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November 17, 2012


Board of Directors Meeting - November 14, 2012


These Quick Notes reflect the actions taken at the board meeting on the above date. They will become the actual Minutes of that meeting when approved by the Board of Directors at its next scheduled monthly meeting.

President Candy Weaver called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. central time.

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Executive Director Carolyn Wells, Candy Weaver, Mike Budai, Mark Simmons, Tana Shupe, Randy Bigler, Mike Lake, Jeff Stith, Steve Farrin, Paul Kirk, Dave Compton, and Arlie Bragg.

MEMBERS CALLING IN: Karrin Murphy, Mike McCloud, Don Harwell, and B.J. Hoffman.

There were no member requests to speak.

MISSION: Recognizing barbeque as America's Cuisine, the Mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.
BOARD PLEDGE: I accept my duties as a KCBS Director to further the KCBS Mission so that truth, justice, excellence in BBQ and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.

MINUTES - Tana Shupe:

A motion was made by Secretary Tana Shupe to approve the Quick Notes for the meeting on October 10, 2012. Carolyn noted the misspelling of Arlington, KY. The change was made, and the motion was seconded by Randy Bigler; the Minutes were then approved as presented. (To Members: Complete Minutes may be read on the earlier posting on the website in preparation for this meeting.)


Emailed to members of the board, it is recommended by the finance committee that they be approved as presented.

Steve Farrin asked for a price comparison between netrelief and the current web site hosting company.

Mark made a motion to accept the report as presented; seconded by Mike Budai, the report was accepted.

MARKETING REPORT - Jeff Stith & Mike McCloud

There will be a subcommittee recommendation on Smithfield and the KCBS Seal of Approval program by the time the board convenes this week and a board discussion of this committee recommendation. A vote on the recommendation is requested


- Total October Sales: $1280


- Advertising sold for October: $1100

- Uploaded November Bullsheet

- Uploaded MP3 of October’s BOD

- 2013 Banquet Registration

- Partner Programs Update:

- Tyson Best Wing on the Planet Championship- Sam’s National

- Reser’s America’s Best Potato Salad Challenge –1 activation in October: American Royal World Series of BBQ

- Kingsford $40K Challenge –3 activations in October: American Royal, Sam’s National Championship and Jack Daniels World Championship


- 4 successful tour activations in October: American Royal in Kansas City, MO, Sam’s Club National Championship in Bentonville, AR, Eggtoberfest in Atlanta, GA and Jack Daniels World Championship in Lynchburg, TN

- Continual coordination and logistics for the remainder of 2012 GABT Tour

Sam’s National BBQ Tour

- Coordination and Logistics for 2012 Sam’s Tour National Championship Event and VIP Party in Bentonville, AR

- Continual PR/Social Media Updates – post 2012 Sam’s Tour

- Future planning coordination for 2013 Sam’s Club BBQ Tour


- Social Media, using MMA, KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotions

- GABT: 2219 Twitter Followers / 1558 FB Likes

- KCBS: 1968 Twitter Followers / 11,354 FB Likes

- Updated News section of KCBS website as necessary (Sam’s Club results, Banquet News)

- Bullsheet Content – Sam’s Review, Tyson recap, Reser’s Review, Smithfield Review

- GABT: blog post reviews, monitored local PR for October activations

Sponsorship Activities

- Need Destination America Sponsorship Partnership decision

- Need a board vote on Smithfield Seal of Approval

- 2013 KCBS Banquet: sponsorship and booth prospecting and sales:

Sam’s Club, Kingsford, Tyson, Creekstone Farms, BBQr’s Delight, Pig Out Publications, The Kansas City BBQ Tour, Wusthof-Trident of America, Inc.

Mike McCloud suggested we begin a cyber-Monday special. MMA will work up an eblast to present to the Board for approval. It was noted that the approval has already gone to the Board.

MMA is still working on the contract with Destination America and noted that this would be a relationship, not a partnership, and will get back with Carolyn with updates.

Paul named members of the Seal of Approval Committee, stated that they had met with Smithfield, were very pleased with their comprehensive presentation, and recommended we grant them our KCBS Seal of Approval for their proposed packaging of raw Spare Ribs and Pork Butts. Paul moved that we grant Smithfield the KCBS Seal of Approval on the spare ribs and pork butts. Seconded by Randy Bigler, the motion passed.


To Members: The contests presented for approval appear in an earlier posting under Sanctioning Committee Report.

At this meeting, Carolyn suggested we table the contest in Earlington, KY as she working with the organizer to finalize a resolution of their date. Randy made a motion to approve Stillwater, OK and Memphis, TN. Contests. Seconded by Mark Simmons, with 10 ayes and one abstaining, the motion passed. Myrtle Beach was also tabled until a specific date has been submitted.

Randy made a motion to accept the remainder of the report as presented. Seconded by Mark Simmons, the motion passed unanimously.


The rep committee met by conference call, November 7, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. and brings the following motions before the Board of Directors:

Mark made a motion, seconded by Randy Bigler, that Doc and Sue Richardson, having completed their rep in training requirements, be accepted as official KCBS contest reps and are now able to receive contest rep assignments. The motion passed unanimously.

Mark made a motion, seconded by Randy Bigler, that Bill Maes, having completed his rep in training requirements, be accepted as an official KCBS contest rep and now able to receive contest rep assignments. The motion passed unanimously.

Mark also reported that the rep committee is in preparation for the rep meeting at the annual meeting of KCBS in Kansas City.

The rep committee has one rep related issue to be discussed in executive session.


