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FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
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Agenda for General Meeting of the Board 1-14-10

January 12, 2011




JANUARY 14, 2011


Public Address (if any)

 Minutes                      Merl Whitebook                   

 Approval of the attached Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors, of December 8, 2010 and the special meeting of December 20, 2010, meeting of the Board of Directors.

 Accounting and Financial Committee           Mike Budai               

 The finance committee recommends adopting the attached financial statements for December, 2010.

 2010 - 25th Banquet and Annual Meeting Committee         Paul Kirk                    No Report

 Education Committee                           Paul Kirk                    No Report

 Membership Committee                    Gene Goycochea       

 The following information on membership for KCBS was compiled by Dawn in the office, it is my understanding that she will be working on a new project for membership retention this new year, members are often not renewing after a first year membership as a result of becoming a CBJ, she will be calling members to remind them to pay their dues and remain a current judge. You can see that membership rises each year however, we lose a large percentage of past membership……we increase with new members by approximately 480 members per month and have a loss of existing members in the average amount of 250 members a month, this is an average increase of approx.. 250 members per month overall with loss and gain combined.


               2009      2010      Difference           %
Jan         517        604        87           17%
Feb         829        804        -25         -3%
Mar        1030      1005      -25         -2%
Apr         755        944        189        25%
May       681        696        15           2%
Jun         670        696        26           4%
Jul          542        615        73           13%
Aug        462        567        105        23%
Sep         394        553        159        40%
Oct         415        528        113        27%
Nov        509        490        -19         -4%
Dec        510        572        62           12%
TOTAL   7314      8074      760        10%                                                         

New Members                                

               2009      2010                    

Jan         *             486                      
Feb         *             892                      
Mar        *             796                      
Apr         *             652                      
May       *             553                      
Jun         *             470                      
Jul          *             405                      
Aug        *             509                      
Sep         *             296                      
Oct         *             243                      
Nov        *             311                      
Dec        *             179                      
TOTAL   *             5792                    

Technology Committee                      Don Harwell  



Created MP3 of December board meeting for posting on our web site.
A member’s profile view option is now in place.
Next step is to add an edit feature, so members can edit their profiles
Contest Program
Have received three responses for RFP after it was reopened RFP is now closed and all proposals have been review. 
A company has been selected and will be announced at Board meeting.

Members call-in
No updates how members call into the meetings have been made. 
Election started January 3rd  and all is working as planned
The results will provided at the banquet
MMA Contract:
The Special Contract Committee has met several times both internal and with MMA.  Proposed contract is with KCBS legal.
Special Committee to review Board Member’s actions:
Committee is in review of documents to see if a motion to censure should take place.  

Philanthropy Committee                    Tana Shupe   

The KCBS Grant-in-Aid application and accompanying announcement are in the January issue of The Bullsheet and will be confirmed at the Annual Meeting Banquet.

I have also received an email from Lynne Lupinelli, widow of Butch Lupinelli of Butch's Smack Your Lips BBQ team, informing us that that, in 2011, they will be offering a grant of $1,000 to a child of a member of KCBS.  Most of the requirements for this grant are the same as what KCBS is offering, but the Lupinelli family will be selecting this recipient.  I would like the board's approval to mention this grant when we confirm the KCBS grants during the banquet.

A announcement about this grant that is attached, and I request that the board allow the application to be placed in February's issue of The Bullsheet without charge to the Lupinelli family.

Strategic Funds Committee               Candy Weaver

Several weeks ago, I posted a request for KCBS members to suggest ideas for the use of Strategic Funds.  Below is a list of the ideas received, sorted by the board committee to which it relates.

