FACT: There's been an 18% increase in contest participation by members in the past year    
FACT: 64% of KCBS members own three or more grills/smokers    
FACT: 70% of our members grill-out/cook BBQ more than 25 times per year    
FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
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July 2018 Board Quick Notes

July 12, 2018

Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Quick Notes


Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm Central time


Roll Call: Mike Peters, Dennis Polson, Arlie Bragg, Randall Bowman, Phillip Brazier, Jason Cole, Alan Sellers, Michael Kalny, 


Not in attendance: Jay Amsbaugh, Wayne Lohman, Mike Richter (joined late)


KCBS Office: Carolyn Wells, Kim Collier


Request to Speak: None


Board Pledge:

            Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.

            I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.


Minutes of Last Meeting

            Mike Peters: I move to accept minutes of the June meeting.

            2nd - Phillip Brazier   Motion passed unanimously


Financial Statements

            Phillip Brazier: Attached is the January financial report. Pleased accept this report.

President’s Report:

No Report

Sanctioning Report:





*Oath BBQ Championship Contest 



Blues, Views and BBQ Festival's Cookin' for a Cause(COMPETITOR'S SERIES)



*Oaky Smokey At Oak Hills



*Arizona National BBQ Stampede



Smokin' Bike Fest



Greater Ozarks Blues Bash & BBQ Smoke Off



 BBQ, Bikes and Blues 



Jack Daniel's World Championship Shade Tree Contest (BACKYARD) (JUDGES FULL)



Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitation Barbecue (JUDGES FULL)



Spring Break BBQ Contest



*Downtown BBQ Showdown



Smokin' & Stokin' Trussville(BACKYARD ONLY)



The Chidlow BBQ Festival



*7th Annual Show Low BBQ Throwdown




Need BOD Approval

No contests needing board approval.

Sanctioning Committee Report

No report

Marketing Committee Report

(Stats through 6/1/18 - 6/30/18)


  • Total page views for June: 545,680
  • Total Unique Users for June: 75,593
  • Time per Visit: 4.95 minutes

June/July Projects

Cabo Wabo Partnership event launches

2019 GAC Partnerships

Sam’s Club (Closed Session)

Bass Pro Shops (Closed Session)

Great American Cookout Tour

  • Major event stops completed: 8 

(Reynolds Plant Stop - KCBS member team catered entire plant meals)

Social Media, using KCBS, and GAC Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

  • Twitter Followers: 15,941
  • Twitter Impressions: 25,784
  • Instagram Followers: 3,782
  • Facebook total Likes: 82,173
  • Total Audience: 101,896

Would like to add an item to closed session.

International Committee Report

2018 July Board of Managers Report

June was a busy travel month for the KCBS Board of Managers.  Our first trip took us to Serbia for classes and cooking demonstrations in several different cities and BBQ settings.

Our class was held on the Saava River which flows into the Danube that runs through most of the country and the capital of Belgrade.  The setting was very rustic, but the accommodation worked well for 29 cooking teams and 8 judges in the classes.  The downside to our first event was 4 days of rain which hampered public attendance at the Rostilj=Barbecue Festival.

Following the festival, we left for cooking event at an upscale café in the center of Novi Sad called Kafemat.  This location is next to the Soccer Stadium and we were pleased to learn that they might add BBQ to their menu.  We also had the pleasure of doing TV and radio commercials while on site.  Next came one of the highlights of our trip to cook at the 5-star Premier Spa in Vrdnik for a soccer crowd that witnessed a victory over Costa Rica.  It didn’t take long for us to learn that soccer fans love BBQ.

We finished our 8-day trip in Belgrade at the 5-Star Square Nine Hotel, where we cooked for an invited crowd by the owner who, (by the way) invited us back for next year.  This location works closely with the US Embassy which we had been in touch with for our trip next year.  Thanks to Romeo Karanovic and his staff for helping us introduce our BBQ culture to the Serbian food culture.

After Serbia, we flew back to Winnipeg and then traveled to Kenora Canada for a CBJ class and a double header. This contest is held in Ontario on the shores of the beautiful Lake of the Woods in the downtown area of Kenora. 

Over the years there have been three CBJ classes in the Winnipeg area and this third class had 25 students. It was a great class with thoughtful questions. Even with this number of students we had to scramble to fill judging seats for both contests. As often happens, many of our participants were smart cook teams there to learn the KCBS criteria. We were pleased to see consistent judging for both contests. 

The contest was great despite warm Canadian weather and rain. Everything was well organized and went smoothly both days. While US teams were Grand Champions for each contest, Canadian teams were hard on their heels.  Arrowhead North from Canada was the Reserve Champ both days, with other Canadians in the top five mixes. 

