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FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
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August 2017 Board Quick Notes

August 11, 2017

Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Directors’ Quick Notes

August 9, 2017


Call In:  Mark Gibbs

Topic:  Judges Seating Program

Call to Order and Roll Call:  Mike Hays

Mike Peters,  Dennis Polson,  Mike Hays, Mike Richter, Sandy Fulton, Wayne Lohman, Arlie Bragg, Randall Bowman, Joe Otto, Michael McDearman, Phillip Brazier

KCBS Office:  Carolyn Wells, Kim Collier, Karrin Murphy

Board pledge:

                Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.

                I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Sandy Fulton:   I move to accept the minutes of the July 12, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting.

Seconded Wayne Lohman.  Motion passed.


Financial Statements

Randall Bowman:  The financial statements for KCBS for the month of July 2017 were sent via email to the Board.  The Committee moves that they be approved as presented and entered into the permanent record of the Kansas City BBQ Society.  Respectfully Submitted,

Randall Bowman, Treasurer

Chair Finance Committee

Presidents Report:  


KCBS/MMA Marketing Report

August 2017

(Stats from 7/1/17 - 7/31/17)

Web - YOY Comparison

● Total page views for July: 434,001 (-6.8%)

● Total Unique Users for July: 44,657 (-21.1%)

● Time per Visit: 4:10 (+1.2%)

● Advertising sold for July: $1,100 (+41.9%)

National Pro BBQ Tour

● 22 tour stops completed

● Next stops are South Windsor, CT; N. Charleston, SC; and Asheville, NC

● Region 5 Championship in Richmond, VA on August 26

Great American Cookout Tour

● August Events: Alamosa, CO; Del Mar, CA; Sparks, NV

● 15 retail stops remaining

PR & Social Media - YOY Comparison

● KCBS: (July)

○ Twitter Followers: 14,225

○ Twitter Impressions: 59,293 (-5.7%)

○ Facebook Page Likes: 54,200 (+21.9%)

○ Facebook Impressions: 798,337 (+120.1%)


● Total: $247.18

○ 50% to KCBS $123.59

○ 50% to MMA $123.59


● National Pro BBQ Tour update: Mike McCloud

Motion made by Randall Bowman and seconded by Arlie Bragg to go into Closed Session at 7:30 PM CST to discuss BBQ Tour Update.

Motion made by Phillip Brazier and seconded by Randall Bowman to go into Open Session at 7:45 PM CST.


Sanctioning Report-Kim Collier

Event Name




*Wisconsin Colorfest & BBQ Bash



Turtle Lake, WI

Holmes Drywall Supply, Inc(BACKYARD ONLY INVITE ONLY)



Kansas City, MO

*Smoke & Ale Fall Festival



Chelsea, MI

*West Texas King of Meat BBQ Championship (BACKYARD ONLY)



Odessa, TX

*Nile Beer-B-Q



Billings, MT

*Willis BBQ Festival (BACKYARD ONLY)



Willis, TX

*Logandale Fall Festival



Logandale, NV

15th Annual Conecuh Sausage Festival(BACKYARD ONLY)



Evergreen, AL

Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitation Barbecue (JUDGES BY INVITATION ONLY)



Lynchburg, TN

Jack Daniel's World Championship Shade Tree Contest (BACKYARD)



Lynchburg, TN

World Barbecue Championship



Orange Beach, AL

Quen' In Cumming  (Day 1 Duel)



Cumming, GA

Que'n In Cumming   (DAY 1)



Cumming, GA




Tuscumbia, AL

Que'n In Cumming   (DAY 2)



Cumming, GA

The War of Barbeque



Noventa di Piave,

NYC BBQ Cookoff



Staten Island, NY

Wild King BBQ Competition




*Southwest Kosher BBQ Festival  (COMPETITOR'S SERIES)



Scottsdale, AZ

Bardo-Q BBQ Competition




*The Great Wisconsin Tune Up BBQ Contest



Manawa, WI

Atlanta BBQ Classic



Atlanta, GA

Twin Valley Fire And Smoke



Morgantown, PA




Fond du Lac, WI

*Southern Utah BBQ Festival



Washington , UT

Almost Haven BBQ Bash



Weston, WV

Central Plains Ribfest



Holdrege, NE

*Ceramic City Jazz, Blues, & BBQ Festival



East Liverpool, OH

SC Festival Of Discovery



Greenwood, SC

3rd Black Forest Smoke & Wine Festival



Bad Bellingen,



July 13, 2017

Sandy Fulton, Chair

MEMBERS:  Randy Bigler, Co-Chair,  Eddie Smith,  Mickey Williams,  Ron Templeman, Charlie Barrineau,  Debbie Yopp,  Graham Wilson,  Robert Stouffer,  Kim Collier,  Betty Frizzell,  Carolyn Wells,  Mike Hays

Sandy reported to the Committee that there will not be a Cul de Sac Adhoc Committee.   She was told by the Chair, Michael McDearman at last night’s Board Meeting.  She thanked the Committee members who volunteered to serve on that committee.

