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FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
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May 10, 2011


Board of Director's Meeting - May 11, 2011




Public Address:  Cheryl Ramsden


Recitation of KCBS Mission Statement and Board Pledge (see below for your convenience):

Mission Statement:   Recognizing barbeque as America's cuisine, the Mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.


Board Pledge:  I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS Mission so that truth, justice, and excellence in BBQ and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.



Board of Directors Meeting - April 13, 2011




Meeting was called to order @ 7:05 central time by President Candy Weaver.  The following members were present in person or on the phone:  Candy Weaver, Mike Lake, Mike Budai, Randy Bigler, Arlie Bragg, Gene Goycochea, Don Harwell, Merl Whitebook, Mark Simmons, Tana Shupe and Wayne Lohman.  Paul Kirk was absent.  A quorum was present.


The following  members dialed in:  Thom Emery, Vickie Peyton and Dale Newstrom.


Thom Emery was given three minutes to address the board.


The board recited the KCBS Mission Statement and Board Pledge.


Motions to accept the Minutes were made by Wayne Lohman and were seconded by Mike Budai.  The minutes from both meetings were accepted as presented.


Merle Whitebook left the meeting at 7:16 p.m. 


CONFLICT OF INTEREST STATEMENTS:  Statements were received from Mark Simmons, Randy

Bigler, Wayne Lohman, Tana Shupe, and Paul Kirk.  Per a request from Arlie Bragg, Tana Shupe will send copies of the statements to all board members.




Marketing:  Tana Shupe - Shupe made a recommendation that the Marketing Report be the first committee report to be given at each board meeting to respect the time of Mike McCloud who, although instrumental in preparing this monthly report, is not a member of the board.  The consensus of the board was that this is appropriate and accepted the recommendation. 


Mike Lake reported that the Sam's Club BBQ contest held in Gilbert, Arizona went off without a hitch and that the only negative was the inclement weather.


Candy Weaver reported that a check has been cut for the truck and that the National Pork Board accepted offer of $60,000 plus $10 ,000 in services (i.e. ads in Bullsheet and on website.)  Other issues regarding the truck are:  timing to wrap the truck, no one from KCBS has been inside; arrangements must be made to move it from Iowa to KC and to arrange for storage.  It Has gone to a mechanic, and we are waiting on his report.


Finance:  Mike Budai reports that Finance Committee members are Mike Budai, Mark Simmons and Kim Collier.  The Finance committee recommends adopting the March financial statements attached.  A motion to accept the financial reports was made by Mike Budai , seconded by Randy.  Reports were unanimously accepted.


Rules:  Randy Bigler & Arlie Bragg - The rules committee has discussed the remaining rules that came out of the meeting at the banquet and asked for an eblast be prepared to send to the members in August.  Committee will work with Technology and will come back to th board in May with details on implementation and notification of the blast.


Education:  Paul Kirk - Committee Members:  Paul Kirk, Tana Shupe, Jerry & Barbara Skinner, Mark Davis.  Jerry is preparing an overview of the former CATS program, and as soon as the overview is received, the committee will further develop a new program on paper.  Committee chairpersons are planning a time to be determined to visit the site of what appears to be a very successful program in Crossville, TN for high school students that specifically teaches and promotes barbecue-related cuisine and sponsors a reputable young team on the KCBS circuit.  The Education Report was accepted as presented.


CBJs & Judging:  Mike Lake - Mike Lake has discussed with Mike McCloud the feasibility of putting together a web-based program for continuing education/refresher for all CBJ and MCBJ’s and will be submitting proposals to Mike for cost analysis, etc.  Because issues regarding taste are subjective, the program will most probably be rules and regulations based, and the program will be focused on stressing the other aspects of judging.  Mike asked for specific "test" question from the board, and asked the board to recommend if there should be incentives for judges to complete the program.


Philanthropy:  Arlie Bragg - Reported that we have to date received 3 Grants and 11 Grants-in- Aid.  We are approaching the deadlines for these and will give a more detailed report so that the BOD can vote on the funds next month.  Arlie will email the applications to all board members.


Reps:  Mark Simmons - The Rep committee has reviewed all of the critiques that have been turned in.


Due to an ongoing effort to go green, the ability of competing teams to access the KCBS website, and that as of April 6, 2011, the office has received only 12 contestant critiques out of 847 competing teams (less than 1.5%), Mark made a motion that we adopt a policy for the reps to encourage the competing teams at the cooks meeting to fill out their critiques on line and that paper contestant critiques no longer required to be distributed to the teams.  The motion was seconded by Randy Bigler.  The motion passed unanimously. 


