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May 7, 2012

The following will be the official Minutes if approved by the full board at our meeting on Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Board of Director's Meeting

April 11, 2012





There were no requests to speak from the KCBS members.


The following KCBS members called in:  Dale Newstrom, Vicki Peyton, Dawn Endraijadis, Mike McCloud, and Don Harwell


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Executive Director Carolyn Wells, Candy Weaver, Mike Budai, Mark Simmons, Tana Shupe, Randy Bigler, Mike Lake, Paul Kirk, Arlie Bragg, Jeff Stith, Steve Farrin,  George Mullins, and Dave Compton.


President Candy Weaver called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


Members of the board recited the KCBS Mission and Board Pledge as follows:

MISSION:  Recognizing barbeque as America's Cuisine, the Mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.

BOARD PLEDGE:  I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS Mission so that truth, justice, excellence in BBQ and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.



Secretary requested that that the title of Quick Notes be changed to Minutes and approved as presented. Seconded by Randy Bigler, the Minutes passed unanimously.  Format and structure of future meeting agendas was discussed.



The finance committee moves that the financials be approved as presented.  Seconded by Paul Kirk, the financial reports were unanimously approved.


MARKETING REPORT - Jeff Stith & Mike McCloud:


-          Total March Sales:  $2627


-          Advertising sold for March: $1500

-          Uploaded April Bullsheet

-          Uploaded MP3 of March’s BOD meeting

-          KCBS Master CBJ Exam Online Go Live

-          Continual Partner Programs Updates:

-                      Kingsford $40k Challenge

-                      Tyson Best Wing on the Planet

-                      Reser’s Americas Best Potato Salad Challenge         

-                      Smithfield Rib Super Series


-          GABT 2012- Successful 1st Event @ ACM in Las Vegas, NV (estimated crowd attendance was 44,000)

-          Continual Coordination and Logistics for 2012 GABT Tour

Sam’s Tour

-          Continual Coordination and Logistics for 2012 Tour- 4 successful events with high levels of participation in March

-          Sam’s National- Continual PR/Social Media Updates


-          Social Media, using MMA, KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

-          Facebook Timeline Redesign for KCBS and GABT

-          GABT: 1843 Twitter Followers / 3,068 FB post views (doubled FB post views from February)

-          KCBS:  1401 Twitter Followers / 60,454 FB post views (dramatic increase in FB post views from 38,468 views in February to over 60K in March!)

-          Updated News section of KCBS website as necessary

-          Bullsheet Design: Redesign for 2012 Programming Content

-          Bullsheet Content: Sam’s Review, Smithfield Preview, Kingsford Preview & GABT Preview

-          Reser’s ABPSC National Press Release

-          Kingsford’s $40K Challenge National Press Release

Sponsorship Activities

-          2012 Planning/ Mike will update the board on current sponsorship activities


Mike McCloud reported that the transfer of the KCBS website was successful with no problems and that the work from the MMA staff, the KCBS office staff and Mike Budai were greatly appreciated.


The report was unanimously accepted as presented.


Jeff:  Also, I received a call from a team yesterday about judging at Stillwater, Oklahoma.  They were disappointed that judges were 0% CBJs when the KCBS Web site reports 100%.  I don't know as this needs a motion but can we have some discussion during the meeting about this issue and how it's reported on the site?  The team I talked to said they probably would not have made the decision to go had they known beforehand that the organizer is not only not using CBJs but is reportedly anti-CBJ.  If I need to make a motion about this during the discussion, I will do so.


Action:  A statement will be placed at the top of the page on the Events section of the KCBS website stating that the CBJ % shown for contests not yet held in the current year are for the contest from the previous year.



The deadline for Grants in Aid has passed.  Over 20 applications were received.  Dave Compton and Arlie will be looking at them over and will come back to the board in May with recommendations.  Several applications were received after the deadline, but these were postmarked prior to that date so have been accepted.


Grants for non-profit organizations are now starting to be received; committee will update the board when ready. 