Debbie Yopp will discuss at the August Meeting the BBQ Ambassador and Welcome Notebook.  Committee will decide if it should be part of the Organizers Guide.

As the Committee requested Sandy has forwarded to Mike Peters, Chair of Membership committee the list of suggestions the Sanctioning Committee has made to encourage more Organizer become KCBS members.  Mike will follow up. 

Randy Bigler commented on how well the Kosher Series is going.  The one in Philadelphia is scheduled for October and being Organized by Stu Gordon.

The Committee discussed at great length having a Grilling Sanctioning Series.  Could be a one day event keeping the cost of organizing an event much lower.  It would be a Competitor Series Sanctioned Event.  Suggestion was to call it “Get out and Grill”.  The Organizers would choose what meats to be cooked and it allows for alternative heat sources.  It would not be eligible for the American Royal or the Jack Daniels or receive KCBS Team of the Year Points.   The Sanctioning Committee will discuss it more at their August meeting.  The rules for the Competitor Series have already been approved.  This stand along contest would be attracting those who enjoy grilling and making it a competitive series.  We need to give them what they want and make it a legitimate part of what we do, a Food Sanctioning Organization. 

The other project that the committee is working on is the Handbook.  Sandy asked all of the members input in helping to make this updated version one that the Organizers will be able to turn to for help.  Each Organizer on the Committee is sending in suggestions for sponsorships, advertising, entertainment etc.  These will be all ways that they have used in their contests.  So we won’t be just telling them they need to obtain sponsorships, we are going to tell them how to get sponsorships.  Our hopes are that the update will be ready for distribution by October.  We also have judges, cooks and Reps on the Committee who will be giving their input.


Marketing Committee:  Randall Bowman, Chair

We have researched available affinity programs to partner with while we attain our own and specific discounts for KCBS.

https://corporateshopping.com is the best overall we have found and we will get with the office to get more detail on the KCBS website this week. This will enable us to offer over 250 discounts to our members.


International Board of Managers Report- Wayne Lohman


The IOTeam travel for the month of July has slowed down because of the vacation schedule in many of the countries where we have barbecue activities ongoing.  Europe virtually shuts down in July and August depending on the country vacation schedule.

We are pleased to report that we have been invited back to the Slovenia Embassy to cook for the new incoming staff and other country dignitaries.  Ambassador Brent Hartley has indicated an interest in attending our first KCBS sanctioned contest, September 16-17th, in Ljublijana.  The IOTeam is very proud of this accomplishment.

We have scheduled 2 new contests in Reichshof and Neutraubling, Germany.  Discussions are taking place for new contests in Spain, Brazil, Romania, Panama, Guam and additional cities in Australia.  The International Board of Managers hope to reach our 2018 goal of 50 sanctioned contests by mid-year.

Our other activities include appointing new reps in Europe, Australia, and Central America.  We are revamping forms and applications,

Such as sanctioning requests, membership, CBJ enrollment, etc., to fit

The international formats.

Please accept this report.

Wayne Lohman


KCBS CBJ Committee Minutes-Dennis Polson 

KCBS CBJ Committee Minutes

Date: July 31, 2017         7 pm CDT

Members Present: Dennis Polson, Chair; Phillip Brazier, Co-chair; Mike Hays, KCBS President; Carolyn Wells, KCBS Executive Director; Linda Polson, Jon Amidei, Mike Peters, Linda Lucas, Frank Gonzales, Carl Parrish, and Marge Plummer.

Chairman, Dennis Polson, called the meeting to order and reported that he talked with the Judge who brought up the personal drinking container issue and learned that she was raising a hypothetical question and decision was made that no action needs to be taken.

Advisory 3.11, Team and Family members judging, was discussed and the committee recommends that family member should be defined or clarified to mean immediate family member – mother, father, spouse, significant other, child, sister or brother.

Judges signing up for more than one contest was discussed. Dennis requested that committee members send their input to the entire group to be shared and an article will be written for the Bullsheet, either for the September issue or, if more discussion by the committee is needed, for the October Bullsheet issue.

Judges wearing gloves while tasting was discussed and the committee's recommendation was that each Rep should address the situation as it arises, recognizing that there are several legitimate reasons for a Judge to wear gloves.

As no other concerns were raised, the meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm.  Next meeting will be August 28th at 7 pm CDT.

