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FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
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BOARD AGENDA - November 9, 2011

November 7, 2011



Board of Directors Meeting - November 9, 2011




MEMBER REQUESTS TO SPEAK:  None as of Sunday, November 6, 2011



Mission:  Recognizing barbeque as America's cuisine, the Mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.

Board Pledge:  I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS Mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbecue, and the American way of life, may be strengthened and preserved forever.


MINUTES:  Tana Shupe moves that the Board approve the following Minutes of the meeting held on October 12, 2011.




Board of Directors Meeting - October 12, 2011





President Candy Weaver called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm central time.


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Candy Weaver, Don Harwell, Tana Shupe, Randy Bigler, Arlie Bragg, Merl Whitebook, Paul Kirk, Mike Budai, Mark Simmons and Gene Goycochea.  Mike Lake joined the meeting at 7:15 p.m, Wayne Lohman joined at 7:48 p.m, and Arlie Bragg was absent.


The Board recited the KCBS Mission and the Board Pledge as follows: 

MISSION:  Recognizing barbeque as America's cuisine, the Mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.

BOARD PLEDGE:  I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS Mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbecue, and the American way of life, may be strengthened and preserved forever.


MEMBERS CALLING IN:  Vicki Peyton, Dale Newstrom


There were no member requests to speak.


MINUTES:  Tana Shupe moved that the Board approve the Minutes of the meeting held on September 21, 2011, and published on the KCBS website as Quick Notes as presented.  Seconded by Mark Simmons, the Minutes were approved as presented.


MARKETING REPORT:  Mike McCloud/Tana Shupe

Tana Shupe asked that the Marketing Report be presented as presented.  A question was asked referencing the  "smart phone."  Tana will ask Mike McCloud to update the board at the next meeting.  The Marketing Report accepted as presented.


-          Completed 3 GABT events

-          Ongoing assistance for the Tour Team in product shipments, logistics, and on-site media promotion

-          Recruitment of local volunteers to ensure event success

-          Generated additional publicity through radio remotes in Sparks, NV, Decatur, AL and Murphysboro, IL

Sam’s Club BBQ Series

-          Continued coordination of communications efforts for the Inaugural Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour

  • Publicized through regional e-blasts to competitors
  • Promoted all activities via KCBS social media assets
  • September competitions included: Greensboro, Chesapeake, Pittsburgh, Laurel

-          Continued coordination and Assistance with Sam’s Club National Championship in Bentonville

  • Coordination with logistics for partners
  • Coordinating a private CBJ class for Sam’s Club Executives.
  • Coordination and planning for VIP Party


-          Total September Sales: $1707


-          Advertising sold for September: $1270

-          Uploaded October Bullsheet

-          Uploaded MP3 of September’s BOD meeting


-          Social Media, Using MMA, KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

-          GABT: 1543 Twitter Followers / 5285 FB post views

-          KCBS:  967 Twitter Followers / 71027 FB post views

-          GABT releases to: Decatur, AL, Murphysboro, IL and Kansas City, MO markets

-          Kingsford Points Chase release to: Decatur, AL, Murphysboro, IL, Kansas City, MO, and Fayetteville, AR markets

-          Updated Kingsford Points Chase blog after Decatur, AL and Murphysboro, IL

-          Updated News section of KCBS website as necessary

-          Ongoing CBJ PR

Sponsorship Activities

-          2011 Great American Barbeque Tour- In negotiations with brands for 2012 partnerships.  Received four verbal approvals of the program and moving into contract work.

-          2012 KCBS Partnerships – In negotiations with Tyson for extended 2012 Marketing Program.

-          2012 Planning - Conducting brand meetings for next year's GABT and Sam's Club National BBQ Tour.


-          Researching new product ideas for KCBS Merchandise.



With the absence of Arlie Bragg, this Philanthropy Report was tabled until the November board  meeting.


We are going over guidelines for 2012 sponsorship etc. for philanthropy.   If you have any future ideas please forward to me. 


I move that we do away with Closed Sessions.


I also motion the below to be adopted again also.  We have set aside money for other projects and I believe this is important!


Community Disaster and Relief Fund. A fund of $25,000.00 should be allocated to be used for disaster and community relief.  The fund will be allocated in amounts up to $2,500.00 per request. There will be two methods to access these funds.  Provided, that these funds are issued on a reimbursement basis for actual food purchased and prepared by members of KCBS, only.


