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Agenda for BOD meeting 9-08-10

September 7, 2010




September 8, 2010



Public Address (if any)


Minutes                      Merl Whitebook                   


Approval of the attached Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors, of August 11, 2010.


Tabled from August – Mike Lake proposal for a new method to post agenda items (72 hour rule) and to approve the agenda, and to approve quick note of the meeting of the Board. in order to resolve the issues and objections by a member of the Board.


Accounting and Financial Committee           Mike Budai               


The finance committee recommends adopting the attached financial statements for August 2010.


Contests Past


A review of the past contest since the previous board meeting.


Marketing Committee                       Candy Weaver & Tana Shupe


2010 Tour Activities

-                     We employed BBQ TV to tape the Tour demo in NC; will soon add to web site and Facebook.

-                     We’ve had 18 events for Tour so far. Things continue to go smoothly and on budget.

-                     The Kingsford Points Chase has taken place at 12 events so far. We’ve had an average of 16 teams competing at each event. There will be 5 more Points Chase events.

-                     We’ve had 8 Rancher’s Reserve Beef Cup events with 1 left on the schedule. About 72 teams have competed in each event.



-                     Eblast sent to invite members in Oklahoma to attend Sam’s Club BBQ Bash

-                     Three press releases sent to local media for Tour—Wyoming State BBQ Championship (Worland, WY); Oregon State Fair (Salem, OR); and Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off (Sparks, NV).

-                     Press releases for CBJ classes were sent to Marshall, MN; Butler, MO; Kansas City, MO; and Plant City, FL.


Sponsorship Activities

-                     Beginning planning and prelim discussions with several brands for 2011 opportunities


Philanthropy Committee                    Tana Shupe                No Report


Rules Committee                               Candy Weaver          


At the August board meeting, it was determined that the current 2010 rules would stay in effect as currently written through 2011 and that I would continue with the work through 2011.  In order to provide transition for the 2011 president of the board (who determines committee chairpersons for 2011) at the February 2011 meeting, I will have a complete review and report of the rules committee and suggested changes for 2012 based on cooker, judge and rep reviews of current rules and suggestions made by members at the Rules Committee meeting at the January 2011 banquet.  These materials will be turned over to the next chairperson of the Rules Committee so that the rules can be amended on a timely basis in July 2011.


In order to investigate a theory, I request a copy of the data from 2009 team of the year computations.  I want to manipulate the number of contests counted to 5 instead of 10 to see if the results would be radically different.    Best 5 instead of Best 10, would (maybe) equalize teams  who cook fewer than 10 contests.  I will report my findings in October.


Strategic Funds Committee               Candy Weaver          


Notes on  KCBS Continuing Education Video


Audience – Anyone, 16 years of age and up (old enough to judge!)


The KCBS Experience – preliminary outline


Topics and to whom directed:  

            •           Hosting a BBQ Contest  -- for Organizers and groups considering having a contest

            •           Location

            •           Time of Year

            •           Partnering with other events

            •           How to find Certified BBQ Judges

            •           Timeline for planning the contest

            •           Communication with cook teams and judges

            •           What happens in the judging tent  -- for CBJ, TC, Reps and cooks

            •           Judges

            •           Seat at the judging table

            •           Entry Boxes – the 4 KCBS food groups

            •           Appearance

            •           Taste

            •           Tenderness

            •           Recording scores

            •           ask the Table Captain

            •           importance of “blindness”

            •           Table Captain

            •           Duties

            •           Responsibility

            •           Contest Reps – the Final Authority in the Tent

            •           Scope of responsibility

            •           Ultimate timekeeper

            •           To cooks – the meeting

            •           To judges

            •           Maintenance of order in judging tent

            •           Entry of scores

            3)         Cooking a BBQ Contest – for cooks or any person considering cooking a contest

                        a)         Handling Food safely for outdoor cooking – cooks and Gen’l Public

                        b)         What equipment is necessary?

                        c)         Meat preparation and cooking

                        d)         Entry presentation

                        e)         Keeping everything clean



This outline is for initial planning and will require input from committee chairpersons to fill out details. 


Ideally, we will be able to record live footage at four or five contests for all topics above.  Planning is necessary to consolidate shoot time for each topic.  Vignettes on each topic will need to be visualized.  Since all three main topics are all contest focused, determining contests to film will be key.


Conversation with BBQtv regarding production and use of their copyrighted materials recorded at contests over the years.


CBJ Committee                                 Ed Roith        


Would like to present a partial judges tracking program. Will have complete info

at board meeting.


Membership Committee                    Gene Goycochea


Discussion & possible vote regarding lifetime membership apparel 



Technology Committee                      Don Harwell              





Created MP3 of August board meeting for posting on our web site.

Discuss need to edit MP3

Rules are now posted outside the member only section.

Working with MMA to do some small edits needed to web site


Contest Program

Update to be made at the board meeting.


Members call-in

  No update this meeting



I motion that the proposed bylaws that have been mailed and emailed to each board member be approval.



To better the members who have had issues in the past getting their username and passwords to vote by email.  Changes need to be made to the database and web site.  Members will be able to go to our web site and retrieve their username/password if needed.  This will require about 2 days work and testing by net Relief Consulting and a few days from MMA.  I am requesting approval for this work.


Non – Committee related:

Compensation for volunteer


New Ideas Committee           Merl Whitebook


CBJ Verification Program.


This program was implemented for the following reasons:

1 To establish a method to keep in contact with all CBJ by education committee and CBJ Committee, and to provide ongoing continuing education by use of the emails of the CBJ’s.