All board members will be given access to the site to view the critiques.


SANCTIONING & MENTORING:  Wayne Lohman - Wayne reported that the contest in Westport, CT is a new contest in the competitor series, and that the date for the Kearns, UT date was incorrect.  It should be listed as August 12-13.  Wayne made a motion that the contest in Kingston, Rhode Island in 2012 be approved along with all listed contests in the April New/Change Requests Report.  His motion was approved by Don Harwell and passed by a unanimous vote.



09/02-03       Bourbon City BBQ Festival - Bardstown, KY

08/19-20       Blue Collar Blues & BBQ - Granite City, IL

10/21-22       Shenandoah Valley BBQ Fest - Woodstock, VA

09/04-05       Grill for a Grand 2 - Suquamish, WA

09/03-04       Thunder in the Park BBQ - Connersville, IN

07/01-03       On the Scene BBQ State Championship - Murrieta, CA

08/12-13       Ribs and Kid's Q - Tuscumbia, MO

08/26-27       Taste of County BBQ Nationals - Valley Center, CA

7/22-23         Get Your Pig On-Sedona - Sedona, CA

NEW COMPETI                                                                      OR'S SERIES:

7/29-30         Master's of the BBQ Challenge - White Sulphur Springs, MT


08/19-20       Diamond State BBQ Championship - Dover, DE

09/24-25       Blues, Views and BBQ - Westport, CT

07/22-23       The Harpoon Championships of New England BBQ - Windsor, VT

09/09-10       Roots in Blues 'n BBQ - Columbia, MO

7/29-30         Dodge City Days - Dodge City, KS

07/29-30       Racing for the BBQ - Lee's Summit, MO

9/3-4            All American BBQ Bash - Ames, IA

09/09-10       Cookeville Cookoff - Cookeville, TN

7/23-24         Boise Music Festival Presents Idaho State BBQ Championships - Boise, ID

09/16-17       Rotary Bands & BBQ Contest - Greenfield, IN

09/09-10       3rd Annual Southern York Country BBQ Cook-off - York, PA

07/8-10         New Jersey State BBQ Championship - North Wildwood, NJ

9/16-17         Taste of County BBQ Nationals - Chester, PA

9/23-24         Shawnee Great Grillers State Championship - Shawnee, KS

6/3-4            Muddy Water BBQ - Hannibal, MO


08/06-07 to  07/23-24  Taste of Country BBQ Nationals - Grand Rapids, MI to Taylor, MI

09/17-18 to  09/24-25  Taste of Country BBQ Nationals - Shreveport, LA to Bossier City, LA

08/20-21 to  10/21-22  Taste of Country BBQ Nationals = Fort Collins, CO to Laughlin, NV


07/22-23 to  08/05-06  Taste of Country BBQ Nationals - Buffalo, NY


08/06-07       Battle of the BBQ Brethern - Holtsville, NY to Manorsville, NY


07/21-22/2012  Wakefield Rotary Campus Cookoff & State Championship - Kingston, RI


Wayne also reported that the approved Meat Inspection Guide has been sent to all


Membership:  Gene Goycochea - Membership is going well, with 1071 people in the past 3 months taking the CBJ class, ending the quarter with 695 new members.  Additionally, new cook team memberships have increased as a result of the Sam’s Club.


Gene made a motion to increase membership growth at the remaining Sam’s events, as they have a discount for new members in their stores, by adding KCBS signage, pending approval via MMA from the Sam's Club management.  Seconded by Randy Bigler, the otion passed with a unanimous vote.


Gene also reported that the primary complaint from members who do no re-up is lack of communication from organizers.


Technology:  Don Harwell


o       Created MP3 of both the March meeting and the Special BOD meeting for posting on our web site.

o       Critique forms for the web have been updated and there are some minor changes that will be completed soon. 

Contest Program:

o      Program is well underway

§      Database is being created to hold Cooks, Judges, and Contests

§      Screens have been created to interface with new database

§      Stephen Smith has put in over 100 hours thus far. 

§      Cost is in for completion of program,

o      BOD see attached Confidential Documents for discussion of the motions below.

o      I motion that we accept the proposed cost from Data Access to complete the program and proceed with development, testing, etc.

o      If the above motion fails, I motion that we stop all work with Data Access and reopen the RFP.




Randy Bigler:  The Adhoc Committee makes the following recommendation: To cancel immediately all assignments of a Contest Rep/CBJ Instructor. On behalf of the adhoc committee I make this motion.