Mike met with Carl of InDevX on 11/5 and was informed that due to medical reasons, Dejan (Score's programmer), has left InDevX and the project. We discussed options and met again 11/7 to go over Dejan's progress notes on the changes given to InDevX on 9/11. These changes dealt with program bugs, report structure and the API. I will be meeting with InDevX's CEO, James, 11/12 to go over the change order and discuss what kind of delay to expect in order to get a new programmer up to speed.

Even with this new delay, the Committee thinks we are far enough along to start preparing for the training phase of Score. Mike made a motion that the board approve the planning of a training webinar for KCBScore. Seconded by Randy Bigler, the motion passed unanimously.

Mike will work to put together a special preview of the new program for the Board to be presented at a special meeting on November 28, 2012.

He made a motion that the report be accepted as presented. Seconded by Tana Shupe, the motion passed unanimously.


Considerable progress has been made to the KCBS office hardware upgrade. At this point the following have been completed:

1) All the new hardware has been purchased and delivered.

2) All the new desktops and laptops have been loaded with the new images.

3) Reconfiguring of the office peripherals has been completed.

4) Reconfiguring the office server is about 3/4 finished. At this point all the user data resides on the server. About half the email files still need to be relocated.

Once testing of the new server settings is finished, the new computers can be deployed.

I ask the board to accept this report. Seconded by Tana Shupe, the motion passed.


Randy reported that the nominees for election in 2013 are Candy Weaver, Cheryl Hill, Dave Londeen, Stephanie Wilson, Wayne Lohman, Richard Preston, Steve Grinstead, Kim Collier, Andy Weaver, Arlie Bragg, Gene Goycochea, Don Harwell, and one more for discussion in Executive Session. The election will run from Wed. Jan. 2nd until January 18th.

Randy made a motion to accept the contract of Votenet election services to be used by the KCBS 2013 election? Seconded by Steve Farrin, the motion passed.


Membership numbers as as of September 30th:

Number of Total Members = 16690

Number of New Members = 162

Number of Renewed Members = 718

Number of non-renewals = 437

Number of members who signed up via the website = 97 (21 were families)

Number of new members from Judging classes = 143

Steve is in talks with two companies about possible KCBS member discounts.

Kelly Cain talked to Restaurant Depot and the KCBS member Restaurant Depot pass program has been reactivated. The KCBS website was updated with all the necessary info. I have confirmation that a member went to a RD this past weekend and was able to obtain a day pass.

The Board accepted the report as presented.


The Rules Committee is getting together suggestions for Rules changes to be forwarded to the new committee next year. Dave is also attempting to get a presentation/agenda set up for the Open Rules Meeting at the January Banquet. Any and all suggestions from the general membership or the Board are welcome and will be seriously considered.

The Board will request that MMA prepare an eblast to go to the membership requesting suggestions for proposed rule changes for 2013. The report was accepted as presented.

CBJ COMMITTEE - Mike Lake: YTD information was sent to the Board. The report was accepted as presented.


The Banquet Committee discussed numerous locations for the KCBS Annual Meetings in 2014 and 2016. Cities throughout the U.S. were discussed, and based on costs for local venues, airline costs and accessibility, regional membership numbers, and availability of volunteers, the committee recommends returning to Nashville in January of 2014.The meeting held in Nashville several years ago was highly successful with attendance second only to those held in Kansas City. The meeting in 2015 will return to Kansas City.

Additional research on numerous potential locations for the 2016 meeting is being conducted by Kelly Cain in the KCBS office, and the current Banquet Committee will share the results of that research and its recommendation with the committee appointed in 2013.

Randy made a motion that a site visit be made by office staff to assess the locations in Nashville. The locations who have expressed interest in our meeting are the Doubletree by Hilton, downtown Nashville, Loew's Vanderbilt Hotel and the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel.

Seconded by Mike Lake, the motion passed.


Tabled from October, Carolyn will work with the persons requesting a trade show in Enid, OK to prepare a contract to bring back to the Board at our regularly scheduled December meeting.

Board of Director's Responsibility Statement and Code of Conduct: Since no issues were brought to the board, members are requested to sign the document and send it to the KCBS office by December 1, 2012.

Carolyn will facilitate getting the KCBS cookbook on the website.

To facilitate understanding of Board requirements/eligibility to serve on the Board, all members will receive an updated manual each year.

Noting that several attempts have been made regarding implementation of regional representation on the Board, President Weaver suggested we re-submit this concept to the members via a vote, citing that KCBS membership has increased significantly since the first vote.

Regarding discussion on the "active / passive" heat source, the Board determined that no resolution is warranted.

Regarding discussion on whether we should separate judges by gender in the judges' tent, the Board determined that no resolution is warranted.

Paul Kirk made a motion to move into Executive Session; seconded by Tana Shupe, ayes were unanimous, at which time President Weaver read the following Agenda for the session.

Executive Session:

O Discussion regarding recommendation from Finance Committee

O Review and discussion of a potential KCBS contract with a media outlet.

O One rep-related issue.

O Discussion of the Gary and Carolyn Wells awards to be given out at banquet.

O Discussion of unethical practice of board members concerning the upcoming election.

O Discussion regarding a nominee for the Board.

Paul Kirk made a motion to move out of Executive Session. Seconded by Randy Bigler, ayes were unanimous and the following actions were taken.

Mark Simmons made a motion to implement a 401K matching program for the KCBS office staff beginning January 1, 2013, utilizing percentage, time, and matching dollar limits. Seconded by Tana Shupe, ayes were unanimous.

Carolyn Wells will work with the media company to tweak the contract and will get input from our legal advisor. The Board will hold a special meeting on November 28th in anticipation of approving the contract.

President Weaver will research additional information to facilitate the resolution of an issue affecting one of our reps and will report back to the Board.

Mike Peters was named as an additional nominee for the Board.

At 10:20 p.m., Paul Kirk made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Mike Budai, ayes were unanimous.

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