FACT: There's been an 18% increase in contest participation by members in the past year    
FACT: 64% of KCBS members own three or more grills/smokers    
FACT: 70% of our members grill-out/cook BBQ more than 25 times per year    
FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
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March Board Meeting Agenda

March 7, 2016

Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda

March 9, 2016


Member request to speak: Gowan Fenley and Callie LeCompet

Roll Call: 

Mike Peters, Randy Bigler, Bill Capstack, Dennis Polson, Mike Hays, Mike Richter, Sandy Fulton, Mark Simmons, Wayne Lohman, Dave Compton, Joe Otto, Arlie Bragg

KCBS Office:  Carolyn Wells, Kim Collier

MMA :  Mike McCloud

Board pledge:Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form. I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.

Minutes of Last MeetingSandy Fulton:  I move to accept minutes of the February 13, 2016 meeting.

Financial Statements

Mark Simmons:  The finance committee for 2016 is the following:


Carolyn Wells, ex officio

Randy Bigler, ex officio

Mark Simmons, Chairman

Joe Otto, Vice Chairman


Previously sent was an email with the financials.

The finance committee moves that the February financials as reported be accepted into the permanent record of the KCBS.


Respectfully Submitted


President’s Report:  Randy Bigler: 

Sanctioning Report

Kim Collier:  Automatic Approval  


Date of Contest    New Contest Name                                                                             City                         ST


06/03-05/2016         Fire it Up 5 BBQ Competition                                                                               Florence                 OR

08/26&27/2016        Franklin BBQ Festival Presented By Franklin Noon Rotary Club    Franklin                  TN

05/13&14/2016        2016 Smokin in the Wood BBQ Competition                                     Greenwood            MO

11/5&6/2016            Roarin' Lions Smokin' BBQ                                                                  Winder                   GA

08/5&7/2016            Pit at the Park                                                                                         Macungie                               PA

06/10&11/2016        Smoke Out Hunger BBQ Challenge                                                    Kansas City            KS

07/16&17/2016        Wine, Brew & Bar-B-Que Too! Day 2                                                   New Palestine        IN




Date of Contest    Existing Contest Name                                                                        City                         ST


04/15&16/2016        Smoking Hot Nassau                                                                            Nassau                   Bahamas

07/4&5/2016            Liberty 4th Fest Barbecue Contest                                                       Liberty                     MO

10/7&8/2016            BBQ & Blues on the Levee                                                                    Helena                    AR

07/29&30/2016        Great Northern BBQ                                                                              Brainerd                 MN

07/08&09/2016        Drayton Kinsmen Smoke and Sound Festival                                   Drayton, Ontario   Canada

06/3&4/2016            Beltway BBQ Showdown                                                                      Fort Washington   MD

08/19&20/2016        Cape Jaycees BBQ Fest                                                                       Cape Girardeau     MO

06/10&11/2016        Big Kahuna Wing Festival (COMPETITOR'S SERIES)                      Knoxville                                TN

08/19&20/2016        BBQ and Fly In on the River                                                                                Excelsior Springs MO

07//16&17/2016       Smokin at the Ball park BBQ Fest                                                        Old Orchard Beach               ME

10/14&15/2016        CIBR-BBQ Central Illinois Bragging Right BBQ                                                Arthur                      IL

11/18&19/2016        Plant City Pig Jam                                                                                 Plant City                FL



Needs BOD Approval

                Status      Date of Contest      Contest Name        City        ST       Conflicting Contests Additional


Existing Contest    09/16&17/2016  Battle of the Brisket     Mission  KS           Butler Mo    , 63 Miles, Co-existed with Kearney MO, for the past 8 years 31 miles away. The lot that contest is held on was sold last year, So that is why they did not have a contest last year.  Butler average is 40 teams, Mission and Kearney average is 55 teams for the past 8 years. Current register team for KS is 624 & MO is 682 total 1306


New Contest          06/3&4/2016            Fire in the Valley Red Bank BBQ         Red Bank               TN           Euharlee, GA 90 miles      Euharlee, average team count is 35, for the past 5 years he max space is 45. Current Registered team for GA is 373; TN is 337 for a total of 710




Sanctioning Report:

Sandy Fulton: The Sanctioning Committee will meet on Mach 8th at 7 PM. CST.   The following Members have agreed to serve on the committee.  Excited to have members who are contest reps, cook, judges and organizers. Wanted representation from all who help make an event happen.

