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FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
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May 2018 Board Meeting Agenda

May 7, 2018

Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, May 9, 2018



Meeting called to order at 

Roll Call: Mike Peters, Wayne Lohman,  Dennis Polson, Mike Richter, Arlie Bragg, Randall Bowman, Phillip Brazier, Jason Cole, Alan Sellers, Michael Kalny, Jay Amsbaugh, Eric Burkhart

KCBS Office: Carolyn Wells, Kim Collier

Request to Speak: 

Board Pledge:

            Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.

            I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.

Minutes of Last Meeting

            Mike Peters: I move to accept minutes of the XXX meeting.

            2nd -  

Financial Statements

            Phillip Brazier: Attached is the April financial report. Pleased accept this report.

President’s Report: 

Sanctioning Report:






The Smithfield King of the Smoker (INVITATIONAL ONLY) COMPETITOR'S Series




Coachella, CA

Route 66 Barbeque Throwdown




Springfield, MO

*Christmas on the River




Demoplis, AL

*South Carolina Peach Festival (BACKYARD ONLY)




Gaffney, SC

3rd Annual St. Louis Kosher BBQ Competition (Kosher Series)




Olivette, MO

5th Ruhrpott BBQ 2018





*Traeger NorUt State Championship




Ogden, UT

Happy Grillmore BBQ Competition




Draper, UT


RegahFest 2018 Yellow




The Hague, 

*Butler Fest 2018




Butler, AL


The National BBQ Cup ( Day 2)




Cumming, GA

Adath Israel 2nd Annual BBQ & Festival (KOSHER SERIES)





Need BOD Approval

Polar Pig is asking for a waiver of Rule #2 to have a dual contest. Glenn Jones is the organizer for both events with Graham Wilson assisting.

All considerations/recommendation have been met.

Committee suggests approving the Polar Pig waiver of Rule #2.

Chuckwagon BBQ, Los Angeles, CA June 29-June 30 - asking for a waiver of the 90 day rule. 

After discussing with the event promoter, we believe that teams will be paid and the event will be handled appropriately.

Committee suggests approving the 90 day rule waiver. 

Sanctioning Committee Report

1. Letter for KCBS Professional Organizers/Promoters:

Hello, KCBS would like to update our KCBS Professional Organizer/Promoter list which has not been updated since 2010. The KCBS Professional Organizer/Promoter list will be provided when an individual or business calls in to KCBS asking for assistance to organize or promote a KCBS contest. 

“Professional Organizer/Promoter Exemption: A Professional Organizer/Promoter is an individual who has acted as an Organizer or an individual who has been the legal agent for an Organizer acting as a “Promoter” of a KCBS Master Series or KCBS Competitive Series contest, for a minimum of 5 events for each of the previous 3 years. (15 events) A Professional Organizer/Promoter must be in good standing with KCBS, in compliance with all rules for contests and a member of KCBS who supports the values and ideals of KCBS. Exception: KCBS will grant an exemption to a person who meets the above definition as follows: Application for sanctioning time period: 60 days minimum for sanctioning of a Masters Series or Competitive series contest. The Professional Organizer/Promoter must petition the Sanctioning Committee for inclusion including their list of contests over the previous 3 years. 

Please respond to sanctioning@kcbs.us

2. Cook Team Payout - should we have stricter rules for first time organizers or events to insure that teams pay out? Require a bond? 

Per the sanctioning agreement - events must provide a prize letter guarantee and be an organizer in training prior to their first event. Is this currently followed? Does the sanctioning agreement need reviewed?

Is this really an issue currently? Bond requirements? No bond will pay prize money. Escrow account? Surety bond? .0004% KCBS is always the last to be paid. More review but appears like very limited options. 

3. Sanctioning agreement - one time revocable license for the use of our data by a contest. Includes data including placement of winners for use by the event only. 

Data is important. Use of data without permission from KCBS. Compensation should be expected in some form, shape or fashion. Intellectual property, proprietary information - control for allowance to whom we choose. 

