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FACT: 64% of KCBS members own three or more grills/smokers    
FACT: 70% of our members grill-out/cook BBQ more than 25 times per year    
FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
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September 2018 Quick Notes

September 19, 2018
Kansas City Barbeque Society
Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Quick Notes
Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm central time
Roll Call: Mike Peters, Wayne Lohman,  Dennis Polson, Arlie Bragg, Randall Bowman, Phillip Brazier, Jason Cole, Alan Sellers, Michael Kalny, Jay Amsbaugh,  Mike Richter joined the meeting late.
KCBS Office: Carolyn Wells, Kim Collier
Request to Speak: 
Board Pledge:
Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.
I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.
Minutes of Last Meeting
Mike Peters: I move to accept minutes of the August meeting.
2nd - Wayne Lohman  Motion passes unanimously
Financial Statements
Phillip Brazier: Attached is the August financial report. Pleased accept this report.
President’s Report:
Sanctioning Report:

In House Approval:




Smokin In the Square



5th Barbecue Bulls Championship Salzburg 2019



BBQ Friuli Venezia Giulia



The War of Barbeque



SC Festival of Discovery



NGS Steak Contest - Smoke On The Ohio (Teams & Judges Full)



Down Town Barbecue Throwdown 



The Golden State Battle






Marietta River City BBQ



Pigs & Pedals






Lakeland Pig Festival



Firelake BBQ Cook Off Day 1



Hammond BBQ 



Firelake BBQ Cook Off Day 2



Meat the East



16th Annual Burnt Offierings (BACKYARD ONLY)



*Hawgin On Lanier



Smoke on the shores BBQ Championship 



*Stills and Grills Fest



Cumberland Plateau BBQ Cook-off & Cruise In



Guts Glory Ram BBQ Showdown



KCBS World Invitational Barbeque Championship



*Brew & Que on the Shrine Lake



*Barnesville BBQ and Blues Festival



*Smokin In The Creek BBQ Contest



4th  Black Forest Smoke & Wine Festival



*Hannibal Bar-B-Q-Festival 



Need BOD Approval
Chelsea, Al VS Selma AL-80 miles Back Yard Event, Selma may move their event to the last week of April. They will not know until they attend the Rib fest event that is happening on Sept.  07.
Will know more information by board meeting. 
West Bottoms BBQ Cook-off, Kansas City MO New
The date is 09-28&29-2019  Sat &Sunday event, there is no real conflict, other than Garner KS  is 30 miles away on Fri & Sat event.
This event is late 2019 but the organizer is working with a business that needs that amount of lead time as the possibility of a Backyard Series is also in discussion
Sanctioning committee recommends board approval of the West Bottoms BBQ Cook-off - Kansas City, MO
Osage City VS Smithville   Date Changed due to Easter again 115 miles
Co-existed  2016,15,14,13
Sanctioning committee recommends board approval of the Osage City BBQ event. 
 V.C.P BBQ Contest new contest under 90 days, 10-25&26-2018, Yes Thursday & Friday, Osawatomie, KS is Friday & Sat 10-26&27-2018, 40 miles away. Jeff has his prize money and Insurances in place, all of the raised will go to the Veterans Community Project. He also got the Blanket Proc for KS
Sanctioning committee does NOT recommend board approval of the V.C.P BBQ Contest other than licensed event. 
Motion by Mike Peters to approve sanctioning of Chelsea, AL, West Bottoms BBQ Cook-off and Osage City, KS.
2nd - Al Sellers  Motion passed unanimously
Sanctioning Committee Report
Carl McBee - organizer for West Bottoms event called in to discuss the West Bottoms BBQ Cookoff. 
Discussed Professional Promoter/Organizer and agreed that for 2018, Arlie Bragg and Randall Bowman are the only two individuals who meet the board approved criteria. Further discussion by committee was that the Profession Promoter/Organizer designation was in place specifically for contests who request sanctioning between 60 - 89 days. Contests requesting sanctioning 90+ days from event will follow standard sanctioning guidelines. Sanctioning manager currently provides names of established organizers to requesting organizations based upon location and includes the Professional Promoter/Organizer individuals in all requests. 
Amanda Bowman is reviewing for grammatical errors the Organizer guide. Randall Bowman is reviewing the Sanctioning Agreement. There will be some changes based upon the new KCBS platform.
Guts Glory BBQ Throwdown in Lebanon, MO Oct 19-20 was brought to the Sanctioning Committee on August 23 which was under 60 days.  Knowing the Promoter - Michelle Higgins who has a strong following of teams and judges in the SWMO area along with a strong base and support, in addition to the event being organized/backed by a local business with strong community ties, I emailed the sanctioning committee for review. The event was pushing for a Master Series event otherwise a licensed event would have been encouraged. Sanctioning committee was in favor of sanctioning the event as a Master series event. The approval and information was forwarded to the KCBS Board for email consensus/sanctioning. Majority of board members approved the sanctioning request.
Arlie Bragg - I will like in the minutes that mike Peters has asked the board the break the 90 day rule to be posted  in fact giving approval to an organizer for less than 60 days who has not qualify for that perk
We need to follow our rules. This is a double standard
Discussion concerning “double standard”. We have rules for a reason and if there is a 90 day rule, we should keep to 90 days. Mike Peters reiterated the below statement and thought process for bringing the sanction request to committee and board.
Mike Peters - The Professional Organizer/Promoter designation has yet to be implemented. it was approved in April and other things have taken my attention and priority over the last four months. The Professional Organizer/Promoter exemption was for: Application for sanctioning time period: 60 days minimum for sanctioning of a Masters Series or Competitive series contest. Anything less than 60 would still need board approval. Just like this one did. 
Sanction approval is at the discretion of the Board of Directors based on date availability, lead time, strength of application and supporting materials, availability of Contest Representatives and other factors.
Committee reviewed and approved. Board reviewed and majority approved. 
Discussion of Mt Vernon, IN contest and Marshall, IL contests being so close to one another. This was an oversight. Mt Vernon will have priority as the existing contest moving forward. 
Marketing Committee Report

