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KCBS Board of Directors Meeting Agenda, December 08, 2010

December 6, 2010




DECEMBER 8, 2010


Merl Whitebook, Secretary

Public Address (if any) 

Appeal by team under one year suspension and one year probation for cooking with unauthorized heat source. 

Minutes                      Merl Whitebook                    

Approval of the attached Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors, of November 10, 2010, meeting of the Board of Directors. 

Accounting and Financial Committee           Mike Budai                 

The finance committee recommends adopting the attached financial statements for November, 2010.  The finance committee has submitted an advisory budget for 2012. 

Contest Rep Committee                    Carol Whitebook 

1. I make the following motion:  That all board consents based upon a time period (48 or 72 hours typically) be change to that to 2 or 3 work days when the KCBS office is open for business.


2.  Discussion and vote on removal of contest rep who is in violation of board policies.


3.  Discussion and vote regarding acceptance of new contest representatives, who have met all training requirements, as new reps. 

 Philanthropy Committee                    Tana Shupe   

 Attached is the proposed Grant-In-Aid Application that, with the board's approval, will be printed in the January issue of The Bullsheet, along with the article announcing that was previously approved.

 Sanctioning Committee                      Wayne Lohman


1. Contest Name: Clarksberg/Thornbury National Barbeque Championship
Date Requested: 7/16-17/2011
Location: Thornbury/Clarksberg, Ontario, Canada
2. Contest Name: Anchor City Cook Off
Date Requested: 10/7-8/11
Location: Centralia, MO
3. Contest Name: American Legion Triple STAR Post 299 “Pulling for the Post”
Date Requested: 7/22-23/2011
Location: Raymond, IL
4. Contest Name: Up in Smoke on the Square
Date Requested: 8/26-27/2011
Location: Lincoln, IL
5. Contest Name: Monroe County Jam & River Raisin’ Rib Off
Date Requested: 8/26-27/2011
Location: Monroe, MI
6. Contest Name: Stand by Your Grill
Date Requested: 3/11-12/2011
Location: Fulton, MS
7. Contest Name: “I Got Smoked at Westfair”
Date Requested: 7/29-30/2011
Location: Westfair Council Bluffs, IA
1. Contest Name: AZ BBQ Festival
Date Requested: 3/25-26/11
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
2. Contest Name: Keystone Classic Barbeque
Date Requested: 10/7-8/11 Original Date: 10/1-2/10
Location: Harrisburg, PA
3. Contest Name: AR City Smoke-Off 
Date Requested: 1st: 8/26-27  2nd: 9/9-10  3rd: 10/7-8/11
Original Date: 9/3-4/10
Location: Arkansas City, KS
4. Contest Name: Smoke on the Prairie BBQ Contest
Date Requested: 8/5-6/11 Original Date: 8/20-21/10
Location: El Dorado, KS
5. Contest Name: Smokin in the Creek
Date Requested: 4/29-30/11 Original Date: 4/23-24/10
Location: Sugar Creek, MO
6. Contest Name: BBQ at the Summit
Date Requested: 8/12-13/11 Original Date: 8/5-6/10
Location: Dillon, CO
7. Contest Name: Clabber Girl Brickyard BBQ
Date Requested: 7/22-23//11 Original Date: 7/16-17/10
Location: Terre Haute, IN
8. Contest Name: Bayou Boogie
Date Requested: 4/15-16/11 Original Date: 4/30-5/1/10
Location: Covington, LA
9. Contest Name: Mainely Grillin & Chillin BBQ
Date Requested: 8/12-13/11 Original Date: 8/6-7/10
Location: Eliot, ME
10. Contest Name: The Golden Acorn BBQ Fest
Date Requested: 8/12-13/11 Original Date: 11/5-6/10
Location: Campo, CA
11. Contest Name: Polar Bear BBQ Challenge (Invitational)
Date Requested: 2/11-12/11
Location: Hallsville, MO

The Sanctioning Comment recommends the approval of all listed contests in the December New/Change Requests report pending discussion by the Board with the exception of the Harrisburg, PA and Sugar Creek, MO contests.

The Harrisburg, PA contest is 76 miles from the Mt. Airy, MD contest and Sugar Creek, MO is less than 50 miles from Richmond and Belton, MO and Lansing, KS contests.  St. Joseph, MO is 65 miles from Sugar Creek, which, if approved, would give us 5 contests in less than a 75 mile radius.  Belton has requested that we hold their change date request until we take action on Sugar Creek.  Both of these contests may bring up the team density and saturation issue.

We also recommend August 26-27 weekend for the Arkansas City, KS contest, which was their first requested date.

Marketing Committee                       Candy Weaver & Tana Shupe


-          2010 Tour is now complete and trailer / vehicle in storage. Final accounting will be finished this week, and proceeds will be reported/sent to KCBS by the board meeting.
-          We are currently in the process of planning the ideal routing and logistics plans for the 2011 GABT schedule.
-          Truck discussions and research underway, pending tune up and tour 2 possibilities
-          The Rancher’s Reserve Beef Cup events are now complete. Rancher’s Reserve will be participating in the annual KCBS Banquet as a sponsor, where they will award prize money to the winners.

