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June 11, 2012





The finance committee recommends the approval of the May financial statements as sent to the members of the board.



KCBS/MMA Marketing Report - Jeff Stith & Mike McCloud


-          Total May Sales: $2909


-          Advertising sold for April: $2005

-          Uploaded June Bullsheet

-          Uploaded MP3 of May’s BOD meeting

-          Added Smithfield Rib Super Series Event Gallery

-          2012 Member Survey (see below)

-          Continual Partner Programs Updates:

-                      Kingsford $40K Challenge- 3 activations in May

-                      Tyson Best Wing on the Planet- 4 activations in May

-                      Cavanaugh Backyard BBQ Bash- 1 activation @ Regional in NM

-                      Reser’s Americas Best Potato Salad Challenge – 2 activations in May

-                      Smithfield Rib Super Series- 1 activations in May


-          3 successful Tour Activations @ Bixby BBQ’n Blues Festival in Bixby, OK, Memphis in May World Championship in Memphis, TN and Papa Joe’s Banjo B Que in Evans, GA

-          Continual Coordination and Logistics for 2012 GABT Tour

Sam’s National BBQ Tour

-          Continual Coordination and Logistics for 2012 Sam’s Tour- 3 local events in May – CO, KS, TX, 1st regional competition held in Albuquerque, NM – (6,000 crowd attendance!)

-          Sam’s National- Continual PR/Social Media Updates


-          Social Media, using MMA, KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

-          GABT: 1953 Twitter Followers / 1,142 FB Likes

-          KCBS:  1548 Twitter Followers / 9,926 FB Likes

-          Updated News section of KCBS website as necessary

-          Bullsheet Content – Sam’s Review, Smithfield Review, Kingsford Review, GABT Review

-          GABT - Local PR: Bixby, Memphis, Evans, Atlanta

Sponsorship Activities

-          Sadler’s 2012/ 2013 KCBS Seal of Approval renewed


-          Member survey now complete. Experienced record number of participants: 3,606. Currently working on selecting (by random) and announcing the winners and compiling results for Board/partner review.

-          Working on presentation for Europe trip



Additionally, the Marketing Committee met on Thursday, June 7 at 8:00 PM via conference call.


Discussion included:


1.  Patches to apply to shirts that CBJs, teams, etc. can purchase and apply to their own shirts.  They could have judging levels and what area they're involded (CBJ, Cook, Rep, Board Member, Organizer, etc.)  These could be in lieu of new shirts if MMA's research proves to be too costly of an output of money


1.  Million Meal Day - something that was mentioned by Mike McCloud during Strategic Planning Meeting.  Involved teams being paid to cook outside every Home Depot / Lowe's on one day across the nation.  Was originally proposed as a "National BBQ DAY" during May's National BBQ Month.  It is a huge endeavor and February to May was probably not enough time to get it organized properly.  It should be planned to be implemented by late spring in 2013.


3.  Paperless Bullsheet - members could opt out of receiving a paper copy and read online instead.  Proposal would be to have an interactive Web site to log in and read articles, view results, see ads, etc. rather than the PDF version.  One committee member works for a company that does this every month.  She reports that it takes approximately four days to put together with the log-in and templates she was set up with.  Takes less time each month as she gets more proficient with the program.


4.  Bullsheet improvements - in the interest of saving space for more content, proposing the following: Smaller font and lower case on results; Only list contest for upcoming three months rather than all year and don't use italics; List new members quarterly and use smaller font and no caps; these things open up more space for things like a column for organizers and making offers to other BBQ associations to have a monthly column like the Pacific Northwest does.


5.  Social Media usage - a suggestion came in from a member that we use Google+ as well for their chatrooms and group streaming capabilities.  No one on the committee has more than minimal experience with Google+ but I do know that content posted there is searchable by Google whereas Facebook content is not. Might have some benefit.  We can investigate.  Also, would be interested to have access to the statistics for engagement, etc. on Facebook, not just "likes".  It was suggested by a committee person that we look into a newly launched site called "AirTime.com" that provides chat rooms that you can link to your Facebook account.  Might be able to hold Q&A sessions or town halls there.  We will investigate this further and report back to the Board.



