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Board of Directors Meeting 9/21/2011-Quick Notes

September 23, 2011


Board of Directors Meeting - September 21, 2011



(These Quick Notes are a synopsis of the meeting and have not been approved by the full Board of Directors.)


President Candy Weaver called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm central time.

 MEMBERS PRESENT:  Candy Weaver, Don Harwell, Mike Lake, Tana Shupe, Randy Bigler, Wayne Lohman , Arlie Bragg, Merl Whitebook, Paul Kirk, Mike Budai, Mark Simmons.  Gene Goycochea joined the meeting at approximately 7:30.

There were no requests to speak.

Members Present:  Dale Newstrom & Vicki Peyton

Members of the Board recited the KCBS Mission and the Board Pledge.


MINUTES:  Tana Shupe motioned that the Board approve the Minutes of the meeting held on August 10, 2011.  Seconded by Mike Lake, the Minutes were approved.


MARKETING REPORT:  Tana Shupe/Mike McCloud.

Tana Shupe asked the Board to accept the report as presented.  The report was accepted.



-         Completed 16 GABT events

-         Ongoing assistance for the Tour Team in product shipments, logistics, and on-site media promotion

-         Recruitment of local volunteers to ensure event success

-         Generated additional publicity through radio remotes in Worland, WY and Sparks, NV.

Sam’s Club BBQ Series

-         Continued coordination of communications efforts for the Inaugural Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour 

  • Publicized through regional e-blasts to competitors
  • Promoted all activities via KCBS social media assets
  • August competitions included: Birmingham, Marietta, Orlando, Indianapolis

-         Continued coordination and Assistance with Sam’s Club National Championship in Bentonville

  • Coordination with logistics for partners
  • Coordination and planning for VIP Party
  • Coordinating a private CBJ class for Sam’s Club executives.


-         Total August Sales: $2693.00


-         Advertising sold for August: $2227.50

-         Uploaded September Bullsheet

-         Uploaded MP3 of August’s BOD meeting

-         Updated Rancher’s events: Rancher’s Reserve Sirloin Competition (links/ dates/photos) on KCBS webpage


-         Social Media, Using MMA, KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

-         GABT: 1505 Twitter Followers / 10293 FB post views

-         KCBS:  884 Twitter Followers / 142768 FB post views

-         GABT releases to: Milwaukee, WI, Dillon, CO and Reno, NV markets

-         Rancher’s Reserve release to:  Dallas, TX market

-         Kingsford Points Chase release to: Portsmouth, ME and Worland, WY markets

-         Updated Kingsford Points Chase blog after Eliot, ME and Worland, WY events

-         Updated News section of KCBS website as necessary

-         Ongoing CBJ PR

Sponsorship Activities

-         Coordination for Sam's Club National BBQ Tour VIP Event  

-         2012 Planning - Conducting brand meetings for next year's GABT, Sam's Club National BBQ Tour and American GrillMaster Experience  


-         Further work on KCBS iPhone/Droid App

-         Created banner box placeholder for promoting KCBS 26th Annual Banquet in San Diego: Added online registration for Embassy Suites. “Smoking in San Diego”

-         Agency services invested:

  • Strategy- 9.25 Hours
  • Administrative- 8.08 Hours
  • Web/Social Media- 24.25 Hours
  • Public Relations- 48.36 Hours
  • Production- 8.60 hours
    • TOTAL- 98.54 Hours




1)  The Finance Committee recommends adopting the financial statements sent to the board on September 11, 2011.  The statements were accepted as presented. 


2)  A motion was made by Mike Budai to establish the KCBS Foundation with $2000 in seed capitol. (establish account, incorporate, bylaws, etc.) The purpose is that Tony Stone's family designated KCBS a memorial gift in Tony's name. In order for those gifts to be tax deductible, they have to be made out to the foundation. There are already gifts to be deposited. I propose the KCBS Foundation be established for (1) educational, (2) charitable, (3) disaster relief and (4) other charitable acts. 


A motion was made to stop the discussion and a roll call vote was requested.  The vote was as follows:  Bragg - N, Harwell - N, Lake - Y, Kirk -Y,  Shupe - Y, Simmons - Y, Bigler - Y, Budai- Y, Lohman - Y, Goycochea and Whitebook were absent for the vote.

Ayes: 7                        Nays: 2                        Absent: 2         Motion passed.


The motion made by Mike Budai to establish the foundation was seconded by Paul Kirk, and a roll call vote was requested.  The vote was as follows:  Lohman - Y, Budai - Y, Simmons - Y, Bigler - Y, Kirk - Y, Bragg - Abstain, Harwell - N, Lake - Y, Shupe - Y, Goycochea and Whitebook were absent for the vote.

Ayes: 7                        Nays: 1                        Abstain: 1        Absent:  2        Motion - Passes




The Sanctioning Committee moved to approve of all new and existing contests listed in the September New/Change Request Report pending discussion by the Board. Seconded by Mark Simmons, the vote was unanimous.