-          Total October sales: $1,338
-          Expansion of the merch line is on hold until KCBS / MMA inventory
iscussions have been completed.
-           Web
-          Advertising sold for October: $1,365
-          Uploaded December Bullsheet
-          Uploaded MP3 of November’s BOD meeting
-          Adding new member items into the site’s navigation
-          Added Tour recaps and other news blurbs as needed
-          Revised KCBSgear.com is complete
-          Added KCBS Facebook Fan page feed to home page
-          Added Banquet registration page
-          Social Media: Facebook page created for the GABT. Also using MMA, KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion.
-          Sent Red Monkey E-blast
-          Working on E-blast for new KCBS merchandise website
-          Continued CBJ

Sponsorship Activities
-          In discussions with several major brands; will update latest info at meeting
-          We expect the 2011 tour to be sold-out by end of December. 

Banquet Activities
-          Will continue working with KCBS staff to facilitate Banquet activities
-          The Banquet sponsorship opportunities are sold-out.
-          Still need feedback from the board on the Music download opportunity - ustom, humorous BBQ songs (which samples were circulated to all board members)
-          The date has been set for Sam’s Club’s private CBJ class in Bentonville: December 17. Currently working on accompanying presentation. 

2010 - 25th Banquet and Annual Meeting Committee   Paul Kirk                    No Report

 Education Committee                                            Paul Kirk                    No Report

 Rules Committee                               Candy Weaver                      

 Working on Rules presentation for January's Rules Meeting.  Final suggested revisions to the rules will be compiled with the other five responses.  Out of twelve head cooks asked, six gave responses.  A questionnaire will be prepared for attendees to complete which will correlate to the presentation.  This information will be compiled and presented to 2011 president for next year's Rules Committee

 CBJ Committee                                 Ed Roith                    


A certified judge has asked that the Board consider giving partial credit as a

judge when this judge has been asked by the contest to be a table captain. The

request was based on the partial credit we give to a judge having to judge the

backyard contest. A similar type program would be appreciated. As this is my

last month as chairman


New Ideas Committee           Merl Whitebook


1.  Determination on the appropriate board reaction and or action when the rules of the board are not followed or there is a series breach of ethical conduct which affects the ability of the Board to properly function.

 In May the Board passed the following board rule as to “any intended e-mail blast sent by MMA for KCBS or by KCBS, the e-mail blast must be submitted in advance to all members of the Board for comment.  The members will have 48 hours to comment.  Should there be an objection by any member of the board, then the executive director and the president will direct how the e-mail blast will be handled.”

 In June an e-blast was sent out where Marketing committee co-chairperson of the marketing committee approved an e-blast without notifying the Board.

 On 6/23/2010 11:44 PM, Tana Shupe wrote:

“I agree with Candy, and maybe Carolyn can confirm this.  I can't imagine why the entire board would need to see it unless, for some reason, they need to approve the expense ... and I believe that is already covered.

Great job, Julie!”
:) Tana


In November an e-blast was sent our where Candy Weaver co chairperson of the marketing committee approved an e-blast over the objection of two members of the Board, and without submitting to executive director and president to authorize, modify or reject.


On 11/29/2010 12:58 p.m., Candy Weaver wrote:
“Why would this be an agenda item?  Why further board approval?  Your objection and Gene's objection and Carol's timing objections were the only concerns.  I released the e-blast based on only three objections and one of those was a timing objection, not content driven.  More positives than negatives, e-blast approved and in process of being sent now.

 Should Carol want to add a timing of notifications change, that would be her call.



In May a member of the Board kept material information from the Board where the Board was making a substantial financial sponsorship in the event involved.


On 5/12/2010 11:26 a.m. Tana Shupe wrote:

“My contact with Helen Brett emailed to let me know she has been on vacation ... and that she was just told that Helen Brett will not be involved in the Louisiana Tailgate & BBQ Festival.  I asked her if she could share with me why they will not be and am waiting for her reply, but wanted to let you know because it does concern me since the website and Enthused Partners have published that there will be plenty of vendors, etc.  Maybe I'm just panicking, but wanted to keep you updated.  I'll be back in touch if I hear from Leane again.  For the present, however, I don't want to share this with the board.

:) Tana


What should be the proper response by the Board?  We should have a policy of understanding of an appropriate response, by the Board of Directors when members of Board actions’ are contrary to the rules and policies of the Board of Director.  I request the board to further discuss the appropriate response by the Board.


2. New Ideas has modified the contestant critique and the organizer critique.  The major emphasis was to make all three critiques use the same terminology.  Please review the attached critiques.


3.  I hereby move that the rules concerning the signing of “Certified Judge Contest Verification Record be limited to the following, (without exceptions or special circumstances.)  I have been told by CBJ’s that many Contest Reps apply the present rules and exceptions in a different manner.  Therefore the rule should read:


Whenever a CBJ serves as a Judge or a Table captain at a KCBS contest, where they participate in all four of the KCBS meat categories, (Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork, and Brisket) then the Contest Rep is authorized to sign their book for a single credit.”


This will reduce confusion and end request of special permission by contests or CBJ’s for credits.