CBJ REPORT - Mike Lake:

The judges committee is also looking at ways and means to recognize those judges who have judged in excess of 100...200...300 events etc.  Discussion has been initiated and we will be reporting back to the board when ideas or recommendations are firmly in place.


We will be also evaluating for the next 90 days, starting 1 May, the value or reception of offering first time judges, being CBJ or not, the opportunity to receive mentoring during their first event.



The Education Committee is researching high school culinary programs across the U.S. to encourage classes pertaining specifically to barbecue. 


We are composing letters to be send to schools where these programs are held and are considering submitting press releases to media in areas where Kids Ques are held. 


We are considering using the services of a videographer to film the steps taken by a successful young team as they prepare for contests with the intent to use the video as a learning tool for other young cooks.


And we are compiling a list of potential sponsors to support these teams.


The Education report was accepted as presented.



The rep committee last met April 5 to discuss a number of issues. All the regular members of the committee were present.


The contest rep committee moves that the following two advisories be added to the rep forum website. The topic has already been approved by the BOD. This is to approve the wording of the advisories.  Seconded by Mike Budai, the motion passed unanimously.


Question: Must a team member be present during meat inspection by the official meat inspector?   Opinion: Yes, a team member shall be present during meat inspection. This requirement is to close the communication loop between the official meat inspector and cooking team. It is imperative the team is immediately advised of any issues discovered by the official meat inspector.


Question: May the competition meats leave the cook’s cooking site after inspection by the official meat inspector?  Opinion: Unless the re-location of the meat is authorized by the Contest Representative, Organizer, or Health Department, after inspection the contest meats must remain in the cook’s cooking site until they are en route to the turn-in table.


Per the request of the BOD at the March meeting, the rep committee moves that the following guidelines for rep in training applicants be approved and posted on the website. 


Qualifications to apply as a Rep-in-Training:

1.    Must be an active member of KCBS for at least 3 years and have participated in at least 15 KCBS contests and classes such as a Cook, Judge, Table Captain, Organizer, Volunteer in Judging area, helper in CBJ Class, etc.

2.   Must receive a referral from a current KCBS rep.

3.   A need for a rep in the applicant's geographical area of the U.S. must be confirmed.

4.    Must have attended a CBJ class and be a Certified BBQ Judge

5.    Must complete an interview with the Rep Chair and/or Co-Chair or their designated representative. This may be conducted in person, on phone, or on video call.

6.    Must participate at a KCBS sanctioned event with a KCBS BBQ Team during their Rep in Training period.  Must list the team name, name of contest and the dates. (If you are a member of a KCBS Team, this requirement can be waived.)

7    Upon completion of training, return to the office a signed copy of the independent contractor agreement.


After lengthy discussion, President Candy called for a vote.  The call for the vote passed unanimously.  The motion to approve the guidelines was seconded by Randy Bigler, and passed with 10 ayes and one opposed.


Mark Simmons made a motion to approve the applications for the reps in training submitted to the board.  Seconded by Tana Shupe, the motion passed unanimously.


Randy Bigler made a motion to approve the rep in training who had completed her training.  Seconded Mike Budai, a roll call vote was requested.  The vote was as follows:

(4) Ayes:  Paul Kirk, Mike Lake, Randy Bigler, Mike Budai

(6) Noes:  Arlie Bragg, Steve Farrin, Dave Compton, Tana Shupe, Jeff Stith, George Mullins

(1) Abstained:  Mark Simmons

With 4 Ayes, 6 Noes, and one abstaining, the motion failed


For further record, and at the request of one of the members of the BOD, a map which includes the number of members, CBJ's, contests and contest reps by State was included as an attachment.  Numbers are as of February 2012.



The strategic planning committee met April 3rd to discuss initiatives related to the strategic plan of KCBS.  No motions are ready to be brought before the BOD at this time.  Mark reminded board members that all committees should be working on strategic planning for their individual committee.



