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FACT: 70% of our members grill-out/cook BBQ more than 25 times per year    
FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
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June 6, 2016

Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda

June 8, 2016


Member request to speak: 

Roll Call: 

Mike Peters, Randy Bigler, Bill Capstack, Dennis Polson, Mike Hays, Mike Richter, Sandy Fulton, Mark Simmons, Wayne Lohman, Dave Compton, Joe Otto, Arlie Bragg

KCBS Office:  Carolyn Wells, Kim Collier


Board pledge:

                Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.

                I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Sandy Fulton:  I move to accept minutes of the May 11, 2016 meeting.

Financial Statements

Mark Simmons:  Attached is the last month’s financial report.  Please accept this report.

President’s Report

Randy Bigler: 

Sanctioning Report:  Kim Collier

Date R'cvd

Date of Contest

 New Contest Name





Q In the Lou

St. Louis




The Great Adirondack BBQ Festival

Old Forge




*St. Louis 1st Annual Kosher BBQ Cook off ( COMPETITOR'S SERIES)





Downtown BBQ Showdown(BACKYARD ONLY)




Date R'cvd

Date of Contest

Existing Contest Name





Christmas on the River





Downtown BBQ Throwdown





The Masters In May





Master In May-The Classic





37th Annual American Royal World Series of Barbeque(INVITATIONAL)

Kansas City




37th Annual American Royal World Series of Barbeque(OPEN)

Kansas City




* Smoke on the Water-Guntersville ( BACKYARD ONLY)





Downtown Jonesboro BBQ Festival





USA Barbecue Championship





*Christmas on the River





Smokin at the Maples





Roberts Ranch Smokin Red Dirt BBQ





BBQ off the Bypass

Langley, BC



Sanctioning Report:  Sandy Fulton



TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2016



Member Present:  Carolyn Wells,  Randy Bigler,  Kim Collier, Karrin Murphy,  Sandy Fulton


Members Absent:  Michael Fay, Mickey Williams, Betty Frizzell and Debbie Yopp


The committee again discussed the importance of the Organizers having their own Facebook Page.  Karrin agreed to build the page.  It would be invitation only, available only to Organizers.  It is certainly the feelings of the committee that this will help organizers with sponsorships, teams, judges, all aspects of building a competition and festival.  Hopes are that the page will be up this month.  Thanks so much to Karrin for creating this page and for Kim’s help also.


We again discussed the possibility of creating the Kids Q Cookbook.  This year we have 45 Kids Q competitions scheduled.  In order to do this we would need a picture of the Kids Q cook, a story on why they are participating and their favorite recipe.


Kim brought to the committees attention an Organizer in Texas who had a video created of his event.  He held a competition.  High School, Community Colleges and Colleges were invited to participate.  The winner of the video received a scholarship and their video was used by the organizer.  Organizer received a 3 minute video at no cost.  The committee would like to pursue this.  It was suggested that Sandy first contact the Philanthropy Committee and Communication Committee for their input.  Sandy will report back to the committee at the June meeting.


I ask the Board to accept this report.


KCBS/MMA Marketing Report

June 2016


(Stats through 5/1/16 - 5/31/16)



  • Total page views for May: 508,961 (+8.7%)
  • Total Unique Users for May: 54,199 (+7.57%)
  • Time per Visit:  4:21 (-0.05%)
  • Advertising sold for May: $1,325 (-14.5%)
  • June/July Projects
    • Forms CMS
    • Smithfield Partner Page
    • User Account Access
    • Backyard TOY Tracking
    • Backyard, Domestic, and Intl. TOY CMS Updates
    • Media Room Creation/Updates
    • Auto Payment Renewal Project





250KCBS Meals Mission

  • Discussing New Initiatives
  • Current Total to Date – 267,426 meals
  • 111 Contests Signed Up to Date





Sam's Tour:

  • Championship date announced - October 1
  • Completed 13 local events and 1 regional
  • Next regional coming up is in Marietta, GA on July 2





Great American Cookout Tour

  • 2016 Schedule Finalized
    • Murphysboro BBQ Cookoff added
    • Wings Over North GA removed
  • Nationally-pitched radio interviews 6/23
  • Video Promotions on Social Media
  • Local Press Releases






  • Social Media, using KCBS, and GAC Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion
  • KCBS:
  • Twitter Followers: 11,501 (+2.6%)
  • Twitter Impressions: 50,000 (+15%)
  • Facebook Likes: 42,697 (+2.2%)
  • Reach: 56,558 (-86%) - due to a boost in April
  • Total Audience: 54,198  (+2.3%)