Marketing/Social Media KCBS August 2018

(Stats through 8/1/18 – 8/31/18)


  • Total page views for August: 608,492
  • Total Unique Users for August: 79.152
  • Time per Visit: 4.97 minutes

Great American Cookout Tour

  • Major event stops completed: 14

(Heading to The American Royal)

Social Media, using KCBS, and GAC Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

  • Twitter Followers: 16.099
  • Twitter Impressions: 93,252
  • Instagram Followers: 3,985
  • Facebook total Likes: 82,723
  • Total Audience: 102,807
  • Facebook Impressions:  406,062

Facebook Post Clicks: 22,452

  • Facebook Reactions: 3,398

Print Media Impressions for KCBS (Domestically) 6,878,202

Continued the planning for the World Invitational. The invitational logo is complete. The website and facebook page is up and operational. Registration is open on the website. We currently have over 600 judges registered as well as several teams to include some international teams. Would like to add the logo and a link to the invitational website to the KCBS website. We also discussed payouts, sponsors, trophy ideas, host hotels, gift bags, welcome party, NGS event, etc.. Asked the CBJ committee for ideas on selection of judges. Asked the Rep committee to have Reps mention the event at Cooks and Judges meetings. Schedule interviews on The BBQ Beat and The BBQ Central Show to promote event. Will reach out to other shows to continue promote event. The next meeting is schedule for September 26th at 7pm central. 
Questions concerning steak rules with the Invitational event. 
International Committee Report
2018 September International Board of Managers Report
Our Board has been working closely with the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitation Barbecue Contest and the American Royal to assist them in attracting   International BBQ Teams to their event.  We are pleased to announce The Jack has 27 teams from 20 countries who have accepted their invitation to compete at this year’s 30th Anniversary contest.  This is the largest gathering of International Teams at any known contest in the States.  As of this writing the American Royal reports they have 22 teams competing which is also a record number of teams for their event.  Sanctioning two prestigious BBQ Contests is one of the reasons that we are successful in getting invitations to new countries to lay our cooking/judging foundation for more contests.
Plans and dates have been scheduled for 2019 in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Hermosillo, Mexico.  Both organizers have attended a KCBS Contest in the States and have prepared for both cooking/judging classes prior to their contests.  Other contest activity for new countries in 2019 include Japan, Panama, New Zealand, France, Spain and Finland.
The International Outreach Teams have two scheduled trips, to Australia and Brazil for the remainder of the year.
Rules Committee Report
The Rules Committee met August 29th. The committee received a couple of items to review from the CBJ Committee. The items were discussed and will be discussed again during our next meeting. The items are challenging as established judging procedures are not always followed and probably should have been addressed previously. Social media has brought to the forefront how tests (e.g. tenderness) not taught in classes are utilized to judge submissions and these tests are openly shared. The tests should either be incorporated into those taught, discontinued, or new procedures created. The committee hopes to submit possible changes to the Board and CBJ Committee for discussion after our next meeting.
CBJ Committee Report
From the CBJ committee Dennis Polson Chair
I move a student must be a paid member of KCBS and in good standing to take a Certified Barbeque Judge class or Certified Table Captain class.
This statement if approved will be added to all applications, Organizer forms, etc.
Reason – quicker turn around from the office for badges and less work for the office.
Mike Peters - 2nd  Motion passed unanimously
I move the take home containers/coolers for a Judge be the size that will fit under the Judge’s seat.
Reason – Safety so TC will not trip and in case of emergency evacuation.
Phillip Brazier - 2nd  Discussion
Arlie Bragg - Motion to amend the original motion to read “ I move that take home containers/coolers for a judge be the size that will fit under the judges seat or set against the wall”
Al Sellers 2nd  Discussion
Arlie Bragg withdraws his amended motion and Al Sellers withdraws his 2nd. 
Discussion about date of enforcement and number of coolers at events. 
Motion passes unanimously
Will promote on Social Media and official KCBS communications. 