Membership Committee                    Gene Goycochea        No Report


Technology Committee                      Don Harwell  


Created MP3 of November board meeting for posting on our web site.
Completed Testing Member’s Profile and Election information page on WEB


Contest Program
Have received three responses for RFP  after it was reopened
RFP’s reviews in final stage.

Members call-in
No updates or changes of how members call into the meetings have been made as of yet.  Would like from members, if someone know a free way for KCBS and member to use a phone to call into the board meeting please email dharwell@kcbs.us


 In order to assist members who have had trouble in the past getting their username and passwords to vote, members will be able to go to our web site and retrieve their username/password if needed.  Article by Merl and I will be on Web and Bullsheet to aid members on how to vote.


Along with the election of candidates, the voters will be surveyed on their opinion on two questions.  


Question 1:
Do you believe that related person should be allowed to serve on the board of directors of KCBS, at the same time?  Yes or No


Question 2.
I would support the change in KCBS that would require some Board Members to be elected by regions.   Yes I support this statement   or   No I do not support this statement

For Closed Section of Board:

non – Committee related:
Continued from last month
Compensation for volunteer
Selection for the 2010 “Gary Wells’ Sportsman Award”


Special Committee to review Board Member’s actions:

Committee is in review of documents to see if a motion to censure should take place, as the conduct of a member of the Board. 

Contests Past             The Board reviews past contests.

 4th Annual Sun City Festival BBQ Cook-Off
Plant City Pig Jam
Bandits BBQ Shootout
Christmas on the River
Get Your Pig On

Strategic Funds Committee               Candy Weaver                       No Report


Nominating Committee                      Merl Whitebook


The Kansas City Barbeque Society 2011 election for members of the Board of Directors begins on January 3, 2011 and ends on January 13, 2011. 

This year there are four - three year terms to be filled, and one - two year unfulfilled term.

You will be able to vote for up to four candidates, the open two year unfulfilled seat will be filled by the candidate receiving fifth place in the voting.  

The election will be conducted by ElectionsOnline, paper ballots may be requested from the KCBS office. 

The winners of the board seats, will be announced during the annual banquet in Kansas City, KS, on January 15, 2011

The candidates certified by the nominating committee to run for a position as a Director of Kansas City Barbeque Society this election are:


Candidate                                 City/State

Ford Alison                              Sparta, MI
Sonny Ashford                        Plattsmouth, NE
Randy Bigler                             Huntsville, AL
Arlie Bragg                                Mt. Juliet, TN
Mike Budai                                Olathe, KS
Thom Emery                             Thousand Palms, CA
John Kirby                                Baltimore, MD
Scott Kuklin                              Simi Valley, CA
Dale Newstrom                        Carterville, IL
Tana Shupe                               Tullahoma, TN
Mark Simmons                        Independence, MO
Jim Stancil                                Oxford, GA


On January the 3rd, each member in good standing will receive an email on how to vote. 

Should any member have a problem receiving their voting information by email on January 3rd, assistance can be found on our web site www.KCBS.US

  1. Go to www.KCBS.US
    to Member Sign In  (at top of Home Page)
    LoginAfter you are logged in, Click “Resources”  (beside Shop KCBS)  
    Under Resources, click “My Profile”.
    Review your email address(very importance) and your profile information

  2. If your profile needs to be updated, contact the KCBS office.

  3. For election information Click the:

Click here to have your election username & password emailed to the email address”

Your election username and password is not valid until 01/03/2011.

  1. Usernames and passwords are in testing now and only starting January the 3rd will your correct username and password be available.

Should you have other issues in the voting process or require additional election assistance, please contact us at election@kcbs.us 

Merl Whitebook                                       Don Harwell                                        
Nominating Committee                         Election Committee

 Old/New Business

 Tabled from July:  Mike Lake – Discussion of response to Cease and Desist letter for infringement of KCBS proprietary property. Discussion of license options with NEBS.  Carolyn advised that the she did not believe our Legal Representatives had sent the appropriate letters.  The matter was tabled until November 2010 for a conference all with legal over intellectual property issues.

 Tabled from October:  Gene Goycochea – Motion to purchase new truck.  A Committee is to be formed  and appointed by Mike Lake to research the cost and projections of purchasing a replacement truck for the KCBS Great American BBQ Tour.  Report by committee to be presented to the Board at the November 2010 meeting with consideration of motion.

 Tabled from November:  Merl Whitebook
Request of Mike Budai Treasurer for a report as to the expenses associated with sponsors at the 2011 banquet, as required by contract.


Tabled from November:   Candy Weaver: 
Discussion of request by Wired Barbeque (http://www.wiredbbq.com) requesting permission to do a live webcast at the Banquet.  Their webcast of the 2010 Jack was quite successful and sparked much web interest in the activities in Lynchburg.


New Business:

Motion by Candy Weaver 

Since there will be at least 25% of the board next year being newly elected board members, I would like to propose the following motion:

KCBS Secretary compile a list of working rules (rules enacted at board meetings, not contained in Bylaws), referenced with the date of enactment of each.  This list will be added to on a quarterly basis in the future. 



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