Method one:  Disaster relief, when a natural disaster occurs which impacts a significant portion of a community and one or more KCBS members organize a group to cook and provide food to Police, Fire, rescue workers and those members of the community who are affected by the tragedy.  KCBS will provide reimbursement (based upon actual receipts submitted) for meats, food and water provided, without charge, in an amount not to exceed $2,500.00 per occurrence.(note any person or person who pursues this project MUST contact the KCBS office to ascertain that funds remain for distribution, (not approval) prior to the event.


Method two:  Community action, when a community is effected by such things as the deployment of  military unit(s) or the return of a military unit(s) from a combat area, then application may be made for approval of the project, by a member of KCBS and a group organized to cook and provide food to the military personal and families.  Upon approval of the project, KCBS will provide reimbursement (based upon actual receipts submitted) for meats, food and water provided, without charge, in an amount not to exceed $2,500.00 per occurrence. (Approval will take a minimum of 45 days prior to the event.)



The Finance Committee recommends adopting the financial statements submitted to the board members on October 9, 2011.  Finance report was accepted as presented.



The KCBS office has received the signed InDevX contract and work has begun on KCBScore.

Since KCBS has accepted and signed with InDevX to produce a new contest scoring program,

I motion that the board rescind authorization and stop work on the Data Access contest scoring program.  Seconded by Paul Kirk, the motion was accepted with one abstention.


CBJ REPORT:  Mike Lake

The following updated YTD judging classes report was sent to BOD.  Synopsis for 2011: 56 classes - 2,460 Students - 749 KCBS Members - 1,696 New Members - 15 Media Comps.


Other business: I will be visiting MMA before or after “The Jack” to get an update on where we are with the continuing education program.  I should have more to report to you in November.


I also would like to explore possible means to recognize those judges who have continued to track the events that they have judged and have reached the 100 contest plateau.  One judge is working on presenting for the board's consideration a possible design for a patch or pin, in recognition of 100 contests. 


Mike further reported that he will be meeting with the MMA IT people next week regarding the continuing education program for judges.


The CBJ Report was accepted as presented.


CONTEST REPS:  Mark Simmons/Randy Bigler

The contest Rep Committee is meeting and working through the rep manual for possible revisions. This process continues and recommendations are being prepared.  Recommendations will be submitted to the board in November, although possibly not in time for the board meeting.


We also are meeting concerning the annual meeting and what to do for the Contest Rep session at the annual meeting. 


There is a rep issue under discussion.


KCBS continues to grow, rep assignments are being made and cooks/organizer's critiques frequently reference the good job our reps are doing.


We look forward to the Annual meeting in San Diego.


EDUCATION REPORT:  Paul Kirk/Tana Shupe

Tana and I are meeting with Mark Davis, Executive Director of Jr Skill Centers in

Monterey, TN, along with Tim Owings on October 19, where we will gather information on how they put their program together and how it operates, along with interviews with students.  The Education report was accepted as presented.



 Web: Created both MP3 files of the September regular meeting for posting on our web site.

Elections:  Update to be given at meeting on the cost of adding additional voting periods (up to five votes/surveys/elections in a 12 month period).  Don met with the Director of Marketing agreement for any add-on elections will be accepted; if not the $3,000 budget will not be used.  The Technology report was accepted as presented.



The Sanctioning Committee recommends approval of all new and existing contests listed in the October New/Change Request Report, with the exception of the Sertoma 48 BBQ contest in Lawrence, KS.  The Committee questioned the density and saturation of teams for the number of contests in the area.  Wayne reported that this contest had requested a return to a date that it had previously been held with no problems, and recommended it be sanctioned.  He recommended the contest in Richmond, VA scheduled for September 7-8 be tabled for confirmation of the correct change of date.


The Board report will also outline the problems with St. Louis River Rub contest held on October 8th.  Incident Reports have not been received from the rep's assigned to this contest.


Wayne moved the Sanctioning Committee Report be approved as presented.  Seconded by Randy Bigler, the motion was approved unanimously.