  • GAC:

○       Twitter Followers: 6,217 (+2.6%)

○       Impressions: 7,100 (+13%)

○       Facebook Likes: 24,218 (-0.08%)

○       Facebook Reach: 2,283 (-85%) -  due to a boost in April

○       Total Audience: 30,435 (+0.36%)






  • Mike working with both membership and marketing on member renewal ideas
  • MMA to develop a membership company recruitment eblast
  • MMA coordinating with office a CBJ class for Smithfield at their HQ
  • MMA beginning some targeted convos about naming rights at new HQ


Marketing Report:  Mike Hays

There is no Marketing Committee report this month


International: Wayne Lohman

  June 2016 International Board of Managers Report


The IOTeam travel activities for the months of May continued at a hetic pace for our first visit to Odense, Denmark for a CBJ Class in preparation for our first contest in Kerteminde, Denmark on the weekend of June 4th.  23 CBJ candidates sat for that class in a picturesque setting of a working cherry farm dating back to the 1700’s.

The IOTeam was honored to be invited back to teach a CBJ Class and rep the 5th Annual Tony Stone Low and Slow Contest in Hoofddorp, Netherlands.  Our CBJ class consisted of 19 judges and we had 65 teams competing in the contest the following Sunday, making it the largest KCBS contest in Europe to date.  Harry and Linda Havinga, two of our international reps, have done an excellent job in making this event a model contest for other organizers throughout Europe.

Our international membership and CBJ class growth continues to outpace new contests.  To date we have 11 CBJ Classes requested in 7 different countries.  Our total international membership is now in excess of 1100 members.  In response to the large number of CBJ Class requests, we have added Haymo Gutweniger and Luca Famigli to our KCBS Instructors Program for a total of 6 in training.

Over the past month we have sent out a series of letters to all of our international organizers.  We included information reminding them of the many ways KCBS can support their contest and explained KCBS best practices.

The IOTeam has committed to a monthly article for the BullSheet in hopes to highlight the many international contests and also feature some of our international groundbreaking members and their commitment to KCBS.

The posting of European contest scores in a timely fashion is still a problem.  Thanks to support and help from Karrin Murphy, Scott and Steve Grinstead and Stephanie Clark, we are doing a better job of pulling it through from our side.  We are still working to find a solution to this problem so that scores are posted immediately.

We are seeing many more teams traveling great distances for contests.  We feel by initiating our E-TOY it has already proven to help the growth of all our existing contests and spur the growth of new contests as well as membership.  We are very grateful to Carolyn Wells for her support and knowledge and to all the ones mentioned above for the help they provided to get it done in time for 2016 TOY.



CBJ Committee Report: Dennis Polson

Minutes for CBJ Meeting

May 31, 2016

7:01pm Central Time

Committee members attending:


Dennis Polson- CBJ Chair

Carolyn Wells-Director

Randy Bigler

Ralph Williams

Nancy Muller

Kelly McIntosh

Marge Plummer

Mike Eberly

Rich and Bunny Tuttle

Carol Bigler


Judge’s Application-


Corey Linton provided the committee with a judge’s application form to be inserted into the Organizer’s Handbook on May 17, 2016. After some discussion it was agreed that some modifications needed to be made. The committee suggested adding an e-mail address and incorporating some other aspects of the current form. Marge Plummer volunteered to help make those changes. Corey and Marge will submit the form to the committee for approval.


Judge with no teeth or dentures judging at a contest-


Dennis explained what had taken place at a contest with a judge that had placed his dentures on the table while judging was taking place. After a short discussion, it was agreed by the committee that this was really a non-issue and that no action was needed. These kinds of situations will be handled by the Reps at a contest with as much diplomacy as possible. 


Continuing Education Update-


Marge Plummer reported that the new continuing education section would be in the same format as the master judge test. When a judge sign in he/she will get a random test rather than the same one over and over again as it is at this time. Each of Marge’s committee members has been asked to submit a test with a combination of 25 True and False questions and 25 multiple choice questions. After the committee approves of each test, Marge will submit the tests to the CBJ committee for their approval.



