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From the Board of Directors

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September 8, 2017

The Board of Directors wanted to take a moment of your time to send you an update on a couple recent changes. These are positive steps insuring the integrity of the KCBS system is being adhered to. We appreciate our members input and insight on the efforts to making competition cooking both fun and fair for the future! Thank you for your contributions to the sport we love.


Judge’s seating

The KCBS has designated only two ways for judges to be seated at a contest.

Reps have been informed of this and they will take care of the process.

  1. Seating by prior approval of the reps based upon experience.
  2. The Southwest Shuffle (walking outside the area typically, lining up based upon experience to spread judges evenly over tables based upon experience and KCBS rules)


3 Step Letter

The intent of the 3 step system is for the improvement of Members with the rules, regulations and procedures of KCBS.  The intent of the KCBS Board is not to eliminate judges or table captains, but to have judging kept within KCBS guidelines.  This is to help members, new and seasoned, to be aware of rule changes by updating their education.

We would encourage all Judges and Table Captains to: 

  1.   Review rules each year.  
  2.   Take the Continuing Education questionnaire several times a year.  
  3.   Review or volunteer at a CBJ Class and/or Table Captain Class each year.  
  4.   Volunteer in the judging area to understand the complete judging procedure.

These are ways you can stay up to speed with the current KCBS approach.

The following steps will be used to determine what would be the best approach to help CBJ’s and/or Table Captains to better their skills as a Judge and Table Captain described as a three step program.

Should concerns of actions outside the KCBS rules, regulations be identified, contact to the CBJ Chair should be made with as much detail as possible. And the Chair will thoroughly gain insight into what may have happened. This will start the process.

During the process, a standardized form will be put into the Member’s file for future CBJ Chairs to hopefully not have reason to refer to.  Along with the form, a statement as to the offense, the method of contact with the Member, and the outcome of the contact. This is simply a record keeping.

What action or step number is determined necessary will depend on the level of rules infraction. All possible situations are not able to be seen ahead of time, but rest assured the Member will have the right to speak to the BOD of KCBS.

Step 1.  The Member will be contacted by the CBJ Chair who is a Board member.  The CBJ Chair might suggest reviewing the rules, taking the Continuing Education test, review a CBJ/TC Class, review the “KCBS Judges’ Code of Conduct”.

Step 2.  The second offense: The Member will be required to take the CBJ class at no cost to the CBJ but will not be fed.  Proof will be provided to the CBJ Chair that they met this requirement.  Also required to take the Continuing Education test and review the rules.  There will be a follow up by the CBJ Chair.

Step 3.  The third offense, with Board approval in Executive Session, if deemed necessary could create provisions that are established for a return to active judging not to exclude removal of privileges or membership.

While we trust each and every Certified Judge and Table Captain with the integrity and fairness with the competition process, this is designed to help be a refresher and an opportunity for members to be updated on the current KCBS approaches.

Thank you again for your dedication to the KCBS and competition BBQ! Now let’s go eat!

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