Technology:      Develop an online forum for KCBS members

            Fund development  of new scoring software,  tracking software for judges
            Hire an IT person or company to handle database and web issues in house as needed
Contests:          Drop KCBS sanctioning fees, continue paying rep expenses            Provide co-op funds to organizers to underwrite public  marketing events at contest
            GABT should pay organizers for the space they occupy at the event            Purchase the free entries for the banquet drawing to help organizers cover cost
            Develop way to waive/reduce sanctioning costs for new or small contests
Philanthropy:     Start a sponsor-funded National Senior Q program
            Partner with a nationwide charity to distribute food to the needy
Judges:             Start a Judge’s Award program, beyond the Master CBJ            Develop judge continuing education program online
Marketing:        Redesign the BullSheet, upgrade the content
            Hire an in-house marketing person
Membership:    Figure out methods for member retention
            Start a program for  teams to mentor new BBQ cooks.
Miscellaneous:  Build a building to house KCBS offices and the BBQ Hall of Fame
Resist temptation to spend money on buildings or vehicles, use it to make the core business of KCBS better and help all members.  Spend money on things that will grow KCBS in the future
I move that the ideas on the list above be forwarded to the chairs of the specific committees for 2011 for further development.

Contests Past             The Board reviews past contests.

Tom's Farm Wild West BBQ (1)                                     Wildomar, CA
 12/30/2010            12/31/2010
Tom's Farm Wild West BBQ (2)                                     Wildomar, CA  12/31/2010            01/01/2011