KCBS does have a licensing agreement with a company that is using our data for their own purposes. Not a KCBS partner but wanted our data - paying for this.  

Tabled Motion

A Backyard event is considered Chicken and Ribs with ancillary events being other than Pork and/or Brisket. Any Backyard event that includes more than Chicken and Ribs of the standard KCBS meats must be sanctioned as a competitor series event or if the event includes all four KCBS meats (Chicken, Ribs, Pork and Brisket), it must be sanctioned as a Master Series event. 

Motion by Mike Peters

2nd by Mike Richter 

Mike Peters - Motion tabled until ready to present to the board

Mike Richter - 2nd - passed unanimously

Marketing Committee Report

GAC Report - Mike Peters 3 events have been completed so far. Additional sponsors are being added. Summer Cookout Sweepstakes will be held with monthly prizes. This contest will be both an onsite entry submission and an online entry submission. KCBSCookout.com is the url which lands on the kcbs.us/tour page. 

No committee report

International Committee Report

2018 May International Board of Managers Report

The Gage part of the IO team flew to San Jose, Costa Rica the first week in June to hold a CBJ class and start rep training for 4 reps for South America: Ernesto Uribe, Natasha Lowe, Melissa Castillo and Heime Gomez, during the contest: Circuito Parrillero by BBQ Fest Etapo 1 2018.

The CBJ class was held at the San Jose Weber Academy (which is owned by Natasha Loew-one of our reps in training). At that class we added 18 judges to our base of KCBS judges. 

The contest was held in an upscale shopping center on the outskirts of the city. The entire celebration was designed not only for the competition, but also to introduce the public to American style BBQ and BBQ competitions.  This contest was so successful that the shopping center asked that we have another event later this year bringing our total contests in Costa Rica to 4 events.

The level of excitement of the teams and judges alike is a joy to behold. 16 teams competed and we were able to seat 4 tables of judges-with two visiting Master judges from the states joining us. All four reps in training worked different parts of the rep responsibilities and they are all off to a great start.

Jim Johnson was able to teach constantly through time spent with teams, the public and sponsors.

Before we left we were able to tour El Arreo, a beef meat packing facility that has about 60% of the beef market in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. They also provide meat for outlets in the US.

Our Costa Rican members are such an exciting addition to our BBQ family. Their knowledge of the many aspects of BBQ runs deep. They are a wonderful asset to KCBS.

Work continues to improve our administrative processes to better accommodate our International requirements for contest applications, prize guarantee letters, insurance requirements, etc.  Discussion is ongoing with our wearable vendor to provide access to KCBS articles in Europe and Australia where our membership population is growing.

New country contests and class discussions this month include Peru and Romania which will bring us to close to 52-55 BBQ events in 34 countries.  The International BOM expect that we are nearing a point where we will have to shift some of the administrative responsibilities to Kansas City as our travel schedule and growth continues.  We expect the new GDPR law to accelerate the need for administrative assistance for our international activities.

Rules Committee Report

The Rules Committee met April 17th. Several topics were discussed with the majority of the time spent discussing the Rule 2 submission from the Sanctioning Committee. The committee has a suggested modification or two and will have a proposed change motion for the Board's June meeting. The committee's next meeting is May 15th.

CBJ Committee Report

KCBS CBJ Committee Meeting was held on May 1, 2018 7 pm 

Members Present: Dennis Polson, Chair; Jason Cole, Co-chair; Linda Polson, Recording Secretary; Carl Parrish, Ralph Williams, Marge Plummer, Jon Amedei, Frank Gonzales, Maxine Kilgore, Brian DeCoud, Debbie & Bill Gage, Phillip Brazier, KCBS BOD, and Carolyn Wells, KCBS Executive Director.

Dennis opened the meeting & explained that the first agenda item was a discussion of whether Judges' comment cards should be mandatory. Committee members had provided input prior to the meeting in response to a cook's request. The issue was discussed at length with consideration of opinions of Organizers, Cooks, Reps, Judges and the public.  The committee's decision was to request that the Rep committee draft a script for Reps to read at every Judges meeting to encourage judges to complete comment cards when low scores are given or constructive input can be offered to cooks. Phillip requested suggestions from committee members for wording of the script.