Don Harwell:  After discussion, the board's consensus was that teams would continue to be required to submit six (6) portions for entries, rather than the seven (7) that had been proposed.


Arlie Bragg:  Made a motion discontinue having the KCBS office staff monitor lists for invitational contests in regards to Proclamations.  Seconded by Randy Bigler, the motion passed unanimously.


The board also agreed to request from the organizers of the invitational contests that they consider discontinuing the requirement for proclamations and have their invitations based on contests having a minimum of 15 competition teams in their first year and a minimum of 25 in subsequent years.


Mike Budai:  Made a motion to reconsider the motion made at the March 2011 board meeting to pay through 20 places for TOY.  Seconded by Mark Simmons, the motion passed by a unanimous vote.


The following agenda for closed session read by Candy Weaver:

1.  Discussion on independent contractor for posting contest results.

2.  Discussion on DataAccess funding requirements.

3.  Discussion of Board Member situation.


 A motion to go into closed session was made by Tana Shupe, Seconded by Mike Budai, board went into closed session.  After coming out of the closed session, the following items of business were completed.


Upon consensus of the board, the contract for the new computer scoring system from DataAccess was approved. 


Randy Bigler rescinded his motion from the Adhoc committee.


Arlie Bragg made a motion to adjourn at 10:16.  Seconded by Mike Lake, motion passed.



Agenda for May 2011 (continued):


Finance Committee:  Mike Budai -  The Finance Committee recommends adopting the financial statements.


Marketing:  Tana Shupe -

MMA/KCBS Marketing Report

May 2011


-          Successfully completed the first three events

-          Assisting Tour Team in product shipments, logistics and on-site media promotion

-          Assisting the Tour Team in shipping and planning logistics

-          Working with events to ensure successful PR and logistics integration

-          Coordinating retail and BBQ teaching stops

Sam’s Club BBQ Series:

-          Continued coordination of PR efforts for the Inaugural Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour

  • Sending regional e-blasts to competitors

-          Assisting Event Directors for each Sam’s Club event

-          Ongoing recruitment of judges and volunteers to ensure event success


-          Total April sales: $3,135


-          Advertising sold for April: $2,146

-          Uploaded May Bullsheet

-          Uploaded MP3 of April’s BOD meeting

-          Updated website with Kingsford Points Chase winners/information

-          Updated forms section of website as requested by KCBS

-          Created GABT Giveaway page to reflect 2011 promotion

-          Designed and launched Rancher’s Reserve program micro-site

-          Working on separate log-in accounts for TOY and News


-          Social Media: Using MMA, KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

-          Wrote and disseminated GABT press releases in local markets; will continue throughout tour

-          Wrote and disseminated Reser’s Fine Foods national press release

-          Wrote and disseminated Rancher’s Reserve national and local press releases

-          Wrote and disseminated Kingsford Points Chase press releases in local markets

-          Updating Kingsford Points Chase blog after events

-          Updating News section of KCBS website as needed

-          Ongoing CBJ PR

Sponsorship Activities

-          Working with events on Kingsford Points Chase implementation/follow-up

-          Working with Reser’s on event implementation

-          Working with Rancher’s Reserve and events on Rancher’s Reserve Beef Cup planning, first event on 5/6


-          GABT Tour Team had tire blow-out en route to California; were safe and had tire quickly repaired for next stop


CBJ:  Mike Lake - Please see attached and separate communication regarding questions or submissions for the continuing education program for judges, etc.


Contest Reps:  Mark Simmons - On May 5, the Rep committee met. Those on call were Mark Simmons, Randy Bigler, Larry King, and Bunny Tuttle. Carolyn Wells was also present as an ex officio member. The substance of the meeting was to get acquainted and discuss pertinent issues. We would like to add one to three more committee members reflecting several years experience and geographical diversity of our organization.


We would like to add to the trouble shooting list especially for computer issues with the scoring program or merge functions the following names:  Mike Budai, Larry King, Don Harwell, Ernie Poland, Lori Lopp


Calls are continuing to be made to the reps for their input and to introduce Randy and myself.


We move to adopt a brief statement regarding pork collar for the cooks meeting as follows. "Pork collar is not permitted as a competition meet for the pork category. If you have any questions, the rep has a detailed description of the BOD policy."