Mickey Williams, Co-Chair        

Michael Fay                              

Betty Frizzell                             

Debbie Yopp                           

Kim Collier                                 

Sybilla Hawkins

Karrin Murphy

Carolyn Wells

Randy Bigler



MMA Marketing Report

KCBS/MMA Marketing Report

March 2016

(Stats through 2/1-2/29)




●              Total Page Views for February: 368,707

●              Total Unique Users for February: 34,824

●              Time per Visit:  4:48

●              Advertising sold for February: 400

●              Updates to International Page - completed

●              CBJ CMS Login Creation - completed

●              March Projects

Sponsor Page Creation/Updates

●              Seal of Approval Page Creation/Updates

●              Media Room Creation/Updates


250KCBS Meals Mission


●              Current Total – 136,057 (55% of goal)

●              Continual PR/Social Media Updates 

●              Will announce 2015 & 2016 summation in May



Sam's Tour:


●              Sam's Tour Invitational Grill Challenge Winner - 3 Eyz BBQ

●              Sam's Tour first US stop in Daphne

●              February 27, 2016

●              Overall Grand Champion: Que'n, Stew'n and Brew'n

●              Two of thirty-one local events complete

●              First regional event: Las Vegas, NV 4/23/16


Great American Cookout Tour


●              2016 Schedule: waiting on American Royal dates to finalize calendar

●              Tour kicks off at Rock’n Ribs Festival in Springfield, MO on 4/22/16

●              2015 Sweepstakes: Celebrity BBQ Bash planning in progress

●              Sponsors to-date: McCormick, Tums, Cowboy Charcoal, Bubba Burger, Gateway Drums and Smokers, Grillbot




●              Social Media, using KCBS, and GAC Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

●              Beginning 2/12, Facebook ad campaigns for Sam’s Tour



●              Judges’ Scorecard Project - in progress

●              In talks with companies about Seal of Approval and GAC additions

●              Mike consulting with committee about a new ancillary program

●              Mike attending HPBA with Carolyn



Marketing Report-: Mike Hays: 

The Marketing Committee met on March 2, 2016 to discuss goals and projects for 2016.

Our main objective for 2016 is to create some media pieces for organizers to help them promote their events to potential sponsors and the general public.

Some of the ideas we will be working on are:

1) To create a press release for organizers to use that would include facts about the history of KCBS and competition BBQ along with some stock photos.

2) To create some stock posters of various sizes in pdf format that an organizer could download and customize for their particular event.

3) To create some stock radio ads (donut ads) that organizers can customize for their event and use with local radio stations.

4) To promote the online judges sign up tool.

5) To update the KCBS events page to include pdf files for downloading entry forms for cooks and sign up sheets for judges.

6) To reach out to organizers about creating short videos on best practices that could be seen on a YouTube channel for organizers.  The idea would be to have discussions and idea sharing similar to the organizers round table at the banquet, but available year round.

We will continue to work on and refine these ideas and others as the year progresses.


I ask the Board to accept this report.

International Committee:  Wayne Lohman


The KCBS International Board of Managers is happy to announce the International TOYs. I-TOY is now active on the International Webpage. Scores are now being tallied for registered teams in Europe (E-Toy) and Canada (C-Toy). We want to thank Mike Hays and Stephanie Clark for guiding this milestone for KCBS International. We anticipate more teams to register as our International Membership becomes more active with the TOY.


The 9th Annual Smoking Hot BBQ Festival was another successful contest and the largest BBQ event in the Caribbean.  This 3rd year sanctioned KCBS contest had 30 teams competing to be the best KCBS team in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  The President of the Caribbean BBQ Association, Mike Compton, has done an excellent job of promoting KCBS in the Islands.  While in Puerto Rico, we had the opportunity to discuss new contests with the Island of Barbados.  This event also initiated discussions with the Dominican Republic and Curacao in the ABC Islands. We expect one of these Caribbean countries to be our 3rd sanctioned KCBS Contest.