Submitted by: Linda Polson, Recording Secretary


Rep Committee – Philip Brazier, Chairman

July 25, 2017

The meeting began at 7:00 PM Central Time

Members present: Dennis Polson, Bill & Debbie Gage, Alan Rothrock, Steve Alvarez, Steve Grinstead, Ralph Williams, Mike Eberle, Kim Collier

Members absent: Bob McKinnon

Carolyn Wells – Executive Director were, also, present via phone.

The first order of business was to discuss the final draft of the new Judge’s Meeting Script that Brazier had sent out to everyone.  After some discussion and a couple of minor changes, the script was approved.  Brazier will send out to all reps as soon as possible for them to start using.

One item that came from the discussion was to send an inquiry to the CBJ Chair, Dennis Polson, about putting together a condensed version of the judging process for presenting to VIP judges, especially for ancillary categories.  This could be recorded or written.

Brazier called for volunteers to review and modify, if needed, both the Table Captain’s Meeting script and the Cook’s Meeting script.  Mike Eberle volunteered to work on the Table Captain’s and Alan Rothrock volunteered to work on the Cook’s.

Kim Collier informed the committee that just a few comment cards had been mailed in that warranted review.

In the Open Discussion segment of the meeting, it was determined that the following items needed to be sent to and addressed by the CBJ Committee:

  • Better defining “Family Member” in regards to not judging
  • Judges wearing gloves

The question of Rep fees becoming direct deposit was mentioned and Carolyn Wells said she would look into it.

Finally, Steve Grinstead gave an update on the newest version of KCBScore.  Just a few more tweaks and it will be ready to be used.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM Central with the next Committee meeting being scheduled for Tuesday August 22nd at 7:00 PM.


BUILDING COMMITTEE:  Arlie Bragg, Chair 

Kim is working on repairs of the roof
The lease is at legal and a work in progress
It is moving forward
The other half of the upstairs has been presented to another company


Tech Committee- Mike Peters – Chair

Technology Committee Met on Wednesday, July 19

Website discussion is continuing. 

CBJ Data to seat judges. Foxfuel has provided past contest data. There is a program designed to use data. Discussion to implement and beta test. 

KCBScore - 12.6.1 is still in service. 12.6.8 will be the next upgrade which fixes windows 10 zoom issue. 


BANQUET MEETING- Sandy Fulton-Chair

July 25, 2017


Committee members:  Sandy Fulton, Barbara Richter, Chris Peters, Randy Bigler, Rich & Bunny Tuttle, Randy & Carol Bigler, Bill Capstack, Karrin Murphy, Mike Hayes, Carolyn Wells, Kim Collier, Raye Keys

Sandy turned the meeting over to Barbara to bring us up to date with Hotel Information.

Barbara asked how the Table Captains Class should be set up.  Should be at 8 ft. tables just like a regular judges class is set up.  Anyone who wants to take the class should sign up ahead of time.  They will be able to do that on line.  If they decided at the last minute that they want to take the class they can do so at the beginning of the class.  The Instructor and an assistant will be at the door.  They will have a print out of all who have signed up and paid. If you are not on that list you can pay at that time.  Rich Tuttle has agreed to teach the class.  He will have his own projector.

Sandy will contact each BOD Chair who will be hosting a session to find out what AV equipment they will need. She will let Barbara know.

We are in need of easels.  KCBS has two.  If more are needed KCBS can purchase them.  Barbara will let the office staff know.

The topic of trophies was discussed.  Looking at the cost plus the shipping to KCBS and then the shipping to the winners.  Carolyn will talk to Randall, Chairs Marketing Committee and Treasurer.

There was a concern that the projectors would interfere with the seating and Barbara assured us that she has taken care of that and it will not happen.

Thank you to Bill Capstack for Chairing the Taste Testing Sub Committee.  That will occur on October 19, 2017.

Also Bill, Karrin and Kim will handle contacting volunteers from last year to help this year.

Lifetime members will receive wine glasses this year.  They will be given to them at Registration.

Karrin and Kim will oversee handle the stuffing of the Goody Bags.  Chris has received promises from Blue Hog Sauce for the bags and is working on other items.  Sandy told Chris that Randall said he would be glad to help solicit items.

Kim reported on the Tour that has been discussed at previous meetings.  The Tour Bus Company has two tour buses, 14 people each.  They offer a tour to a craft beer, a distillery and a winery.  Kim will report back on cost.  Each stop is 45 minutes and food is available.  Karrin will post it in the Bullsheet.  Reservations and payments must be made in advance.  The tours will be available on Friday and Saturday.

Following up on the Board’s request concerning the RFP’s for hotels for 2019-2023 in Kansas City.  We are assured that the only hotels that will accommodate our needs, or wants are the hotels presented to the Board at the July Board Meeting.  A decision needs to be made between those two.

Meeting adjourned.


