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FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
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March 9, 2011




March 9, 2011



Public Address (if any)


Recitation of KCBS Mission Statement and Board Pledge (see below for your convenience):

Mission Statement:   Recognizing barbeque as America's cuisine, the Mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.


Board Pledge:  I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS Mission so that truth, justice, and excellence in BBQ and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.


Minutes:  Tana Shupe - Asks for approval of the attached Minutes of the February 11-12, 2011 BOD meeting and attached  Minutes of the February 21, 2011 meeting.


MARKETING -  Tana Shupe & Gene Goycochea:


MMA/KCBS Marketing Report

February 2011


-          Beginning 2011 Tour branding and creative production; finalizing logistics plans for the 2011 schedule

-          Working with partners to establish printing and shipping schedules

-          Will be making decisions on the Tour truck this month

Sam’s Club BBQ Series:

-          Working with Sam’s Club and the board to finalize the 2011 rules and regulations

-          Sam’s Club BBQ Series web component currently in production


-          Total January sales: $3,583

-          25th Anniversary T-shirt now available for online purchase


-          Advertising sold for January: $1,267

-          Uploaded February Bullsheet

-          Uploaded MP3 of January’s BOD meeting

-          Completed Rep critique form coding

-          Created photo gallery to view credit card contest entries; announced winners on website

-          Designed merchandise graphic to replace GABT image on home page; linked to KCBS Gear site

-          Updated the Team Bios page to be more user-friendly

-          Created the Banquet News page with photo sharing capability

-          Uploaded the Marketing Boot Camp PowerPoint for event organizers

-          Added the 25th Anniversary logo to the home page

-          Uploaded MP3 of Rep Meeting

-          Updated and continue to manage the Links page

-          Updated TOY for 2011


-          Social Media: Using MMA, KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

-          Sent KCBS 25th Anniversary T-shirt e-blast

Sponsorship Activities

-          Announced 2011 partners and programs at the 25th Anniversary Banquet

-          Working with partners on 2011 program logistics; will release as possible

-          Kingsford has selected the 25 events; we are currently working on 2011 rules

Banquet Activities:

-          Complete recap of Banquet weekend on website

-          Gathering feedback from Trade Show exhibitors to ensure sponsor satisfaction and for future planning


-          Need to discuss the Event Director process for Sam’s BBQ Series

-          Need to discuss contest organizers’ request of eblasting teams/judges (using an opt-in process on the web)

-          Will need approval soon on EZ Grill and Big Red eblasts


FINANCE - Mike Budai & Mark Simmons:  The Finance Committee recommends adopting the attached financial statements


RULES - Randy Bigler & Arlie Bragg:   The rules committee is continuing to look at the rule changes that were brought up at the 21 Feb 2011 meeting.


EDUCATION - Paul Kirk & Tana Shupe:   Our goal for 2011 is to develop a barbecue program for teenagers (junior and high school) without all of the unnecessary local politics encountered in the past, asking board members and members of KCBS for suggestions on how best to set this up and keep it going in schools.  Consideration of needs include an adult sponsor, director, teacher, or parent, and a local sponsor (i.e. bank, insurance agency, etc.).  The program would be promoted as a drug-free environment and all students who are interested in learning to barbecue would be welcomed.


CBJ'S & JUDGING - Mike Lake & Randy Bigler: 

In addition the activity report, I would like to bring it to the attention of the board, that it is the consensus of our Instructors and I realize that their feeling might be “slightly” biased that we currently do not need any more instructors at this time.  If you take time to analyze where our instructors are and the area that they cover, I think you can see why they feel this way.  Many now feel that they are underutilized.


In due consideration – perhaps two areas are open for discussion the Mid-Atlantic and a question mark for Northern California,


In reference to CBJ classes and the power point presentation – I am using it and am quite please with the results.  There may still be some refinements that I would like to see, but it is a “helluva” lot better than what we had.


In that regard, I would like to make a motion: that all instructors who wish to purchase or have their own projector be reimbursed at the rate of $50.00 per class for a maximum or 6 or 8 classes at which time the cost of the projector would be recovered.  Obviously discussion is welcome.  For those in the immediate KC area they could opt to use a projector from the office.


