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April 9, 2012


Board of Director's Meeting

March 21, 2012





There were no member requests to speak.


Members Calling In:  Don Harwell, Vickie Payton, Dale Newstrom


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Executive Director Carolyn Wells, Candy Weaver, Mike Budai, Mark Simmons, Tana Shupe, Randy Bigler, Mike Lake, Paul Kirk, Arlie Bragg, Jeff Stith, Steve Farrin,  George Mullins, and Dave Compton.


President Candy Weaver called the meeting to order at 7:03 central time.


The board recited the KCBS Mission and Board Pledge.


MINUTES:  Tana Shupe requests that the Board approve the attached Minutes of the meeting held on February 10-11, 2012 as presented.  Seconded by Dave Compton the Minutes were approved by a vote of 10 ayes and one abstaining.   (For KCBS Members:  The February Minutes can be viewed within this website.)





-          Total January Sales:  $1283


-          Advertising sold for January: $975

-          Uploaded March Bullsheet

-          Uploaded MP3 of February’s BOD meeting

-          KCBS Master CBJ Exam Online is now Live

-          Partner Programs Previews and Microsites are now Live:

-                      Kingsford 40k Challenge

-                      Tyson Best Wing on the Planet

-                      Smithfield Rib Super Series


-          GABT 2012 Schedule Complete and announced

-          GABT branding complete (using a funny political theme this year)

-          GABT Coordination and Logistics for 2012 Tour in full swing to prepare for first event in Vegas (ACM/BBQ Throwdown)


Sam’s Tour

-          Coordination and Logistics for 2012 Tour underway

-          Two successful events already conducted (in Florida)

-          As of press time, we had 37 spots still available for teams in 5 cities

-          judges positions are full except for 18 in Salt Lake City and 6 in Tucson


-          Social Media, using MMA, KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

-          GABT: 1779 Twitter Followers / 1415 FB post views

-          KCBS:  1322 Twitter Followers / 38,468 FB post views

-          Updated News section of KCBS website as necessary

-          Bullsheet Content: Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour Preview

Sponsorship Activities

-          2012 Planning/ Mike will update the board on current sponsorship activities

-          Now offering “activation” only packages for GABT for smaller company participation

-          MMA is reviewing a couple of trade show opportunities to be considered for KCBS presence / promotion


-          Mike reported that the Great American BBQ Tour is now fully funded, with additional sponsorships being negotiated and they are ready to kick off the 5th season.


            He reported that Rancher's Reserve will not renew the beef cup.


            MMA has agreed to help out with database transfer of internet information.


            The Sam's Club tour is going well and they are working on a new logistics program to      keep the contests running smoothly.  There are still 35 spots open for teams


            For year and a half, folks have been working on a "super bowl" of food to be held in Las Vegas on November 1-4, 2012.  MMA will be working the World Food Championships in     2012 using the KCBS Competitor Series as a format for the BBQ division.  He will share         additional information as it becomes available..


Additionally, current members of the Marketing Committee are Jeff Stith, Tana Shupe, Arlie Bragg and from members, Sylvie Curry (California) and April Hepko (Missouri). 




The Finance Committee moves the adoption of the February Financials as sent to board members on March 11, 2012.  Seconded by Mike Budai, the report was unanimously accepted as presented.




I would like to begin this report with the current membership numbers of the KCBS which were provided by Karrin Murphy in the office .

Number of Total Members -15175

Number of New Members -626

Number of Renewed Members -2566

Number of non-renewals(or pending renewals) -702

Number of members who signed up via the website -449 (only 1 was an international. Of the 449, 60 of them were for Family memberships)

Number of New Members from judging classes 405


The goal of our committee is to improve the benefits of all KCBS members.  Find ways to attract new members.  Find ways to retain our current members. 


The members of our committee are:

Steve Farrin Chairman from Massachusetts

Arlie Bragg Co-Chair from Tennessee

Stephanie Wilson from Missouri

Mike Richter from Maryland

Ryan Newstrom from Iowa

Gene Goycochea from California

President Candy Weaver and Executive Director Carolyn Wells


Steve moved that the report be accepted as presented.  Seconded by Tana Shupe, the report was unanimously accepted.




