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June 13, 2011


Board of Director's Meeting - June 8, 2011





Meeting was called to order @ 7:05 central time by President Candy Weaver.   The following members were present in person or on the phone:  Don Harwell, Candy Weaver, Mike Budai, Randy Bigler, Arlie Bragg, Merl Whitebook, Mark Simmons, Tana Shupe, Wayne Lohman and Paul Kirk and Gene Goycochea.   Absent:  Mike Lake. 


The following members dialed in:  Roy Murray, Chad Hodges, Leslie Sams, Vickie Payton & Dale Newstrom, and Alissa Hill.


Two following members requested to speak to the Board:  Chad Hodges & Roy Murray: 


The board recited the KCBS Mission Statement and Board Pledge.


Chad Hodges spoke for 3 minutes regarding sanctioning of the contest in Lexington, NC in 2012 and Roy Murray spoke for 3 minutes regarding sanctioning of the contest in Edenton, NC.


Tana Shupe asked the board to accept the Minutes of the May 11, 2011 meeting as presented.

Seconded by Wayne Lohman the Minutes were accepted by a unanimous vote.


Tana then asked the board to accept the Minutes of the Special Meeting held on May 25, 2011 as presented.  Seconded by Randy Bigler, the Minutes were accepted by a unanimous vote. 


President Candy Weaver asked for a report regarding the Annual Meeting:  Gene Goycochea confirmed that a hotel for rooms and meetings has been located.   Rooms are $140-149/night, which includes breakfast, a two-hour period for drinks, WiFi, and shuttles to and from the airport.   Other sites are being considered for the reception and dinner on Saturday evening.  The committee is estimating the need for a minimum of 150 rooms, and the board is asking MMA Creative to prepare some questions for the membership to facilitate the estimate of attendance and some specific preferences for the event.


Marketing Report:  Tana Shupe & Mike McCloud

            GABT Tour

-          Completed the first 8 events; sent recaps to all national partners

-          On-going assistance for the Tour Team in product shipments, logistics and on-site media promotion

-          Working with event organizers and local stakeholders to ensure successful PR and logistics integration 

  • Planned 3 successful radio remotes at events

-          Ongoing coordination of retail and BBQ teaching stops

            Sam’s Club BBQ Series:

-          Continued coordination of PR efforts for the Inaugural Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour

  • Sending regional e-blasts to competitors
  • Promoting activities via all social media assets

-          Ongoing recruitment of volunteers to ensure event success


-          Total May sales: $3,381


-          Advertising sold for May: $1,644

-          Uploaded June Bullsheet

-          Uploaded MP3 of May’s BOD meeting

-          Uploaded MP3 of Special BOD meeting

-          Updated website with Kingsford Points Chase winners/information

-          Updated Downloads section of website as requested by KCBS

-          Updated Critique forms as requested

-          Updated Members Discount section of website to reflect new promotions

-          Corrected KCBS event links

-          Continued work on separate log-in accounts for TOY and News


-          Social Media: Using MMA, KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

  • 195 new Twitter followers
  • 37,044 Facebook post views

-          Sent GABT press releases out in Louisville, Memphis, Kansas City and Charlotte markets

-          Sent Rancher’s Reserve local press releases out in Morgan Hill, Green Lane and Westmont markets

-          Sent Kingsford Points Chase press releases in Louisville, Morgan Hill, Memphis, Kansas City, Sevierville and Rochester markets

-          Updating Kingsford Points Chase blog after events

-          Updating News section of KCBS website as needed

-          Ongoing CBJ PR

            Sponsorship Activities

-          Sold KCBS Membership E-blast to Grate Chef.  Will be to board for approval on 6/3

-          Continued Kingsford Points Chase implementation/follow-up

-          Working with Reser’s Fine Foods American Classics Summer Series on event implementation and auxiliary needs; communicating with event directors

-          Coordinating Rancher’s Reserve Beef Cup pre- and post- event; working with Rancher’s Reserve on logistics and judging procedures


-          Created 2011 Annual Membership Survey; working on implementation



Mike McCloud reported the following additions to the marketing report submitted to board:

O  The new truck is now in play and in process of getting branded.

O  By request and support of the Sam's Club management, we are incorporating a grilling aspect into the Sam's Club BBQ contests.

O  The annual membership survey is in process and should go on-line within 3-6 days, pending e-blast approval from the board for approval.  The survey will run until the end of June.