The second agenda item was suggestions for development of a data base of Cook's who are willing to have Judges cook with them, either for MCBJ certification or to broaden their BBQ experience & education.  Suggestions were given to have Reps collect names and contact information of willing cook teams at the cooks meetings at each contest and to publish an article about the project in the BullSheet. Dennis will talk with the Tech committee about developing a data base of the information and will work on writing an article for the BullSheet.

The committee also discussed “fraternization” between judges and cooks; the consensus of the committee is that some judges, cooks, and Reps are taking the fraternization rule out of context and that cooks and judges will better understand each other’s perspectives if they have more opportunities to interact while still complying with the rule that judges are not to be in the cook site on day of the contest before judging.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm; the next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 29th (due to Memorial Day holiday).

Linda Polson, Recording Secretary

Rep Committee Report:

Rep Committee Meeting was held April 24th, 2018

The meeting began at 7:00 PM Central Time

Members present: Bill & Debbie Gage, Alan Rothrock, Steve Grinstead, Terri McKinnon, Ralph Williams, Kim Collier

Members absent:  Bob McKinnon, Mike Eberle, Steve Alvarez

Carolyn Wells, Executive Director, also, attended

Phillip Brazier, Rep Chair, conducted the meeting.

The first part of the agenda was to discuss a question that was sent to the committee for their input.  Should a Backyard event with 20 or less teams be assigned just one rep?  After some discussion, it is the recommendation that at No, at least two (2) reps should be assigned to every contest, no matter the size of the contest.  There are too many instances where a rep may need to leave the judging tent for an issue, thus leaving the judging tent unattended.

The second item on the agenda was to discuss the need for a Lead/Head/Contact Rep when three (3) or more reps are working as a team at a contest.  It was agreed upon by the committee that while working a contest with three (3) or more reps, everyone is on the same level and no one rep is in charge.  However, it would be good operating procedure for the rep team, upon assignment, to designate one (1) rep as the Contact Rep for the team.  This should, then, be communicated to the Organizer along with that Rep’s contact information.  This Rep would share all information to fellow team members, so all would stay in the know.

A team had sent in a question as to the need for a verification of box number/team at chicken turn in.  This item was discussed in length.  Some members felt that this could instill doubt to the teams and make them wonder if there was a real issue somewhere.  Others thought it could be time consuming for some teams to have to stand in line longer if there was a large number of teams turning in at the same time.

So, instead of this approach, the committee felt that it would be a better to have the team initial the registration list used to pass out turn-in boxes.  After the reps have issued them their boxes, verified that the number on the boxes matched the number on the list, had them verify the proper spelling of their team name, and that the Cook’s number was correct, that person would initial on the list that all was correct. Apparently, many reps are already doing this and word will be communicated to all reps about the benefit of such action.

Prior to the close of the meeting, there was a brief discussion about the judge seating program.  This will be put on the agenda for the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM Central.

Motion for the Board:

I move to accept the following change to Advisory 2.19 Seating Judges at KCBS Sanctioned Events.

            Second by:

Advisory presently reads: 2.19  

Seating Judges at KCBS Sanctioned Events

Question: Is there a specific method that must be used when setting judges at a contest?

Opinion: YES, there are two (2) methods and one or the other must be used; the shuffle or using pre-contest assignments by experience. Both methods help us achieve our primary goal of distributing the judges at each table by EXPERIENCE.

The shuffle is used by having all judges stand either outside or to one side of the judging area. Then, they are seated one at a time in table sequence based on EXPERIENCE.  This can began with the newer judges or with Master Judges, either way.

The pre-contest assignment seating can be done by an Organizer, judge Coordinator, or the Rep any time prior to the contest with adjustments being made, if needed, at the actual seating.

