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BBQ Tour Stop #24: Lynchburg, TN

November 3, 2010
One of the highlights of our year is ending the BBQ Tour in Lynchburg, TN at the World Invitational BBQ Championship. While the teams either had to have at least “Lucky 7” Grand Championships or have their name drawn in order to be invited, we have no stress other than entertaining the tens of thousands of Jack Daniel’s and BBQ fans who descend onto this quiet little town every October. This year was shaping up especially nice as the forecast called for a beautiful weekend with not a drop of rain expected. Our spot was reserved under the pecan tree, and we loaded in on Wednesday evening in order to have some time to visit with friends we have met along the BBQ trail throughout the year.

Thursday was set-up day, and afterwards, we hit the square for shopping for items like t-shirts and barrelheads. Friday was a day to finish making sure everything was in place for a busy, busy Saturday. Friday afternoon, the teams started lining up to walk through the town square and over to the distillery for the bus ride up to the hill. It was great to see all the international teams proudly waving their country flags and dressing in traditional garb. On the hill, there was a variety of food choices as Primo and Big Jim were cooking Greek food along with a whole hog on a Primo grill. Every time the dome opened to show off the golden brown hog, all kinds of cameras came out as it really was a pretty site. For those wanting a traditional Southern meal, the folks at Jack Daniel’s had it covered with fried chicken, taters and Jack flavored apple dessert. I also had a chance to visit with Master Distiller Jeff Arnett, who was nice enough to sign my hat for me; one more thing to go into my “Jack” display at home.

Saturday morning, we got onsite extra early to prepare enough Weber Gourmet burgers and Kick’n Chicken for the thousands of folks who would descend into the hollar. We weren’t disappointed as folks kept coming up throughout the day. The beautiful weather sure helped attendance, which I saw firsthand at one point during the day when I took a break to run up to the visitor center and take in the Tennessee Squire private party. As I was heading towards the Smoke on Wheels site, I saw five BIG guys walking a turn-in towards the judging area. Due to the crowds, some teams use whistles and bells to let folks know to part the way but it looked like Kim and Andy used an offensive line.

Since this would be the last stop for the Great American BBQ Tour, we decided to go out with a bang and our good friend Jen with Pork Barrel BBQ helped us out by finding us a top cook for our GrillMaster contest. Rod Gray with Pellet Envy was gracious enough to step on stage to take on all comers… OK, maybe just take on one little girl. April had visited with me earlier in the day and when I asked her just how good of a cook she was, she told me that she was a finalist in Paula Deen’s Real Women of Philadelphia Cream Cheese contest which was good enough for me. At the end of the contest, she proved that she could cook a tasty chicken breast also.

At the end of the day, all that was left to do was crown a World Champion. Smokin Lipps got the first call with their World Champion Chicken, Quau captured the Rib category, Smoke on Wheels and their offensive line got the call for Pork, while Mike and Debbie with Lotta Bull notched yet another win on their purty orange Yoder with their World Champion Brisket. After everything was tabulated, our Kingsford Groupies, Mike and Beth of Quau beat out 75 other domestic and international teams and were crowned Jack Daniel’s World Champions for 2010!

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