Judge’s statement for Organizer handbook-


The committee suggested that the 2016 Judging statement be inserted into the current Organizer’s Handbook. (If you have not received your copy from Dennis, please see attached document).  It was also recommended that the following statement be read by the Reps at the judge’s meeting:

When you signed up for this contest, you agreed to be part of the judging process. The judging process includes Judging, being a Table Captain, working the Turn-In-Table/Number Changing area and helping at the Leftover area. Some of you have already volunteered to assist in other areas other than judging. Thank you. We will now assign one of these judging process areas to you.

It was also suggested that this statement should also be incorporated into the judge’s form being worked on by Corey and Marge and organizers should use some form of the statement in their acceptance letter to confirmed judges. It was also discussed that if the Reps are to seat the judges, that they be given all the information they need to do so in a timely manner. For example, Reps should be sent the judge’s information the same time they receive the team information.


Other Items-


Dennis Polson reported that he has had good feedback on the new Table Captain Tracking Slips. Everyone seems to like them.


Dennis Polson and Randy Bigler reported that the Organizer’s Facebook page is a great success. A lot of good information is being exchanged and organizers seem to be excited about using the site to express concerns and solutions.


Bunny Tuttle reported on the new comment cards. Rich and Bunny are working with Kelly McIntosh to improve the comment cards, by eliminating anything that is not a written rule. They will have it ready before they end of the year for approval of the committee. It was agreed that the new cards would not be used until January 1, 2017.


Dennis told the committee that the Judge’s Scoring Card has a few glitches that are being worked out and it should be ready soon. Randy Bigler added that they are in the testing stage, but hopefully it will be up and running by July 1, 2016. Dennis thought the judge’s would be able to see their scores for all contest from beginning of the year to date-that is not definite. Kelly McIntosh asked if it would be possible for a link to be made to a dummy judge site, so that Reps could see how it works and be able to explain any questions posed to them at contests. Nancy Muller agreed it would be beneficial to see it ahead of time also. Dennis will check on the possibility of this.


There was some discussion on when a Rep is to approach a judge who is judging too high or too low during a contest. Right now, we must still abide by the rule that is in place, but Dennis will take this issue to the Rep committee along with this committee’s recommendation. That recommendation was that reps would make every effort to talk to the judge/judges at the end of the judging process and would no longer talk to them after the category just judged.


I move Judges statement in the CBJ minutes be read by Reps at the Judges meeting.


I move in the Rep Advisory manual 3.02 the words "expires" be replaced with the words "when turn-in window time begins".


Meeting was adjourned at 7:59pm central time.


Respectively submitted by,

Carol D. Bigler



Rep Committee:  Dennis Polson

KCBS Rep Committee Meeting

June 1, 2016  7 pm CDT



Members Present: Dennis Polson, Chair; Mike Hays, Co-Chair; Dave Londeen, Mixine Kilgore, Mike Eberly, Ralph Williams, Steve Alvarez, Bill and Debbie Gage, Kathy Brazier, Ralph Weller, Linda Polson, Randy Bigler, KCBS President; Carolyn Wells, KCBS Executive Director; and Karrin Murphy, Office Staff (for Kim Collier).


Dennis called the meeting to order. He reported that he has received Rep in Training applications for five individuals. He has reviewed the applications and all have met the requirements. Following discussion of each, all five were approved for recommendation to the BOD for Rep in Training status.


Ralph Williams reported on Rep Manual changes. He also brought up an issue regarding Rep Advisory Manual 3.02 (when turn in boxes can go to Judging Table).  Following discussion, it was recommended by the committee that the word “expires” be eliminated and wording changed to “when turn-in window time begins.”  Dennis will take the recommendation to the BOD for approval.


Kathy Brazier raised a question about the extent to which pork butt/shoulder may be trimmed before cooking. Following discussion, Dennis requested that Mike Hays contact the Rules Committee (Mike Richter) to look at the rule again for possible need for clarification.


Dennis reported that there have been several problems recently related to incorrect or misleading information being posted on social media.  Suggestions were made 1)Reps educate Judges during Judges meetings 2) new comments cards may help with some of the questions 3) a disclaimer be posted on the KCBS website & Facebook page about non-KCBS opinions and 4) talk with website administrator about the issues.


Dennis reported that recommendations made during the May Rep meeting were approved by the BOD.