The previous CBJ power point presentation was reviewed by the CBJ instructors, appropriate changes were suggested.  Those changes have been implemented by Stephen Smith (CBJ Instructor)' and revised editions have been sent to all CBJ Instructors and are now in use.


All instructors have been advised to follow the presentation as it is presented in the Power Point presentation.  This will help insure consistency in instruction and interpretation of the rules as they pertain to judging.


It is the committee's recommendation that no additional CBJ instructors be added at this time and that additional instructors will be considered on a regional basis.  At this time the only area under consideration would be the Pacific Northwest.  It was also suggested that a set of qualifying criteria be established to determine eligibility of candidates for instructors.  The committee will use a similar approach to that of selecting contest reps with the additional qualification that the candidate be a Master Judge.


Committee members include all CBJ Instructors, Dave Compton (Judges Advocate), Dennis Polson, and Ed Hartman.  Ed is currently working on some ideas for a judges article in the "Bullsheet" and the feasibility of a mentoring program for new or first time judges.


The newly revised CBJ PowerPoint presentation will be in all Instructors hands on Monday, 19 Mar 2012.  It has a slide dedicated to the judges comment card; this will insure that all instructors adhere to discussing this facet of judging.


From T.Shupe:  Figures for CBJ classes held through 2/18/2012 are as follows: 10 classes,  576 participants, 171 KCBS members, 402 new members, 3 media comps.  For more detailed information, please refer to Mike's spreadsheet attached to his email to BOD members on February 11, 2012. 


Mike Lake recommended that this report be accepted as presented; seconded by Randy Bigler, the report was unanimously accepted.




Philanthropy-Report Had a request for funds that was withdrawn.  Other than that we are now receiving apps for Grants and Grants in Aid.

Arlie's request to discuss reps asking for contests when other reps were appointed was not mentioned and has been added to the Agenda for April.




The Strategic Planning Committee now consists of Mark Simmons, Paul Kirk and Wayne Lohman.


Minutes from the Strategic Planning session on February 11, 2012 have been sent to all board members.   (Thanks Randy Bigler for taking these notes that day.) The notes are just a reminder to all the committees of the various items that came up related to your particular committee for your consideration.


It is the desire of the committee that there will be ongoing discussions on your committee considering everything that you can think of as part of your committee strategic plan based on the assumptions discussed at the beginning of the meeting and on the first section of the attachment. We would like to work toward a 5 year strategic plan ... with the 30,000 foot view by the June BOD meeting as our committee strategic plan target to be reviewed and approved by the BOD. Thereafter it is our goal that all the committees can provide for the BOD's discussion a more detailed 2012-2013 plan by the September meeting for discussion and adoption.


No motions at this time.   




Location Change:

June 1-2           Beltway BBQ Showdown                                                 Upper Marlboro  MD

Existing/Date Change:

Oct. 12-13 to Oct. 19-20   7th Annual Barn Burner BBQ                        Libertyville           IL

Sanctioning Change:

May 4-5           Truman Heritage Festival                                               Grandview           MO


June 29-30       The Algood "Cruzin-Blazin & Backyard BBQ'N Contest  Algood                 TN

July 3-4            Liberty Area of Chamber                                                Liberty                 MO

New Contests:

May 25-27       BBQ, Blues & Brews on the Bay                                      North Bend          OR

June 1-3           Lake Ozark Smokefest                                                     Lake Ozark           MO

June 8-10         Firin' up the Fox                                                               St. Charles           IL

June 8-9           Bridge City BBQ Fest                                                       Ottumwa             IA

June 15-16       Mr. BBQ Barbeque Challenge                                        Davenport            IA

June 21-24       The Colorado Experience                                                Denver                 CO

July 6-7            Kings of BBQ 2012                                                           Des Moines          IA

July 20-21        American Barbecue Championship                                Syracuse              NY

July 20-21        Kampeska Wing Fling & BBQ Sting                                 Watertown          SD

Jul 27-28          Siskiyou Beef County Cook-Off                                        Montague            CA

Aug. 3-4           United Wireless, Seward County Five State Fair

                        BBQ Cook-off                                                                   Liberal                 KS

Aug. 17-18       Ribs, Pig & Watermelons                                                Westminster        CA

Sept. 1-2          Valley BBQ & Music Fest                                                Harrisonburg       VA