While in Manitoba and Ontario we were pleased to talk with multiple organizers looking to initiate more contests in other parts of Canada. We are very excited to see this part of Canada continue to grow! 

I am pleased to report that ALL International Reps have signed the GDPR Compliance Agreement. 


Rules Committee Report

The Rules Committee met June 19. Several topics were discussed e.g., responses to inquiries, backyard, turn in clock. The next meeting is July 17th at 7 central..

CBJ Committee Report

KCBS CBJ Committee met on June 25, 2018   7 pm

Members Present: Dennis Polson, Chair; Jason Cole, Co-chair; Linda Polson, Recording Secretary; Ralph Williams, Marge Plummer, Jon Amedei, Frank Gonzales, Maxine Kilgore, Bill & Debbie Gage, Phillip Brazier, KCBS Rep Chair, and Carolyn Wells, KCBS Executive Director.

Dennis opened the meeting.  Frank & Maxine reported on the call issued to cooks to give CBJs an opportunity to cook with a team.  Frank reported that 11 US cooks & 2 international cooks have volunteered to allow CBJs to cook with their teams.  Frank described the database that was set up to track the information. Following discussion, it was determined that international teams should not be included due to strict privacy laws in some countries. Dennis reported that the “Calling All Cooks” article will again be published in the July Bullsheet; small reminders may be published in subsequent issues.

Jon reported that the Banquet Committee has not met since he joined the Committee.

Dennis reported that he is working with the KCBS office about the logistics of ordering 100+ and other special CBJ pins through KCBS Gear.

Dennis reported that the comment card issue was discussed at the June BOD meeting and no changes will be made.

The committee discussed whether Table Captains should be required to be CBJs. Several on the committee stated that since many contests do not have a full slate of CBJs to judge, it is preferable to have non-CBJs as Table Captains and utilize all available CBJs as judges. Several also mentioned that there are several reasons Table Captains are unable to judge -medical conditions, allergies, dietary restrictions, etc.  The committee's decision was that although it is preferable for Table Captains to be CBJs, it should not be required.

With no other topics for discussion, the meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.  The next meeting will be July 30th at 7 pm.

Respectfully submitted by:

Linda Polson, Recording Secretary

Discussion: Good response from cook teams, especially in the NorthEast, to have CBJ’s assist towards their MCBJ requirement.

Rep Committee Report:

The meeting began at 7:00 PM Central Time on June 26

Members present: Alan Rothrock, Steve Grinstead, Ralph Williams, Steve Alvarez, Dennis Polson, Kim Collier

Members absent:  Bob McKinnon, Bill & Debbie Gage, Mike Eberle

Carolyn Wells, Executive Director, and Alan Sellers, Board Member,  also, attended.

Phillip Brazier, Rep Chair, conducted the meeting.

The first item up for discussion was the showing of boxes to teams after awards.  Apparently, several reps have been handling this procedure differently and one set procedure needs to be established.  After much discussion, the consensus of the committee was that, when asked, the rep should show the label being removed from the box in question in front of the team.  But, only after the table number, the presentation number, and the alternate number have been marked out or covered up.  Brazier said he would write up the procedure and send to committee members for their review before sending out to all reps.

The next item of business was allowing judges to change a score if written in the wrong location, such as in the “Tenderness” column when it was meant to be in the “Taste” column.  The committee feels that this should be allowed as long as it was brought to the Rep’s attention and the judge had not begun judging the next entry.  This change needs to be initialed by a rep.

The final item on the agenda was the Marking/Sculpting of boxes.  There are some reps who are being very tight on this.  The committee was reminded that “marking must be a concerted effort by a team to mark the box in such a way as to be able to associate it with their team.”  Since the establishment of this rule, many other procedures have been put into place such as rotation of table captains and not sending duplicate numbers to tables, that marking would not really be worth the effort.  Therefore, even unusual looking presentations are, probably, more of an effort by teams to give the judges “something different” than it is to “mark” their box.  So, Reps should be very lenient in the interpretation of this rule and be more willing to decide in favor of the teams.

Having covered the items on the set agenda, the floor was open for discussion.  Kim Collier informed the group that live judge seating did not work very well when used at the Lenexa, KS contest.  With 186 judges, the rep team pre-seated twenty of the thirty-one tables and tried to enter the remaining judges as they arrived, then seat them.  It was very time consuming and chaotic.  There may need to be an exclusion from using the program for very large contests.  This will be studied and brought forth at a later meeting.

