FACT: There's been an 18% increase in contest participation by members in the past year    
FACT: 64% of KCBS members own three or more grills/smokers    
FACT: 70% of our members grill-out/cook BBQ more than 25 times per year    
FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
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October 2018 Board Meeting Agenda

October 8, 2018

Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, October 10, 2018



Meeting called to order at 


Roll Call: Mike Peters, Wayne Lohman,  Dennis Polson, Mike Richter, Arlie Bragg, Randall Bowman, Phillip Brazier, Jason Cole, Alan Sellers, Michael Kalny, Jay Amsbaugh, 


KCBS Office: Carolyn Wells, Kim Collier


Request to Speak: 


Board Pledge:

Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.

I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.


Minutes of Last Meeting

Mike Peters: I move to accept minutes of the September meeting.

2nd - 


Financial Statements

Phillip Brazier: Attached is the September financial report. Pleased accept this report.


President’s Report:



Sanctioning Report:





*15th annual Recovery Fest/ 10th annual State BBQ Championship



Richmond, VA

*Bama Q Capital City Cook-Off



Montgomery, AL

*Bordertown BBQ Brawl



Sault Ste Marie, MI

*Butler Chambers Of Commerce BBQ & Hucksters Days



Butler, MO

*City Of Springs BBQ Championship



Sulphur, OK

*Fire at the Foothills(BACKYARD ONLY)



Chelsea, AL

*Humble Rodeo and BBQ



Humble, TX

*Papa Joe's Banjo-B-Que & Music Festival



Evans, GA

*Rockin BBQ



Warsaw, IN

*Smoke On the Ohio



Mt.Vernon, IN

*Smoke on the Trails



Gardner, KS

*West Bottoms BBQ Contest



Kansas City, MO

9th  Annual Bull Moose



Millington, TN

Barbourville BBQ Cookoff & Festival



Barbourville, KY

BBQ Capital Cook Off



Lexington, NC

Beer,Fries & BBQ VI




Brasstown Valley Resort BBQ Throwdown (JUDGES FULL)



Young Harris, GA

Brew N Q



Leicester Shire,

Brew N Q Invitational



Leicester Shire,

Country Road & BBQ Contest -Day1



Torreglia, Padova,

Country Road & BBQ Contest -Day2



Torreglia, Padova,

Eastern BBQ Contest Day 1




Farm Meat De Vaartse Hoeve BBQ Contest




Heat Beads BBQ Turf Wars



Cranbourne Victoria,

High on the Hog Festival



Winchester, TN

National Western BBQ Throwdown



Denver, CO

Quebec City International BBQ & Music Fest




Ridgefield Gone Country BBQ Festival



Ridgefield, CT

Sip & Swine BBQ Festival



Lawrenceville, GA

Smoke In the Springs



Osage City, KS

Southaven Springfest



Southaven, MS

TN River BBQ Battle & Music Fest



Savannah, TN


Need BOD Approval

None for October 2018


Sanctioning Committee Report

Sanctioning Committee met on October 3 at 7pm Central.

Discussed the Backyard Proposal submitted by the Rep Committee


Mike Peters makes the motion to approve the following:

2nd by

“Backyard Stand Alone” – No Master Series involved

Backyard Stand Alone- 4 Meats (Must be sanctioned as a Competitor Series) 

$400 fee + $25 each for additional categories + $12 per team

• Contests with 20+ ( or whatever) years in existence will be grandfathered. 

Backyard Stand Alone- 3 Meats 

$250 fee + $25 for each additional category + $10 per team

No additional category can be one of the KCBS 4 Main Meats

Backyard Stand Alone- 2 Meats

$250 fee + $25 for each additional category + $8 per team

No additional categories can be one of the KCBS 4 Main Meats


The “4 Meat” Stand Alone fee of $400 is based on if KCBS raises the sanctioning fee from $350 to $400.

In any of the above listed contests, the organizer can determine which categories will count toward their Grand and Reserve Champions.  Therefore, the last sentence under Rule #10 of the Backyard Rules and Regulations needs to be re-written.  Also, #9 under Judging Procedures of the same booklet.