Sept. 1-2          Barbecue on the Bow                                                      Calgary, Alberta  CN

Sept. 7-8          Smoke on the Water Barbecue Competition

                        & Music Festival                                                              Coquille               OR

Sept. 7-8          Puckaway Pigfest                                                             Montello              WI

Sept. 7-8          Leavenworth's Hog Wild West BBQ Contest                  Leavenworth        KS

Sept. 22-23      Telluride Pig & Whiskey BBQ Festival                            Telluride              CO

Sept. 28-29      Downtown Danville Fall Tastings                                    Danville               IL

Sept. 28-29      Ohio Veteran Barbecue Battle                                        Xenia                    OH

Oct. 5-6           Needles Rt. 66 Music, Brews and BBQ Champ.              Needles                CA

Oct. 6-7           TBA                                                                                  El Paso                 TX

Oct. 12-13       Chillin and Grillin                                                            Sand Springs        OK

Oct. 19-21       Cowboy Up at the PRCA Rodeo and BBQ                        Lancaster             CA


May 19-20       Lexington Battle Green BBQ Festival                              Lexington             MA

June 23-24       Smokin' @ the Ballpark BBQ Festival                             Old Orchard Beach  ME

July 13-15        New Jersey State Barbecue Championship                     North Wildwood  NJ

July 13-14        Ohio Veterans Barbecue Cookoff                                   Kettering              OH

July 27-28        Ribs and Kids                                                                   Tuscumbia           MO

Aug. 17-18       Flint Hills Beef Fest BBQ                                                 Emporia               KS

Existing (2013):

June 7-8           Canterbury Park Blazing Belmont BBQ Weekend          Shakopee             MN

June 28-29       Super City Blues & Ques                                                 Metropolis           IL


George made a motion that the board approve the contests as presented, with the exception of Des Moines, IA.  Seconded by Randy Bigler, the contests were approved by a vote of 9 ayes, one opposed and one abstaining. 


George made a motion that the board approve the contest in Des Moines, IA as long as all requirements are realized in a timely manner.  Seconded by Randy Bigler, the motion passed unanimously.


The last month has been spent developing a new committee structure that will be comprised of multiple regional committees to deal with possible conflicts within their own regions to take advantage of local knowledge and contacts.  Over time, I believe this structure will prove to be more efficient and beneficial.  The drawback is that it has taken more time than anticipated to fully staff each committee.  That should be resolved shortly.


New Sanctioning Documents:  Dawn and I have spent some time in the last month talking about some issues with our sanctioning documents.  On March 16, Dawn attached the proposed new versions for our Master’s and Competitor Series events to her email containing the sanctioning report.  Both documents contain a new clause requiring contest organizers to disclose any deviation from suggesting Quiet Time hours, prior to accepting registration and payment for their contest.  As the rules currently exist they may make changes any time they like.  In the case of the Competitor Series event we have combined the existing Master’s Series document, and the addendum the board voted to use, in the past, into one document after consulting with the Executive Director and President.  The purpose is to insure that a complete document goes out, is returned, and is on file at the time the board approves sanctioning to prevent any possible question about what type of event was sanctioned.


Sanctioning Procedure:  It has come to my attention that we have at least one contest that was sanctioned, without a new organizer meeting the requirement for completing their training or providing KCBS with a detailed plan.  I’ve discussed it with Dawn and she can add additional fields to the Sanctioning Report to indicate whether a proposed contest has met those requirements at the time the board considers it for sanctioning.


George made a motion that the board approve the revised sanctioning documents, for them to be sent to legal for review to insure that they accomplish our intent, and that we review them after they are returned and revise as needed prior to final approval by the board.  Seconded by Arlie, the motion passed unanimously.




I've spent the last month, looking at past proposals the board has considered as well as talking to members in various regions to try and gather a sense of what sort of plan would be the most attractive as well as the least objectionable.  Consensus is difficult to find.  Based on those conversations I've identified several members that I'd like to invite to join the committee, and that representation will be regional if they are willing to serve.  I'm hopeful that next month we can bring the board a couple of proposals that we will be working on to bring forward to the membership.




Current members of the Technology Committee are: Carolyn Wells, Candy Weaver, George Mullins and Mike Budai. 