Another item discussed was judges writing wrong numbers on their scorecard.  One possible cause is the noise level within the judging area could be causing the judge to not hear the Table Captain well enough when they call out the numbers.  One idea generated from the committee was to have the Table Captain SHOW each box CLOSED and let the judges read the number instead of hearing it called out.  This would, also, reduce the amount of noise in the area due to Table Captains not having to talk over other Table Captains.  It was suggested that any committee members having a contest or contests between this meeting and the next meeting in July try this process and report back at the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:50 PM Central.

The next Rep Committee meeting will be on July 24th, 2018.

Motion by Phillip Brazier to accept 1.06 rep advisory

2nd by Dennis Polson

Discussion: What is an adequate time to hold the boxes? As written is sufficient at this time.  Motion passed unanimously.

1.06  Holding Empty Entry Boxes After Judging

Question:  After entry boxes have been emptied, can they be thrown away?

Opinion:  Not immediately.  Once emptied, the entry boxes are to be stacked to the side and arrangements made with the organizers that they not be discarded until cleared by the Contest Reps to do so.  The reps should have the boxes held after awards until they are comfortable that no team will be coming forward to verify their boxes.

Motion by Phillip Brazier to accept 1.06B rep advisory

2nd by Dennis Polson   Motion passed unanimously.

1.06B  Teams Wanting to Verify Their Boxes After Awards

Question:  May a team ask to see their entry boxes after awards?  If so, what is the procedure?

Opinion:  Yes, a team may ask to see any, or all, of their entry boxes after awards.  If a team comes forward asking to verify their box, the Contest Rep should pull the requested box from the stack of empty boxes, mark out or cover the table number, presentation order number and the alternate number so none can be seen.  Then, the Rep should, with the team watching, remove the alternate number sticker and show the team number written on  the box and have the team verify it was their number.

Technology Committee Report

Multiple meetings with staff and users to firm up expectations of the new platform.

Training and online understanding of KCBS Data Protection, Cyber Security, and End User IT Policy is in process.

Review of the new website

Proposed KCBS member benefits with the new platform “FREE” Sku

Free Member Benefits


Limited access

Content previews

Judge KCBS contests as a NON-CBJ

Cook KCBS contest with access to contest scoring results (whatever that might be) at events and online scoring results for ONLY the contest entered.

Paid Membership Benefits


Full Access to member category (Member, CBJ, Cook, Organizer, Contest Rep, Board Member)

Cook KCBS contests with Scoring results plus team detail (whatever that might be) and full access to online contest results including online team detail.

E-Bull sheet or access to paper Bull Sheet with additional cost

CBJ scoring detail

Restaurant Depot Day Pass

College Scholarships 

Restaurant Listings

Restaurant discount - as available

Access to coupons and discounts

BBQ Recipes


Cook team page/vanity page

1/2 price banners

Member only pricing

Member only opportunities (BassPro, Demonstrations, Catering)

Access to voting privileges for board members and bylaw changes.

Organizer KCBS Benefits - Think EventBrite Format

Access with administrator approval to KCBS CBJ and Cook team member base - multi user access - Organizer & Designees

Landing Page for event promotion

Judge sign-up platform

Cook team sign-up platform 

Communication benefits as needed or scheduled reports, API’s and automated notifications to allow coordinators to remain in control.

Judge Application review feature

Broadcast messages to judges and teams (frequency fully customizable - think Mailchimp) GPS locator, not by state or city.

Payment processing discount due to KCBS volume - Organizers own the gateway, funds flow to their accounts

Business intelligence on team demographics

Allows for additional sales (shirts, portajohns, addl space, donations)

Consistent program for BBQ and Grilling

Event coordinator/junior admin with access controls.

Mobile optimized

Standardized user experience

KCBS APP - (2019) messaging - future capability - contact organizer, order ice to cooksite, request help, message teams, site maps, sign up onsite for ancillary contest, grilling, etc. 

Motion by Mike Peters to require KCBS membership for teams to cook KCBS contests effective 1/1/2019

2nd by Alan Sellars

Discussion: What is the work around at events with no wi-fi or cell service? Yes, there will be a work around but still in process. Will there still be a paper form available? New platform is trying to get away from paper and manual entries by the office. Is this an impediment for events? Considering the start date is 1/1/19, there should be plenty of time for events to prep their team base that this will be a requirement moving forward. First name, last name and email is all that will be required for the FREE/Guest membership to cook a KCBS event. Can there be a click or switch for an organizer to give a number? Not exactly. If an organizer utilizes the KCBS platform for their event, the system will direct a non-paid member team to join as a paid member or FREE/guest member to assign a number. Will KCBS collect team entry fees? NO, we will offer a bulk negotiated rate by a payment processing company (like Paypal) where money will route directly to event. KCBS does not want to handle event monies. What if an event wants to ban a team for a prior infraction but the team is not banned by KCBS? Unsure but expect that there will be a solution. Team detail is important for new teams to better understand how the KCBS system works, will that go away for the FREE/Guest members? Whatever currently is offered to cook teams will stay until the BOD decides to change what is handed out at events as a whole. What if a FREE/Guest team does NOT want communications from KCBS? The same thing as a paid member - turn off any or all notifications from KCBS. 