A few of the things that we are looking at are:


A way to make sure that one team's boxes don't hit the same judging table more than once when possible.


Seeing if we can get the chicken boxes shuffled so that the first six boxes don't automatically go to the first table.


Taking a look at how to separate the competition meats from the vending meats when a team is competing and vending at the same contest.


The pork parting rule. 


A way to remind Table Captains on what they are allowed to tell the judges.  I think that this is already covered, it just might need a word of re-enforcement at the TC's Meeting.


An addition to the Judge's CD or at least have the Reps remind the Judges not to lick their fingers between taking samples out of the boxes.


I expect to have a more detailed report and some motions for Rules changes / additions at our next meeting in May.


The Rules Committee report was accepted as presented..



The sanctioning request spreadsheet was emailed to the board by Dawn at the end of the week.  Pending follow up on some details, and discussion as needed for any issues that have not been brought forward I'd ask that the report be approved as presented.


The revised sanctioning documents have been reviewed by counsel, and will be presented to the board for review and approval.


In addition to the sanctioning requests that have received attention has been given to looking at our existing sanctioning procedures, with the intent of eliminating some potential problems in the future.  At this time there is nothing that has been developed to the extent that it is ready to be implemented or require board review/approval.


George reported that the organizer from the contest in Des Moines asked to move their date from July 6-7 to Sept. 21-22.  With no conflicting contests on that date, Tana Shupe moved to suspend the 90-day rule in order to approve the contest at this meeting.  Seconded by Candy Weaver, the motion passed unanimously.  The motion made by George Mullins to approve the date change was seconded by Dave Compton and the motion passed unanimously.


George made a motion that the proposed contests be sanctioned as presented below.  Seconded  by Tana Shupe, the motion passed unanimously.


Tabled from March (Date Change):

July 6-7 to Sept. 21-22      Kings of BBQ 2012                                         Des Moines          IA


Oct. 5-6           PorktoberQue                                                                  Dothan                 AL

New Contests:

Jul 6-7              Valley Freedom Festival BBQ Competition                     Staunton              VA

Jul 21-22          Kla Ha Ya Days Barbeque Champtionship                      Snohomish           WA

Aug. 17-18       Birch Rum's Blues, Brews & BBQ's                                 Birch Run             MI

Oct. 12-13       Swine & Dandy Charity Cookoff                                      Duluth                  GA

May 10-11  (2013)           

                        Jiggy with the Piggy BBQ Challenge                               Kannapolis           NC


July 27-28        Taste of Grand Rapids BBQ Championships                   Grand Rapids       MI

Oct. 5-6           Hog Wild BBQ Festival                                                    Corinth                 MS

Oct. 5-6           Bucks, Broncs & BBQ                                                      Russell                 KS

Oct. 13-14       Big BBQ Bash                                                                  Springfield           TN

Oct. 27-28       Liberty Tree BBQ Fest                                                     Dalton                  GA



George made a motion that the board approve the revised sanctioning documents emailed to the board now that they have been reviewed and approved by counsel.   Seconded by Steve Farrin, the  motion passed unanimously.



The Banquet Committed discussed the following locations for future Banquet locations and came up with a plan. The committee asks that the recommendation be put on the agenda for the April meeting and will present it at the meeting.


2014 - 28th Anniversary Banquet - Nashville

2015 - 29th Anniversary Banquet - Indianapolis

2016 - 30th Anniversary Banquet - Kansas City

2017 - 31st Anniversary Banquet - Panama City or New Orleans (Although 2017 is beyond the years the committee set out to determine locations for, but we thought it might help if we lay a foundation of where we would like to see it go in the future. We aren't planning on locking in Panama City or New Orleans at this time, just saying that tentatively in the future, we would like to look at going to one of those locations.)  President Weaver asked the committee to consider holding the meeting in Denver, CO.  The committee will research this option.  Mike Budai stated that he thought every other year should be held in Kansas City.



