FACT: There's been an 18% increase in contest participation by members in the past year    
FACT: 64% of KCBS members own three or more grills/smokers    
FACT: 70% of our members grill-out/cook BBQ more than 25 times per year    
FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
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January 16, 2013
Below are the Committee Reports for the Board of Directors' meeting to be held on Friday, January 18th at 4:30 at the Sheraton Hotel at Crown Center.  Because of its length, the Sanctioning Report is posted separately.  Also, to review the Minutes from our December meeting, please please look for them on documents posted on December 21, and December 26.

This month's meeting is being held in conjunction with the KCBS Annual Meeting and Banquet, and we hope and look forward to seeing many of our members at the meeting.  If you are interested in attending, you must contact the KCBS office at 800-963-5227.
Best regards,
Tana Shupe, Secretary





-          Total December Sales: $1,654.90

-          Total December Cookbook Sales: $140


-          Advertising sold for December: $1,100

-          Uploaded January Bullsheet

-          Added cookbooks to kcbsgear.com for purchase

-          Uploaded MP3 of December’s BOD

Partner Programs Update

-               Reser’s America’s Best Potato Salad Challenge: 2013 Program Approved

-               Kingsford Challenge: In Approval for 2013

-               Tyson Best Wing on the Planet: In Review for 2013

-               Smithfield Ribs Super Series: In Review for 2013

-               Rancher’s Reserve Beef Cup - Returning Program for 2013


-          GABT – still nailing down all sponsors

-          2013 Schedule finalized

      8 returning KCBS events, 9 new KCBS event and 3 non-KCBS events

Sam’s National BBQ Tour

-          Sam’s Club 2013 Tour schedule posted

-          Eblast of Sam’s Tour preview

-          KCBS Web announcement of Kick-Off

-          Team Registration open, 623 teams registered in 1st hour

-          Live chat was very helpful; 92 percent positive feedback

-          As of press time, there were 635 teams confirmed out of 750 possible spots

-          116 teams are on wait list


-          2012 KCBS website summary:

-          # of visitors: 820,824

-          # of page views: 4,967,457

-          2012 KCBS / GABT social media Annual Summary:

-          Twitter: 4,274 followers

-          Facebook: 3,998 new fans in 2012 for current total of 13,282 FB followers

      2011 had 9,284 total FB fans


-          Updated News section of KCBS website as necessary (Team of the Year, Sam’s Club 2013 Tour schedule, 2013 KCBS Banquet)

-          Bullsheet Content – 2013 Sam’s Tour Preview, Tyson Recap, 2013 Banquet, GABT Review

Sponsorship Activities

-          Mike will present 2012 GABT proceeds to board

-          Destination America /Discovery Communications, LLC, 2013/2014 Partnership Agreement: sponsorship assistance and deliverables content

-          2013 KCBS Banquet: sponsorship and sales

      Sam’s Club, Yoder Smokers, Kansas City BBQ Store, Reser’s Fine Foods, Tyson,       Smithfield, Kingsford, Destination America, Creekstone Farms, Southern Pride            and Hammer-Stahl


Additionally, Sam's Club Registration went off without any known hitches

- Team Registration opened January 9, with 623 teams registered in 1st hour

- Live chat was new this year and feedback on that was 92 percent positive

- As of now, there are 635 teams confirmed out of 750 possible spots

- 116 teams are on wait list

Also,, we have worked to arrange for WiredBBQ to cover the banquet including this board meeting, the organizers roundtable and the banquet itself with awards and election results.




The rep committee report for this month is that the chair, at the request of the technology committee, is preparing to unveil in more detail KCBS score at the annual meeting, Saturday afternoon, January 19, during the rep meeting. Speaking for all of the contest reps, I know that everyone is excited to get the new program in their hands and to begin use as soon as it is ready.

It has been a good year and I want to thank all of those who have served selflessly, willingly, and cheerfully on the committee this year. They have brought to the committee meetings valuable, helpful, and diverse insight. All of you in your own way have made the committee better.

Thank you for the privilege of serving you and KCBS in 2012.



The Rules committee will be compiling everything from the Open Rules Committee meeting this week and bringing it before the Board during the February meeting. We have had a good response from our members on Rules suggestions an we will be bringing these up at the Open Rules Meeting.



Charts sent to the board showed the membership activity for the past two years.  In my opinion there are both positive and negative things to glean from the information presented about 2012.  Here is a breakdown on how I view these numbers.


I will start with what I see as positive indications.  There is a 12% increase from last year in new people signing up for membership.  A good part of this can be traced to the increase in CBJ classes.  CBJ classes remain an important part of the growth of our organization.


Overall membership growth is up 2% from last year.  While some people may see this as a small number and negative in nature I think it’s a good thing.  Two percent is a reasonable amount of growth and very manageable with our current staff and resources.  Too much growth could affect the quality of service that our staff is able to provide.


Both the number of contests and the number of contestants are up.  It’s important that both of these numbers rise in unison to support new contests and continue to support existing contests.  I believe this is something we should watch closely.  If the number of contestants fails to increase at the same pace as new contests then we will begin to put contests in jeopardy.


The first negative trend I see is the increase in non-renewals.  I believe member retention is important to our organization and we need to find ways to increase the benefits for our current members.  If we find ways to do that, then I think we can reverse the trend quickly.


KCBScore Committee Report - Mike Budai

As of this report we have received an updated version of Score from InDevX.

I have distributed it to the committee and we are scheduled to meet tonight, Tuesday the 15, to discuss the fixes and any newly discovered issues. So far the committee has reported two new issues that will need to be addressed before Score can be released.

I will update the board of the committee meeting findings at the board meeting.

I ask the board accept this report.



1) Posted the mp3 recording of the December 12, 2012 board meeting to our website.

2) Upgraded the KCBS website server bandwidth and memory allocation for the month of January to better facilitate the Sam's competition signup.

3) Due to time constraints, I have not yet finished the KCBS office hardware upgrade. I expect to be finished by the next board meeting.


CBJ REPORT - Mike Lake

CBJ Classes in 2012:  74 classes3,358 attendees. 845 KCBS members, 2,507 new members, 26 media comps.

The CBJ class power point presentation has been brought up to date. 

Changes were in the number of KCBS members.

Tne new judges slip.

Includes a definition of umami (one of the five basic tastes, a savory taster according to Wikipedia it is a loanword from the Japanese).



In addition to requesting input from members of the board regarding the questionnaire for organizers of present contests, we also seek ideas on how to reach out to future cooks.


Although utilizing social media is being considered, concern was expressed that this could open our youth to stalkers who use this venue.  Other options include adding a short session during the KCBS BBQ Tour to target children, soliciting support from teams at numerous contests throughout the U.S. who would volunteer to hold short "introductions to cooking" for youth,  offering additional assistance to organizers for the first year they include a Kids Que, etc.


I am also asking members of the committee who are attending the annual meeting to hold a short meeting to discuss further ideas.




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