New Contests (2012):

6/8-9          The Ranger BBQ Showdown                 St. Charles, MO

5/11-12      Pork in the Pines                                 Chatom, AL

Date Changes in 2012 for Existing Contests:

5/11-12/2012 to

5/4-5/2012 Sertoma 48 BBQ                                  Lawrence, KS

10/26-27    Holy Smoke BBQ Festival                     Easten, MD

8/4-5          Western Maine BBQ Festival                Fryeburg, ME

9/7-8          Recovery Fest                                      Richmond, VA

8/3-4          Colorado State BBQ Championship       Craig, CO

2/25-26      Polar Bear BBQ Challenge                    Columbia, MO*

                                                                              *Location change also

Existing Contests (2012):

5/11-12      Boots & BBQ Festival                           Claremore, OK

5/4-5          Bixby BBQ'n Music                               Bixby, OK

9/1-2          Smokin' on the Bay                             Tracy's Landing, MD

5/25-26      5th Annual Horsin' Around BBQ Showdown   Young Harris, GA

9/31-9/1     Septemberfest BBQ & Ribeye Steak Cookoff  Omaha, NE

4/20-21      Rock'n Ribs BBQ Festival                      Springfield, MO

8/24-25      When Pigs Fly BBQ & Fly-In                 McPherson, KS

9/14-15      Lakeside Que-topia                              St. Peters, MO

8/17-18      Stand by your Grill                               Fulton, MS

7/6-7          9th Annual Pork & Brew State BBQ Champ.  Rio Rancho, NM

8/17-18      Wyoming State BBQ Championship &

                   Bluegrass Festival                                Worland, WY

4/21-22      Pork in the Park                                   Salisbury, MD

4/6-7          Stillwater Elks 24th Annual Blazathon  Stillwater, OK

5/4-5          North Platte Honky Tonk Barbecue Festival   North Platte, NE

9/1-2          Thunder in the Park BBQ                     Connersville, IN

7/27-28      Up in Smoke BBQ Bash                        Mason City, IA

5/5-6          Smokin on the Water                           Liberty, IN

9/7-8          Jug Tavern Festival                              Winder, GA

7/27-28      Dodge City Days Barbecue Cook-off     Dodge City, KS

5/18-19      Chesapeake Jubilee BBQ Cook-Off       Chesapeake, VA

9/7-8          Ribs, Pork and Rock 'n Roll                   Vermillion, SD

8/17-19      Mountain Maryland BBQ                      Cumberland, MD

9/20-22      Murphysboro BBQ Cook-Off                 Murphysboro, IL

7/20-21      Griller's Cup                                        Laramie, WY

10/5-6        Jim Beam BBQ Classic                         Springfield, KY

11/2-3        Sucarnochee BBQ & Blues Cook-Off     Livingston, AL

4/20-21      16th Annual Euchause BBQ Cook-Off  Kings Mountain, NC

9/21-22      Tilley Harley-Davidson, Biker, Blues &

                   BBQ Rally                                            Salisbury, NC

5/4-5          Brew, Blues & Bar-B-Q Cook-Off          Lansing, KS

6/15-16      Central Maryland Swinetastic BBQ Festival   Frederick, MD

5/4-5          Columbia Elks Lodge #594 BBQ Contest  Columbia, MO

9/15-16      Harvard Fall Festival BBQ Contest        Harvard, MD




The Rules Committee would like to submit the following items for discussion and possible motions/actions as needed.

1.  Discussion on issues from judges concerning over powering use of perfumes and aftershaves worn by judges in the judging area.  Randy suggested that the publication of these minutes will serve as notice that this is an issue.

2. Discussion of Comment Cards.  Randy polled approximately 150 teams with the consensus that they do want to continue use of the cards and suggested specific selections (i.e. too salty, under or over done) be added to the comment cards and asked for other selection options from the board.  He will bring additional ideas before the board at the next meeting.

3. Discussion on judges not notifying the organizers that they will not be coming to judge their event after they have been confirmed or by not calling the day before.  Discussion determined that this is an "organizer" issue and that publication of this problem in these minutes will serve as "notification" that lists of "no-show judges" are normally turned over to the organizer and that these judges are in jeopardy of not being accepted at future contests.

4. Discussion of Table Captain's duties has been resolved.

5. Discussion of Master Judges test being taken over the web or by email.   Mike Lake will be discuss with MMA's IT personnel at their upcoming meeting.

The Rules Committee report was accepted as presented.



Don Harwell and I discussed the Pitmaster program, and it is our suggestion that we develop a Sticker/Decal for teams that have competed in 20 or more contests. These team head cooks will then be designated as KCBS Pitmasters and may use this designation on team shirts in addition to the two (2) Sticker/Decals that KCBS will provide to the team (one for each side of their trailer).  KCBS will also provide one (1) pin for the head cook, and make available additional sticker/decals to be purchased from KCBS for team members who have reached this same level.  Board consensus is that this is a good idea and asked Gene to proceed.