Continuing education for judges – recommendation pending further committee investigation.




























































PHILANTHROPY - Arlie Bragg & Paul Kirk: 

  1. Been sent the Forms for Grant in Aid along with the Grant Applications to be sent out if requested.
  2. It has been requested to look into sending out an email blast to members concerning these grants.

3.  Have received an application for a Grant in Aid from a Lauren E. Coleman, daughter of John and Betsy Masters, (KCBS member # 5316) to be reviewed



CONTEST REPS - Mark Simmons & Randy Bigler:  Attached is the rep report for the Meeting this Wednesday.  Look forward to meeting with everyone then.  Randy Bigler and I have contacted all the reps. Please read the concerns prior to the meeting.  (See Attachment)


SANCTIONING & MENTORING - Wayne Lohman & Mike Budai:  (See Attachment)

The Sanctioning Committee recommends approval of all listed contests in the March New/Change Requests Report including the February tabled contest in Olathe, KS.  We recommend their requested 1st choice alternate date of July 22.


The Stockton, CA contest has requested a refund of the sanctioning fee for their contest being held the same weekend as the Bakersfield, CA contest.


It should also be noted that the Lawrence, KS contest listed under the missed December 1 contest deadline has existed with 5 other contests within a 100 mile radius.


Updated contests statistics:

 334 contests sanctioned in 2010

Contests sanctioned in 2011:

    January - 16

    February - 23

    March - 15

Currently we have 335 contests sanctioned for an average of 18 new contests a month.


MEMBERSHIP - Gene Goychochea & Mike Lake:  Membership has grown, will work with Dawn in the office in addition to new committee members over the next month to come up with ideas to retain a larger percentage of members from year to year.


TECHNOLOGY - Don Harwell & Mike Budai:  Please see attachments





Motion by Tana Shupe to submit names of committee members to the board.


Motion by Tana Shupe to ask for the resignation of a current board member for actions unbecoming a member of this board.


Proposed motion by Candy Weaver after conclusion of Closed Session:  *Motion:*  I move that all assignments this board member has been given to represent the Kansas City Barbeque Society in any capacity be cancelled immediately.


As to have an open policy with membership, I motion that all closed sections must have an agenda read before a closed section of the BOD is to take place and that no matter may be discussed in closed section which is not on the agenda.


Motion by Merl Whitebook that the following statement be read by the contest representative at all KCBS cooks’ meeting in 2011.


Pork Collar - The board was asked to address the issue, if the cut known as “pork collar” is a legal cut for purposes of entry in a KCBS contest.  The Board's answer is no.


Rule 10 states:

PORK: Pork is defined as Boston Butt , Picnic and/or Whole Shoulder, weighing a minimum of five (5) pounds. Pork shall be cooked whole (bone in or bone out) and shall not be separated during the cooking process. At no time shall the meat once separated be returned to a cooker.


The KCBS Board of Directors has adopted the National Pork Board’s definitions which define the standard for cuts of Boston Butt (item 406 bone in or without bone) , Picnic (item 405 bone in or without bone) and/or Whole Shoulder (item 403).  Pork Collar is not included in these approved “American” definitions of food service cuts of pork.  Therefore pork collar is not an acceptable cut to be approved at meat inspection or turned in for the purposes of competition under the rules of KCBS.  In the event a pork collar cut is turned in it shall receive a score of 1 by all judges in all criteria as a foreign object being a non approved cut of meat.  For further information go to http://www.porkfoodservice.org/PCProductsAndWeightRanges.aspx


Motion by Merl Whitebook that the KCBS meat inspection guide be amended as follows:


                        KCBS Meat Inspections Guide


Thank you for agreeing to assist with the meat inspections for this contest. We have two reasons we conduct a meat inspection.  The first is for safety, and to ensure the meat is properly handled and stored.  The second is to ensure fairness.  KCBS meats may not be pre cooked or pre marinated prior to arriving at the contest and the meat inspection.


The meat inspector should be on site the morning before the contest (normally Friday).  We recommend 9:00 AM but NOT LATER than 11:00 AM. They should record the teams that have been inspected and insure all meats from all teams are included.


One way to handle your meat inspection is: When each team arrives to the contest give them a 3 feet piece of orange ribbon and ask them to display the ribbon when they are ready for the meat inspector.  This is an easy way for the inspector and cook to complete each inspection.  After they have been inspected the inspector will remove the ribbon. 