KCBS CBJ committee Meeting

                                          August 27, 2018   7 pm

Members Present: Dennis Polson, Chair; Jason Cole, Co-chair; Linda Polson, Recording Secretary, Carl Parrish, Marge Plummer, Brian DeCoud, Ralph Williams, Jon Amedei, Debbie Gage, Maxine Kilgore, Frank Gonzales, Phillip Brazier, KCBS BOD; and Carolyn Wells, KCBS Executive Director.

Dennis opened the meeting; Dennis, Phillip and Jason provided information about the KCBS World Invitational BBQ in Little Rock, Arkansas in February. They requested input from the committee for criteria for selecting judges, with those suggestion being sent to the CBJ committee. Initial indications are that many more CBS have applied than will be needed.

Frank gave a report on the cook sign-up for Judges cooking with a team; he is forwarding that information to Phillip weekly. Dennis stated that the article was in the BullSheet again & information posted on Facebook & it seemed that the Facebook exposure was beneficial.

Jon reported that the banquet committee meets tomorrow; he will send updated information to the CBJ committee as available.

Dennis reported that the “brisket over the finger” and “pork thumb test” issues were forwarded to the Rules committee. He emphasized that neither is being taught in CBJ classes and is not acceptable until decision is made.

The question of cooler size limitations was discussed. All CBJ committee members agreed that there should be limitations due to safety and liability concerns with six-pack cooler size being ample for leftovers at any contest.  Dennis will look into specific dimensions before next meeting.

The Senior Judge-Judge's Continuing Education proposal presented by the Education Committee was discussed at length. Carolyn suggested, as an alternative, that we encourage off-season “practice cooks,” which would accomplish the same thing in a relaxed setting for those interested. Dennis and Carolyn will work on having an article written about practice cook experiences for the BullSheet. Dennis will report on the CBJ Committee's decision to the BOD.

MCBJ/Lifetime badges were discussed with questions raised about cost to members in specific situation.   Dennis will confer with Sammye at the KCBS Office for clarification.

The Master Table Captain proposal was again discussed. The consensus of the committee was that the idea should not be pursued due to numerous potential problems.

The meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm. Next meeting will be September 24th at 7 pm.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Linda Polson, Recording Secretary