Candy Weaver - Candy will arrange a conference call for the Bylaws Committee to discuss proposed changes/updates to the bylaws.  Finalized wording to proposed bylaws changes to be included on the January ballot will be presented at November's board meeting.


Candy Weaver - Candy will conduct further research and return to the board with her findings and recommendations for the possibility of a second BBQ tour with the intent to  consider prepping the older truck and trailer for short term, low-budget tour with legs where we could reach out to smaller dollar sponsors and smaller attendance contests.


Candy Weaver - Per Arlie Bragg's request, further discussion was held regarding Grievance Panel Issues:  Paul Kirk and Candy Weaver will work on the details as to how a grievance panel or panels would proceed, with the understanding that all final decisions as to the panel/s recommendations would be made by the Board.




Arlie Bragg -  Action re "no show" judges.  This issue was addressed in the CBJ Report and subsequent discussion.


Don Harwell:  I move that the Judging Score card be edited to have a gray block at each location where box numbers and scores are written and that the example that was presented to the board be added to the card to aid judges in writing the numbers. This will help with ease of keying.    Seconded by Gene Goycochea, a roll call vote was requested with the following results:  Harwell-Aye, Goycochea-Aye, Shupe-Nay, Lohman-Nay, Lake-Nay, Budai-Nay, Simmons-Nay, Bigler-Aye, Kirk-Aye.  Motion failed with four (4) Ayes and five (5) Nays.                                       


Candy Weaver:  I move that we have a KCBS team card which states team head cook or cooks for the purpose of Team of the Year points.  A contest will only count for points towards team of the year if a head cook is present cooking at that contest.  This will not eliminate "guests" cooking with a team, simply mandates the presence of the team identified at the start of the year.  Candy retracted her motion as this issue should be resolved with the new computer system.


Mark Simmons - As a member of the strategic planning committee and keeping in the spirit of the future expansion of KCBS to an international movement, I move that  the following proposal be adopted:


MISSION STATEMENT:   Recognizing barbecue as America’s cuisine, our mission is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote Barbecue as a culinary technique, sport and art form by:

  • Increasing the knowledge and skills of Out of United States (O.U.S.) competition cook teams to successfully compete in KCBS competitions.     
  • Instructing, training and certifying judges according to KCBS parameters so they could judge KCBS sanctioned contests anywhere in the world. ·       
  • Supporting and encouraging O.U.S. KCBS competition organizers. ·       
  • Increasing KCBS membership worldwide.  


1.  Cooks - We will provide a general training for cook teams interested in US style competitive barbecue cooking. (Using KCBS four meat categories whenever possible.) See June 2011 BullSheet for class approach.

2.   Judges - We will train and certify judges, as KCBS judges, in the countries where we are doing cooking instruction. See June 2011 BullSheet for class approach.

3.  Organizers - We will mentor and follow through with organizers, following KCBS guidelines, just as we do in the U. S.

4.  KCBS - We will interact with the KCBS office and any committee heads (sanctioning, judging, etc.) coordinating questions/issues that arise as a result of working with any of the above O.U.S. participants.  


The members of our KCBS International Team are Wayne and Maria Lohman, Bill and Debby Gage, Jim and Becky Johnson. We are proposing to be named as the KCBS International Outreach Team.

A.  We propose that the Gages and Lohmans will become certified KCBS judging instructors and that the Johnsons will be cooking instructors. 

B.  We would propose that Wayne Lohman and Carolyn Wells will be liaisons with the KCBS Board of Directors for the International Initiative. We will also form a team advisory panel utilizing international organizers, cooks and judges.

C.  We would propose (reviewed and approved annually by the KCBS BOD) as a budget line item, for expenses that may be incurred (For example-possible costs for translation of any of our judge’s training and organizer manuals or costs for shipping the US rubs and sauces needed for classes).

We will account for all expenditures and work toward a permanent budget.   

Known Issues: 

  • Currency/Exchange Rate     
  • Conveyance with KCBS (suggest electronic exchange)     
  • Advertising of contest monies (currencies used)
  • Meat/Garnish availability.  -Adjustments may need to be made due to availability of beef brisket.  Adjustments of meats used may need to be made based on cultural or religious reasons.  Adjustments may need to be made due to the availability/differences in lettuces/cilantro
  • Measurement differences - Meat weight - Box size


After discussion a call for the vote was made by Mike Budai.  Seconded by Paul Kirk the vote was unanimous.  The motion for the proposal from Mark Simmons was seconded by Tana Shupe.  The motion was approved unanimously.



