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2012 KCBS Election Results

January 14, 2012

The Results for the KCBS 2012 Bylaws Changes and Board of Directors Election
Total number of eligible voters = 14950
Total ballots returned = 2587
Percent of ballot return = 17.30%

Bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed and new Bylaws may be adopted in accordance with Missouri statute 355.116 and by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of all approved Members who voted by paper ballot or secure electronic ballot in a general election or special election with the Bylaws amendment on the ballot.

Bylaws change #1 passed with 70% of the voting members voting yes for this change to be added to the bylaws. A Member of the Corporation is not eligible to seek election for Director of the Corporation if the member shares a physical address with any current Director of the Corporation.

Yes - I support this statement receives 1738 votes, 70% of the total.
No - I do not support this statement receives 732 votes, 30% of the total.

Bylaws change #2 failed to pass with only 62% of the voting members voting yes on this change, the requirement of two-thirds votes was not met. The wording will still read ...the Directors shall be elected by the Members in good standing for a term of three (3) years to succeed the Directors whose term then expires, providing that the Directors be limited to two consecutive three-year terms, after which one year must lapse before a Member is eligible for another term(s).

Yes receives 1531 votes, 62% of the total.
No receives 938 votes, 38 % of the total.

KCBS Board of Directors - The top four are elected to the Board of Directors and will take office at the 2012 February board meeting.

Steve Farrin received 1051 votes, 12% of the total.
Dave Compton received 916 votes, 11% of the total.
Jeff Stith received 808 votes, 10% of the total.
George Mullins received 784 votes, 9% of the total

Dennis Polson received 770 votes, 9% of the total.
Kim Collier received 716 votes, 8% of the total.
Gene Goycochea received 572 votes, 7% of the total.
Steve Grinstead received 521 votes, 6% of the total.
Sonny Ashford received 514 votes, 6% of the total.
Larry Hadley received 512 votes, 6% of the total.
William “BJ” Hoffman received 422 votes, 5% of the total.
DennyMike Sherman received 342 votes, 4% of the total.
David Londeen received 272 votes, 3% of the total.
Forrest Bruce received 250 votes, 3% of the total.

Posted by Don Harwell VP BOD, Elections Chairman


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