Sanctioning Committee                      Wayne Lohman


1. Contest Name: Belleville Rotary Dadfest at Eckerts (received 12/1/10) 

Date Requested: 6/17-18/2011 Location: Belleville, IL

2. Contest Name: TBD (received 12/1/10)

Date Requested: 9/23-24/11 Location: Dana Point, CA

3. Contest Name: Rock-n-Ribfest (received 12/2/10)

Date Requested: 10/8-9/2011 Location: Palmerton, PA

4. Contest Name: 30th Annual Show-Me State Championship (received 12/6/10)

Date Requested: 4/22-23/2011 Location: Kennett, MO

5. Contest Name: Oktoberfest Bar-B-Q Challenge (received 12/7/10)

Date Requested: 10/7-8/2011 Location: Cullman, AL

6. Contest Name: The Lexington BBQ Battle (received 12/7/10)

Date Requested: 4/16-17/2011 Location: Lexington, MA

7. Contest Name: Canterbury Park State BBQ Contest (received 12/9/10)

Date Requested: 6/10-11/2011 Location: Shakopee, MN

8. Contest Name: Pala’s Buffalo Ranch BBQ (received 12/13/10)

Date Requested: 4/1-2/2011 Location: Pala, CA

9. Contest Name: Brentwood PAL Presents “Blues, Brews & BBQ” at The Streets (received 12/13/10)

Date Requested: 5/27-28/2011 Location: Brentwood, CA

10. Contest Name: TBD (received 12/15/10)

Date Requested: 10/28-29/11 Location: Gastonia, NC

11. Contest Name: Heart of Kentucky Bourbon & BBQ Musicfest (received 12/20/10)

Date Requested: 5/20-21/2011 Location: Lebanon, KY

12. Contest Name: U.S. Open BBQ Championship (received 12/23/10)

Date Requested: 9/9-10/2011  Location: Sparta, IL

13. Contest Name: Cars, Blues & BBQ (received 12/29/10)

Date Requested: 6/24-25/2011 Location: Alton, IL

15. Contest Name: All American (received 1/3/11)

Date Requested: 7/2-3/2011 Location: Rancho Cordova, CA


1. Contest Name: Cattleman’s Ozark BBQ Challenge (received 12/1/10)

Date Requested: 9/16-17/11 Original Date: 4/30-5/1/10

Location: Springfield, MO

2. Contest Name: Richmond Mushroom Festival BBQ Contest (received 12/1//10)

Date Requested: 5/6-7/11 Original Date: 4/30-5/1/11

Location: Richmond, MO

3. Contest Name: Belton Heritage BBQ Contest  (received 12/1/10)

Date Requested: 5/6-7/11 Original Date: 4/30-5/1/10

Location: Belton, MO

4. Contest Name: Way Out West BBQ Championship (received 12/8/10)

Date Requested: 5/20-21/11 Original Date: 7/3-4/10

Location: Stockton, CA

5. Contest Name: Bloomin’ BBQ & Bluegrass (received 12/13/10)

Date Requested: 5/20-21/11 Original Date: 5/14-15/10

Location: Sevierville, TN

6. Contest Name: Minnesota in May (received 12/13/10)

Date Requested: 5/20-21/11 Original Date: 5/13-14/10

Location: Fairbault, MN

7. Contest Name: Pigs & Peaches BBQ Festival (received 12/20/10)

Date Requested: 8/26-27/2011 Original Date: 8/20-21/10

Location: Kennesaw, GA

8. Contest Name: Best Buckin BBQ Cookoff (received 12/20/10)

Date Requested: 4/29-30/2011  Original Date: 4/23-24/10

Location: Athens, AL

9. Contest Name: Kick-Off Cookoff (received 12/20/10)

Date Requested: 4/29-30/11 Original Date: 4/23-24/10

Location: Hazelwood, MO

10. Contest Name: Bricks, Broncs & BBQ (received 12/28/10)

Date Requested: 8/26-27/11 Original Date: 10/8-9/10

Location: Russell, KS

11. Contest Name: Sikeston Area Chamber of Commerce Redneck Barbeque (received 12/28/10)

Date Requested: 4/15-16/11 Original Date: 4/9-10/10

Location: Sikeston, MO

12. Contest Name: Apple Blossom BBQ Contest (received 1/3/11)

Date Requested: 5/6-7/11 Original Date: 4/30-5/1/10

Location: St. Joseph, MO

13. Contest Name: Midwest BBQ Throwdown (received 1/3/11)

Date Requested: 6/17-18/11 Original Date: 8/20-21/11

Location: Mt. Morris, MI

14. Contest Name: Stagecoach Music Festival BBQ Challenge (received 1/4/11)

Date Requested: 4/30-5/1/11 Original Date: 4/23-25/11

Location: Indio, CA


1. Contest Name: Stand by Your Grill (received 11/23/10)

Date Requested: 3/11-12/2011 Location: Fulton, MS


1. Contest Name: Golden City Rockn’ Blues & BBQ State Championship (received 12/17/10)

Date Requested: 10/7-8/2011 Location: Golden City, MO

2. Contest Name: North Platte Honky Tonk Barbecue Festival (received 12/20/10)

Date Requested: 5/6-7/11 Location: North Platte, NE

3. Contest Name: Riverside BBQ Classic (received 12/20/10)

Date Requested: 7/29-30/11 Location: Iola, KS

4. Contest Name: Capital City Cookoff (received 12/20/10)

Date Requested: 4/15-16/11 Location: Jefferson City, MO

5. Contest Name: SC Festival of Discovery (received 12/23/10)

Date Requested: 7/8-9/11 Location: Greenwood, SC

6. Contest Name: Papa Joe’s Banjo-B-Que (received 12/23/10)

Date Requested: 5/27-28/11 Location: North Augusta, SC

7. Contest Name: Great Lenexa BBQ Battle/KS State Championship (received 12/23/10)

Date Requested: 6/24-25/11 Location: Lenexa, KS

8. Contest Name: Battle of the Brisket (received 12/23/10)

Date Requested: 9/16-17/11 Location: Mission, KS

9. Contest Name: The Original SD BBQ Championships (received 12/23/10)

Date Requested: 6/3-4/11 Location: Huron, SD