Paul Kirk moved to go into closed session, seconded by Gene Goycochea.  The motion passed unanimously.


Closed Session:  AGENDA

Randy Bigler:  (1)  Rep reinstatement, (2) Clarification of Rules and Regulations (3) Upcoming Election.  Randy reported that eight (8) nominations have been received to date and that he will contact each nominee who must submit the required information before November 15th for inclusion in the December issue of The Bullsheet.

Candy Weaver:  St. Louis Contest Incident Report

Paul Kirk moved to come out of closed session.  The motion was seconded and the vote was unanimous.

After coming out of closed session, Randy Bigler moved to reinstate Ed Magnusson as a contest rep.  Seconded by Don Harwell, the vote was unanimous.

Candy Weaver recommended that Carolyn send a letter to the organizer of the contest in St. Louis offering our wishes for his speedy recovery.  The letter will also express our expectation that all remuneration is expected to be paid in its entirety to the teams as promised, and that we will be closely monitoring the resolution of this issue.  The entire board approved the recommendation.

Paul Kirk made a motion to adjourn at 9:35 p.m.  Seconded by Mike Budai, the motion to adjourn was unanimous.

(End of Minutes of October meeting.)





-          Successfully completed 2011 GABT Tour including 3 October GABT events @ American Royal, Sam’s National and The Jack

-          Generated additional publicity through radio remotes in Kansas City, MO, Bentonville, AR and Lynchburg, TN

-          Working with Peters on Tour Recap/ Financials/ Winter Storage

-          In communication with potential sponsors for 2012 GABT Tour

Sam’s Club BBQ Series

-          Successfully completed 2011 Sam’s BBQ Tour

-          Talking with Sam’s Club about 2012 and sponsorship opportunities


-          Total October Sales: $8196

-          (American Royal- $5500, The Jack-$1200, Web Merchandise- $1496)

-          New merchandise added to website in light of Extreme Makeover airing.  New items include: poncho, umbrella, travel mug & cooler


-          Advertising sold for October: $1820 (Casablanca and KCBS)

-          Uploaded November Bullsheet

-          Uploaded MP3 of October’s BOD meeting

-          Banquet Registration cards uploaded on website

-          KCBS Homepage Update (Sam’s National/Extreme TV Broadcast)

-          Eblast sent to event directors with tutorial on uploading data on KCBS website

-          KCBS Mobile Application in production for 2012 launch


-          Social Media, Using MMA, KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

-          GABT: 1587 Twitter Followers / 9823 FB post views

-          KCBS:  1039 Twitter Followers / 157920 FB post views

-          GABT releases to: Bentonville, AR, Lynchburg, TN and Kansas City, MO markets

-          Kingsford Points Chase release to: Lynchburg, TN, Atlanta, GA, Kansas City, MO, and Fayetteville, AR markets

-          Updated Kingsford Points Chase blog after Kansas City, MO and Fayetteville, AR events

-          Extended promotion of the Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour Championship, American Royal and The Jack

-          Successful Kingsford Point Chase Award Ceremony at The Jack

-          Updated News section of KCBS website as necessary

Sponsorship Activities

-          Mike will update the board on current Sponsorship activities

2012 KCBS Annual Banquet

-          Working with KCBS office to secure sponsors for 2012 Annual Banquet



The Finance Committee recommends adopting the financial reports as submitted.


REP COMMITTEE:  Mark Simmons

In October KCBS sanctioned 42 contests in 20 different states.  This resulted in 97 reps being used with 1929 teams competing.


The CBJ percentage was 91% and it is believed that there were no rep errors or organizer concerns.  The reps are completing a very good season with a minimal number of issues needing to be addressed.


The Rep Committee meets on Monday, November 7 and will continue the discussion of revisions to the rep manual and pertinent issues to be dealt with at the rep meeting in San Diego.



The following updated YTD judging classes report was sent to BOD:  60 classes - 2,709 Students - 811 KCBS Members - 1,881 New Members - 15 Media Comps.   Next month report will include the total number of CBJ’s who have earned the MCBJ status.  