The following is a breakdown of the KCBS International Outreach Team Income and Loss Statement for the past year:




CBJ & Table Captain Classes Income  (15)                            $16,237


International Membership, New and Renewal                        $45,150


Total:                                                                                       $61,387


                                      Less Expenses                                 ($10,254)


                                     Net Income                                          $51,133



International Contest


Contest Income                                                                         $21,483


                                      Minus Expenses                                 ($17,094)


                                      Minus Travel Offset                            ($10,977)


                                      Net Income                                            -$6,588  


    Total Income                                                                           $44,545



2105 International Facts 


    54 International Encounters for Classes and Contests

    International Contests in 2015   -   31

    International Contests in 2016   -   37 paid thru March

    Goal for 2016                               -   41

    Projected Contests for 2016     -    43-45

    CBJ/Cooking Classes               -    15

    International Membership         -   1051

    Registered International Teams -  261


I make the motion to increase the International Board of Managers Budget for 2016 to $20,000.


CBJ Committee Report:  Dennis Polson

Notes for CBJ Meeting                                                      

February 23, 2016

7:00 pm Central Time


Committee Members attending

Dennis Polson-CBJ Chair

Mike Peters-2nd Chair CBJ

Carolyn Wells-Director

Sammy Phelps

Randy Bigler

Nancy Muller

Dave Londeen

Kelly McIntosh

Ralph Williams

Mike Lake

Bill and Debbie Gage

Carol Bigler

Marge Plummer

Corey Linton


2015 Goals


Frequency of retaking Master CBJ Test- Randy Bigler explained that the times for retaking the Master test have been changed in the following manner:

   1st time the test is failed-they may retake the test in 2 weeks (it was 3 weeks)

   2nd time the test is failed-they may retake the test in 3 months (it was 6 months)


Continuing Education Questions-

Dennis asked everyone to look over the questions and report back to him next month concerning questions they would like to see changed or deleted completely.

Judge’s Information Reports-(Judge’s Score Cards?)

There was a discussion on the progress of this happening. It was discussed at the annual Rep meeting held at the banquet by Candy Weaver.  The consensus of those that attended the meeting in Kansas was that this information was ready to go to MMA to be posted on KCBS web site. After further discussion, Dennis said he would call and talk to Candy and report back next month.



Rep Committee- Dennis Polson


Rep Committee Members 2016


Dennis Polson                   Chair

Mike Hays                          Vice Chair and Cook

Randy Bigler                      President

Carolyn Wells                    Executive Director

Maxine Kilgore                  Judge

Linda Polson                     Recording Secretary

Bill and Debbie Gage        IO

Ralph Williams

Kathy Brazier

Mike Eberle

Dave Londeen

Ralph Weller

Steve Alvarez

Kim Collier                       Office Staff Rep Committee


March 2, 2016 at 7pm CT


Members Present:  Dennis Polson, Chair; Mike Hays, Vice Chair; Randy Bigler, KCBS President; Carolyn Wells, KCBS Executive Director; Kim Collier, KCBS Staff; Bill Gage, Debbie Gage, Kathy Brazier, Mike Eberle, Ralph Weller, Steve Alvarez, Maxine Kilgore, and Linda Polson 

Dennis brought up a question about wording in the Rep Manual regarding handing out results following contests. Following discussion, it was decided to recommend to the Board the following change in working: The Rep will (instead of – it is best to) hand out overall, category and team detail results to all teams at the end of the award ceremony. Unclaimed results will be (instead of -should be) given to the Contest Organizer for mailing.

Dennis reported to the Committee that John Ryan, Australia, has been approved for Rep training through the International Group and Troy Youngblood, NE is a current Rep in Training. Following discussion, Dave and Becky Druetzler, IN, and Alan Rothrock, NC were recommended by the Committee for approval by the KCBS Board as Reps in Training.