Karrin reported that Kim asked that the following issues be brought up: 1) Reps may charge either mileage or car rental, NOT both 2) alcoholic drinks cannot be charged to Contest Organizers 3) meals are to be charged at actual cost or $42 per day,not both 4) Reps should not use quotation marks (eg “Native Smoke”) around Team names when setting up the Score Program in the computer as it messes up the program.  Dennis will send out reminders to all Reps. However, the Committee emphasized that these issues need to be directly addressed by Office Staff, as they occur with affected Reps.




Mike Eberly brought up questions about Rep Advisory 3.15 -Judges scoring too high/low.  Following discussion, Dennis appointed a sub-committee of Mike Eberly and Linda to work on the wording of Advisory 3.15. He also requested that all Reps on the Committee poll cooks at their contests regarding their opinions about Reps talking with Judges who score too high or too low.


Randy brought up an issue about parsley being stuck to BBQ entries. Mike Hays will present the issue to the BOD for discussion. Other suggestions: 1) address the issue in the “Ask KCBS” column of the Bullsheet 2) have Reps address the issue at Judges meetings 3) have CBJ instructors address it during classes.


Meeting adjourned at 8:06 pm.




KCBS Score Committee/Technology Committee:  Joe Otto


 The Tech Committee will meet on June 7, 2016. 

1.  MMA is ready to implement Judges' scorecard, we will discuss all feedback received to date, evaluate the feedback and propose an implementation date.  Members will be able to log onto KCBS website and find their information under the judges navigation link.

2. Backyard TOY and International TOY is now in work by MMA.


 Banquet Committee: Sandy Fulton


May 17, 2016



MEMBERS PRESENT:  Carolyn Wells, Randy Bigler, Carol Bigler, Sandy Fulton,  Sybilla Hawkins, Randall Bowman, Julie and Rusty Cook, Raye Keyes and Barbara Driscoll



MEMBER ABSENT:  Darrell Meade


Randall reported that Jeremy Myers could do our AV requirements.  The hotel will allow an outside source.  Randall needs to know what our needs are so he can let Jeremy know.  Also Jeremy would be interested in being the entertainment on Friday night at the Block Party.


Exhibit space was again reviewed.  The space is 10 x 10 and is provided with 2 – 6 ft tables.  Will be looking for exhibitors.  They will work with Raye on the available space.


Randall, Julie and Rusty are working on items for the Welcome Bags.  They felt that Scott Smith would provide the bags.


Still hoping to have a luncheon on Saturday.  Carolyn is approaching some inspirational speakers.  We do know that the hotel has a room that can accommodate 200 people for lunch.


Sybilla suggested that we talk with Dennis to see if we could hold a Judges Only session at the Banquet.


Randy has a contact who is interested in sponsoring the Friday night Block Party.  Hopefully the details can be worked out by next months meeting.


I ask the Board to accept this report.





Membership Report: Mike Peters

 Active Members  21010

New Members  479

New from CBJ Class 213

Renewed Members 1215

Non Renewed 662

New from Website 228

Total Lifetime Members 995

International Members 1130

Countries Represented 28


May 2016 Membership Meeting Notes


  • Membership Referral Program - Reps. Establish email notice for Rep chair to send to contest representatives for information on referral program.  Dennis Polson is waiting for online Rep Contest form to be changed and has a letter to push out to all reps informing them of the new program. 
  • Membership Referral Program - Members. Advance Online is capable to process gift certificates for the KCBS gear site. We need to come up with a plan to promote the referral program to membership. **We can use the Bullsheet for promotions along with quarterly e-blasts. **I would like to move this to the back burner for the time being. 
  • Marketing is reaching out to companies to offer member benefits - Hertz and additional companies. BOD discussion to have a system to approve new companies. Suggested Marketing committee handle this process.  Marketing committee is handling this with MMA to come up with an approval process for new companies
  • BBQ Ambassador program - Donna & Jennifer. Where are we with this program?  Donna has worked up a reference guide and ambassador plan. Will revise the reference guide to a front and back page to be laminated. Will expect ambassadors to review full guide.  Discussion - must make sure that ambassadors do not make representation on behalf of KCBS. Make sure they follow the guidelines and do not interject personal “wish list”. Have an email form for people to sign up at events to follow up with an email. Maybe offer a free recipe or some incentive for signing up. Make sure emails flow through KCBS. 
  • Membership Application rework.  MMA is getting me an idea of a date for auto renewal. We need to have this on the new application. BOD OK with additional year payment up front but would prefer auto renewal as this should have a better retention rate. Membership apps are being sent out for the Bass Pro promotion and will need a reprint sooner so this needs to be a priority. I will go through past discussion and forward for review. In discussion, will revise application to a one page or smaller for easier distribution. More bullet point items with directing back to kcbs.us, FB, social media. Rick H will take the lead on this item. 
  • Proactive membership drive for discussion. BOD approved up to $15 acquisition cost for expired/deactivated members. Please review www.kcbsgear.com and see if there are any other items (other than Rolling Ridges Silver Stainless Tumbler - Item #6-65-B40644 which retails for $10.58) you think might be a good incentive. Approx. $10-$12 item cost keep actual costs under $15 including shipping. I suggest a 6 mo trial of July 2014 - Dec 2014. Scrubbing returned emails and get a % return. Per MMA, 2-3% is a good return.  Sybilla has pulled a past list - approx 500 and will send out revised expired member recruitment letter. Will track returned bad emails, replies and new members. 
  • New discussion - #iamkcbs  Mike P will check with Karrin on suggestions to interact with social media. Will try to get influential members to post and share why they are KCBS members. Open to judges, cooks, organizers. This program should increase visibility to KCBS.