I would also like to put forth a motion that we bring in all of the current CBJ Instructors for a retreat.  This retreat could be held in conjunction with the initial board meeting for new board members (some have referred to this a our strategic planning session).   My proposal is that those CBJ instructors who are not board members could join the board on Saturday evening for a group supper and then have their retreat on Sunday morning/early afternoon.   This would save us a considerable amount of monies in transportation, since there are several on the board who also conduct classes.


I have met with the IT personnel at MMA and they are on board with the continuing education program.   A series of 75 questions will be submitted to them this week.  The IT people at MMA do not for see any problems with having this program ready to introduce to the membership at the 2012 Award banquet.



We are moving forward looking into the Year 2012 with grants and sponsorships.


Other items I have concerns about: We need a line item in the sanctioning agreement to address who is responsible for payout funds at a KCBS contest.  The organizer, event director and or coordinator is not necessary the person responsible for the funds.  We also need a chain of command that needs to be followed in the case at a cook-off the funds advertized are not available. 



The Sanctioning Committee recommends approval of all new and existing contests listed in the following November New/Change Request Report.


Tabled at October meeting:

9/7-8               Recovery Fest                                                   Richmond, VA

New Contests (2012):

1/20-21           BBQ 4 PanCan                                                  Mesa, AZ

4/21-22           Tony Stone Low & Slow BBQ

                        Competition Contest                                        Netherlands

4/27-28           BBQ Boogie and Blues                                     Calhoun, GA

5/4-5               BBQ Jamboree                                                 Fredericksburg, VA

6/15-16           Bay Area BBQ Championship                           Oakland, CA

6/29-30           1st Annual Coalville Pig-Out BBQ Comp.         Coalville, UT

7/13-15           Nanaimo Barbecue Festival                             Nanaimo, BC, Canada

9/28-30           Smoke-n-Thunder BBQ Competition                Rome, GA

Date Change in 2012 for Existing Contest:

6/15-16 to 6/8-9  Blue Ridge BBQ Festival                              Tryon, NC

2/24-25           Kansas Wintger Q                                             Great Bend, KS

6/15-16           The DeSoto Shrine Club 4th Annual

                        2012 BBQ Cook-Off                                          Hernando, MS

9/7-8               Hay Capital BBQ Cook-Off                               Yates Center, KS

Existing Contests (2012):

4/6-7         Smoke in the Spring                                               Osage City, KS

4/20-21     4th Annual VFW Post 846 BBQ Challenge             Overland Park, KS

4/27-28     9th Annual Smokin' in the Creek                            Sugar Creek, MO

4/27-28     Stagecoach BBQ Championship                             Indio, CA

5/4-5         WhistleStop Festival & Rocket City BBQ                Huntsville, AL

5/11-12     Celebration Cook-Off                                             Lyons, KS

5/18-19     Minnesota in May                                                  Fairbault, MN

5/25-27     Red, White & Bar-B-Q                                            Westmont, IL

6/1-2         Smokin' on the Summit                                          Lee's Summit, MO

6/1-2         Smokin' in the Steele                                              Owatonna, MN

6/8-9         Raytown State Championship BBQ Cook-Off         Raytown, MO

6/8-9         Poor Que                                                                Montello, WI

6/14-16     Colorado Barbecue Challenge                               Frisco, CO

6/15-16     State Center Rose Festival BBQ Champ.                State Center, IA

6/15-17     Rock /n Ribfest                                                       Merrimack, NH

6/15-16     Hog Wild BBQ & Chrome Fest                               Chandler, OK

6/15-17     Crossborder Blues, Brews and Que                       Wilson, NY

6/22-23     Iowa State Barbeque Championship                      Marshalltown, IA

6/22-23     Smoke on the Square in Memory of

                  David Harness                                                        Franklin, IN

6/22-23     Auburn Hills Barbecue CookOff                             Auburn Hills, MI

6/22-23     The Great Lenexa BBQ Battle                                Lenexa, KS

6/22-23     Rock'n Freedom                                                     Seymour, MO

7/13-14     Leveland Loves Barbecue                                       Loveland, CO

7/20-21     Riverfest 2012: Red, White & Que                         Bellevue, NE

7/20-21     Blues, BBQ & Bargains                                           Hays, KS

8/3-4         Dillard Bluegrass & BBQ Fest                                Dillard, GA

4/13-14     Smoke on the Falls                                                 Gadsden, AL

8/24-25     Up in Smoke on the Square                                    Lincoln, IL