George reported that with the short month between meetings, a bout with the flu (beginning the day of our last meeting), unexpected travel, and attention to issues with other committees prevented him from giving this committee the attention he feels it is due.  He gave the board and membership his personal apology and states that this committee assignment will become a greater priority within the next month.



The membership committee has spent the last month familiarizing ourselves with the current KCBS member benefits.  We have also begun work on finding new programs that will benefit all KCBS members. The following KCBS membership numbers were provided by Karrin from the KCBS office. 


Number of Total Members-15949

Number of New Members-538 (258 from CBJ classes)

Number of Renewed Members-992

Number of non-renewals-11

Number of members who signed up via the website-197 (26 included family memberships)

Number of New Members from Judging classes - 258


The board is very pleased to note that our retention for members is excellent, and accepted the report as presented.



Technology Committee Members are: Carolyn Wells, Candy Weaver, George Mullins and Mike Budai


1) Posted the March 21st, 2012 board meeting MP3 on kcbs.us

2) The website hosting and server transfer was completed on 3/30/2012. The KCBS office CMS was completed on 4/5/2012.

3) The new KCBS office copier is scheduled to be installed and configured on 4/9/2012.

4) Begun work on transferring the KCBS office telephone and internet service provider to upgrade the internet service bandwidth and utilize static IPs in order to accommodate automatic website and database backups to the KCBS office server.


The technology report was accepted as presented.



Score Committee members are: Carolyn Wells, Candy Weaver, Stephen Smith, Kevin Keeling, Steve Grinstead, Scott Grinstead and Mike Budai


The committee is currently reviewing Draft 3 of Score and plans to meet in order to review the changes implemented in this version. 


There are two known issues with Draft 3 generating error messages in data entry and the report sections. The data entry message has been forwarded to InDevX. The report message will be sent this week. I have scheduled a meeting this week to define the new API.


Update on this was received April 11th.   It will be reviewed for the next meeting.  At that time the board should receive a copy of the program.


This report was accepted as presented.




MOTION  - Tana Shupe:   I move that the Conflict of Interest Statements for each board member that were made available at the February Strategic Planning Meeting be accepted.

Seconded by Paul Kirk, the motion passed unanimously.


MOTION - Steve Farrin:  I move that any and all BOD members that desire access to the AccuConference recordings of past meetings be given access.  Seconded by George Mullins, a roll call vote was requested.  The vote was as follows:

(5) Ayes: Arlie Bragg, Dave Compton, George Mullins, Steve Farrin, Jeff Stith

(6) Noes:  Mike Budai, Randy Bigler, Tana Shupe, Mark Simmons, Paul Kirk, Candy Weaver

(1) Abstained:  Mike Lake

With 5 ayes, 6 noes, and one abstaining, the motion failed.


Arlie Bragg asked for discussion regarding reps asking for contests when other reps were assigned.  Mark Simmons will remind reps that this is not permitted.


Steve Farrin removed his motion that all committee reports be made available to the membership on the website as this has been implemented.


MOTION - Dave Compton:  That a detailed synopsis of the executive session be read into the minutes of the open meeting, excluding legal and disciplinary issues, and proprietary information - tabled pending input from legal counsel.  This motion is still pending until input is received from Legal. 


Candy sent a proposed Nondisclosure Agreement for board review that would be signed by all board members and office staff.  Acceptance of documents is tabled until May meeting due to 72 hour rule.


MOTION:  Candy Weaver - I move that the Accuconference recording of closed session meetings be discontinued and all past recordings of all KCBS meetings be discarded. 

MOTION:  Candy Weaver - Further, I moved that all future AccuConference recording of board meetings made be eliminated after the completion and posting of the MP3 recording of the meeting on kcbs.us   Motions tabled until next month.




Randy Bigler reported that organizers have asked him what KCBS can do to help promote their contest before and after their event.   Jeff Stith will research ideas and means to assist the organizers.