You, as a meat inspector, should be knowledgeable of the current KCBS rules and familiar with the cuts of meat being submitted for your contest.  We are not asking you, the inspector, to be the “MEAT POLICE”, just use common sense.


1.  All competition meats must be inspected by the Organizer or its representative, prior to the cook preparing the meats for competition.


2.  All meats must be stored at a temperature of 40 degrees or less.  Use common sense.  If the meat is packed in ice, or in a refrigerator and is cold, then it is presumed the meat has met the requirement.  Please do no use a temperature probe, injected into the meat, to measure internal temps. You may check the temperature of the ice chest or the refrigerator.  We do not want to cross contaminate any meats.  Meats, which are warm, must be removed from the contest area and may not be used in competition.  Do not open meat packages, which you can see through, unless from the looks you suspect some type of improper marinade.


3.  No pre-seasoned meat is allowed other than manufacturer enhanced or injected products, as shown on the label (EXCLUDING (but not limited to): Teriyaki, lemon pepper or butter injected).  All meats must be raw when inspected and cannot be pre-cooked.


4.  The meats do not have to be in the original packaging and may be trimmed prior to meat inspection, but no meat may be seasoned, injected or cooked, prior to the inspection.


5.  The meats shall consist of:


Chicken:  Chicken includes Wild or Farm raised Chicken, Cornish Game Hen and Kosher Chicken.  The Chicken may be whole or in parts.

Pork Ribs:  Ribs may be spare ribs, St Louis cut pork ribs, or baby back ribs.  The Ribs must include the bone.  Country Style ribs are prohibited.


Pork:  Pork shall be Boston Butt, Picnic and/or whole shoulder weighing a minimum of five (5) pounds or more (bone in or bone out).  No Pork Loin, Pork tenderloin, Pork Chop or other type of pork roast is permitted.You should look at the label to try to determine the cut of meat.  If there is not a label on the meat, (and it is not required) inquire of the cook about the cut.  KCBS only accepts the National Pork Board definitions as to the description of Boston Butt, Picnic and/or whole shoulder.  Should you have questions or the cook team have questions please refer to the Contest Representative for further clarification.  You may also suggest the cook check out the National Pork Boards definitions for Boston Butt (406 bone in or boneless); Picnic (405 bone in or boneless); and whole shoulder (403).


Brisket:  Brisket may only be beef brisket.  It may be whole (packer trimmed), flat or point.  No other beef product may be substituted for the Brisket.  Corned beef is not allowed.

A list of each team inspected should be maintained and given to the organizer and to one of the KCBS representatives to should insure each team has in fact had a meat inspection.  Any issues or concerns should be reported to your Contest Representative for resolution.

The KCBS contest representative has the final word on any question with the meat inspection.   

Thank you.

The Kansas City Barbeque Society


After action review of Strategic Planning Conference.


Merl Whitebook makes the following motion:

A reveiw of the Strategic Planning over the past three years indicates that three years ago every committee created goals and strategies.  At mid year only one half of the board filed their progress reports and no committee followed through with all objections.

That two years ago, goals were created and there was no follow up and the goals were generally not accomplished.

That this year we failed to establish any goals or a strategic plan.  We did not discuss effective planning or a SWOT exercise, we failed to have achieve any long term or short term planning.  We spent less than an hour and half and adjourn early.  Everything which we did could have been achieved with a conference call thus saving nearly ten thousand dollars or more.


Therefore, due to the extreme cost of a planning conference, KCBS will discontinue the holding a strategic planning conference, as it has been ineffective and not a prudent use of members' dues and funds and that the board rescind the funding for such a conference in the future.


BBQ Museum and Headquarters:  Merl Whitebook moves that we create a search committee to seek a permanent home for the establishment of a KCBS museum of BBQ and the KCBS World Headquarters, to be located in Kansas City, KS, or Kansas City, MO


Bullsheet:  BBQ Association policy:

Merl Whitebook moves that KCBS publish in the Bullsheet a monthly article for any BBQ society or association, who desire to submit articles, and who promotes KCBS by hosting a minimum of 40% of its contest as KCBS sanctioned, at a greatly reduced costs to the BBQ associations.  (We have received a request from CABBQA and an interest from RMBBQA)

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