2. To determine persons who appear on the verification list and a method to contact those persons and invite to be current CBJ’s

3.  To track and advise organizers of rogue CBJ’s.

4.  Many CBJ’s perceive this as an annoyance and not of value to the CJB Program.

5.  Contest Reps believe it to be a waste of time.

6.  Organizers may verify CBJ’s should they desire through the web site.



A.  In as much as the e-mail program has not been use for a single education purpose.

B.  Some Contest Reps are not verifying CJB’s at contest and there is a lack of uniform enforcement and the office under the rules is prohibited from paying these Contest Reps

C.  There is not a program to keep CBJ’s current by KCBS.


I therefore  move that beginning immediately the CJB verification program be ended.


Secret Shopper Program.


The New Ideas committee has begun a program to train “secret shoppers” who will make independent reports of the best practices observed at contest and to identify and report deficiencies which may arise at any contest where a “secret shopper” may be in attendance.


Board Disclosure


Be it resolved that any member of the Board may request and be provided upon reasonable notice and on a reasonable basis information concerning committee activities and/or any contracts or agreements which are made by any chairperson or committee with and outside contractor on behalf of KCBS. 


Education Committee                        Paul Kirk                   


I am in the process of setting up a ServSafe Sanitation Certification Course, through Johnson County Community College of Friday January 14, 2011.

Class will be from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  Cost will be $1`00.00/member and $135.00/non-member and they will then be a KCBS member.


Proposed BBQ Crawl and Tasting 4 locations: @$50.00/person

Sunday January 16, 2010

Smokin' Guns BBQ

Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque

Jack’s Stack BBQ Freight House

Gates Bar-B-Q Paseo


Other classes on Friday January 14, 2011

Meat Symposium Friday 2:00 to 2:30 – Steve Scavuzzo (Scavuzzo’s Meat Co. LLC)

Knife Information Friday 3:00 to 3:30 Spencer Lutes (Ambrosi Bros. Cutlery Co)

What’s New in BBQ Friday 4:00 to 4:30; Jim Cotty (Smoke N’ Fire)


2010 - 25th Banquet and Annual Meeting Committee         Paul Kirk                    No Report


Banquet and Annual Meeting Committee                Mike Budai

The Banquet Committee recommends board approval of the following motions:


1) Approve the George Fern contract for the table setup at the trade show.


2) Approve funds to produce 1000 program guides covering the trade show, breakout sessions, exhibit demos and classes.


3) Approve TOY trophies.


4) Approve a Volunteer of the Year award. (For this year, 6 inch acrylic trophy and a lifetime KCBS membership)


5) Board discussion and approval for the location of the 2012 banquet. (Office wants to start ASAP planning for next year!)


Please review the 8 attachments.


Sanctioning Committee                      Wayne Lohman         



1. Contest Name: Whiting 4th of July BBQ Competition

Date Requested: 7/3-4/2011 Location: Whiting, IA

2. Contest Name: Nat’l Tailgate Champ & BBQ Cook-off

Date Requested: 1/28-29/2011 Location: Scottsdale, AZ

3. Contest Name: The Ultimate BBQ Showdown East vs. West

Date Requested: 3/18-19/2011 Location: Wildomar, CA

4. Contest Name: Bandits BBQ Shootout

Date Requested: 11/26-27/2010 Location: Chesterfield, MO

5. Contest Name: Dist. 16 Vol Fire Smokin BBQ Festival

Date Requested: 8/20-21/2011 Location: Cumberland, MD


1. Contest Name: MS Springfest

Date Requested: 5/6-7/2011 Original Date: 5/21-22/2010

Location: Ashland, MS

2. Contest Name: AZ BBQ Festival

Date Requested: 3/18-19/2011 Original Date: 4/9-10/2010

3. Contest Name: The Big Oink

Date Requested: 3/25-26/2011 Original Date: 11/22-23/2010

Location: Lincoln, CA

4. Contest Name: Roman Roast on the River

Date Requested: 5/13-14/2011 Original Date: 5/7-8/2010

Location: Rome, GA


1. Contest Name: Freehouse BBQ Cook Off

Date Requested: 9/17-18/10 Original Date: 8/27-28/10

Location: Holladay, UT


1. Contest Name: Turner Days BBQ Battle

Date Requested: 10/8-9/10 Location: Kansas City, KS

2. Contest Name: BBQ Capital Cook-Off

Date Requested: 4/29-30/2011 Location: Lexington, NC


The Sanctioning and Mentoring Committee recommends approval of the New/Change Requests for listed contests pending discussion by the Board.


Contest Rep Committee                    Carol Whitebook

1 Discussion & vote regarding New reps: 

2.  Update on inactive rep status.

3.  Update regarding reps being priority if they have less than 5 


4.  Executive Session for rep and contest personnel issues.

 Please add to my report the discussion and possible vote regarding 

removal of meal reimbursement for contract laborers-contest officials.

 Nominating Committee                      Merl Whitebook        No Report

 Old/New Business

 Tabled from March:  Carolyn Wells - Review of revisions to the KCBS employee manual.

 Tabled from February: Carolyn Wells Seal of Approval Criteria to be the basis for awarding the KCBS Seal of Approval for various types of products.

 Tabled from July:  Mike Lake – Discussion of response to Cease and Desist letter for infringement of KCBS proprietary property.

 Tabled from August:  Mike Budai and Don Harwell - Report by Special Committee (appointed by Mike Lake) of investigation of refusal to disclose documents to the Board regarding the Louisiana Tailgate Expo and the issues surrounding the event.

 Tabled from August:  Candy Weaver MOTION: "No related person of a currently serving director may run for a position as director or serve as an appointed director while the current related director is serving their elected term as a board member. Related persons are considered immediate family members, spouses or life partners sharing a physical address." To be added to the Bylaws at Section IV, paragraph 3. Propose adding this as a member-decided option to add to the Bylaws in the January election.

 New Business:

 Appeal by Organizer and his Organization for reconsideration of action by the Board.


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