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Agenda for Meeting of the Board of Directors 10.13.10

October 11, 2010




OCTOBER 13, 2010


Public Address (if any)


Appeal by team under one year suspension and one year probation for cooking with unauthorized heat source.


Minutes                      Merl Whitebook                   


Approval of the attached Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors, of September 8, 2010, meeting of the Board of Directors..


Accounting and Financial Committee           Mike Budai               


The finance committee recommends adopting the attached financial statements for September 2010.


Contests Past


A review by the Board of Directors of contest occurring during the past thirty days.


Rules Committee                               Candy Weaver          

With the occurrence of many perfect scores in the categories this year (45 to date listed on the website), there is concern rising among teams regarding this and other judging irregularities.

It is my personal opinion that due to a number of different factors, KCBS is evolving to a 3 or 4 number scoring system (i.e., 6-7-8-9), which leads to higher scores and more 180s. I realize that no changes will be made to the rules for 2011. Is this important enough to reconsider this?

Maybe...do we wait until there are 100+ perfect pens awarded (like at the banquet in 2003, which sparked the rule changes in the first place) until we take action? 180s are a wonderful thing to win, but when there are many, many 180s the achievement becomes lessened. While many did not like it, the “start at 6" point in the judging gave judges an even starting point, where now, there is no real starting point at all.

The Rules Committee will have a presentation at the banquet. Hopefully, lots of member input will chart the rules course towards 2012.

 Technology Committee                      Don Harwell  



  • Created MP3 of September board meeting for posting on our web site.
  • This MP3 was missing minutes
  • AccuConference could not find why this happened
  • A note was added to the web site to inform members of this problem


Contest Program

  • RFP has been reopened and an update to be made at the board meeting.

 Members call-in

  •   No updates or changes of how members call into the meetings have been made as of yet.


  • I motion that the proposed bylaws that have been emailed to each board member be approval.


  • In order to assist members who have had trouble in the past getting their username and passwords to vote by email,  members will be able to go to our web site and retrieve their username/password if needed. This is in the testing phase now.

 Non – Committee related:  Executive Section

  • Compensation for volunteer
  • I motion that we establish a special award to be given at the banquet each year titled the “Gary Wells’ Sportsman Award. “ This award would go to the KCBS member who has shown exceptional sportsmanship during some point in the year at a contest(s).  This person would be chosen by way of nomination and approval by the board of directors.


New Ideas Committee           Merl Whitebook

The New Ideas Committee brings forth the following motions:


Unauthorized payments and charges.

As a result of looking at invoices as to back yard issues, it became apparent that a few Contest Reps have charged KCBS for multiple computers, postage and other unauthorized charges which have been paid by KCBS.


I hereby move that within the next 30 days that all invoices be audited for unauthorized payments since January 1, 2010 and a request be made for reimbursement from all Contest Reps/Independent Contractors who received excess payments.


Judges Tracking and education:

I hereby move that beginning the weekend of October 15, 2010 that the judges tracking toggle on the scoring system be implemented.  That Contest Reps be required to input the CBJ number in the scoring program.


That all contest results will be evaluated utilizing the existing KCBS judges tracking program.


That the results of each contest be evaluated and records maintained.  That when it appears that a CBJ statistically is inconsistent in scoring (+/- 2 from the mean of the overall contest results,) at two or more contest, in a 12 month period, the CBJ will be mentored by the CBJ Chairperson.  If inconsistent judging continues, a third time the CBJ will be suspended until completing a CBJ class at no cost.  Should the problems continue then the matter shall be brought to the Board for removal of the CBJ.


Philanthropy Committee                    Tana Shupe   


Review of the proposed application for grant in aid program along with a review of the publicity for the program.            See attached file.


CBJ Committee                                 Ed Roith         No Report


Membership Committee                    Gene Goycochea


Membership report


More information about shirts/hats/etc. for lifetime membership holders


Cost of shirts, shipping and embroidery


Education Committee                        Paul Kirk                   


            In the last board meeting Merl asked why I couldn’t set up ServSafe classes for all of the KCBS membership around the country. 


Any member can go to the ServSafe web site http://www.servsafe.com/ and got to  Find a Class or Instructor/Proctor, which will give you a screen to put in your zip code etc and will give you dates, time and place where classes are in your area.