“Backyard With” – Held in conjunction with a Master Series Contest

If turn-ins are held simultaneously with the Master Series turn-ins and at the same location, the number of Backyard teams will be added to the number of Master Series teams to determine the number of Contest Reps required.  The categories for the Backyard teams will be listed under “Extra Categories” and a fee of $25 per category will be assessed in addition to the $12 per team.  

Backyard With

$25 per category + $12 per team


If turn-ins are held at a different time but at the same location it will be sanctioned as a “Backyard With/Stand Alone”.  This will require additional contest reps based upon teams

Backyard With/Stand Alone

$100 fee + $25 for each category + per team cost determined by the number of meat categories

3 meats - $10 per team, 1-2 meats - $8 per team


In either of the above listed contests, the organizer can determine which categories will count toward their Grand and Reserve Champions.  Therefore, the last sentence under Rule #10 of the Backyard Rules and Regulations needs to be re-written.  Also, #9 under Judging Procedures of the same booklet.

People’s Choice may be any of the 4 KCBS main meats as it is not judged or scored by KCBS.


Marketing Committee Report

Marketing/Social Media KCBS September 2018

(Stats through 9/1/18 – 9/30/18)


• Total page views for August: 666,509

• Total Unique Users for August: 88,046

• Time per Visit: 4.53 minutes

 Great American Cookout Tour

• Major event stops completed: 17

(Heading to Lockhart, TX)


Social Media, using KCBS, and GAC Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion


• Twitter Followers: 16.243

• Twitter Impressions: 93,252

• Instagram Followers: 4,195

• Facebook total Likes: 83,685

• Total Audience: 104,123

• Facebook Impressions:  451,018

Facebook Post Clicks: 29,265

• Facebook Reactions: 5,298


Print Media Impressions for KCBS (Domestically) 7,158,517

Print Media Impressions for KCBS (Internationally) 4,633,105


February Invitational Update


International Committee Report

The Fall of 2018 has brought 4 KCBS contests to Australia. We are thrilled with the growth we are seeing down under and feel much of the thanks goes to our OUTSTANDING reps there-Garth Welsh and David Ong. They are truly leading the way in Australia with integrity, brains and a passion for BBQ and the BBQ Family.


To meet the growing interest in KCBS in Australia, we are presently training four reps from differing geographic areas: Karina Rumens (Perth), Desmond Deng and Peta McManus (Melbourne), Scott Barnett (Brisbane). They are combining a great passion for BBQ with hard work to learn the processes and programs of KCBS. 


Part of the IO team (Jim and Becky Johnson and Debby Gage) traveled to Chidlow, Western Australia, for a two-day cooking school and CBJ class…and contest. The class was held at the home of our organizers-Fran and Norm Brewer. The contest was held in downtown Chidlow on the “green” or park. We took on 12 new judges and 9 table captains and the contest had 24 teams. Fran held a licensed contest last Spring to get ready for this contest. Fran and Norm are detailed and thorough organizers, dedicated to creating exemplary events. 


We see a bright future for KCBS in Australia…We will continue to need CBJ and TC classes as the KCBS brand continues to grow.


Rules Committee Report

Due to unforeseen reasons the Rules Committee did not meet in September. 


CBJ Committee Report

KCBS CBJ Committee Meeting

September 24, 2018 7 pm


Members Present: Dennis Polson, Chair; Linda Polson, Recording Secretary,

Ralph Williams, Jon Amedei, Carl Parrish, Frank Gonzales, and Phillip Brazier, KCBS BOD.


Dennis reported that the BOD approved the Committee's recommendations regarding judge's take-home cooler size and that information will be publicized by e-blast, Facebook and Bullsheet article.


Frank reported that there are now 40 teams signed up for the judges cooking with a team effort; teams are from 21 different states, covering a wide geographical area.


Jon reported that the banquet committee will meet tomorrow & he hopes the CBJ committee's suggestions for incentives for CBJs to attend the banquet will be approved.


Dennis reported that the rules committee is still considering the brisket and pork issues.


Dennis reported that members will be able to add “Lifetime” to a Master CBJ Badge but will have to pay for it. It also stated that no more than 2 titles will be able to be put on the badge.


Dennis reported that Randy & Carol Bigler are writing an article for the Bullsheet regarding practice cooking experiences; they have participated in several.


