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Agenda KCBS Board of Directors August 11, 2010

August 10, 2010




AUGUST 11, 2010


 Public Address (if any)

 Minutes                      Merl Whitebook                   

 Approval of the attached Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors, of July 10, 2010.

 Accounting and Financial Committee           Mike Budai               

 The finance committee recommends adopting the attached financial statements for July 2010.

 Contests Past

 A review of issues with past contest, if any.

 Technology Committee                      Don Harwell              


  • ·        Created MP3 of July board meeting for posting on our Web site.


Contest Program

  • ·        The date for having completed the RFP and returning it to KCBS for the re-work of the Rep Contest Program has ended.  We have received only one RFP which is now under review.  The board will be updated by email on this RFP.


Motion:  Members call-in

  • ·        After reviewing the number of people that call in to a board meeting to listen each month (less that 10) and now that the recorded board meeting is now posted on the WEB the day after the board meeting,  I motion that members calling to listen to the board meeting be ended.  This motion would not stop a member from calling into the board meeting to speak to the board. 



  • ·        I motion that the attached bylaws be placed before the board for approval.



  • ·        I motion that we use Elections-Online for the upcoming election in January 2011 at an approximate cost of $3680  

 Non – Committee related:

 I motion that the KCBS contest invoice be changed to not group Masters and Amateurs together unless both have simultaneous turn-in times. I also motion that if Masters and Amateurs are grouped together that Amateurs are not to be added to Ancillaries.  I also motion that this change be retroactive to January 1, 2010 and that the KCBS office review all invoices this year that have Ancillaries and refund any difference in money from the present invoiced to this proposed new invoice.  I also motion that the new invoice be posted to the Rep’s group immediately and that all Reps with contests this weekend be emailed or called and informed to use the new posted invoice.  


New Ideas Committee         Merl Whitebook

A.  Motion for reinstatement of two members of KCBS.

  Motion 1.  That two members be reinstated as contest reps.

 Motion 2.  That two members be reinstated as Certified Barbeque Judge instructors

Motion 3.  That one member be reinstated as a member of the Board of Directors of Kansas City Barbeque Society.

 B.  Discussion about approval by members of the Board of certain previous e-mail blast concerning the KCBS Cook Book.

 C.  Discussion about the facts concerning the cancellation of the Louisiana Tailgating Expo and further discussion of the fiduciary duties of members of the Board of Directors. 

 Tabled Motion 4:

That due to the refusal to comply with Missouri statutes regarding a request for production of documents from two members of the Board of Directors regarding the Louisiana Tailgate and BBQ Festival, that any and all agreements other than those previously approved by the Board, (for KCBS to provide six classes and to sanction the Big Easy BBQ Challenge,) be set aside. 

 Motion 5:

In the event we pass the motion to refund backyard fees. then I bring forward the following motion:

That KCBS collect all unearned revenue from Contest Reps for double charges for computer and supply fees, unearned postage fees and any other over charges which were incurred and not authorized by the Board of Directors of KCBS, at the back yard contest where refunds are being provided.

  Motion 6:

A motion to ratify a statement by the Officers of KCBS.

 No member of the Board of Directors or Committee Chairperson has the right the make policy, to enter into agreements on behalf of KCBS, to give consent to action, to engage or discharge employees or contract laborers on behalf of KCBS, or take other action which would bind or obligate KCBS without the explicit consent of the Board of Directors of Kansas City Barbeque Society.

 Philanthropy Committee                    Tana Shupe               

 Review of a proposed article for submission to The Bullsheet regarding grant requests and grants-in-aid is attached for the board's approval.

The "Grant-in-Aid" application and the criteria for submitting the application and receiving a grant are under development and will be presented to the Board at the September board meeting.

  CBJ Committee                                 Ed Roith        


I would like to propose that we once again review Rules for the training of Table Captains. With  all the problems of late, concerning complaints by cooks of our judges, as well as some I have heard about table  captains. I propose the following. All persons attending a Table Captain class, must be a certified barbecue judge.

 Membership Committee                    Gene Goycochea

 The membership committee feels that membership is going well, we in the next few months would like to revisit the benefits of lifetime membership and the possible increase in fees and the ability to offer more benefits, we at this time would like to discuss the upcoming motion and the possibilities of it passing.