Activity since February 10 BOD meeting:


  • Posted MP3 recording of the February 10 BOD meeting to the KCBS website.
  • Setup telephone conference accounts in AccuConference for all committees that have requested one.
  • Completed updating all KCBS email/email groups for all committees and updated the corresponding "contact" information pages on our website.
  • Downloaded and transferred all KCBS board meeting MP3 recordings from MMA's backups (since we started placing them on our website)to the KCBS USendit file transfer site for board members to download and review. This covers the 2 year period from March 2010 till February 2012.
  • Began the process of transferring hosting services for the KCBS websites.


Mike made a motion that this report be accepted as presented.  Seconded by Tana Shupe, the report was accepted unanimously.




Members are Tana Shupe, Paul Kirk, Mark Davis and Tim Owings in addition to Carolyn Wells and Candy Weaver.  There is no further report at this time.




The current members of the Contest Program Committee (KCBScore Committee) are: Carolyn Wells, Candy Weaver, Stephen Smith, Kevin Keeling, Steve Grinstead, Scott Grinstead and Mike Budai


Mike reported that the committee received the third draft of the program on March 21st and that the update will be provided at the next meeting.




We’ve spent the past month getting our committee put together, choosing members and getting a sense of where we want to go with our committee this year.  We have tried to get a geographical balance on the committee and for the most part I think that we’ve succeeded.  We have also opened up the committee membership beyond just the Board, we have four Board members and four regular KCBS members along with Carolyn and Candy.


Our major goal this year is to simplify and clarify our rules.  We want everyone to be on the same page when it comes to the rules, their meaning and what happens when they are violated.  We intend to examine each rule to see if it can be made more plain, more fair and if it can realistically be enforced.


We would also like to have the general membership contact us with their ideas on rule changes, clarifications or additions.  They can send an e-mail to:  rules@kcbs.us  and it will go to all of the Rules Committee members.


The current Rules Committee membership is:

Dave Compton, Chair, Iowa

Jeff Stith, Co-Chair, Missouri

George Mullins, Co-Chair, Texas

Steve Farrin, Co-Chair, Massachusetts

Carolyn Wells, Executive Director & Candy Weaver, President      

Neil Strawder, California

Phil Rizzardi, New York

Mike Wozniak, Illinois

Bill Moon, North Carolina


Rules will be brought before the BOD as they are reviewed, rather than presenting all in one meeting.


Dave made a motion that the names of all members of all the committees be posted on the KCBS website.  Seconded by Paul Kirk, the motion passed unanimously.


Dave made a motion that the names of all members of all the committees be posted in the Bullsheet in May and November of each year.  Seconded by Paul Kirk, the motion passed unanimously.




The Rep committee now consists of Mark Simmons(chair), Tana Shupe (Co-Chair) (welcome to the committee), Randy Bigler, Bunny Tuttle, Larry King, Ken Dakai, Candy Weaver and Carolyn Wells.


The committee continues to receive rep in training applications and nominations. The nomination, application and code of conduct documents have been reviewed and should now be at legal for their approval.


One rep in training has completed training; the seven reps in training approved at the last meeting have started their training to become a rep. We have additional reps in training for the consideration of the BOD.


The Rep committee is working now to keep communcations open between reps in training and the committee and contest reps with the committee.  The committee is also reviewing the input from the strategic planning session and beginning the development of their 30,000 foot 5 year strategic plan.





Arlie Bragg made a motion that recommendations, including their application, for any person that applies for a Rep in Training or a Certified Barbeque Judge Instructor be sent to the entire board a minimum of 72 hours prior to the upcoming board meeting.  Seconded by Dave Compton, a roll call vote was requested, with the results as follows:  (9) Ayes - Arlie Bragg, Mike Lake, Tana Shupe, Randy Bigler, Mark Simmons, Steve Farrin, Dave Compton, George Mullins and Jeff Stith; (2) Nays - Paul Kirk, Mike Budai.  The motion passed.


Steve Farrin made a motion that a comprehensive policy be established describing what types of issues can and should be discussed in executive session; the motion was seconded by Jeff Stith.   After a lengthy discussion, Arlie Bragg called for the vote.  Seconded by Paul Kirk, the call for the vote was unanimous.  The vote on the motion was 10 ayes and one opposed.  The motion passed.  Steve asked that an Ad Hoc committee be established to start formulating a policy.  President Weaver said she would take the suggestion under consideration and would appoint one if deemed necessary..