2010 - 25th Banquet and Annual Meeting Committee         Paul Kirk                    No Report


Sanctioning Committee                      Wayne Lohman


1. Contest Name: Publix Prestigious Palmetto Pig Pick’n

Date Requested: 6/3-4/2011 Location: Charleston, SC

2. Contest Name: Rocky Mountain Freedom Festival

Date Requested: 7/1-2/2011 Location: Castle Rock, CO

3. Contest Name: Tom’s Farm Wild West BBQ

Date Requested: 12/31-1/1/2011 Location: Corona, CA

4. Contest Name: Tom’s Farm Wild West BBQ

Date Requested: 1/1-1/2/2011 Location: Corona, CA

5. Contest Name: Four State BBQ Championship Presented by Downstream Casino Resort

Date Requested: 9/2-3/11 Location: Quapaw, OK

6. Contest Name: Lakeside Que-topia

Date Requested: 9/16-17/11 Location: Saint Peters, MO

7. Contest Name: St. Louis River Rub

Date Requested: 10/7-8/2011 Location: St. Louis, MO


1. Contest Name: Celebration Cook-off

Date Requested: 5/7-8/2010 Original Date: 5/13-14/2011

Location: Lyons, KS


Contest Name: BBQ Capital Cook-Off (received 8/3/10)

Date Requested: 4/22-23/2011

Location: Lexington, NC


The Sanctioning Committee recommends the approval of all listed contests in the October New/Date Change Requests report pending discussions by the Board of those contests.


Lexington, NC, denied sanctioning in Sept, has requested approval for 4/22-23/2011.  This is a week earlier than the Edenton, NC contest.


Contest Rep Committee                    Carol Whitebook


October Rep Report:

  1. Discussion and possible vote on complaint from cook team regarding reps “coaching” judges after chicken has been judged.  (FYI:  Currently, it is the ruling of the board that judges be asked “If they understand the judging system”, and that reps address any judge whose scores deviate from others no matter what category is being judged.  This cook is adamant, that if a low score is given in Chicken, he wants the judge to give low scores all day as to not skew the judging.)
  2. After receipt of more complaints regarding late posting of results, discussion and possible amendment to advisory requiring reporting of results within 12 hours due to internet availability.
  3. Recommendation by legal to change sanctioning agreement to Organizer making payment directly to Reps.  Discussion regarding implementing plan, timing and vote needed.

Executive Session:

  1. Team alleged to have been found using weed burner while meat was on at Parker, Co.
  2. Discussion vote regarding report from Mike McMillen regarding inappropriate conduct at a contest in violation of rules of conduct.
  3. Discussion of issues with Contest Rep,  No response to my e-mail regarding earlier complaints has been received and I have an additional report from another rep after a recent contest.
  4. Discussion and possible probation/suspension of Cook team and the head for QT violation and 3 warnings by police at Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival.  Incident report from Karen and Ralph Williams. 
  5. Complaint for allowing a suspended team to compete at the American Royal.


Marketing Committee                       Candy Weaver & Tana Shupe


2010 Tour

We’ve had 22 Tour stops so far. At every stop, the tour continues to get rave reviews and is a center of attention. So much so that we are constantly asked by other event directors to bring the tour to another city/event. One day, hopefully we can have two or three tours to accommodate those requests.

The Kingsford Points Chase has taken place at all 17 events and is now complete. We’ve had an average of 16 teams competing at each event. We crowned Quau the inaugural Kingsford Points Chase Champion at the Royal.

We’ve had 8 Rancher’s Reserve Beef Cup events with 1 left on the schedule. About 72 teams have competed in each event. Rancher’s Reserve will also be participating in the annual KCBS Banquet as a sponsor, where they will award prize money to the winners.


Press releases sent to all four September Tour stop locations two weeks beforehand

Press releases for CBJ classes continue to go out

National press release sent out for the GABT Dream Kit Giveaway (garnered over 70 million impressions)

E-blast sent to the American Royal Kingsford Points Chase competitors announcing awards ceremony information

Social Media: Facebook page created for the GABT. Also using MMA, KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotions

Banquet Activities

Have had numerous discussions with the marketing and banquet committees and the KCBS staff

We are possibly bringing the Tour Trailer to the banquet so members can see/tour it for the first time if they haven’t seen it in action


Strategic Funds Committee               Candy Weaver


            Progress report on proposed continuing education video project.


Nominating Committee                      Merl Whitebook


Please find the letter which will be sent to all nominees who accept and the notice of nominees.  There are no changes except for dates and explanation of the 5th board seat from last years notice.


On October 1 notice to nominate was posted on most regional or national web site  dedicated to BBQ.  Approximately 15 postings and the KCBS web site.  1 article appeared in the October bullsheet.






 Old/New Business


Tabled from March, 2010:  Carolyn Wells - Review of revisions to the KCBS employee manual.