Please remember, that no matter which of these methods is used, no spouses or significant others can be seated at the same table. Also, try to keep an even distribution of males and females at each table.   BOD 3/8/17

Would like to change to read:

2.19  Seating Judges at KCBS Sanctioned Events

Question: Is there a specific method that must be used when setting judges at a contest?

Opinion: YES, the ONE system to be used for seating judges at all KCBS sanctioned contests is the computerized judge seating program, known just as the Judge Seating Program.  Ancillary categories do not have to use the program.  

In an EXTREME emergency such as computer/program failure, judges may be seated using a draw-from-the-hat method.  Six slips of paper with each table number must be made and put into a container, mixed and each judge draws a slip to see what table they are assigned. Do not put seat numbers, just tables.  This system must be used so, just as the Judge Seating Program, no human factor is involved, and it is purely random.

Before this alternate method system is used, every possible effort should be made to try and use the Judge Seating Program.  If all efforts fail, utilize the draw system, and the Rep Chair must be notified as soon as possible, followed by a full report via email.

Technology Committee Report

Report in closed session.

Strategic Planning Committee Report

No report

Banquet Committee Report

Banquet Committee Meeting 4/24/2018 at 3:35 PM CST

In attendance: Mike Kalny, Alan Sellers, Kim Collier, Karrin Murphy, Marty Bodine, Greg Macaleer, Eric Burkhart, Randall Bowman, Carolyn Wells – absent Jason Cole

1st Chair Mike Kalny opened the meeting asking for input from BOD President Randall Bowman on the direction the committee should take on improving and enhancing the experience for 2019.  Randall would like to see the banquet at least break even by creating a worthwhile experience for attendees.  Some ideas discussed were:

*Creating new informative breakout sessions such as:

- 4 meat prepping classes – Eric Burkhart volunteered to do chicken/Randy Robbinet of “Our Butt’s are Smoking” has also expressed interest in a class

- conducting a spice mixologist class, maybe by a representative from McCormicks

- marketing product to the public whether rubs, sauces or classes

- creating a BBQ vendor or catering operation 

- how to solicit sponsors and generate media attention  

- KCBS Ambassador Program Information/training, mentioned by Alan Sellers (currently in place in   California) 

*Creating vendor interest in displaying their smoker/grill/product/service at the banquet

-  solicit vendor prizes for raffle – cost effective advertising with free hotel lobby 10 x 10 space

* Entice more judges to attend the banquet not just as volunteers but as paid attendees

- offering a free table captain class 

- offering a class on how to become a Rep

- increase door prizes and swag giveaways to judges

- recognizing milestone contests judged or volunteer activities with certificates at the banquet

* Increasing the number of raffle tickets sold for large items (smokers/grills/services/trips (think outside the box) - Randall has indicated we have a large number of items already pledged by our sponsors

- Randall suggested an online raffle for these items instead of relying only on banquet attendees. It was recommended that this raffle be outsourced to an online sweepstakes company that charges a base fee of around $2,000 + 5% of collected fee. The winners would be drawn at the banquet.

It was also suggested maybe Park Road could create an APP for Reps/GAC to use to sell raffle tickets at contests and events.  Need to contact Philip Brazier and Mike Peters about this.

Staff is considering a BBQ & Beer Tour for attendees & creating a new and exciting theme for the Friday night party at Argosy.  Mike Kalny suggested press releases be sent out to KC media prior to the event to get local exposure and increase local interest in KCBS – the meeting was adjourned at 4:35 PM

The next meeting will be May 29th at 3:30 PM CSDT

Membership Committee Report

Active Members 19,912

New Members 516

New from CBJ Class 312

Renewed Members 1413

Non- Renewed 934

New from Website 214

Total Lifetime Members 1622

International Members 1564

Countries Represented 33

Members “auto” renewed 656

There was no membership committee meeting this month.