10. Contest Name: Smokin in the Oaks BBQ Championship (received 12/28/10)

Date Requested: 6/3-4/11 Location: Penn Valley, CA

11. Contest Name: Brockport BBQ & Music Fest (received 12/28/10)

Date Requested: 7/29-30/11 Location: Brockport, NY

12. Contest Name: Smokin in Mesquite BBQ Championship (received 12/29/10)

Date Requested: 9/2-4/11 Location: Mesquite, NV

13. Contest Name: Best Dam BBQ Cookoff (received 12/29/10)

Date Requested: 7/1-2/11 Location: Benton/West City, IL

14. Contest Name: Windsor September Cookoff (received 12/30/10)

Date Requested: 9/2-3/11 Location: Windsor, MO

15. Contest Name: Troy Pig Out (received 1/3/11)

Date Requested: 7/16-17/11 Sat/Sun Location: Troy, NY

16. Contest Name: Smoketoberfest BBQ Challenge (received 1/3/11)

Date Requested: 10/14-15/11  Location: Chambersburg, PA

17. Contest Name: Desoto Shrine Club 3rd Annual 2011 BBQ Cookoff (received 1/3/11)

Date Requested: 6/10-11/11  Location: Hernando, MS

18. Contest Name: Wabash Ribber Fest (received 1/3/11)

Date Requested: 9/9-10/11  Location: Mt. Carmel, IL

19. Contest Name: Ribapalooza (received 1/3/11)

Date Requested: 6/17-18/11  Location: Sauk Rapids, MN

20. Contest Name: State Center Rose Festival BBQ Championship (received 1/3/11)

Date Requested: 6/17-18/11  Location: State Center, IA

21. Contest Name: Hog Wild in Corinth BBQ Contest (received 1/3/11)

Date Requested: 9/30-10/1/11  Location: Corinth, MS

22. Contest Name: 19th Annual Cape Girardeau Jaycee BBQ Fest (received 1/3/11)

Date Requested: 8/26-27/11  Location: Cape Girardeau, MO

23. Contest Name: Smokin’ on Oak (received 1/4/11)

Date Requested: 8/26-27/11 Location: Bonner Springs, KS

24. Contest Name: International Goat Days Barbecue Bash (received 1/4/11)

Date Requested: 9/9-10/11  Location: Millington, TN


Executive session to discuss a Sam’s Club series of contest.


The Sanctioning Committee recommends approval of all listed contests in the January New/Change Requests report with the exception of the Palmerton, PA contest, which could be in conflict with the Harrisburg, PA contest on the same weekend.  We recommend that his contest be tabled for an alternate date.


Tabled Contests: 

Scottsdale, AZ has submitted letters of prize guarantee and insurance.

Fulton, MS has selected an alternate date of March 11, which is not in conflict with any other contests on Aug. 19-20.

Penn Valley, CA contest has replaced contest awards after the contracted company went bankrupt.

 CBJ Committee                           Ed Roith                                 No Report


New Ideas Committee   Merl Whitebook               No Report

Marketing Committee                       Candy Weaver & Tana Shupe


2010 Tour successful and proceeds sent to KCBS

2011 Tour stops and sponsors to be announced at Jan board meeting and then banquet dinner

Still pursuing sponsors for a 2nd Tour; but right now focused on all final negotiations/details of Tour 1

Need to have Board dialogue about Tour truck options; will need to make decision by end of Feb


Record sales in December: $6,588

Adding and offering a 25th anniversary tee-shirt, which will be available at the Banquet first and then online


Advertising sold for December: $1,665

Uploaded January Bullsheet

Uploaded MP3 of December’s BOD meeting

Finalizing online Rep, Contestant, and Organizer Critique forms

Added Tour recaps and other news blurbs as needed

Added the credit card design contest and web banner; almost 50 entries

TOY CMS prepared for 2011

2011 Rules and Regulations added to website

Updated KCBS membership numbers in all instances (from 10,000 to 14,000)


Social Media: Facebook page created for the GABT. Also using MMA, KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion.

Sent KCBS Credit Card Design Contest E-blast

Sponsorship Activities

Continue to engage and work with possible sponsors on numerous fronts

Several partners of KCBS will be launching programs in 2011 that will be offered (and beneficial) to individual event directors. Will discuss a few at the board meeting and then in the marketing session at the banquet.

Banquet Activities

Continuing coordination and support of KCBS staff to facilitate Banquet activities

The Banquet sponsorship opportunities are sold-out.

Created Banquet banners, directional signage, large checks for TOY presentation, and program with Trade Show information


Sam’s Club’s private CBJ class in Bentonville went well; KCBS gave Sam’s execs and employees a truly special experience

Should have more info about the Sam’s BBQ Series for 2011 by the January board meeting; will update at that time


Contest Rep Committee                    Carol Whitebook


a.   The following list of questions was submitted to the KCBS attorneys for the 2011 Rep Session to be held on January 15, 2011 from 1:30 – 3 p.m. in the Empire Room at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center.