Dennis announced that he would like to include an Organizer on the Committee and asked for suggestions. 

Dennis asked if there are goals from 2015 that need to be continued for 2016. Members of the 2015 Committee indicated that 2015 projects were completed.


The following items were discussed for 2016 consideration:

1) More consistency by Reps in following the rules realizing there are different ways to accomplish the same thing.  Keep a tight line for both Domestic and International Reps.

2) Review wording of Rep Advisories and Rep Manual, and recommend changes as needed.

3) Give new Reps a chance for Contest Assignments. Suggestions: have 3 Reps on a 2 Rep contest & split fees 3 ways. Need for Reps for Backyard contests are increasing and encourage new reps to Volunteer for those.

Clarification -New Reps who are on probation can be assigned contests on their own and are paid.  

4) Discussion of the protocol for contest Rep assignments.

5) Reminder that Reps cannot solicit contests.

6) Some cooks have reported that TC's are stacking boxes. Suggestion: include pictures or better pictures of correct box trays in TC class power point.

7) Explore the possibility of getting results out electronically. Much discussion by Committee members: a) Teams want paper results RIGHT NOW                        b) If E-mailed, not all team members have access

c) Results are difficult to read on iphone or Android devices. Score program would need to be revised.

d) Can’t send results until after the awards ceremony.

e) Incorrect E-mail addresses would be a problem.

f) Let teams opt in or opt out.

g) Suggest that Reps poll cooks at contests during the next month and discuss again at April meeting.



March 2016 BOD Meeting Motion

I move to make changes to a paragraph on page 16 in the Rep Manual.


Ensure the Contest Organizer has a copy machine or has made arrangements to get the results copied. REMOVE (It is best to hand out overall, category results and team detail results to all teams at the end of the award ceremony.)  REPLACE with (Overall, category, and Team Detail results will be handed out at the end of the award ceremony.)  Unclaimed results REMOVE (should be) REPLACED with (will be) given to the Contest Organizer for mailing.  (If not handed out the results must be mailed or e-mailed within 10 days.)  You are expected to follow along, at the awards ceremony, to ensure the announcer is reading results correctly and offer help if any is needed.

ADD this sentence (If a Rep cannot hand out overall results, category results and/or team detail results, the Rep will complete a report stating why the overall results, category results and/or team detail results were not handed out and the report will be sent in to the office with the contest paper work.)

Dennis Polson

If the motion passes, the paragraph will read:

Ensure the Contest Organizer has a copy machine or has made arrangements to get the results copied.  Overall, category, and Team Detail results will be handed out at the end of the award ceremony.  Unclaimed results will be given to the Contest Organizer for mailing.  (If not handed out, the results must be mailed or e-mailed within 10 days.)  You are expected to follow along, at the awards ceremony, to ensure the announcer is reading results correctly and offer help if any is needed.

 If a Rep cannot hand out overall results, category results and/or team detail results, the Rep will complete a report stating why the overall results, category results and/or team detail results were not handed out and the report will be sent in to the office with the contest paper work.


Dennis Polson:  I move to continue the Rep service award.

Reason:  The pins the Reps received was greatly appreciated.  I am sure the pins will be worn with pride.  The new Reps will have something to look forward to.  The older Reps also have something to look forward to.

At some point it would be nice to recognize the retired Reps.  They served KCBS as much if not more than we now serving Reps.


The meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Next meeting will be April 6, at 7 pm CDT.


Linda Polson

Recording Secretary

Dennis Polson:  I move to continue the Rep service award.


CBS Score Committee/Technology Committee- Joe Otto

The Technology Committee met on March 1, 2016, members present were:

Carolyn Wells, Randy Bigler, Dennis Polson, Karrin Murphy, Raye Keyes, Candy Weaver, Bill Sheflett, Steve Grinsted, Stephen Smith, and Joe Otto


Discussion covered Priorities from 2015 into 2016 and Priorities for 2016 into 2017:


1. Our top priority is the KCBS office staff to have access to upload or change items on the rep tab, the organizers tab, and to make corrections as needed (date changes or spelling errors, etc).