 Discussion of Organizer Conduct and possible action.

 Education Committee                        Paul Kirk                    No Report

 2010 - 25th Banquet and Annual Meeting Committee         Paul Kirk                    No Report

 Sanctioning Committee                      Wayne Lohman         


August New/Date Change Requests

BOD Meeting Date: August 11, 2010




Date Req'd.




Kansas City, KS





Tuxedo, NC





Lincoln, CA





Louisville, KY





Cumming, GA





Lexington, NC





Waynesboro, GA





Holladay City, UT





1. Contest Name: Turner Days BBQ Battle

Date Requested: 10/8-9/10

Location: Kansas City, KS

 2. Contest Name: Future Legends of BBQ

Date Requested: 10/8-9/10

Location: Tuxedo, NC

3. Contest Name: The Big Oink

Date Requested: 10/22-23/10

Location: Lincoln, CA

4. Contest Name: Inaugural Run for the Ribs BBQ Invitational & Competition

Date Requested: 5/5-7/2011

Location: Louisville, KY

5. Contest Name: The National BBQ Cup

Date Requested: 11/18-19/2011

Location: Cumming, GA

6. Contest Name: BBQ Capital Cook-Off

Date Requested: 4/29-30/2011

Location: Lexington, NC


1. Contest Name: Boss Hog Cook-Off

Date Requested: 5/13-14/11

Original Date: 5/7-8/10

Location: Waynesboro, GA


1. Contest Name: Freehouse BBQ Cook Off

Date Requested: 8/27-28/10

Location: Holladay, UT

 The Sanctioning Committee recommends approval of all contests listed in the August New/Date Change Report pending discussion by the Board.  Please note that the Turner Days BBQ Battle in Kansas City, KS is the same weekend as the previous approved contest in DeSoto, KS, just 28 miles apart.  In the past the Board as approved more than two contests in the Kansas City area due to the density and saturation of teams.  Also, the issues mentioned in Carolyn Wells email to the Board dated July 28 have all been resolved.

 Rules Committee                               Candy Weaver          

 Two reviews of the 2010 Rules are in from cook teams.  The compilation of these suggestions are attached to this message.  Ten others are reviewing and their reviews have yet to be received. 

 In order to determine whether team of the year results would change if the criteria were best of 5 contests instead of best of 10 contests, the Rules Committee would like a copy of the database from 2009 to run tests.

 Contest Rep Committee                    Carol Whitebook

1.  Complaint received regarding accepting new reps in Mt. Midwest 


2.  Discussion & possible action by board regarding reps receiving 

priority in assignments, after organizer request, if they have 5 or 

less rep assignments.

3.  Rep List Clean up:  permission sought to work with KCBS office to  

evaluate and remove reps who have had no assignments in past 18 months.

4.  Discussion and possible action to reverse rep  discipline.

Should a board seat become available, before the completion of a board member's term, nominations will be accepted up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled board meeting and for a minimum of no less than 7 days.  The top two candidates will be determined through board discussion with a board majority vote taken to determine selection.  The newly elected member will assume his/her responsibilities at the next scheduled board meeting.


 Strategic Fund Commettee                 Candy Weaver

 The Strategic Fund Committee recommends the allocation of monies to further the mission of KCBS by planning and producing a series of continuing education videos relating directly to various aspects of barbeque competitions, encompassing Judging, Organizing, Cooking KCBS Contests and other related subjects.  

Involvement of various committees of the KCBS Board will be essential in this project, Education because this is an education effort, CBJ committee assisting in the design of the Judges video, Contest Rep and Sanctioning committee working with the topic of contest organizing and implementation just to name a few.  


Videos could be available online in the member sign-in section.  DVD's would be available to CBJ instructors, contest reps and contest organizers could request one from the office.  The Judges video could be required watching for continuing CBJ training with a member sign on and a written exam completed at the end.  This would give all CBJs a consistent base and perhaps give judges a common, shared view of the judging process.  While all episodes would be written and planned at the same time (in order to economize the actual video shooting), the Judging video is likely the most critical to produce first in light of cook members dissatisfaction with judging discrepancies as seen in recent e-mails to the board.  Second, would be contest organizing, again based on recent e-mail.