The committee again discussed the idea of a Master Table Captain designation and the problem of “No Show” judges.


The meeting adjourned at 8 pm. Next meeting will be October 29th at 7 pm.


Rep Committee Report:

Rep Committee Meeting

September 25, 2018


The meeting began at 7:00 PM Central Time

Members present: Alan Rothrock, Steve Grinstead, Dennis Polson, Bill & Debbie Gage, Steve Alvarez

Members absent:  Ralph William, Mike Eberle, Bob & Terri McKinnon, Kim Collier

Carolyn Wells, Executive Director, also, attended.

Phillip Brazier, Rep Chair, conducted the meeting.

The meeting started with an open floor segment to give some members an opportunity to join the conference. The judge seating program was discussed, and some possible modifications were suggested.  Steve Grinstead will put suggestions in an email and forward to Brazier to share with Mark Gibbs.

Brazier, then, brought the committee up to date on all the, newly, approved Reps.

Bill Jones – VA

Jeff Chambers – DE

Chere Amend – GA

Dan Vogt – CO

Michal & Rhonda Santiago- CA

Next, the committee was informed that there had been an overwhelming response from judges that they did not like the Table Captains showing box numbers instead of reading them out.  There is no need to continue the trial.

Each committee member needs to email Brazier their physical address along with an estimate of how many judges/volunteers they will be working with the rest of 2018. They will be sent Blue Rhino coupons to distribute that gives the redeemer a FREE tank exchange.

Steve Grinstead suggested that at contests that have a Cabo Wabo ancillary event, the product infused category should be held BEFORE the drink category.

The final discussion of the evening was the subject of judge no-shows. The consensus was that communication between applicants and coordinators is one of the major culprits.  Each rep needs to continue to push their coordinators to stay in constant contact with the judges they select.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:30 PM Central.

The next Rep Committee meeting will be on October 23, 2018.


Technology Committee Report

Platform and Website still on track based upon last months report. 


Strategic Planning Committee Report

No Report


Banquet Committee Report

The Banquet Committee met on September 25th at 3:30 PM CST.  In attendance Carolyn Wells, Mike Kalny, Allen Sellers, Karrin Murphy, Greg Mcaleer.


Greg Mcaleer has donated his time to get the frontstream auction site up on our web page.  Greg needed payment processing method approval which was the Stripe plan with a charging fee of 3.4% + 35cents per transaction.  The easiest and most cost-effective method.  

Greg requires pictures and descriptions of items to be auctioned off and will get with Randall Bowman regarding this.  Karrin and Greg will meet Friday to coordinate issues such as selling tickets for the Philanthropy fundraiser at Boulevard and tickets to the Banquet on the site.  Questions remain as how to differentiate the two events regarding auction page and describing where the money will go towards – scholarship or banquet expenses. 

Karrin is keeping a spreadsheet on who has purchased tickets to the Philanthropy event and the banquet.  Last year no fees were deducted when interested members called in to the office directly to purchase tickets.

Carolyn, Kim, Karrin, Mike and Richard Fergola from Fergolicious met with the chef of the Argosy Hotel & Casino on September 18th to select a menu for the banquet.  The menu agreed upon:

Salad:  Butter lettuce wedge salad with candied walnuts, goat cheese, blueberries and dates

Dressing:  Blackberry vinaigrette or Hot bacon

Entrée: Petit Filet with Wine Demi/Bacon wrapped Diver Scallops

Starch: Yukon mashed potatoes

Vegetable: Tri-color baby carrots

Dessert: Red Velvet Cake with chocolate dipped strawberry and profiteroles puffed pastry


The committee would like to honor in addition to judges, KCBS Reps and Organizers.  The committee is working on what criteria should be used to select (and how they will be selected)  the KCBS Rep of the Year and Contest Organizer of the Year.  If approved by the BOD Karrin will put these new award categories in the Bull sheet for November and will be listed on the web site and Facebook with an e-blast going out to all members.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 PM CST.  The next meeting will be on October 30th at 3:30 CST.


