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2016 Jack Danielís World Championship Invitational Draw

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August 12, 2016

28th Annual Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue

“The Draw”

 2016 Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Draw & Auto’s

CONTEST STATE       TEAM NAME                                       Lives In
AK                                State Auto PITBULL BBQ                    WA
AL                                The Specialists                                      AL
AR                               Razorracks                                             AR
AZ                                Burnin and Lootin                                CA
CA                               Knock UR Sox Off BBQ                       CA
CO                               Gettin' Sauced                                       MO
CT                               Shake 'n Bake BBQ                              MO
DC                               State Auto Aporkalypse Now             VA
DE                               Finn's Finest BBQ                                 DE
FL                                Team Unknown BBQ                           FL
GA                               The Pit Crew, GA                                 GA
IA                                 Jo-Bawb's BBQ                                    WY
ID                                 State Auto Lake House BBQ             WA
IL                                 The Chilly Water Smokers                   IL
IN                                 Thunder Hog BBQ                               IN
KS                                Out of Bounds BBQ                             KS
KY                                Spitfire                                                    ND
LA                                Lil Earl's Butt Naked BBQ                     TX
MA                               State Auto Pork Butt Paradise              MA
MD                               CHIX, SWINE & BOVINE Bbq              FL
ME                               State Auto The Basic BBQ Team         MA
MI                                PB&J's BBQ Team                               MI
MN                               Shiggin & Grinnin                                 MN
MO                              BringingTheHeatBBQ                          MO
MS                               Bayou Boogie BBQ                              LA
MT                               Montana Outlaw BBQ                           MT
NC                               Redneck Scientific                               NC
NE                               Phat Jacks                                              NE
NH                               State Auto Smokin' Hoggz BBQ - MA  MA
NJ                                Sauce This BBQ                                    MD
NM                               4 Legs Up BBQ                                      KS
NV                               Smokin' Mo's bbq                                  CA
NY                               Good Smoke BBQ                                 NY
OH                               Velvet Smoke BBQ                                OH
OK                               Smokeaholics                                       KS
OR                               BAD BONES BBQ                                OR
PA                                Behind BBQ                                         NY
RI                                 State Auto Can U Smell My Pits BBQ  NY
SC                               Smoke Central BBQ                             SC
SD                               Eggspert BBQ                                      MN
TN                               Killer Hogs                                           MS
TX                                Killer V Cooking Team                         TX
UT                               State Auto Big B's Down-N-Dirty BBQ CA
VA                                GAME ON BBQ                                   PA
VT                                Insane Swine BBQ                               MA
WA                               Wine Country "Q"                                WA
WI                                SMOKIN ACES@THEBBQSUPERSTORE.COM MI
WILD CARD              Ranch House Kitchen                          FL
WV                               State Auto Checkered Pig                    VA
WY                               Utah BBQ Company                             UT

Home State Draw         3 Lil' Mac's BBQ                                   CO
Home State Draw         Beerbeque                                           NJ
Home State Draw         Blue Chip BBQ                                     KY
Home State Draw         Crash Test Smokers                            WI
Home State Draw         INDIAN TERRITORY SMOKE              OK
Home State Draw         Parrothead Smokers                            SD
Home State Draw         Pig Skin BBQ                                       IA
Home State Draw         Putz Butts BBQ                                    NM
Home State Draw         Q Haven BBQ                                      CT
Home State Draw         Rooters-N-Tooters TN                        TN
Home State Draw         Steel Booty BBQ                                  AZ
Home State Draw         Wolf's Revenge BBQ                           VA

2015 Am. Royal          Grills Gone Wild Iowa                          IA
2015 JD GC                Cool Smoke                                         VA
2016 HLRBBQ            Bulldog Mountain Cookin' Crew           TX
2016 MIM                    Jack's Old South                                  GA

Seven Wins                 Big Poppa Smokers                             CA
Seven Wins                 CAJUN BLAZE                                     LA
Seven Wins                 Checkered Flag 500 BBQ                    PA
Seven Wins                 Clark Crew BBQ                                   OK
Seven Wins                 Iowa's Smokey D's BBQ                       IA
Seven Wins                 Porky Butts BBQ                                  NE
Seven Wins                 Rio Valley Meat                                    TX
Seven Wins                 Sweet Smoke Q                                   FL

2016 International Drawn Teams

Australia – Badass BBQ
Austria – BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands
Belgium – De Filous BBQ Team
Canada – Arrowhead North BBQ
Prairie Smoke & Spice
Smokin’ Boys and Hot Grills
Czech Republic – Sticky D’s BBQ
Denmark – BBQ Brothers
Germany – BBQ Wiesel
Italy – BrigBoys BBQ Team
Netherlands – Sea Side Smokers
Puerto Rico – Smoke ‘Em All
Sweden – Cozy Pig BBq
Switzerland – Gecko BBQ
United Kingdom – Miss Piggy’s U.K.

Among the many criteria to qualify for ‘The Jack’ includes Grand Champions from the previous year’s Jack Daniel’s Invitational, the American Royal Open Competition, the annual Memphis in May and Houston Livestock & Barbecue competitions receive automatic entries. Additionally, to qualify U.S. teams must have already won a competition in which 50 or more teams participated, or they must have won a competition of at least 25 teams that has been designated a “state championship.” For more information about the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue, click here.  

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