2. Immediately following is KCBS Score implementation.


We are waiting an update from the KCBS point of contact concerning discussions with MMA as the spreadsheet from MMA does not show implementation or projected completion dates.This update will provide information to inform the BOD and allow planning to completion.


On-line Judging signup was complete in 2015, we are discussing methods to communicate with organizers.


Please review and provide any comments, I plan to send to the Secretary Sunday evening for the next Board Meeting.



Banquet Committee: Sandy Fulton: 

The Banquet Committee will meet monthly on March 15th at 7 PM CST. The following members have agreed to serve on the 2017 Banquet Committee:

Barbara Richter - Co Chair

Raye Keyes

Darrell Meade

Sybilla Hawkins

Carolyn Wells

Randy Bigler


The Banquet will be held at the Atlanta Marriott Northwest.  The website has been sent to the members to review prior to our first meeting.


Membership Report:

Mike Peters:  Membership Committee Report March 9, 2015


Membership February 2016


Active Members                   20587

New Members                     457

New from CBJ Class          181

Renewed Members            1480

Non Renewed                      803

New from Website              236

Total Lifetime Members     930

International Members       1050

Countries Represented      27


Membership Committee met on Monday February 29. Members include Mike Peters (Chair), Mike Richter (Co-Chair), Eddie Smith, Rick Hamilton, Jennifer Shifflet, Donna Fong, Ron Milhous, Ernie Hiers, Sammye Phelps, Carolyn Wells, Randy Bigler.

The committee approved changing the Membership Committee description to Membership: Shall be responsible for but not limited to, reviewing dues, benefits and other factors as necessary to improve membership growth and retention.

Discussed requiring membership of cook teams that compete in KCBS events. Most professional organizations require membership to participate. Potential to hurt organizers, especially larger contests that might be the only contest that a team cooks in yearly. Still in discussion to implement a “trial membership”. The office would need to be updated to better track. Consensus at this time is to explore using contest representatives to encourage membership of non KCBS teams. Developing an email flyer for organizers to send out to their teams to also encourage membership stating benefits.

Discussed not providing full scoresheets for non-members, only their detail scores while members would receive the overall scoresheet also. Mixed feelings of the committee and still in discussion.

Discussed a Collegiate Division membership level. Considering that we will have Collegiate Chapters, the committee is not in favor of a special membership level. Standard KCBS membership fee should apply should teams decide to join KCBS.

Auto Renewal for membership dues. Will explore options with WorldPay on making this happen.

Discussed Restaurant Depot promotion with KCBS. It can still be accessed in the Members Only section of KCBS and is a daily membership.

Discussed offering free membership to KCBS organizers if they are not currently members. No, we should not offer free membership but explore other organizer benefits. Marketing committee is already exploring organizer benefits.

Discussion to increase membership costs. Not without adding additional benefits.

Discussion about reaching out to NBBQA for a national membership discount at restaurants. Currently KCBS has a Restaurant finder which is located on the kcbs.us website for ANYONE to explore. KBCS.us has over 500,000 page hits monthly. This benefit should be promoted more to members before we explore other options.

Discussed a branded email flyer for organizers to forward to cook teams to encourage memberships. The committee worked up a rough draft and Karrin is making it more presentable. We hope to have it ready before the March meeting for review by the Marketing Committee and BOD with a possible motion to approve.

Currently in committee email discussion - Adding cook teams individual scores to kcbs.us under member login, membership booths at KCBS events.


Rules Committee

Mike Richter:  I am happy to report the Rules Committee for 2016 is assembled and consists of master judges, cooks and a contest rep.  The meetings will take place on the second Monday of each month at 7 P.M. Central Time.  The members are:

Mike Richter – Chair

Dave Compton - 2nd Chair

Mike Wozniak

Barry Johnson

Mark Cassel

Jeff Sharp

Phillip Brazier


Nominating Committee: Arlie Bragg

A Nominating Committee has no report this month.  If any board member has any new ideas we can add this year place let me know.