Carolyn Wells advised that the Human Resources company had failed to deliver the final draft.  The Review was tabled to October, 2010.  See Attached File


Tabled from February, 2010: Carolyn Wells Seal of Approval Criteria to be the basis for awarding the KCBS Seal of Approval for various types of products.

Tabled until October 2010 for presentation.    – No Report


Tabled from July:  Mike Lake – Discussion of response to Cease and Desist letter for infringement of KCBS proprietary property. Discussion of license options with NEBS.  Carolyn advised that the she did not believe our Legal Representatives had sent the appropriate letters.  The matter was tabled until October 2010. See attached file.


Tabled from September:  Mike Budai – a motion to approve funds to produce 1000 program guides covering the trade show, breakout sessions, exhibit demos and classes.  The Board requested quotes for 500-600 programs. – No Report


Tabled from September: Mike Budai - made a motion to Approve his proposal for TOY trophies.

The Board tabled the matter to be referred to the existing KCBS awards committee responsible for TOY trophies, and for further consideration and possible approval.  See attached files


Tabled from Septmber: Mike Budai - made a motion to approve a Volunteer of the Year award to a volunteer. The Board tabled the issue until qualifications were considered and applications/nominations had been approved for publication in the Bullsheet and the KCBS website in compliance with KCBS Board Rules in the event the board considers such an award as appropriate, in the future.  The matter was tabled until the October meeting of the Board for further consideration and presentation in accordance with the KCBS operating rules. – No Report


Tabled from September: Mike Budai - made a recommendation to discuss and approve the location of the 2012 banquet. The Board tabled the issue and referred to the 2012 Banquet committee, to research and advertise for support by BBQ associations in compliance with the Board operating rules..  No Report


Tabled from September: Carol Whitebook - made a motion to remove the meal reimbursement provision for Contest Reps/independent contractors.  The motion was seconded by Wayne Lohman.  The motion was tabled for an interpretation by legal of independent contractors.  See letter from legal.




New Business:

Motion to purchase new truck  Gene Goycochea

Last year during strategic planning, we decided that we needed to replenish the funds that had been depleted from the KCBS Account. We during the last meeting discussed the need to replace the current tour truck while it still had a value and would carefully decide on the new model based on needs and on longevity of use with a more commercial model that would travel with ease, last longer and be more comfortable for the drivers. We have the funds as we anticipated and have the need and I would like to see us follow through with the purchase of the proper equipment.

I feel that we can provide through a major manufacturer a truck that can provide the power to travel east and west over the mountains as well as on occasion provide lodging to the driver/riders a place to sleep if so desired by the operating team onsite at some of their events as well as stop at any truck-stop or on the side of the road when they are tired or out of driving hours..

Medium duty trucks with a small sleeping area and some conveniences of home are available where the operator can be more comfortable, have a place to sit and relax during breaks and have a place to sleep at night with more space, more power and a much more comfortable setting.

I have spoken to the Peters, they are willing to get the simple class B drivers lic. And would do well to be in a larger, more comfortable and safer vehicle.

We need to sell or trade in this old truck while it still has a good value.


I request that this comment be answered by the Board. - Merl Whitebook

To the BOD:


At the Pork and Hops Challenge a team approached me asking if the team across from them had been banded?  I told them I didn’t know but would ask the reps and get back to them.  I did ask and were told they had been reported and it would go to the BOD at the next meeting and at this time no action had been taken against the team in question.


This brings some questions to mind that as a organizer I would like to know the KCBS policy on:


1.      Who is suppose to notify the organizers of any teams that have been banded regardless of why?

2.      If a band team competes that isn’t suppose to who is liable for the difference in prize money if they win any?


It has been rumored that there could be teams competing that have banded and if so we as organizers could be liable and or have to straighten out differences in prize money with KCBS paying the difference.  Please reply to me on this issue for my records so that if this happens this email serves as concern over this matter.




Arlie Bragg


TOY Payout  motion by Candy Weaver:

Proposed for ToY cash awards for 2010 is the following split of $30,000.


GC -- 4000

RGC - 2500

3rd - 1250

4th -  850

5th - 400

6 through 10--  200  Totals up to 10,000


That left $5,000 for each of the 4 categories.  I like this breakdown:


1st -- 1500

2nd --1000

3rd -- 750

4th -- 500

5th -- 250

6 through 10-- 200   That totals to $5000. Times 4 = 20,000


Appropriation for Web Site – Carolyn Wells

Irene Howard believes she can modify the opt in/out functionality for receiving Bullsheet electronically for about $200.  May we proceed?





Our Best of the Best 700 180 100+