Mike Richter abstains as he joined the call mid way through discussion of the motion. Motion passes with no nays.

Above listed are the benefits of free vs. paid memberships. Requiring membership will give better data to KCBS to better evaluate cooking and event trends. Free & paid members will have the ability to disable any KCBS notifications. A letter can be drawn for organizers to send to teams prior that list the requirement of membership, KCBS benefits and easy directions to sign up prior to the event. 

Strategic Planning Committee Report

No Report

Banquet Committee Report

The Banquet Committee met on June 26th at 3:30 PM CST.  In attendance:  Carolyn Wells, Mike Kalny, Allen Sellers, Kim Collier, Karrin Murphy

The Banquet Committee has been working on soliciting cookers/grills/smokers for an on-line auction.  The following companies have expressed interest in donating a cooker/grill/smoker of value for the auction:  American BBQ Systems, Mark Hillman; Fast Eddy’s Smokers, Eddy Maurin; Doolittle Distribution, Jack Doolittle.  All would like a preview of what PR we will generate for them if they donate. 

 An online auction company for non-profits, Gesture, handles the KC Royal’s Diamond of Dreams Auction.  Basic cost of handling our auction and selling tickets to our philanthropy fundraiser would be $2,400 for a 12-month period.  The banquet committee is working on setting up a time to view Gestures program. The committee will view a presentation presented by Frontstream Panorama on Monday, July 9th.  Features include a pro package for $600 that includes an online auction and mobile bidding events as well as ticket and item sales for a 5% and 1.5% performance fee.  

A speaker was approved by the committee for a 1 & ½ hour talk on opening a BBQ business.  Her name is Kimberly Temple Schrant.  Carolyn is trying to secure a speaker for a science of smoke class.  Alan Sellers is working on a spice mixing class speaker and may have Wolfs Revenge talk about selecting the best trailer for comps.  Chiles said he would also be interested in talking and Tuffy may give a talk on writing a cook book.  Megan Day of Burnt Finger BBQ may also be interested in giving a talk on going pro.  Kim Collier will contact successful BBQ to see if they would be interested in conducting classes pertaining to their expertise such as finding sponsors, catering, social media use and food vending.

Sean Young and Jordan Fishman have indicated they will be available to conduct a class on how to use the new revamped web site especially since it will have components of being judge, cook, and organizer specific.

Recommendations from a CBJ committee member submitted after our meeting include ideas on how to attract judge interest in the banquet.  These ideas include having a drawing for a lifetime membership in KCBS; Complimentary hotel stay at the banquet; dinner tickets for 4 judges at the banquet.  Tickets could be sold at competitions by Reps at judging areas in the same manner as selling pins and cook books. It was also suggested that cook teams could sponsor 1 judge at selected competitions and have them honored at the banquet.

Mike Kalny will reach out to the marketing committee to coordinate efforts to improve the banquet.

All BOD members are welcomed and encouraged to provide other ideas to the banquet committee.  The committee meets on the last Tuesday of the month at 3:30 PM CST.  The conference call # is 1-774-220-4000; conference ID # 2343-3494.

Request closed session discussion of Frontstream Panorama pro program for on line auction/ticket sales.

The Meeting was adjourned at 4:10 PM 

Membership Committee Report

Active Members 19,378

New Members 317

New from CBJ Class 116

Renewed Members 1118

Non- Renewed 829

New from Website 153

Total Lifetime Members 1678

International Members 1586

Countries Represented 33

Members “auto” renewed 742

There was no membership committee meeting this month.

Nominating/Election Committee Report

Reviewing the possibility of using the new KCBS platform for the 2019 election.


Education/Communication Committee Report

Communication & Education Committee meeting.  July  03, Tuesday  2016 3:30 pm Kansas City time

Notes from our conference call:

         •           KCBS survey is going to be generated by Ann and Brian Neale.

         •           We plan to send this survey out the entire membership.

         •           Survey question will be reviewed by the KCBS executive committee before release.

         •           The survey is to find out what would encourage members to come to the banquet.  