Communications Committee:  Mark Simmons:  

The communications committee for the coming year will be as follows:


Carolyn Wells, ex officio

Randy Bigler, ex officio

Mark Simmons, Chairman

Bill Capstack, Vice Chairman

Candy Weaver

Karrin Murphy


We expect to add one or two more members soon.

 No motions to be brought before the BOD at this time.

 This committee will meet on the 4th Wednesday of each month, and our next meeting will be on March 23, at 7:00 p.m. CDT.

 Respectfully Submitted,


Strategic Planning Committee :Bill Capstack

March 2016


Our committee members are Bill Capstack (Chairman), Joe Otto (Co-Chair), Bruce Bubacz, Gary Bronkema, Sybilla Hawkins, Paul Kirk, Skip Sayles, Mark Simmons, Jon Williams, Randy Bigler (President), and Carolyn Wells (Executive Director).


Our meeting schedule:  1st and 3rd Mondays (unless there is a holiday) 7-8 P.M. (CST)   March  7, 21;  April  4, 18;  May  2, 16; June  6, 20;  July 18;  August 1, 15;  September 19;  October 3, 17;  November 7, 21;  December 5, 19; and January 2017  2, 16.


The updates from our first meeting on March 7th will be shared at our board meeting on March 9th.


Our goals for 2016:

     Monitor the completion of our new KCBS location

     Monitor the tenant leasing for our new KCBS location

     Review the KCBS by-laws.

     Update Committee Descriptions.

     Establish by-laws for the Collegiate Division.

     Develop rules governing the Collegiate Division.

     Develop and finalize the Executive Director Transition Agreement.

     Develop and finalize the Executive Director job requirements.

     Continue to explore additional ways to expand our brand to gain more participation at events.



    Listed below are the update committee descriptions for board approval:  Please note: The wording for the Contest Reps, Judging (CBJ), Nominating, Rules, and Sanctioning Committees were left intact because they are standing committees that are part of the current bylaws.  There is a procedural change recommended for the Rules committee as shown below.    



BANQUET:  Shall be responsible for, but not limited to, the coordinating all banquet initiatives with the Board of Directors (BOD) and Executive Director to ensure successful event planning and execution.  Duties include, but not limited to, selecting the venue, developing agenda items to include breakout sessions, meetings, trade show events (if applicable), and all banquet activities.  Submits an after action report to the BOD and Executive Director.

 *CONTEST REPS:  Shall be responsible for, but not limited to, the training and ongoing training of Contest Representatives (Reps) as well as all issues concerning and deficiencies or violations of Contest Representatives, the Rep Manual, and the Reps advisories.  (Bylaws)

 COMMUNICATIONS:  Shall be responsible for, but not limited to, preserving the KCBS mission by enhancing educational communication initiatives by member outreach to include educational articles in the Bullsheet and KCBS website; developing online educational opportunities for cooks, judges and organizers; explore secondary school opportunities and Kid’s Q.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  Shall be comprised of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and the Executive Director.  The committee shall be responsible for, but not limited to, negotiating contracts and other oversight actions as deemed necessary.

FINANCE:  Shall be responsible for, but not limited to, reviewing financials monthly and preparing  a financial report to the Board of Directors (BOD) for approval;  presents other financial proposals to the BOD as they arise, i.e., oversight, budget, capital expenditures, planning, etc.

INTERNATIONAL:  Shall be responsible for, but not limited to, expanding the mission of KCBS to the Out of United States (O.U.S.) scene by increasing the knowledge and skills of competition cooks to successfully compete in KCBS competitions; instructing, training and certifying judges according to KCBS standards; recruiting and training contest organizers; increasing KCBS membership worldwide; and taking the lead in developing and coordinating any and all documents and procedures for the KCBS O.U.S. environment.

*JUDGING (CBJ):   Shall be responsible for, but not limited to, the education of new Certified Barbecue Judges (CBJ’s) and continuing education of CBJ’s, as well as issues concerning violations of the rules of judging.  (Bylaws)

MARKETING:  Shall be responsible for, but not limited to, recommending marketing initiatives to the Board of Directors that expand the influence of KCBS domestically and internationally.  Committee shall be responsible for developing strategies to communicate the message and mission of KCBS and generate interest, both targeted and general, in KCBS.  This committee serves are the point of contact for committee chairpersons regarding work being performed on behalf of KCBS by MMA.