Membership Committee – Mike Peters, Chair

Active Members  20578

New Members  369

New from CBJ Class 112

Renewed Members 1069

Non Renewed 630

New from Website 174

Total Lifetime Members 1409

International Members 1576

Countries Represented 33

Members “auto” renew 414


Membership Committee met on Tuesday, August 1

Ambassador Program still in process.

Business Memberships still in discussion.

Survey for non-renewals. Current system could be improved with technology. Will discuss with Technology committee to include with website discussion. 

International involvement - Donna has designed a KCBS proclamation for International members competing or judging domestic contests.

Purple Heart free lifetime membership was approved by the board at the last meeting. Donna has interviewed Mr. Nichols who brought the idea to the Membership committee and has an article ready for an upcoming Bullsheet.

Discussion on increasing Organizer members. Sent ideas to sanctioning committee. 


Rules Committee:   Mike Richter

The Rules Committee met July 18th.

Several topics were discussed by the committee and the survey on pork was completed. This survey is a tool for the committee to obtain a sense of the membership's opinion of the existing pork rule.

The office began emailing the survey August 4th. The survey system only allows a certain number to be sent at any one time and we must wait 24 hours between distributions. All members with a valid email address as of the morning of August 4th will receive the survey. Upon completion of the survey, the committee will review the responses and possibly bring a recommendation to the Board.

A review of the comments received regarding approving the use propane was performed August 6th. This review revealed 90 percent were opposed to approving the use of propane as a heat source.

No motion made from the Board to approve the use of propane as a heat source.

The Next committee meeting is August 15th.


Nominating Committee:  Arlie Bragg: 

Karrin is working with testing simply voting and looks as if they do all we need to move forward with them.

The Board suggested that the notice of Nominations for the Board of Director’s seats are now open.

This information needs to be put on Facebook.  Nominations close October 31, 2017.

Education/Communications Committee:   Michael McDearman

No report

Strategic Planning Committee:  Joe Otto

The SPC met on July 17 and discussed staffing for the following subcommittees: 

Smoke Master Program

Executive Director Job description

Craft Beer and Wine events

SPC will meet August 7 but will not be able to have information available for August BOD agenda.


Philanthropy Report-Joe Otto

No Report


Old Business

New Business

Phillip Brazier:   Discussion and making a ruling as to whether or not a Head Cook has to be at a contest.

Randall Bowman:  I would like to ask for a one time variance on Rule #2  

Rule #2 States   Each team shall consist of a chief cook and as many assistants as the chief cook deems necessary. A team shall not compete in more than one KCBS sanctioned contest under the same team name, on the same date. Chief cooks and/or assistant cooks may only cook for their designated team at the contest they are attending. 

I ask for this one time (we will ask annually for this variance should this continue to be something we want in the future) variance for the 11-16/17 2017 event in Cumming, GA for my event, “Que’n in Cumming” to allow teams to compete at two events, at the same location, on the same day, with the same turn in times. This will create a “Double” cooked in one day.  

The variance enables a head KCBS cook to cook under their KCBS number and receive TOY points for both of the contests. Since it is 2 events at the same location, the head cook will be physically present and onsite for both. 

I respect and value our current rules and do not want to open a door to abuse of that in anyway. I would also like to invite any and all of you to witness this event in person should you so desire.

Mike Richter moved and Michael McDearman seconded for a Variance in Rule #2 for  Que’n in Cumming.  Mike Hayes asked for a Roll Call vote:

Mike Peters                       Yes

Dennis Polson                  No

Mike Richter                     Yes

Sandy Fulton                     Yes

Wayne Lohman               Yes        

Arlie Bragg                         Yes

Joe Otto                               Yes        

Michael McDearman     Yes

Phillip Brazier                  Recuse

Randall Bowman            Recuse

Motion passed

Michael McDearman:  TOA TOD timeline and strategy

                                                Beef Topic - Withdrawn

Mike Richter moved and Michael McDearman seconded that we waive the 72 hour rule regarding testing a judge seating program.  Motion passed.

Mike Richter moved and Michael McDearman seconded that we have Phillip and Kathy Brazier test the new seating program between now and the next meeting and report back on the system.  If testing is successful we expand the testing to another rep team of the Board's selection for the following month.  Motion passed.  Joe Otto voted no.

Wayne Lohman moved and Randall Bowman seconded to go into Closed Session at 9:08 PM CST.  Motion passed.

Closed Session Agenda:

Phillip Brazier:  Incident at contest this past weekend regarding Team and Rep.

Michael McDearman:  Bullsheet – Withdrawn

Wayne Lohman moved and Arlie Bragg seconded to go into Open Session at 10:42 PM CST.  Motion Passed.

Sandy Fulton moved and Mike Richter seconded to adjourn the meeting at 10:43 PM CST.  Motion passed.


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