FACT: There's been an 18% increase in contest participation by members in the past year    
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FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
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July 9, 2012




MINUTES OF JUNE 13 & 20, 2012 - Tana Shupe:  Previously sent to board members and posted on KCBS website.



The finance committee recommends the approval of the June financial statements as sent to the members of the board.


MARKETING REPORT - Jeff Stith & Mike McCloud


-          Total June Sales: $3071 


-          Advertising sold for June: $1030

-          Uploaded July Bullsheet

-          Uploaded MP3 of June’s BOD meeting and special BOD mp3

-          Completed Pitmaster Poll eblast, sent out Tuesday, July 3rd

-          Continual Partner Programs Updates:

-                      Kingsford $40K Challenge- 3 activations in June

-                      Tyson Best Wing on the Planet- 4 activations in June

-                      Reser’s Americas Best Potato Salad Challenge – 3 activations in June

-                      Smithfield Rib Super Series- 2 activations in June

-          Membership Survey is now finished and will be circulated to the board on Monday, July 9th


-          MLB All-Star Game / All Star BBQ Block Party: branded asset production including baseball cards, banners, ballot boxes


-          4 successful tour activations in June: Lincolnton Hog Happenin, The Big Apple Barbeque Block Party, Central MD Swinetastic BBQ Festival, Safeway National Capital Barbecue Battle

-          Continual Coordination and Logistics for 2012 GABT Tour

                  -Birch Run's Brew's, Blue's, & BBQ's in Birch Run, MI is replacing the                                Winnipeg, MB event due to Canadian customs and regulation issues

Sam’s National BBQ Tour

-          Continual Coordination and Logistics for 2012 Sam’s Tour- 5 local events in Marietta, GA, Huntsville, AL, Charleston, SC, Greensboro, NC and Canton, OH

-          Sam’s National- Continual PR/Social Media Updates


-          Social Media, using MMA, KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

-          GABT: 2002 Twitter Followers / 1,244 FB Likes

-          KCBS:  1644 Twitter Followers / 10,281 FB Likes

-          Updated News section of KCBS website as necessary

-          Bullsheet Content – Sam’s Review, Smithfield Review, Kingsford Review, Tyson recap, Reser’s Review

-          GABT Review

-          GABT - Local PR: Lincolnton, New York, Frederick and Washington

Sponsorship Activities

-          Mike will update the board on sponsorship activities


-          Working on additional member discount programs


Motion:  Trybe Marketing would like to lease the old KCBS truck and trailer from August through January for their Tailgate Tour. Both will have to be re-wrapped. Trybe will provide full insurance and maintenance.  I move that the board approve the rental provided Trybe pays for all costs associated with re-wrapping, general upkeep, maintenance and insurance.


We are currently paying $100 per month to store them while earning no revenue.  There is no second BBQ tour in the works for KCBS at this point.



Date Change:

Oct. 19-20, 2013 to           Shriners BBQing for Kids

November 22-23, 2013                                               St. Louis               MO


Aug. 2-3           Silent Siren Salute Summer                Ottawa                 KS

New Contests:

Nov. 1-4           World Food Championships &

                        World BBQ Championship                  Las Vegas             NV

New Contests (2013):

April 5-6          Smokin on the River

                        Chattooga's BBQ Cook-Off                 Summerville        GA

July 26-27        Smoking on the Continental Divide    Rawlings              WY

Existing Contests (2012):

Sept. 29           Music City Southern Hotwings

                        Festival                                                Nashville              TN

Oct. 26-27       Jack Daniel's World Championship    Lynchburg            TN

Existing  Contests (2013):

Feb. 8-9           Georgia BBQ Championship

                        Throwdown                                         Young Harris        GA

April 26-27      Wabash Ribber Fest Barbecue

                        Championship                                     Mt. Carmel          IL



The finance committee moves that the financials of KCBS for June be approved as attached.


There is another proposal concerning the trailer that will be presented by Jeff Stith through the Marketing Committee's report.



Have sent committee members a proposed questionnaire to go to current organizers whose events include a Kids Que to request the organizers' input asking if they would welcome additional KCBS support for their Kids Que and if so, their suggestions on how this could be accomplished.  I am also waiting to hear back from committee members regarding their availability for a conference call.  I have also solicited suggestions for 2-3 additional KCBS members who would actively participate on the Education Committee.



June finds us in the thick of the BBQ season. Just in June, KCBS sanctioned 70 contests with an average of 37+ teams / contest and an average public attendance of more than 5,300 people.  This activity resulted in 2609 teams participating and 154 contest rep assignments.


The rep committee moves that Jamie Johnson, having completed his training to become a rep and having been interviewed by the Contest Rep committee, be accepted as a KCBS contest rep.