                           •           Discover what the membership want to learn and would be enough for them to take time off from work, get to Kansas City, spend their money on hotels and food.  In other words, search for the value points that will attach members. 

                  •           Brian and Ann wanted us to ask them what we wanted to see at the banquet as a question for them to possible put in the survey.

                           •           I want to be a KCBS Contest Rep, what do I need to do and where do I start?

                           •           How does a new judge get into events?

                           •           How do I attract sponsors to defray some of the cost of competing?

                           •           How do I take my BBQ to the market and sell it retail, catering, on line, within my region or even nationwide?

                           •           If I have built the best Sauce or Rub what is my next step?

                           •           How do I turn social media into a positive driving force for my BBQ Team?

Thank Ann and Brian for taking on this project.

         •           NGS- A division of KCBS

         •           More details will be coming out in the near future.

         •           How will we conduct and event and what are the rules.

         •           Let me hear from you.

Building Committee Report

Report in closed session.

Philanthropy Committee Report

The Philanthropy Committee met on July 5th to discuss changes in the 2019 scholarship application process.  Those in attendance: Mike Kalny, Nancy Goldsmith, Dave Compton.

Mike Kalny and Nancy Goldsmith also me later in the day with Sean Young and Jordan Fishman of ParkRoad Technology.  Suggestions (attached) were made to PRT to simplify and streamline the application process to help the applicant as well as reduce the workload on KCBS office staff.  PRT will make a proposal to the BOD shortly regarding the cost of developing this streamlined system.

Hopefully application changes and clarifications could go online no later than November 15th.  It was also suggested to move the deadline date back one month to March 31st to give the committee more time to review applications.

A recent request for a scholarship fund in memory of a active deceased member was made yesterday.  PRT will also be able to create a donate now button on the philanthropy page to handle such requests.

The philanthropy fundraiser set for November 4th at Boulevard Brewery is now in motion and an add/column will appear in the August Bullsheet with information about the event.

Mike Kalny

Philanthropy Chair 

Old Business

Backyard Report - Tabled until August meeting

Tracking of Backyard teams’ points for TOY will be discussed, at a later date, once the new platform is up and running and proven.


“Backyard Stand Alone” – No Master Series involved

Backyard Stand Alone- 4 Meats (Must be sanctioned as a Competitor Series) 

$400 fee + $25 each for additional categories + $12 per team

         •           Contests with 20+ ( or whatever) years in existence will be grandfathered. 

Backyard Stand Alone- 3 Meats 

$295 fee + $25 for each additional category + $10 per team

No additional category can be one of the KCBS 4 Main Meats

Backyard Stand Alone- 2 Meats

$225 fee + $25 for each additional category + $8 per team

No additional categories can be one of the KCBS 4 Main Meats

In any of the above listed contests, the organizer can determine which categories will count toward their Grand and Reserve Champions.


“Backyard With” – Held in conjunction with a Master Series Contest

If turn-ins are held simultaneously with the Master Series turn-ins and at the same location, the number of Backyard teams will be added to the number of Master Series teams to determine the number of Contest Reps required.  The categories for the Backyard teams will be listed under “Extra Categories” and a fee of $25 per category will be assessed.  

If turn-ins are held at a different time and/or location it will be sanctioned as a “Backyard Stand Alone” contest and the appropriate fees applied.

In either of the above listed contests, the organizer can determine which categories will count toward their Grand and Reserve Champions.  

People’s  Choice may be any of the 4 KCBS main meats as it is not judged or scored by KCBS.

New Business

Accept Board Member Resignation Mike Richter motion to accept Eric Burkhart’s resignation, 2nd by Arlie Bragg - Motion passes unanimously.

National Grilling Society - debuted recently with more announcements coming within the next couple of weeks. All responses have been positive, KCBS has done grilling events for many years. Some of our National partners have requested this program.

Closed Session Agenda

Executive Committee Report

TOY payout discussion

Discussion of Frontstream Panorama pro program for on line auction/ticket sales

Marketing Committee Event

Building Issue

Rep committee followup from prior month


Motion to move into closed session by Phillip Brazier, 2nd by Alan Sellars, motion passed unanimously.

Back into open session at 9:49 pm Central time. 

Motion by Arlie Bragg to accept TOY payout as presented and post in the upcoming Bullsheet.

2nd by Mike Richter  Motion Passed Unanimously

Motion by Michael Kalny to enter into a 1 yr contract with Frontstream Panorama.

2nd by Mike Peters  Motion Passed Unanimously

Motion to adjourn by Mike Richter

2nd by Arlie Bragg  Motion passed Unanimously


Our Best of the Best 700 180 100+