The only new contest in question, because of team density, is the Storm Lake, IA contest, 117 miles from an existing contest in Pender, NE.  Spoke with Pender, NE organizer, Mark Lorensen who felt that the State Center, IA contest, 153 miles apart, was more of a competition threat than new Storm Lake, IA event.  He didn't feel that the Storm Lake, IA contest would hurt his event since it was only 17 teams and this event had been held for several years.  Storm Lake will have their contest even if we don't sanction as it is part of a city festival.


I will update the Board on my discussion with Mike McMillen on the Tuscumbia, MO, contest held on August 12 & 13 in which the organizer did not meet minimum sanctioning requirements.


New Contests:

11/11-12         Smokin on the Delta                                         Antioch, CA

Existing Contests (2012):

5/18-19           Cotton Pickin' BBQ Cook-off                            Hartselle, AL

3/9-10             BBQ Championship & Hog Wild Festival         Mobile, AL

8/3-4               Smokin on the Prarie                                        Gillette, WY

5/11-12           Sertoma 48 BBQ                                               Lawrence, KS

5/4-5               Mississippi Springfest                                      Ashland, MS

4/6-7               The Ultimate BBQ Showdown

                        East vs West III                                                 Wildomar, CA

7/27-28           Westfair "I Got Smoked at Westfair"               Council Bluffs, IA

5/25-26           8th Annual Best Dam Barbecue Challenge      Boulder City, NV

5/25-26           Red, White & Blue BBQ                                   Topeka, KS

4/20-21           Main Street BBQ & Bluesfest                           Washington, MO

8/3-4               Laurie Hillbilly BBQ                                          Laurie, MO

6/29-30           I Love Barbecue & Music Festival                    Lake Placid, NY

8/17-18           20th Annual State Barbeque Championship

                        of Nebraska                                                      LaPlatte, NE

4/20-21           6th Annual Smokin Red Dirt BBQ                     Enid, OK

6/1-2               Original SC BBQ Championships                      Huron, SD

5/25-26           Rhythm Q's & Blues                                         Edmond, OK

6/8-9               Que'n for Kids OC BBQ Festival                       Costa Mesa, CA

7/6-7               2nd Annual Holbrook Ace in the Hole

                        BBQ Cook-off                                                    Holbrook, AZ

New Contests (2012):

4/20-21           Cornelia Apple Blossom BBQ Festival             Cornelia, GA

6/15-16           Lakefest BBQ Contest                                      Storm Lake, IA

3/2-3               Surprise BBQ Festival                                       Surprise, AZ

1/27-28           Georgia BBQ Championship Throwdown         Young Harris, GA

7/13-14           1st Annual Smokin Up a Storm Charity

                        BBQ Challenge                                                 Norman, OK

7/27-28           Foothills Country Fair Backyard BBQ Bash      Cleveland, TN

6/1-2               Milk Cow Music Festival                                  Fair Oaks, IN


At 7:35 p.m., Gene Goycochea joined the meeting.



We now have a deal with National rental car to get a small discount; we will also receive a Emerald level for free.  Benefits were presented at the meeting and members will be notified.


CBJ REPORT - Mike Lake

The following updated detailed YTD judging classes report was sent to BOD.  Synopsis for 2011: 54 classes - 2,404 Students - 740 KCBS Members - 1,649 New Members - 15 Media Comps.


The questions for the continuing education program have been sent to the “IT” folks at MMA and we are now working on the best format to place this program in a Web based program.                                


Special Recognition for those CBJ’s who have documented and achieved 100 contest(s).  A special badge or logo is being prepared for our consideration by one of those judges.   


Mike asked the Board to accept the report as presented.  With no discussion, the report was accepted.                             



Created MP3 file of the August regular meeting for posting on our web site.

Quarterly review of the KCBS web has begun and updates and fixes of data are being tracked. 

Elections:  After review of several online elections companies Harwell made a motion that  KCBS use Votenet Solutions as the Company for our online voting for the January 2012 election.   The cost of the services for 15,000 eligible voter is $8,000.00 and for an addition $3,000.00 we can add up to five votes/surveys/elections in a 12-month period.  Seconded by Randy Bigler, the motion passed unanimously.  Don will check to see if the $3000 for additional elections/surveys must be paid at time of initial contract and report back to the board for approval of the additional amount.



Tana’s and my trip to visit Mark Davis and the Jr Skill Centers in Monterey, TN has been postponed to next month so we can interview students that are in the program and get their input and ideas about their program.  The Education report accepted as presented.



Initial discovery process has been completed and on 9-7-2011, InDevX submitted a contract proposal to the committee.  The Contest Program Committee will be meeting to discuss and make recommendations on the proposed contract.  Updated on 9/18:  The InDevX contract has been sent to our lawyers for review. It will be presented for board approval when the contract clears legal.  The new program has been named: KCBScoreFurther update:  The contract was  emailed to each board member during this meeting and members are asked to review it and email their approval or disapproval to President Weaver by Monday, September 26, 2011 .


Mike Budai made a motion to accept the contract and, with majority approval by members by the specified date, the contract will be considered accepted and the contract may be signed by President Weaver.  Seconded by Randy Bigler, the motion passed unanimously.