Discussion followed regarding who should receive the various critiques (Organizer, Contestant, and Rep).  George Mullins will receive all critiques; President Weaver will assemble a list of who requests to receive the remaining critiques and report back to the board members.


Candy Weaver re MEMBER SURVEY:  For consideration at 4/11 meeting, let's put together a member survey for end of May.  KCBS already purchased 3 election/surveys with the January election package.  The last board voted to delegate election responsibilities to the office.  With that change in election management, we can collect more data on our voters.  The main focus is WHERE and WHO our voters are.  I believe that knowing this will be of great assistance in the regional representation efforts.


Motion - Candy Weaver:  I move that we assemble and coordinate an official KCBS Member Survey to be administed by the KCBS office.  Seconded by Paul Kirk, the motion passed unanimously.  Candy will work with Dave Compton on a final proposal to bring it back to the board.  Candy will also check to see if there will be an additional cost for the survey due to our rising membership.  The demographic data collected will be made public to all members

 via the website and The Bullsheet


Just for thought and discussion, I propose the following topics/questions:


I am a ___ Judge   ___ Master Judge  ___ Member of a Cook Team   ___ Head Cook   ___ Contest Organizer   ___ Contest Rep

(check all applicable)



If you are a Judge or Master Judge, what is your opinion on Comment Cards


___  I complete a comment card anytime I give a score below 6


___  I never complete a comment card



If you are a member of a cook team or a head cook, do you find:


____  Comment cards are very helpful


____  Comment cards do not provide good information


____  Comment cards just make me angry at judges



If you are a Contest Rep, your opinion of Comment Cards is:


____   I toss most of them because they are irrelevant


____   it's important to give teams the judge's feedback no matter what is said on the Comment Card


____   I believe that sorting and attaching Comment Cards is tedious and time-consuming




Candy Weaver:  I move that we implement a 5-contest only ToY contest for 2012. 

Sent to the members of the Board for consideration is a proposal to implement a "lower level" ToY contest.  This idea and proposal originated from Dawn, the KCBS administrator for ToY.  The issue was tabled until May meeting.





Paul Kirk made a motion to go into Executive Session @ 9:24 p.m.  With 10 ayes and  1 opposed, the board moved into executive session to discuss the following issues:


Sanctioning issues.


Repairs of the parking lot at the KCBS office.


At 10:29 p.m. Paul Kirk made a motion to return to Open Session.  Seconded by Randy Bigler, the motion passed unanimously.


Returning to Open Session, the following business was conducted:


The finance committee tabled a motion that an amount be authorized for the repair, resurface

and/or resealing of the parking lot at the KCBS office.  The board will consider the motion when bids have been received.


Organizers will be updated and reminded of potential changes on State Championship designations by George Mullins. 


A motion to approve the following resolution was made by George Mullins.  The motion passed by a vote of 10 ayes with one abstaining. 




APRIL 12, 2012:


            WHEREAS, The Kansas City Barbeque Society, Inc., a Missouri nonprofit Corporation (“KCBS”) has determined that it is in the best interests of KCBS, and in furtherance of the exempt purposes of KCBS, to take the following action:


            RESOLVED, let it be known that in matters concerning barbeque, Michael J. Reimann of Phoenix, Arizona, is not and will not be a member, promoter, or other agent or representation of KCBS.  No event organized or promoted by Mr. Reimann is or will be authorized to use KCBS' copyrighted Official Rules and Regulations Judging Procedures. 


FURTHER RESOLVED, that the appropriate officers of KCBS be, and they hereby are, authorized and directed, for and on behalf of KCBS, to do and perform all such acts and things as may be necessary or desirable to make the foregoing resolution effective, and any acts of such in connection with these resolutions, which acts would have been authorized by these resolutions, except that such acts were taken prior to the adoption of such resolutions, are hereby severally ratified, confirmed, approved, and adopted in all respects


At 10:33 p.m., Paul Kirk made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Randy Bigler, the motion passed unanimously.




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