Nominating/Election Committee Report

No report

Education/Communication Committee Report

In our meeting we had Carolyn, Randall, Karrin, Bill, Jason, Jeremy, and Donna

The subject of the meeting was to discuss the Ambassador program that is being used in CA.  Donna Fong sent us the program she is using out west.  I would like to thank Donna for all of her help with explaining her program. Currently they are covering 10 to 12 events in California only.

The goal is to receive acceptance by the board to move forward with this program 

In this program, the Ambassador gets their book signed as a Volunteer at the comp.   

See attached files.  

         •           KCBS Ambassador Program booklet: training guide for ambassadors.  They have to read this before they serve.

         •           KCBS Ambassador Guide:  how the program works.

         •           KCBS Ambassador Index card: cheat sheet to use at the tent

         •           CBBQA Ambassador Program: stuff we require our judges to also know about the CBBQA

         •           CBBQA Ambassador Guideline: how the program works for the CBBQA

         •           Ambassador Worksheet: how I organize contests

         •           NorCal Introduction: What we try to say in the tent to cooks/judges to promote the organization

I would like to bring this to the board for discussion and hopefully a motion to accept this program as the frame work to move forward with a KCBS Ambassador program for the East Coast/Mid Atlantic area as a starting point for this program.

I'm sure there are several other committee chairs that will have some input. 

As for cost, may need banners, KCBS handouts, spare BullSheets, BBQ stickers, KCBS stickers and any other handout we can scrape up.

Some form of badges or shirts to announce the person as a KCBS Ambassador. Will have to find some form of pop up tent. The plan would be after approvals to contact organizer and receive acceptance to have our Ambassador Person and program at their event. 

The Ambassador Chair/ ME would select MCBJ's to work/Volunteer to talk people out front selling the brand.     

Alan Sellers

Building Committee Report

We have had a few additional problems with the building this month. First with the installation of the air handler, the control unit was malfunctioning and we had to replace that. Second, with the rains this last week the front Pergola had damage to it on the underside that we have to address. 

My suggestion is that we obtain bids to permanently cover this now to do away with any future problems.

Any other questions we can address at the meeting.

I ask that you accept my report. 

Philanthropy Committee Report

Philanthropy Committee

Conference call with Park Road on April 15th 3:00 PM 

In attendance: Mike Kalny, Karrin Murphy, Dave Edyburn, Jordan Fisher, Sean Young, absent Carolyn Wells, Dave Compton

Park Road wanted to verify KCBS tasks for Philanthropy Committee such as how applications are organized and submitted to committee members.  They wanted to verify the account owner of the drop box (Dave Edyburn) and the list of parties who require administrative access and general access.  Assured Park road that scholarships were given only to U.S. residents so E.U. issues would have no baring.

Park Hill was not able to integrate a KCBS Terms of Service when sharing files. It will need to be sent out digitally and signed separately by each Committee member.

Each Committee member submits their review spreadsheet to Nancy Goldsmith and she compiles all rankings into a master review sheet.  Once that master sheet is compiled, she sends it to all Committee members prior to the decision conference call.  

Applications closed as of April 30th, 2018

Karrin Murphy has received 35 applications and believes she has 28 that are completed in total. Still compiling the information off the site as of this writing.

On May 15th the files are released to the Committee members & they submit their Excel Scoresheet to Nancy on May 23rd.  May 30th Committee meets to prepare recommendations and on June 6th Committee Chair forwards materials and recommendations to BOD.

Philanthropy fundraiser with Boulevard Brewing Company – request discussion in closed session

Respectfully request that you accept my report

Mike Kalny

Philanthropy Chair

Old Business

TOY Committee

The Board of Directors has approved $40,000 for the current team of the year race. I suggested we now print that in the BullSheet and on our webpage and discuss and how we want to divide the $40,000 up between categories, trophies, shipping etc. 

KCBS Proprietary information discussion including Contests/organizations/businesses using KCBS Proprietary Information

New Business

Comment Card email from member

Closed Session Agenda

Contest concern

Philanthropy Fundraiser

Executive Committee Report

Technology Report concerning Platform and Proprietary information

Membership social media

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