Rules Committee:  Mike Richter

The Rules Committee met May 9th.  The committee continued to work on the proposal to remove the word "not" from Rule #7.  Additionally, the committee discussed team members judging the same competition where their team is competing. Team members should not judge at the same competition where there team is competing.


The next committee meeting is June 13th at 7 Central.



Nominating Committee:  Arlie Bragg

Karrin is in the process of adding the question to the Bullsheet. 


Communications Committee:  Mark Simmons

  The communications committee was not able to meet at its May scheduled time due to numerous schedule conflicts. An alternate date where a majority of the committee members would be able to attend was also not able to be determined.

We are on schedule to meet for June at our regular scheduled time. 

The committee as is its practice, reviewed and proof read the June edition of the Bullsheet. 

Respectfully Submitted 


Strategic Planning Committee:  Bill Capstack


June 2016


Our committee members are Bill Capstack (Chairman), Joe Otto (Co-Chair), Bruce Bubacz, Sybilla Hawkins, Paul Kirk, Skip Sayles, Mark Simmons, Jon Williams, Randy Bigler (President), and Carolyn Wells (Executive Director).


Our future meeting schedule:  1st and 3rd Mondays (unless there is a holiday) 7-8 P.M. (CDT)  June  6, 20;  July 18;  August  1, 15;  September  19;  October  3, 17; November  7, 21;  December 5, 19;and January 2017  2, 16.


We met on May 16th and will also meet on June 6th.


Permanent Home for KCBS:

  • Project is moving along at a brisk pace.
  • Interior demolition is complete.
  • Temporary walls have been installed to allow for exterior demolition the week of       June 6-10.
  • 80% of interior wall framing is complete.
  • Electrical and plumbing rough in is in progress.
  • First rough in inspection is scheduled.
  • Tenants are being actively pursued.
  • The Executive Director is looking into ways to publicize the building.


Develop and Finalize the Executive Director Transition Agreement, Duties, Responsibilities and Competencies:

  • No update.


Explore Additional Ways to Expand the KCBS Brand and Increase Participation at Events:

  • We have developed ancillary guidelines for a Crawfish Boil and Lobster.  They are under review.
  • We are also developing ancillary event guidelines for Salt Water Crayfish (Spiny Lobster), Catfish and Salmon.


We ask the board to accept this report.




Philanthropy Committee Report:  Dave Compton

We have finished our deliberations for the Charitable Grants.  I will be sending out our spreadsheet to the Board Sunday so that everyone can look it over before the Executive Session discussions.
We are starting to work on re-vamping the Charitable Grants rules and applications.  We are also exploring different ideas for a KCBS Foundation fundraiser.
I would also like to open a discussion on using pinking shears to trim garnish.

I ask that the Board accept this report.

Old Business

New Business

Mike Hays: THE QUESTION: Is a judge to pick off garnish, or do they judge as presented?



Closed Session Agenda:

Dennis Polson: 5 Reps in Training

Dennis Polson: 2 Reps issues

Dennis Polson:  Judge Issue

Dennis Polson:  Approve RIT

Arlie Bragg-BBQ Cruise

Dave Compton:  Discussion on Charitable Grants awards

Bill Capstack:  Discussion regarding committee and board responsibilities with possible motion

After Closed Session:

Our Best of the Best 700 180 100+