Mike Kalny

Banquet 1st Chair 


Membership Committee Report

Active Members 19,007

New Members 328

New from CBJ Class 187

Renewed Members 764

Non- Renewed 479

New from Website 108

Total Lifetime Members 1774

International Members 1609

Countries Represented 33

Members “auto” renewed 838


Nominating/Election Committee Report

Currently have 11 members who have been sent the documents for board members and the details concerning sending documentation to KCBS. 


Emailed all members running the following: Please do not tag or put information about your running for KCBS onto any current KCBS directors pages, whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

All sitting board members are asked to refrain from endorsing or disparaging members who are running to not influence the election, whether on purpose or accidentally. 


Karrin and I also discussed the statement “The election voting shall begin the first business day of the year (January, 2nd 2018) through the Friday (January, 11th 2018 12:00PM (NOON) CST).” Consensus after discussing with President Bowman was to keep the end date at January 11. 


Spoke with ParkRoad again to insure that the KCBS platform would be able to handle the 2019 election process without having to use an outside vendor like past years. The election module will be able to handle the KCBS election.


Education/Communication Committee Report

Notes to the board from the meeting:

Communications & Education Committee meeting. Oct 02, Tuesday  2018 3:30 pm Central Notes for our agenda of the conference call:

• We  discuss the official judges Facebook page and how we are at 531 members we want to push our friends to see if we can get to 1,000. We are still get 4 out of 10 are not KCBS judges and we are offering them judging class pathway located on the KCBS web site.  We need to find out how this lookup function is going to work in the new web site. Karrin has put another line in the request page to ask from their Judges number that is saving me time every day looking up judges numbers before accepting.

• Ambassador program.

We did not roll out the program in Richmond, Virginia last week end as the public traffic was just too slow. Our next event will be Harrisburg, PA. and then Boo-B-Que for the final in the East this year.  Plans were discuss about bringing the program to Little Rock so we could share with other regions and see if we can get other teams started sharing the KCBS Word.


• We discuss Bill Jones’ program for developing some more goals to reach for after you have become a Master Judge.  The ability to become a Reserved Master Judge or a Grand Master Judge by assisting in organizing, training, ambassador , help the reps, and other levels and position of Volunteering at KCBS events.


We are going to present the program to 

Dennis Polson and his CBJ committee for review and hopefully some action to move it forward.  We may have to depend on the honesty of KCBS members to chart and listed their accomplishments, the new web platform may give us a better channel also for accountability in the future.  This is also a no cost program that will work to stimulate and motivate judges to stay longer and have more fun.  


Building Committee Report

We had to replace some parts on the air-conditioning unit this month we’re still waiting on bids for the cooling unit then we have to replace please except my report


Philanthropy Committee Report

The Philanthropy Committee did not meet for September.  However an update on the November 4th fundraiser at Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City is as follows:


The fundraiser is  less than a month away.  I will have to meet with the office staff and participating restaurants to plan the physical logistics of the event as well as coordinate the activities of all participants.  I hope to accomplish this during the coming week.  


The souvenir  pint glass has been placed on order with Boulevard's vendor.  Table cloths will have to be ordered along with plates, napkins and utensils.  Food serving volunteers will have to be identified along with auction/raffle donations.  A floor layout of the event has to be provided to Boulevard by the 19th of October.


An audio/visual presentation will have to be identified as well as table decorations etc.


We need to decide what our event signage will be.


Old Business

TOY Committee - We will continue discussions on team of the year points for 2019

Motions to be made in November

Phillip Brazier - report from our ad hoc Backyard Committee. Would ask that the sanctioning committee review the backyard committee recommendation.  Addressed in Sanctioning Committee

Deputy Director update - 2 proposals from search firms have come in so far. 3 others have been contacted.

Arlie Bragg - I propose that we take the BullSheet digital January 1 it’s already been voted on so let’s get this thing rolling out January 1

Carolyn Wells will gather factual data concerning number of paper bull sheets distributed and true costs of publishing. 

Phillip Brazier report on Blue Rhino coupon distribution.


New Business



Closed Session Agenda

Executive Committee Report

Discussion of the Nov 4 Philanthropy fundraiser.

Discussion on the Judge of the Year, Rep of the Year, and Organizer of the Year proposal.

Discussion of online reporting of teams, members and data.


Motion to move into closed session

Our Best of the Best 700 180 100+