This project, like the verbal CD instructions to judges now, would offer a "standardizing" influence at CBJ classes.  Using video shot at a contest to show exactly how it's done in a real life contest, would give a new judge a boost prior to their first event.   It would give first time organizers an inside view of running contests from recruiting judges, turn in table management, options to involve the public in the contest and other contest matters.


We are such a visual society.  Strategic Funds believes that this project could have numerous uses over the course of time.  Cuts could be used for marketing and promotional purposes. 


Budget for this project is roughly estimated at $60,000 with an initial amount designated for planning and writing the script and planning video shoots.  All production activities will utilize KCBS members.


Motion:   In order to produce a series of videos for the purpose of continuing education on various aspects of barbeque competition, the Board of KCBS authorizes the preparation of script and timelines and budgets leading toward the completion of a number of topical videos.




Marketing Committee                       Candy Weaver & Tana Shupe

 2010 Tour

-         We’ve had fourteen events for Tour so far. Things are going smoothly and it’s a popular stop for the event attendees.

-         The Kingsford Points Chase has taken place at 10 events so far. We’ve had an average of 17 teams competing at each event. There will be 7 more Points Chase events.

-         We’ve had 4 Rancher’s Reserve Beef Cup events with 4 left on the schedule. About 40 teams have competed in each event.


-         Total July sales: $2,853


-         Advertising sold for April: $1,067

-         Uploaded August Bullsheet

-         Uploaded MP3 of July’s BOD meeting

-         Added Tour recaps and other news blurbs as needed

-         Working on new design for kcbsgear.com


-         Eblast sent to invite teams to participate in the Sam’s Midwest City BBQ Bash

-         Four press releases sent to local media for Tour—6th Annual UP Hog Wild (Kingsford, MI); Columbus Jazz & Rib Fest (Columbus, OH); Wisconsin State Fair (West Allis, WI); and Mountain High BBQ & Rib Fest (Franklin, NC).

-         Press releases for CBJ classes were sent to Hermann, MO; Worland, WY; Craig, CO; Mesquite, NV; Milwaukee, WI; Bedford, TX; Overland Park, KS.

 Nominating Committee                      Merl Whitebook

The article concerning nominations was published as authorized by the Board of Directors.  Nominations begin October 1 and end on October 31.

 The election questionnaire will not be changed from the past two years.

 Motion to clarify terms of existing office

 Old/New Business

 Tabled from March:  Carolyn Wells - Review of revisions to the KCBS employee manual.

  Tabled from February: Carolyn Wells Seal of Approval Criteria to be the basis for awarding the KCBS Seal of Approval for various types of products.

 Tabled from July:  Mike Lake – Discussion of response to Cease and Desist letter for infringement of KCBS proprietary property.

 Tabled from June:  Ed Roith -  Report about improper invoicing of contest by Contest Reps at Roc City Rib Fest.

 Table from July:  Ed Roith & Carol Whitebook:   Board review the cost of CBJ classes when the stated enrollment falls substantially short resulting in excess costs.  Ed Roith, CBJ Board Chair, is working on a suggestion to keep classes from not being profitable.  The Board asked that the organizer should be charged an amount to prevent losses, for excess meats and supplies.  The Board urges organizers to obtain pre-payment for classes to prevent losses.  The matter was tabled until August, 2010.

evaluation of cost of CBJ classes and recommendations concerning fees and cost for classes to prevent losses.

 New Business:

 Mike Budai and Don Harwell - Report by Special Committee (appointed by Mike Lake) of investigation of refusal to disclose documents to the Board regarding the Louisiana Tailgate Expo and the issues surrounding the event.

 Submitted by Candy Weaver, August 8, 2010

MOTION: "No related person of a currently serving director may run for a

position as director or serve as an appointed director while the

current related director is serving their elected term as a board

member. Related persons are considered immediate family

members, spouses or life partners sharing a physical address."

To be added to the Bylaws at Section IV, paragraph 3. Propose adding this as a

member-decided option to add to the Bylaws in the January election.

 Motion 2: A Special Committee of the Board shall be formed to investigate how current contest rep assignments are made and to explore and develop methods to more equitably distribute contest rep assignments.


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