It should be noted that with the approval of the contests for this meeting, we should now be at or over 400 contests for the year, another record. We are continuing to experience significant growth. Recently a contest was posted in Texas. No contest rep responded. On that weekend, one third of the reps were already assigned to contests. Dawn finally found a rep in Idaho that could go. The second rep had to forego an important family responsibility so the need could be filled. The need for contest reps continues to grow. The committee is in the process of establishing appropriate qualifications. The thought is that, after establishing criteria, the committee will review requests placing the priority on spouses/significant others who are not reps but would like to be. The contest rep candidates will be nominated by board members or existing reps first. If this does not meet the need, then a more general announcement could be made. "We move that the contest rep committee be authorized to enlist additional contest reps as soon as possible." .


It is a privilege to work with the reps and committee members we have. They are some of our greatest ambassadors of BBQ and KCBS.


Sanctioning & Mentoring:  Wayne Lohman - The Sanctioning Committee is pleased to report the following 1st Quarter data on sanctioned contests.  We currently have 381 sanctioned contests for 2011.  2097 teams have competed to date in our sanctioned contests.  In 2010, 1176 teams had competed from January through April, thus an increase of 921 teams participating or a 78% growth for the same period.


We have also experience a healthy growth in contests as we had 54 contests in 2010 at the end of the first quarter and in 2011 we have 59 contests or an increase of almost 10%.


The Sanctioning Committee recommends approval of all listed contests in the May New/Change Request Report with the exception of the BBQ Capital Cook-Off in Lexington, NC on April 27-28.  As of this writing we have not heard back from the organizer.  Please refer to Roy Murray's email dated 5-5-2011 to the Board that outlines his comments about the requested date and the conflict with his contest in Edenton, NC.


We have a similar problem with the Lake Havasu, AZ contest where there is a problem between a member of the Daybreakers Lion Club and the Club itself.  Both the individual and the club have turned in an application for the 2012 contests.  Our attorney has stated that the individual acted on behalf of the club and that the relationship should ultimately be seen as between KCBS and Daybreakers.  While the Committee is in agreement with the attorney it is our feeling that when a problem involves individuals that we should step aside and let them work the problem out before we take action on sanctioning a contest.  A similar situation exists with the Fountain Contest in N. Kansas City as the problem is between individuals and the contest brings KCBS into the decision making process.  However, we do believe we have to be involved where contests are being held on the same date between two parties such as the Lexington and Edenton, NC contests.



10/7-8                         Riverside Blues & BBQ - Greenville, MA

8/20-21                       Grafton BBQ Festival Cook-off - Grafton, WI

8/12-13                       BBQ Without Borders - Post Falls, ID

9/3-4                           Smokin on the Bay - Tracy's Landing, MD

9/16-17                       Q the Lou - Litchfield, IL


9/16-17                       Smoke on the Water Arkansas Barbecue Championship - Pine Bluff, AR

9/29-10/2                    American Royal - Kansas City, MO

8/26-27                       Beta Que Q'n for a Cause - Columbia, MO


6/11-12                       Blues Jam Ribs Festival - Greeley, CO


6/17-18 TO 6/18-19    American Barbeque Championship - Liverpool, NY

7/15-15 to 10/15-16   10th Annual Bordertown Bash - Fort Smith, AR

EXISTING - 2012:

4/27-28                       BBQ Capital Cook-off - Lexington, NC

NEW - 2012:

5/30-7/1                      Smokin on the Pecos - Artesia, NM

7/13-14                       The BBQ Skirmish - Gettysburg, PA


Rules:  Randy Bigler - No Report


Technology:  Don Harwell -


§        Created MP3 of the April meeting for posting on our web site.§        Members can now review their membership profiles online but cannot edit them. Steps are being worked on to permit members to edit some parts of their profiles.

This will help reduce calls into the office when members need to change their address, phone number, etc… 

Contest Program:

§       Contract has been reviewed by KCBS legal and is now being re-reviewed by Data Access


Membership:  Gene Goycochea -

Membership is at an all time high, waiting for information on advertising at Sam’s during the upcoming Sam’s Club contests.


 Discussion about upcoming annual meeting in San Diego


Philanthropy:  Arlie Bragg - Vote on the grants.




Candy Weaver - Per ideas presented from members:


(1)  KCBS design a small-run pin for teams who achieve a perfect contest (4 1st place finishes in the categories).


(2)  KCBS design a large-run pin for judges who judge at a table where a perfect score is given in a category.  This pin would be awarded by mail from the KCBS office to every judge scoring 9-9-9 for a perfect score. 


(3)  Disaster Relief Reaction thoughts


Agenda for closed session:

O   Discussion of letter sent to Carolyn Wells.

O   Contest rep issue from Mark Simmons.

O   Grant-in-aid recommendations from Philanthropy.

O   Discussion regarding scope of computer program.







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