O  Extension of our contract with Sam's Club, effective through April 30, 2012 is still under negotiation.

Tana Shupe moved to accept the marketing report with the additional updates as presented, Seconded by Wayne Lohman, the report was accepted by a unanimous vote.


Rep Committee:  Mark Simmons

Mark Simmons made a motion that a more rigorous audit be required to be performed by the KCBS reps for all contests when the data entered is not entered by a KCBS rep. The more extensive audit process to be performed at the conclusion of each category includes:


1)    Review of the tally sheet in each category before they are mass produced, looking for 0's, and any scoring irregularities.

2)    Identify top two teams, bottom two teams (with scores greater than 5) and two teams in the middle to check their scores.

3)    Identify all teams scoring less than 20 so they can be audited. (A 5-5-5 is a score of 20. This is a review of any score worse than a 5-5-5).

4)    Pull the cards and check the scores of the teams based on #1 & #2 and all teams with scores under 20.

5)    If any irregularites are found, perform additional audits on teams 3 & 4th highest, additional teams in the middle, and the teams 3rd & 4th from the bottom.

6)    Review all detailed score sheets looking for 0's or 1's that are inadvertent.


Once all the cards have passed the audit, then print out the tally sheet, making sure that all 0's & 1's and all scores below 20 have been checked and reviewed.  The rep committee recommends the adoption of this motion.


Seconded by Mike Budai, the motion passed unanimously.


June Sanctioning Report:  Wayne Lohman made a motion to aprove the contests in Edenton and Lexington, NC.  Seconded by Tana Shupe, a roll call vote was requested with the following votes cast:

(6) Ayes:  Budai, Shupe, Bigler, Simmons, Lohman, Kirk

(2) Nays:  Bragg, Harwell

Absent:  Goycochea, Whitebook

Motion to approve passes.


Rules Committee Report:  Randy Bigler

Randy Bigler made a motion that Sous-Vide cooking not be allowed in KCBS competitions.  Seconded by Arlie Bragg, the motion passed by a vote of seven to one.  Motion passes, and


Relevant USDA approved temperatures for pork are: 145 degrees for a minimum of three minutes.  This temperature will be required for all KCBS contest entries..


It was determined that an electrical blow dryer is  considered a secondary heat source, and is not approved for use at KCBS contests.


An organizer's team may compete at his/her own contest, as long as the organizer isn't cooking with the team.


Randy Bigler made a motion for the following disciplinary actions be effective immediately against certified barbecue judges breaking rules drinking alcoholic beverages:  On the first offense, the judge will be replaced at contest, and receive a letter from KCBS.  On the second offense, the judge would not be allowed to judge for up to a year, must retake judges class and would be required to write a letter to the board asking to be reinstated.  This action will be added to CD and will be placed in the judges' books.  Seconded by Tana Shue, the motion passes unanimously.


Randy will write article for The Bullsheet advising teams and other members of the above decisions.


Education Committee Report:  Paul Kirk - The Committee is making progress in setting up a high school BBQ system, but encourages input/suggestions from the board.  We are hoping to have a meeting soon and will report on additional progress at the next board meeting.


Finance Report:  Mike Budai - Mike made a motion to adopt May financial statements submitted to members of the board on June 5, 2011.  Seconded by Mark Simmons, the motion passed unanimously.


ByLaws Committee Report:  Candy Weaver asked the board to approve the report from the ByLaws Committee as presented.  Report was accepted.


Technology Report:  Don Harwell asked the board to approve the Technology Report as presented.  Report was accepted.


CBJ Report:  In Mike Lake's absence, Randy Bigler reminded the board to send questions to Mike for inclusion in the continuing education program for judges..


Philanthropy Committee:  Arlie Bragg reported that letters have been sent to the recipients of the 2011 KCBS Grants-in-Aid.


Randy Bigler made a motion to go into closed session.  Seconded by Paul Kirk, the vote was unanimous


After coming out of closed session, Candy Weaver made a motion that two reps drinking on site at two contests be brought before the board at a special meeting on Tuesday, June 14 @ 7:00 p.m. for final determination on the status of their independent contract agreement.  Seconded by Mike Budai, the motion passed unanimously.

At 10:47 p.m., Paul Kirk made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Randy Bigler, the motion passed unanimously.











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