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Quick Notes Special Meeting February 21, 2011

February 23, 2011



FEBRUARY 21, 2011

 Meeting called to order at 7:03 p.m. by President Candy Weaver.  Members present:  Candy Weaver, Don Harwell, Tana Shupe, Mike Budai, Arlie Bragg, Wayne Lohman, Randy Bigler, Mark Simmons, Merl Whitebook, Gene Goycochea, Mike Lake, Paul Kirk, Executive Director Carolyn Wells.  Mike McCloud

 1.  Sam's BBQ Series - Upon information and advice from the KCBS attorney, the ad hoc committee for this project recommended that this series be facilitated by MMA who will handle the hiring of Event Directors and process all monies for the series.  Pending timely approval from the board, MMA will send an eblast to organizers advertising the positions and the KCBS office will assign contest reps in the usual manner.

 Merl Whitebook mde the following motion, seconded by Paul Kirk. For the purposes of KCBS sanctioning and the KCBS Team of the Year program, a contest is considered to be a sanctioned open contest if one of the following requirements are met:

1.  The contest is open to all competition teams, subject to space and other safety concerns, or

2.  The contest is open to all KCBS members' competition teams, subject to space and other safety concerns.

All contests which meet these descriptions can be sanctioned as a traditional KCBS contests.  This however, does not change the status of a "state championship", and KCBS does not infer that any contest will be a "qualifier" for purposes of other contests, which may invite teams to their contests and apply their own rules and requirements for entry.

Vote was unanimous in favor of the motion; motion passed.

  2.  Appointment of Committees

 President Weaver presented the following appointments to committees, with (1) being the chairperson, and (1) the sub-chair:

 1-Mike Budai, 2-Mark Simmons -- Finance

1-Mark Simmons, 2-Randy Bigler -- Contest Representatives

1-Merl Whitebook, 2-Randy Bigler -- Nominating

1-Don Harwell, 2-Mike Budai -- Elections

1-Paul Kirk, 2-Tana Shupe -- Education

1-Tana Shupe, 2-Gene Goycochea -- Marketing

1-Gene Goycochea, 2-Mike Lake -- Membership

1-Randy Bigler, 2-Arlie Bragg -- Rules

1-Wayne Lohman, 2-Mike Budai -- Sanctioning & Mentoring

1-Don Harwell, 2-Mike Budai --Technology

1-Don Harwell, 2-Mark Simmons  -- Strategic Planning;  Wayne Lohman & Merl       Whitebook will also serve on this committee in advisory positions

1-Mike Lake, 2-Randy Bigler -- CBJ’s & Judging ; Gene Goycochea will also serve on          this committee as a liason for the western region of the U.S.

1-Arlie Bragg, 2-Paul Kirk -- Philanthropy

Merl Whitebook motioned that these assignments be tabled, seconded by Don Harwell, and a roll call vote was requested.

(2) Ayes:  Harwell, Whitebook

(9) Nays:  Budai, Lohman, Simmons, Goycochea, Kirk, Shupe, Bragg, Bigler, Lake

Motion failed.

 Candy Weaver motioned that the assignments be approved, seconded by Randy Bigler.  Ten (10) ayes, (1) abstain; motion passed..

 3.  Acceptance of Revised Mission Statement

Mike Budai made a motion, seconded by Don Harwell that KCBS adopts the following mission statement:

 Recognizing barbeque as America's Cuisine, the Mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.

 Motion passed unanimously.

 4.  Proposed Rules Survey - After lengthy discussion, a motion was made by Arlie Bragg, seconded by Randy Bigler to defer this project to the newly appointed Rules Committee.  Motion passed unanimously.

 5.  Consideration of Stockton Decision

 After reconsideration of the decision to deny sanctioning of a contest in Stockton, CA, Arlie Bragg made a motion, seconded by Randy Bigler that we stand by the original decision to deny sanctioning, made at the February Board Meeting.  A roll call vote was requested.

(5) Ayes: Harwell, Bragg, Bigler, Whitebook, Kirk

(6) Nays: Budai, Lohman, Simmons, Lake, Shupe, Weaver

(1) Abstain:  Goycochea

With a tie vote of 5-5, President Weaver cast a no vote; motion failed.

 Paul Kirk made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Merl Whitebook.  After a lengthy discussion, a roll call vote was requested.  The motion failed (4) Ayes (7) Nays.

 At this time further discussion was then held concerning the Stockton, CA contest.  After lengthy discussion a motion to adjourn was made by Paul Kirk at 8:58, seconded by Merl Whitebook.  Motion passed.

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