Steve Farrin made a motion that, pending legal counsel, Minutes be kept for all executive session meetings and that those Minutes be sent confidentially to entire BOD; the motion was seconded by Arlie Bragg.  After additional discussion, Mark Simmons called for the vote; seconded by Paul Kirk, the call for the vote was unanimous.  The vote on the motion was 9 ayes and 2 nays.  The motion passed.


Steve Farrin's motion that all committee reports be made available to the membership on the website was tabled until the April meeting.


Dave Compton's motion that a detailed synopsis of the executive session be read into the minutes of the open meeting, excluding legal and disciplinary issues, and proprietary information was tabled pending input from legal counsel.


From Candy Weaver:  Please see the legal opinion following.  Carolyn's questions were:

(1) should we be recording closed session at all?

(2) May we delete/destroy after the minutes are approved. Don't want to violate any sunshine laws or act improperly, but do not want discoverable issues on sensitive matters left laying about.  Based on this opinion, I make the following motions:

Candy Weaver tabled the following two motions. 

MOTION:  Candy Weaver - I move that the Accuconference recording of closed session meetings be discontinued and all past recordings of all KCBS meetings be discarded. 

MOTION:  Candy Weaver - Further, I moved that all future AccuConference recording of board meetings made be eliminated after the completion and posting of the MP3 recording of the meeting on kcbs.us.  Two motions tabled.


MOTION:  Jeff Stith - Motion that the members of the board must be given the opportunity for 24 hours to review and informally approve what's been placed into Quick Notes before they are released to membership via the Web site.  Seconded by Dave Comption, the motion passed by a vote of 10 ayes with 1 abstaining.


Arlie Bragg withdrew his motion that the board not approve any new reps until we see the applications to qualify and the board has 5 days to review. 


Arlie Bragg withdrew his motion that the board not approve any reps unless there is a region open and the board has been notified of that region. 


MOTION:  Arlie Bragg - I move that we don’t approve any contracts etc till the bod has had at least 5 days to review; the motion was seconded by Steve Farrin.  After discussion, a call for the vote was made by Jeff and seconded by Candy.  The call for the vote passed unanimously, and a roll call vote was requested, with the following results:  (3) Ayes: Steve Farrin, Arlie Bragg, Jeff Stith; (8) Nays:  Paul Kirk, Mike Budai, Mike Lake, George Mullins, Randy Bigler, Dave Compton, Tana Shupe, Mark Simmons.  The motion failed.


Arlie Bragg withdrew his motion that the President require all members of the board to follow the rules to furnish info from other board members.





At 9:25 p.m., Paul Kirk made a motion to go into Executive Session.  Seconded by Randy Bigler, the motion passed with a vote of 10 ayes and 1 opposing.





1.         Discussion of new copier contract. 


2.         Discussion of contests in Surprise, AZ and Staten Island, NY


3.         TOY payout for 2012 season


4.         One rep in training


5.         Applications for reps in training


6.         Approval for rep


7.         Discussion regarding approval for a certified barbeque judge instructor.


8.         Discussion from the Technology Committee


At 10:45 p.m., Paul Kirk made a motion to come out of Executive Session; seconded by Jeff Stith, ayes were unanimous.


MOTION:  The Technology and Finance Committees recommended board approval to purchase the new copier detailed in the analysis supplied by Mike Budai.  Mike made a motion to accept the recommendation; seconded by Randy Bigler, ayes were unanimous.


MOTION:  Mark Simmons made a motion for the schedule of TOY payout for the 2012 season, as submitted to the board on March 11, 2012, be paid out in January 2013 at the Annual Meeting.  Seconded by Paul Kirk, the motion passed unanimously.


Mark Simmons tabled his motions regarding approval of a rep and of potential reps in training. 


MOTION:  Mike Lake made a motion that the board approve an additional $25.00 for the assistants at all CBJ classes to be effective 1 April 2012.  Seconded by Tana Shupe, ayes were unanimous.


At 10:58 p.m., Paul Kirk made a motion to adjourn; sseconded by Mike Budai, the ayes were unanimous.

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