The contest rep committee would like to have approval to put on a webinar for the contest reps.  The details so far include:

Probably 3 dates/times to make it as convenient as possible for the reps.

The webinar would be one hour and probably be scheduled by mid August.

Candy Weaver, KCBS president would kick off the webinar and it would be conducted by Mark Simmons, the rep chair.

Content would include some of the issues that have come up this season to improve all of our performances.

The expectation is that this would be like CEU's and be a requiremnt of all the contest reps...If unable to make one of the 3 scheduled meetings, perhaps it could be posted on the rep board listening to later.


The contest rep committee is working on content now.


The contest rep committee moves that a contest rep webinar be scheduled as soon as content is developed.


It is a pleasure to serve KCBS on the front lines with our cooks, judges and organizers. Thank you for the opportunity



I have spent the last couple of months soliciting thoughts and ideas from various people in the KCBS community and here are four items that members have asked to be addressed.  I have also asked for ideas on public forums for ideas on Rules changes but I've had limited response so far.  The changes that I'm proposing are in blue.


I move that the following be added to Cooks Rule #2:

2) Each team shall consist of a chief cook and as many assistants as the chief cook deems necessary. A team shall not compete in more than one KCBS sanctioned contest under the same team name, on the same date. Chief cooks and/or assistant cooks may only cook for their designated team at the contest they are attending.


I move that the following be added to Cooks Rule # 3:

3) Each team will be assigned a cooking space. Pits, cookers, props, trailers, motor homes, vehicles, tents or any other equipment (including generators) shall not exceed the boundaries of the team’s assigned cooking space. All storage, preparation, seasoning and cooking of product shall be done within the assigned cooking space as well as the building of turn in boxes. Teams shall not share an assigned   cooking space or cooking devices.


I move that the following be added to Cooks Rule # 11:

 11) Judging typically starts at Noon on Saturday.  The four (4) KCBS categories will be judged in the following order:


PORK RIBS       12:30 pm

PORK                 1:00 pm

BEEF BRISKET   1:30 pm

Times may vary at any contest. Turn-in times will be confirmed at the Cooks Meeting. An entry will be judged only at the time established by the contest organizer. The allowable turn-in

time will be five (5) minutes before to five (5) minutes after the posted time according to the official clock with no tolerance. A late turn-in will receive a 1 (one) in all criteria.


I move that the following be added to the Causes for Disqualification and Eviction:

e. Excessive noise, including but not limited to that generated from speakers, such as radios, CD players, TVs, public address systems or amplifying equipment, will not be allowed during quiet time, designated to start at 11:00 p.m. on contest nights and will last until 7:00 a.m. unless

otherwise determined by the event, including  while the Judges meeting, judging and awards are going on.



With approval Dave and I will forward this report to Carolyn Wells and Kelley to send the checks out!  We are asking for an additional $12,000.00 to fund the grants.

Grants in Aid and Grants board should please see the attached spreadsheet.  Listed in red on the report are the names we are not in favor of giving a Grant in Aid.  Following are the reasons:

1.     No GPA listed, no goals (academic, career or life) listed beyond going to college. 

2.     No goals (academic, career or life) listed beyond going to college.

3.     No worksheet answering the four required questions.


For executive session: Discussion of a Rep not showing at the Bay Area BBQ  Championship……………causing KCBS to have to replace them in less than 12 Hrs.



CBJ REPORT - Mike Lake:

For a synopsis of the attached report we have had:                

2144 Total attendees                

561   Members               

1573 New Members                  

19 Media Members

For a complete picture you may download the attached file.

From Dawn – Y-T-D we have had an average of 95% CBJ’s judge the sanctioned events. In re: to the 100 contest recognition we have only had one design come in to the office that I am aware of (I have not seen it).

The criteria for the recognition will be printed in the next “BullSheet”.

The CBJ committee did not meet this past month.

Respectfully submitted for your approval




Activity since the June 13 technology report:


Posted MP3 recording of the June 13th board meeting to our website.

Posted MP3 recording of the June 20th board meeting to our website.


I ask the board to accept this report.




Since the last report, I have met with our contractors and work is progressing on Score in the report section and the API.  More details should be ready in next month's report.  I ask the board accept this report.




President Weaver's proposed Nondisclosure Agreement for board review that would be signed by all board members and office staff.  Acceptance of documents was tabled due to 72-hour rule.


The following motions were previously tabled:

MOTION:  Candy Weaver - I move that the Accuconference recording of closed session meetings be discontinued and all past recordings of all KCBS meetings be discarded. 

MOTION:  Candy Weaver - Further, I moved that all future AccuConference recording of board meetings made be eliminated after the completion and posting of the MP3 recording of the meeting on kcbs.us  




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