for the Executive Director:

We intend to have information for consideration by the board meeting in November.

•               Explore additional ways to expand participation at events:

The first Collegiate-Level Competitor’s Series event was conducted on October 2, 2015 at UMKC.  The event was a total success and plans for future events are planned.

•               KCBS History: 

Carolyn has been exploring various avenues for documenting KCBS history using visuals, film, audio, etc. to document and interview folks who have been around since the beginning. In addition, the second and third generation members have valuable insights to share as to the growth of KCBS and the sport of barbecue.  She believes this story will share the Americana aspect of the food group and that it will be worthy of sharing the sense of community within.

We ask the board to accept our report.

Philanthropy Committee Report

Dave Compton:   Our committee has decided to leave the basic criteria for the Charitable Grants alone for this year and use the existing guidelines. 

We should have the prototypes for the updates for the KCBS Scholarships program finished before the Board meeting for review.

I ask the Board's permission for BullSheet ads and an e-blast announcing the opening of applications for the Gary Wells, Carolyn Wells, KCBS Scholarships and Charitable Grants programs for this year.

Old Business


New Business

Candy Weaver:  Recently, I proposed that any team that cooks any contest that cooks the four KCBS categories (as defined in current year rules -- the trifold brochure) be awarded team of the year points.  It was noted that currently posted Team of the Year rules do not eliminate competitor contests. 

I move that the Team of the Year rules be examined and updated as the board deems necessary.

Candy Weaver:  KCBS has BBQ teams that are "pro" and "backyard."  I believe that these are the generally accepted labels by our competing membership.

We have a new term proposed -- "master."  In KCBScore the labels are "experienced" and "other."

This is very inconsistent and potentially confusing.  I move that Pro and Backyard be the definition of teams that cook the 4 KCBS meats and 2 backyard event meats.  I further move that "experienced" be replaced with "Pro" in KCBScore.  I do not propose changing "other" to "backyard."

Closed Session Agenda:

Kim Collier:  Proposed new reps in training.

Bill Capstack:  Building updates. 

Mike Hays:   Potential business arrangement

Candy Weaver:  Contest health concerns

Our Best of the Best 700 180 100+