REP REPORT - Mark Simmons

The month of August was fruitful for KCBS.  The Association sanctioned 51 contests, which included almost 2000 teams competing (an average of 38 teams/contest).  Over $400,000 was included in the payouts for the contests and more than 95% of the judges were certified.


Our reps are doing a fine job across the country and represent KCBS as great ambassadors.


The committee is beginning to trudge through the rep manual with the intent of making recommendations for revisions for the 2012 season.


Mark reported that Sharon Hadley has completed her requirements and recommended adding her as a contest rep.  Seconded by Don Harwell, the recommendation passed unanimously.


Everywhere I go I have judges, cooks, and even new members requesting to become a part of the rep pool.  We review applications as they are submitted in writing with a recommendation of an existing rep.  The greatest need for new reps still is in the middle Atlantic and Northeastern part of our country.  Probably the next part of the country where the need will be greatest could be the West Coast. That area seems to be doing very well in adding new

sanctioned contests.



Proposed the following Community Disaster and Relief Fund.  After discussion by the board the motion was withdrawn


A fund of $25,000.00 should be allocated to be used for disaster and community relief.  The fund will be allocated in amounts up to $2,500.00 per request.  There will be two methods to access these funds.  Provided, that these funds are issued on a reimbursement basis for actual food purchased and prepared by members of KCBS, only.


Method one:  Disaster relief, when a natural disaster occurs which impacts a significant portion of a community and one or more KCBS members organize a group to cook and provide food to Police, Fire, rescue workers and those members of the community who are affected by the tragedy.  KCBS will provide reimbursement (based upon actual receipts submitted) for meats, food and water provided, without charge, in an amount not to exceed $2,500.00 per occurrence.  NOTE:  Any person or person who pursues this project MUST contact the KCBS office to ascertain that funds remain for distribution, (not approval) prior to the event.


Method two:  Community action, when a community is effected by such things as the deployment of military unit(s) or the return of a military unit(s) from a combat area, then application may be made for approval of the project, by a member of KCBS and a group organized to cook and provide food to the military personal and families.  Upon approval of the project , KCBS will provide reimbursement (based upon actual receipts submitted) for meats, food and water provided, without charge, in an amount not to exceed $2,500.00 per occurrence. (Approval will take a minimum of 45 days prior to the event.)





Mike Budai:  Mike moved that after a team's head cook membership has expired for 12 months the team name is dropped from the KCBS data base.  Seconded by Paul Kirk, the motion passed unanimously.


Don Harwell:  Don moved to copywrite the terms “KCBS Pit Master” and “KCBS Pit Masters”

After cooking 20 KCBS contests a KCBS member would earn membership in the KCBS Pit Masters.  A patch could be designed and sold to those who qualify and perhaps even a line of clothing.  Membership would be required to continue to be a part of the KCBS Pit Masters.   After discussion, Don Harwell called for the vote.  Seconded by Randy Bigler, the call for the vote passed.  Randy made a motion to accept Don'srecommendation.  Seconded by Paul Kirk, the motion passed unanimously.


Don Harwell:  Don moved to reword the Table Captains CD for 2012 From“……Each contestant must submit at least six (6) portions of meat in an approved container. Meat may be presented, sliced, diced, pulled, or chopped; all are acceptable forms of presentation. ….” To“……Each contestant must submit at least six (6) portions of meat in an approved container. With the exception of Ribs, meat may be presented, sliced, diced, pulled, or chopped; all are acceptable forms of presentation.  Seconded by Mike Budai, the motion passed unanimously.


Paul Kirk:  Moved that the following be approved as the KCBS procedure for solving situations relevant to Judges/Cooks.  Set-Up a Situation/Grievance Panel made up of one (1) board member and four (4) KCBS members in good standing.  This needs to take place before the board meeting and their recommendation presented to the board.  The motion was seconded by Don Harwell and vote passed with 10 ayes and one abstention.


  1. We get both sides of the story

1a.  If there is any conflict with the parties involved, we appoint a mediator.

  1. The information is reviewed, discussed and analyzed.
  2. The Panel makes an educated Decision or Determination
  3. Panel reports to the Board.


Tana Shupe:  For Discussion, a suggestion to publish a copy of the one-page Independent Contractor's Agreement in The Bullsheet.  Request withdrawn for review and possible future consideration.


Carolyn Wells:  Comment card request.  Rules committee will review all comment card discussions at past meetings and propose options for member vote at the January election.  Consideration will be given to having members vote as to future use of these cards.


Tana Shupe:  Discussion for KCBS to assume administration of the Ph.B. program and to formalize "Turn-in-Table" procedures.  Ph.B. discussion will resume at a later date.   Suggestions to standardize "turn-in" procedures will be submitted the rep committee for potential consideration at the Annual Meeting.


Paul Kirk moved to go into closed session.  Seconded by Tana Shupe, vote was unanimous.

Paul Kirk moved to go out of closed session.  Seconded by Mike Budai, vote was unanimous.


With no issues presented for additional discussion, Paul Kirk moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Tana Shupe, motion passed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 9:17 p.m. central time.


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