1.  Should reps receive an annual evaluation?

2.  Can a rep be dropped without cause?

3.  Can a rep’s heirs be held liable for any monetary issues the rep can’t handle?

4.  Can a rep now solicit contests from an organizer?  (FYI:  there is a current advisory that states a rep cannot do this or they will receive discipline from the board)

5.  Do the attorneys recommend all reps sign a contract and if so, what content do they recommend is included?

6.  Will reps be held accountable for righting wrong results when human error occurs?

7.  Are contest reps insured from injury should they get hurt while on duty? 

8.  Is probation and retraining appropriate or is termination the only option for independent contractors?

9.  Can a terminated rep appeal?

10.  If retraining is allowed, who covers the cost?

11.  How restrictive can the Board be in setting rules for an independent contractor if the end user, the organizer, is completely satisfies with the outcome of the BBQ event?

12.  Would the answer for #11 make any difference if cooks weren’t satisfied due to inconsistencies compared to other contests across the nation, as they are customers as well.

13.  As Independent Contractors are we responsible for our own taxes and will that continue?

14.  Does the Rep Committee control firing a rep?  Will they be given a chance to share their side of the issue with the board prior to removal?  (Currently, information from all sides is gathered and the board discusses in executive session.  Currently a rep would receive 30 days to appeal; however, above, another question asks if that is how we should be conducting business w/ contract laborers)

15.  How often will advisories be altered?  Would attorneys suggest they be unchanged until an advisory meeting similar to a rule’s meeting.
16.  Will the rep committee still have the authority to call an organizer without the knowledge of the rep that is assigned to a contest?

b.  All critiques, the rep and contest invoices have been updated and added to the Yahoo site.  The online rep critique (KCBS website) will soon have a print function and automatically be submitted to KCBS along with giving the rep a hardcopy for records.

c.  The two 2010 advisories will be updated and posted in the rep manual for the next rep chair to obtain and proceed as desired.

d.  Discussion and vote to implement independent contract agreement submitted by legal to apply to all reps beginning January 2011.


Rules Committee                               Candy Weaver                      

The following changes to the rules for Team of the Year for the 2011 calendar year, are proposed.  These will go into effect immediately.

1.   In order to prevent a tie in the top 20 positions, the following procedures be applied.  Look at the place scores of the contests of each tied team.  The team with the most 1st place scores is the winner.  If this does not break the tie, look to the eleventh contest cooked by the tied teams.  This contest score will be factored in with the other ten contest scores.  Should this not break the tie, continue with contest 12.  Should a team not have cooked more than 10 contests, a zero will be input for the tiebreaking contest.

2.   For Team of the Year purposes, a team shall be identified in the records of KCBS by name and head cook KCBS member number(s).  Should a registered head cook not be present at a contest, that contest will not count towards team of the year points for that team.  In the case of teams with multiple head cooks, those membership numbers will be associated with that particular team name and the above will not apply. 

3.  For Team of the Year purposes, the last contest of any year to qualify for points for that year will be held on the third weekend of December.

Old/New Business

Tabled from July:  Mike Lake – Discussion of response to Cease and Desist letter for infringement of KCBS proprietary property. Discussion of license options with NEBS.  Carolyn advised that the she did not believe our Legal Representatives had sent the appropriate letters.  The matter was tabled until January 2011 for a conference all with legal over intellectual property issues.

Tabled from October:  Gene Goycochea – Motion to purchase new truck.  A Committee is to be formed  and appointed by Mike Lake to research the cost and projections of purchasing a replacement truck for the KCBS Great American BBQ Tour.  Report by committee to be presented to the Board at the January 2011 meeting with consideration of motion.

Tabled from January 11, 2011 special meeting of the board: Candy Weaver -. Motion to approve KCBS official soda program for Big Red.

New Business:

Motion by Candy Weaver

I move that the Board of Directors of KCBS opens each meeting with a recital of the mission statement. 

Motion by Mike Budai

I move to approve and award the top credit card designs for the KCBS credit card program. 

Appeal by Contest Representative from action by the Board of Directors.

Our Best of the Best 700 180 100+