MEMBERSHIP:  Shall be responsible for, but not limited to, reviewing dues, benefits and other factors as necessary to improve membership growth and retention.

*NOMINATING:  Shall be responsible for, but not limited to, providing information for an election, concerning nominations for the Board, certifying candidates as eligible, advertising the election process, creating the election process questionnaire, and certifying the results of the election.  (Bylaws)

PHILANTHROPY:  Shall be responsible for, but not limited to, evaluating all applications for grants, scholarships, and the Gary/Carolyn Wells award, as well as any other approved charitable programs; periodically reviews each program for relevancy to ensure it is in the best interest of the KCBS mission and its members; submits any findings to the KCBS Board of Directors for review and action.

*RULES:   Shall be responsible for, but not limited to, reviewing the rules on competition and judging, and make recommendations to the Board each year concerning the rules. (Bylaws) (Procedural request: “Responds to rules questions received from members, judges and contest reps”)

SANCTIONING:  Shall be responsible for, but not limited to, mentoring and providing information concerning the sanctioning of contest to prospective organizers, make recommendations to the Board regarding the sanctioning of contests, as well as any identifying deficiencies at any sanctioned contest.  (Bylaws)

STRATEGIC PLANNING:  Shall be responsible for, but not limited to, developing and executing short and long range plans for KCBS.  Reviews past initiatives and proposes recommendations for revisions as necessary to ensure KCBS growth and sustainability; addresses other strategic issues that may arise related to all aspects of the KCBS mission.

TECHNOLOGY:  Shall be responsible for, but not limited to, providing oversight of the KCBS website, scoring program, and contractors assisting with technology efforts.


Philanthropy Committee -Dave Compton

First off, here's the list of our Committee members for this year: 

Dave Compton, Chair

Joe Otto, co-Chair

Nancy Goldsmith

Candy Weaver

Dave Edyburn

Raye Keyes

Carolyn Wells

Randy Bigler


Our main goals for the coming year are as follows: 

1). Getting our computer program completely rewritten, including a "red letter" pop-up when something on an application isn't filled in or is filled in wrong.  For example, the Letters of Recommendation that HAVE to come from someone at the school, not a preacher or a MCBJ.

2).  Getting our KCBS Foundation Fundraiser set up.  This can be happening at the same time as the computer stuff.

3). The Committee Handbook detailing our history, procedures, hopes and goal for the future.  This will come in handy if / when there's a change in the Chair, co-Chair or membership of the Committee.

4). A review of the safety procedures from the application process to the issuance of the checks.  To my knowledge there's never been a problem of any kind but checking things out can't hurt.

 Of course we will have our normal crush of applications for both the Scholarships and the Charitable Grants and we're always looking for ways to make the process more streamlined, more secure and easier on the office staff.

This month we had our article published in the BullSheet and had the e-blast sent out reminding everyone about the deadlines for KCBS Scholarships and the Charitable Grants as well as a teaser for the upcoming KCBS Foundation fundraiser.

We also had an inquiry from a parent in Canada asking if her child would qualify for a Scholarship.  Her student won't be ready until 2018, but she wanted to know in advance.  Her request came in within a couple of hours of the e-blast going out, so it's working on getting the word out.  This is the first time that we've had someone  from outside of the United States express an interest in the Scholarship program, but the way that the International Outreach is growing I'm sure that there will be many more inquiries in the future as the parents reach their third year of KCBS membership.


FOR DISCUSSION:  Do we or do we not award KCBS Scholarships to our members who reside outside of the United States?  If we do, how do we reconcile their grading systems with our requirements?  Should all applications be in English only or are we going to have to set up a translator program for them?  If Scholarships are offered to all of our members worldwide should we think about inviting a member or two from outside of the United States to be on the Philanthropy Committee to give us some guidance on the differing educational systems?

I ask that the Board accept this report.



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