New Contests:

Sept. 21-22      Rails & Trails BBQ Festival                 Herington            KS

Sept. 28-29      The Jim Bowie BBQ Throwdown        Vidalia                 LA

Oct. 5-6           PorktoberQue                                     Dothan                 AL

Oct. 11-13       Big Butts BBQ Festival                        Abbeville              SC

Oct. 19-20       Smoketoberfest BBQ Challenge         Hagerstown         MO

Oct. 19-20 (2013)  Shriner's BBQing for Kids             St. Louis               MO

Existing Contests:

Sept. 1-2          Blues, Views and BBQ                         Westport              CT

Sept. 14-15      Smoke on the Water

                        Arkansas Championship BBQ             Pine Bluff             AR

Sept. 29-30      The Best BBQ Chef Competition        New London         CT

Oct. 13            Future Legends of BBQ                       Tuxedo                 NC

Existing  Contests (2013):

April 26-27      BBQ Capital Cook-Off                         Lexington             NC

May 3-4           Truman Heritage Festival BBQ

                        Championship                                     Grandview           MO

March 15-16   Don't Be Cruel BBQ Duel                    Tupelo                  MS 



CBJ REPORT - Mike Lake:

# of classes Y-T-D........39



New Members..........1467



FYI...short discussion, (hopefully).

Status of new judge mentoring.

Status of 100+ contest recognition.

Addition of “finger licking” statement for judges CD.

Nebraska situation (CBJ Instructor).




Have prepared an short email to be sent to organizers of current events holding Kids Que contests to get their opinions on how … if even if … they want these events to become KCBS-directed competitions, and if so, what structure/s they might suggest.  Target is to send the email week of June 10th


Am also working on an attachment to be sent to all organizers asking for their interest in holding Kids Ques and what kind of input/support they would expect from KCBS.   Target for this communication is to begin sending it to organizers with contests in 2013.




The strategic planning committee met by conference call on Tuesday, June 5th. We are in the developmental stage of the strategic plan.

We believe that a strategic plan will help KCBS as we plan for the future. Though we have no additional details at this time, they will be coming within the next few months.




The KCBS Contest Rep Committee met on June 4th by conference call.

It is our pleasure to give the BOD a few of the highlights so far this 2012 BBQ season:

As of the end of May, 2012,

We have had 111 sanctioned contests

THis resulted in 265 Rep Assignments

4589 teams have competed (averaging 41.3 / contest)

Prize money awarded to the cookers has totaled $1,015,960 ... averaging over $9,000 per contest


Just so we can really see how BBQ is helping the local communities, it helps to know that through our BBQ contests, some of the charities that have benefited are Lions Club, Fine Arts Institute of Edmond, Volunteer Fire Departments, Rotary Projects, Deaf Cultural Center, Pet COnnection, Ronald MacDonald House, Chambers of Commerce, Child Abuse Prevention, Harvest Food Bank, Public Library Summer Reading programs, Horses for Healing, United Way, American Cancer Society, NWA Children's Shelter, Miracle League, VFW, Childrens Charities of the Ozarks, Wounded Warrior, Special Olympics, Discoveries Children, Operation BBQ Relief and the Boy Scouts. This is an incredible list of charities that is not exhaustive. KUDOS to all the Organizers, Volunteers, Cookers, Contest Reps, Judges, Table Captains, KCBS Office Staff and sponsors and donors. This truly helps us all to understand a snapshot of the good that is being done through BBQ. Thank you. Thank YOU! THANK YOU!!!


The Rep committee recommends the adoption of the document known as the Rep Code of Conduct which was sent to each board member.




Our contractors met last month and I expect will be meeting this week to finalize Score's API design and functionality. InDevX has started the work of adding the necessary fields in the GUIs and add API controls to Score. The next release of Score hopefully will include the API control interface.  I ask the board accept this report.




The following have been completed since the last board meeting:


1) The MP3 recording of the May 9, 2012 board meeting has been posted on the KCBS website.


2) Switching the KCBS office's local and long distance phone service supplier has been completed. This should save KCBS between $50 and $150/month depending on our long distance usage. In addition to reduced costs, we also get the added benefit of a redundant internet supplier. In case our primary service goes down, the office now automatically switches over to the new supplier. While not as fast as our primary service, it does allow the office to continue to function. Since the KCBS office is cloud based, this redundancy is necessary for normal operations. Our internet service has failed in the past.  I ask the board to accept this report.



RULES REPORT - Dave Compton:

At this time there isn't much to report for this month.  I have been talking to numerous people at different contests about what rule changes they would like us to discuss.  I've been talking to cooks, judges, Reps and organizers asking for input.


Next month's report will be quite lengthy.  I move that this report be accepted by the Board.




I have recieved a few complaints from some of our female CBJs about how some Reps split up the judges on a table by table basis.  They want to know why women are split up amongst the tables - do the women have different taste buds than their male counterparts?


I gather that their feeling is that we wouldn't seperate on the basis of race or religion so why are we doing this by sex?  The feeling is that judges should be distributed by experience, not race or gender.


I move that the appropriate committee deal with this issue in a way to forstall future problems.



PHILANTHROPY REPORT - Arlie Bragg:  No Report




MEMBERSHIP REPORT - Steve Farrin:  No Report

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