8/24-25     New Holland SummerFest                                      New Holland, PA

8/24-25     Grill Games                                                            Kenosha, WI

8-24-25      Smokin' on the Oak                                                Bonner Springs, KS

8/24-25     Smokin on the Water                                             Lakeport, CA

8/31-9/1    Four State BBQ Championship Presented by

                  Downstream Casino Resort                                    Quapaw, OK

8/31-9/1    Smoke on the Beach                                               Myrtle Beach, SC

9/2-3         Grill For a Grand 2012                                           Suquamish, WA

9/7-8         Silver Lake Apple BBQ Festival                              Mears, MI

9/14-15     Battle of the Brisket                                               Mission, KS

9/14-15     Showdown on the Plains BBQ Challenge &

                  Air Show                                                                 Scott City, KS

9/14-15     Cherokee Strip Cook-Off                                        Ponca City, OJK

9/14-15     Smokin n the Ville                                                  Edwardsville, KS

9/21-22     Shawnee Great Grillers State Championship         Shawnee, KS

9/28-29     Ak-Sar-Ben's River City Rodeo & Stock Show        Omaha, NE

10/12-13   The Real Squeal: Lyons Barbeque &

                  Music Festival                                                         Lyone, GA

10/19-20   Florence Eureka Days                                             Florence, CO

10-19-20    Big Buffalo Crossing BBQ Cook-Off                       Munfordville, KY


Request approval from the Board to allow the Sanctioning Committee chair to form a committee to study the feasibility of sanctioning backyard contests on a stand-alone basis.  We will then report findings, and submit a proposal at the December meeting.



The Rules Committee would like to see Rule #7 wording changed from: Once the competition meat has been inspected, it shall not leave the contest site. (to read leave the Cook-Site).


If I need to make a motion to reword this rule I make a motion to do so.



We have 14 KCBS members running for the Board of Director seats. The nominees have been published on the KCBS website,  All have accepted their nomination and have received the list of questions and  instructions on what they need to submit for the upcoming election. The list of nominees are:

1.     George Mullins, Texas

2.     Dennis Polson, Kansas

3.     Steve Farrin, Massachusetts

4.     Jeff Stith, Missouri

5.     Dave Compton, Iowa

6.     Steve Grinstead, Ohio

7.     David Londeen, Minnesota

8.     William “BJ” Hoffman, Iowa

9.     Gene Goyechea – INCUMBENT - California

10.   Larry Hadley, Kansas

11.   DennyMike Sherman, Maine

12.   Kim Collier, Missouri

13.   Sonny Ashford, Nebraska

14.   Forrest Bruce,  Kansas


EDUCATION COMMITTEE:  Paul Kirk & Tana Shupe

The meeting in Monterey was quite productive, although it raised many questions as to how a similar program for youths can be promoted and replicated in other places.  The SkillCenter has put together a manual that has been helpful to them, and could provide an excellent resource.  We learned a lot about what has and hasn't worked for them and what agencies (especially governmental) may prove to be easier to work with.  The SkillCenter has been approached by several companies, so possible sponsorship opportunites for a "Kids" specific program were discussed. 


It is obvious that putting together a comprehensive, workable program of this magnitude will take some time, so over the next couple of months we plan to have a conference call with all of the committee members in order to prepare a rudimentary plan to present to the board for its input. 



Created MP3 file of the October regular meeting for posting on our web site.


Update to members “My Profile” to be able to change password.


Election Contract is being finalized.  We now have over 15,000 members who can vote this January. 



Work on KCBScore continues and while it is still early in phase 2, it appears to be on schedule.

The Program Committee met to review the program GUI's and make changes that were relayed to InDevX. None of the Committee's changes are expected to delay the project. Testing of KCBScore is expected to be time consuming.


The committee has created a modified score card that reorders the "table", "cbj" number fields and adds a "seat" number field that coincides better with the data entry fields in KCBScore.  In addition the new score card adds space for a seventh team to accommodate contests with insufficient number of judges.


I motion that the updated score card sent to board members be adopted to be used at all sanctioned contests when our current supply of score cards runs out.


During the March meeting, the board changed the score weighting from: A=.5714, T=2.2858, T=1.1428 to a new score weighting factors of: A=.56, T=2.2972, T=1.1428. Changing the weighting in BQWin is not practical. The release date for KCBScore is still too far off to predict.

Therefore I motion that KCBS changes to the new weighting factors when KCBScore is deployed



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