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FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
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February 13, 2013
Following are the Committee Reports to be presented at the Board of Directors' meeting to be held at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, February 15, 2013 in Kansas City, MO.  Exceptions are the Sanctioning and Rules Reports which are posted separately because of their length.




MINUTES - Tana Shupe

Minutes have been posted as Quick Notes on the KCBS website to be approved as the official Minutes of that meeting.



The finance committee recommends the board approve the reports emailed to its members..

Note:  The finance committee moves the adoption of the budget for KCBS for fiscal 2013 that was emailed to its members.


MARKETING REPORT - Jeff Stith & Mike McCloud


  • Total January Sales:      $1,205 (Includes banquet sales.)


  • Advertising sold for January:      $950.
  • Uploaded promo banners on      the homepage
  • Uploaded KCBS Banquet      partner logos / updated & managed KCBS banquet webpage
  • Updated various 2013      documents in the downloads section


  • Announced 2013 GABT Schedule      at the banquet
    • 14 reoccurring contests
    • 8 new contests
    • 2 non KCBS contests
  • Finalizing 2013 GABT      partners (Mike to discuss.)
  • Continual Coordination and      Logistics for 2013 GABT Tour
  • Tour kicks off at Smokin      on the River Chattooga’s BBQ Cook-off in Summerville, GA on April 5-6.

Sam’s National BBQ Tour

  • Sam’s Tour Registration –      nearly 500 teams registered in the first 5 minutes!
    • At press time 30 times       still open.
  • February E-blast.
  • Continual PR/Social Media      Updates
  • Coordination and logistics      for 2013 Sam’s Tour
  • Hosted live      chat for Sam's Tour Registration


  • Social Media,      using KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related      events/promotion
  • GABT: 2,484      Twitter Followers / 1,649 FB Likes
  • KCBS:  2,319 Twitter Followers / 12,069 FB Likes
  • Updated News      section of KCBS website as necessary (Sam's Tour registration announcement      and recaps)
  • Bullsheet      Content – Sam’s Tour Q&A, Kingsford Review, Tyson BWOP, 2013 Banquet,      GABT Recap and Preview, Reser's preview, Smithfield preview


  • Mike to participate in      strategic retreat.
  • Mike to update on several 2013      programs. (Smithfield RSS, Rancher’s Reserve, etc….)


KCBScore Committee Report - Mike Budai: 

The latest version of Score was demonstrated at the annual Rep meeting in January.

Current known bugs are being resolved by the programmer.


The website API has progressed far enough that a test website has been established that displays contest results produced during committee testing.


The new automated TOY CMS has been deployed and the office is updating the database this week with all the 2013 contests. Once it has been determined everything is working correctly, it will go live and start updating our database directly. As long as BQWin is still in use, the issue of misspelled contest and team names exists. This requires the office to manually update any team info sent in that doesn't match what is in our database. Since Score utilizes the head cook and contest ID numbers for identification, Score will greatly cut down on database mismatches. For this reason, I don't plan to expand our website TOY listings until Score is deployed.



Activity since last report:

1) Posted the 2013 annual board meeting mp3 to our website.

2) Compiled and sent the 2013 annual rules meeting mp3 to Dave Compton.

3) Created KCBS email accounts for the new board members.

4) Updated the KCBS Groups to include the new board members.

5) Posted the 2013 rules and forms to our website and Rep Yahoo group.

6) Reset our website memory and bandwidth back to our normal settings after the Sam's sign-up.



The rep committee wants to report some of the highlights for the 2012 BBQ season and rep activities.


***The addition of additional 9 reps in Indiana, Illinois, Virginia, Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri.


***The first KCBS Rep Webinar ... 3 versions ... well attended and well received. Additional webinars are proposed for the future.


***The unveiling and almost debut of the new scoring program ... The Rep committee doesn't take credit for that. It all goes to the KCBScore committee. However, its inauguration is a big technological step forward and very much appreciated as the program was extremely well received by those in attendance at the annual meeting.


***It is a pleasure to work with the great reps that we have, knowing that they are the face of KCBS and represent our organization well on the front lines from coast to coast and sea to shining sea. I want to especially express my appreciation for those who served for hours to further the needs, issues and answer the questions of the KCBS Contest Reps. Thank you Candy Weaver and Carolyn Wells, ex officio members of the committee as well as Tana Shupe, Randy Bigler, Bunny Tuttle, Larry King, and Ken Dakai. Best of luck for a successful 2013.




This year the Philanthropy Committee received six requests for Grants. We were able to fulfill five of them. We also received twenty-six requests for Grants in Aid and we fulfilled all twenty-six.

Seeing as we have been getting roughly double the number of applicants for Grants in Aid during the past couple of years, we feel that next year’s Philanthropy Committee should look at establishing some guidelines or criteria for the Grants in Aid program. Otherwise we can foresee a time in the not so distant future when we might be receiving over a hundred applications for these funds.

Also, many schools are now setting their deadlines for financial aid earlier in the year and requesting info on where else the student is getting funding. In light of this, maybe the new committee could look at setting earlier deadlines for these applications. That would allow future Philanthropy committees to be able to start work on those applications within a month of the committee being formed and letting the students know what is happening before the last minute.

2013 Awards Banquet Report
Accept as presented


2014 Awards Banquet Report
Accept as presented and move to execute contreact with The Inn at Opryland pending approval by legal.

Elections Report
Accept as presented and approve newly elected members.

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