Rep Committee Report:
Rep Committee Meeting was held on August 28, 2018
The meeting began at 7:00 PM Central Time
Members present: Alan Rothrock, Steve Grinstead, Ralph Williams, Dennis Polson, Kim Collier, Bill & Debbie Gage, Mike Eberle, Bob & Terri McKinnon
Members absent:  Steve Alvarez
Carolyn Wells, Executive Director, also, attended.
Phillip Brazier, Rep Chair, conducted the meeting.
The meeting started with discussions on items that had been forwarded to the Rep Committee from the Rules Committee.
Here is a condensed version of the committee’s consensus on the items.  Brazier will compile more detailed explanations and send to the committee to review before forwarding on to the Rules Committee.
Regarding the standardizing the manning of the clock at the turn-in table, the committee members feel that Reps are, already, given directives through advisories and articles in the Rep Manual and this should suffice.
As for establishing a specific time frame for turn-in box distribution by reps at a contest, it was determined that there are too many variables to establish such; time of arrival of reps at the contest due to work constraints, availability of the turn-in boxes, etc.
The committee, also, felt that trying to set a specific timeframe for all Cook Meetings is not feasible as many times the Organizer sets the meeting time due to needs of their own.  Most meeting are held between the hours of 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM, anyway, but should be allowed to be modified if needed.
The next item on the agenda was further discussion of having Table Captains show turn-in box numbers and have the judges read them instead of the Table Captain calling out the numbers. While the committee felt this could reduce the amount of noise within the judging area, it, also, increases the amount of handling and could create a problem.  So, this will not be a change made.
The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:48 PM Central.
The next Rep Committee meeting will be on September 25th, 2018.
Technology Committee Report
ParkRoad Statement of Work and work logs were provided to Carolyn Wells - Executive Director, Randall Bowman - KCBS President, Mike Peters - Technology Chair for review/Approval.
KCBS Visual map is not working due to a Google issue. Visual map will be included in the new platform. 
ParkRoad changed out server as discussed in last month’s meeting.
Platform is on track for completion. Expect testing over the next 4-6 weeks. 
Information concerning platform build came in after agenda posting for board review.
Mike Richter - waive 72 hr rule
2nd Wayne Lohman Motion passes unanimously
Mike Peters - Motion to accept a financial credit over a financial penalty (cash payment) for web platform build due to not hitting deadline date. 
Mike Richter - 2nd  Motion passes unanimously
Strategic Planning Committee Report
No Report
Banquet Committee Report
Banquet Committee Report for August
The Banquet Committee met on August 28th at 3:00 PM CST.  In attendance Carolyn Wells, Mike Kalny, Allen Sellers, Kim Collier, Karrin Murphy, Randall Bowman, Marty Bodine, and Jon Amedei.
Karrin Murphy provided the committee with a tentative schedule of events for the banquet (see attachment).  CBJ member Jon Amedei made a proposal that the CBJ committee came up with to recognize/encourage judge attendance at the banquet.  
The suggestions were:
Drawing for lifetime membership
Drawing for complimentary hotel room
Drawing for complimentary banquet dinner 
Due to financial concerns the committee could not reach a consensus on the above recommendations.  The committee did reach a consensus on creating a Judge Ambassador Award in conjunction with the Carolyn Wells & Gary Wells awards that will be explained in the Bullsheet and added to the Carolyn/Gary Wells philanthropy site. The award will be called either the Arti Davis or Remus Powers award.
Karrin and Kim notified the committee that time restraints prevented them from getting the Frontstream auction/ticket site up and running.  Estimated date for this to be on our site is after the American Royal in mid-September.  Karrin has indicated that someone who would be willing to come to the office on a volunteer basis to set up the site could be trained by her. Estimated time at least 40 hours then additional hours to monitor and solicit potential donors.   
Randall indicated that those companies who donated an item for the auction could be compensated on a dollar for dollar basis with Bullsheet Ads and vendor space at the banquet. Little Red cooker added to the auction items.
Mike Kalny reached out to Smart Chicken and Tyson Chicken corporate offices to see if they would be interested in sponsoring our TOY Chicken Category at the banquet.  No response so far.  
Karrin said that a 1 PM cutoff for contest raffle and a 3 PM drawing.  Kim indicated there will probably be no Beer & BBQ tour this year because of the $70 per person cost.  Kim said the American Red Cross contacted her and offered a CPR class that would be given during the annual banquet for a cost of $10.  A notice in the Bullsheet to see how many would be interested in this class
A DJ and photo booth would be set up for the Friday night dance with a gambling theme.
The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 PM CST.  The next banquet meeting will be on September 25th at 3:30 PM CST.
Membership Committee Report
Active Members 19,016
New Members 141
New from CBJ Class 20
Renewed Members 990
Non- Renewed 580
New from Website 139
Total Lifetime Members 1763
International Members 1621
Countries Represented 33
Members “auto” renewed 822
Discussion - call committee? Active script. Survey reboot? New questions in addition to old ones. Will check with ParkRoad concerning using prior survey system or current survey system. 
Nominating/Election Committee Report
There have been seven members nominated to run for the 2019 board seats. Six have accepted the nomination at this time. All who have accepted have been confirmed of membership and have been sent KCBS Board documentation, responsibilities and instructions for moving forward to be placed on the 2019 ballot. 
Education/Communication Committee Report
Communication & Education Committee meeting. Sept 04, Tuesday  2018 3:30 pm Kansas City time
Notes from our conference call:
Jason’s continuing judge education program that they use in South Carolina BBQ group was discuss and was killed by the CBJ committee they said they would take care of training or re-training any and all CBJ’s .  They told us our plan would not move forward.
Donna presented her program that she does on the west coast once a tear to bring cooks and judges together to be trained in several facets of our sport.  This being a non-sanction event she could talk about non- KCBS issues and other types of cooking skills.  She said it was a lot of work and that is partly why she charges $100.00 to attend.  
We also discuss the “MOCK” instructional program that is being put down south and how this style of program may have some interest to other committees as they look for pathway to teach skills to other.
We discuss the official judges Facebook page and how we are at 488 members  We will hit over 500 by the monthly meeting.  We are also getting 4 out of 10 requests from non-judges.  This is a pathway to offer our Judge classes all over the World.  We are having several international requests to join.
We discussed the Ambassador program.
This can be a platform with sponsor’s help to be taken to a wider area.
 The KCBS Rep’s on site do not have the time to run this program.  We were talking to we my need a rep level person at each event.
 Randall is going to run a survey to see what types of impact have occurred in areas where we have had the ambassador program Tent up and we have been connecting with the public and the organizers. We also discuss the fact that the program will have other forms of influences other than just new membership request in the area.
In the Mid-Atlantic Area we had 37 comps this year, we are looking to try to place an ambassador team at every event next year.  Currently building Ambassador teams to be ready for next year.
At this point we are not making and motions.
We briefly discuss Bill Jones’ program for developing some more goals to reach for after you have become a Master Judge.  The ability to become a Reserved Master Judge or a Grand Master Judge by assisting in organizing, training, ambassador , help the reps, and other levels and position of Volunteering at KCBS events.
Debby Gage
Bill Jones
Jeremy Sales
Jason Hardee
Candy Weaver 
KCBS: Staff members
Carolyn Wells
Randall Bowman
Karrin Murphy
Building Committee Report
No Report
Cooling unit for building needs replaced. Kim Collier is getting bids.
Hickman Mills update - property has been showed but no update at this time. 

Philanthropy Committee Report

Please accept the philanthropy report for August. 


The committee discovered missing documents from eight students.  Missing through no fault of their own - but due to a glitch in the drop box program.  Dr. Dave Edyburn, who was on the committee in previous years but could not grade the applicants this year due to travel constraints, found the missing application forms.  


The committee felt it was appropriate to reevaluate these applications and thus has awarded $5,500 dollars in scholarships in addition to the $17,000 originally awarded.  The executive committee was aware of this and approved the additional monies.


The Philanthropy fundraiser at Boulevard Brewery on November 4th, is on schedule.  Table tents advertising the event have been delivered to the restaurants participating.   We are requesting local Reps (Mid-West) be informed of the event and mention it at their judges talk.


Flyers will be distributed to local teams at the American Royal concerning the event.


Mike Kalny

Philanthropy Chair


Old Business

TOY Committee - Information should be in Bullsheet and this next month’s issue.

Phillip Brazier - report from our ad hoc Backyard Committee. Would ask that the sanctioning committee review the backyard committee recommendation. 

Deputy Director update - 2 proposals from search firms have come in so far. 3 others have been contacted.

Arlie Bragg - I propose that we take the bullshit digital January 1 it’s already been voted on so let’s get this thing rolling out January 1

Carolyn Wells will gather factual data concerning number of paper bull sheets distributed and true costs of publishing. 


New Business

Discuss TOY points structure. Discussed history from TOY inception concerning bonus points. 

Discussion of 50 max points dropped to 35. In 2017, 65% of KCBS contests were max point contests. 17% of KCBS contests were 50 team contests or more. Is the current system too easy or hard? Should it be better to have the % closer to 25%? 

Should we also review the points structure for contests for review? To bring the number change closer together in overall placing. 

TOY committee will review and discuss for a motion in October. 


Closed Session Agenda

Randall Bowman - Executive Committee Report

Arlie Bragg - Team of the Year

Dennis Polson - Discussion of CBJ Instructors with possible motions to follow.

Phillip Brazier - Discussion of Contest Representative completing Rep training

Phillip Brazier - Discussion of KCBS Invitational

Phillip Brazier - Discussion of “Bullying” by teams.

Mike Peters - Discussion of KCBS Board Responsibility Statement and Code of Conduct


Motion to move into closed session at 9:21 Central time

Motion by Wayne Lohman

2nd by Mike Richter Motion passed unanimously

Mike Peters moves to go back into open session - Mike Richter 2nd

Back into open session at 11:07 pm central time

Motion by Phillip Brazier to approve contest representatives who have completed their rep training. 

Dan Vogt - Colorado

Michael and Rhonda Santiago - California

2nd by Mike Richter

Motion passes unanimously

Motion to adjourn - Mike Richter

2nd Al Sellers Motion passes unanimously


Our Best of the Best 700 180 100+