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February 28, 2013

To KCBS Members:  Posting of the following Quick Notes was delayed due to the transition of secretaries for your Board of Directors.  Subsequent postings should occur on a more timely basis.  We appreciate your patience and support.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING – February 15-16, 2013

            QUICK NOTES*


*The following Quick Notes reflect the actions taken at the Board of Directors' Meeting on February 15-16, 2013, and will not become the official Minutes of that meeting until approved by the board at its next scheduled meeting.


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Candy Weaver, Mike Budai, Mark Simmons,  Dave Compton, Randy Bigler, Jeff Stith, Tana Shupe, Steve Farrin, Kim Collier, Mike Peters, Wayne Lohman, Don Harwell, and Carolyn Wells, Executive Director.



At 7:00 p.m. Executive Director Carolyn Wells called the meeting to order and presented Candy Weaver as the only nominee for President of the 2013 Board of Directors.  Candy was elected by acclamation.  Mark Simmons nominated Mike Budai for Vice President.  Seconded by Steve Farrin Mike was elected by acclamation of the Board.  Jeff Stith nominated Mark Simmons for Treasurer.  Seconded by Randy Bigler, Jeff was elected by acclamation of the Board.  Tana Shupe nominated Kim Collier as Secretary.  Seconded by Don Harwell, Kim was elected by acclamation of the Board.


MEMBERS CALLING IN:  Vickie Peyton & Dale Newstrom 


Mike McCloud representative of MAA was present for part of the meeting





(The January Quick Notes in their entirety are posted on the KCBS website.)  Motion was made by Secretary, Tana Shupe, to accept the Quick Notes as the official Minutes of January 2013 as presented.  Seconded by Jeff Stith, the motion passed.


Mark Simmons moved to accept the Balance Sheet sent to the Board.  Seconded by Randy Bigler, the motion passed

Tana Shupe moved to accept the Budget for 2014 that was presented to the Board.  Seconded by Wayne Lohman, the motion passed.


The Committee Reports are posted in their entirety on the KCBS website.  The following comments are the results of discussion on the  reports at the meeting held on February 15-16, 2013.


MARKETING REPORT - Jeff Stith & Mike McCloud

Great American Barbecue Tour (GABT) Sponsorships are confirmed.  Mike McCloud reported that he is seeing a shift in sponsorship funds across the board, and sees some possible funding challenges for the GABT in the future. Mike said he would present additional information for discussion and make potential recommendations to the Board during the Strategic Planning Session.


Mike reported an anticipated increase and Seal of Approval adoption interest.

He confirmed that Rancher's Reserve has returned as a 10-contest sponsor, and recommended KCBS waive a 5th category fee to company's paying for sponsorship.  He also stated that he will be sharing a lot of new information regarding trends and sponsorships at the Strategic Planning Session.


Tana Shupe moved to accept the Marketing Report; seconded by Randy Bigler, the report was accepted as presented.



Don Harwell moved to approve the contest in Placerville, CA only if they agree to be a Saturday/Sunday contest.  With no second motion, Jeff Stith moved to table a decision about this contest to give Carolyn Wells the opportunity to call the organizers of that contest and the one in Cameron Park to try to coordinate their events.  Seconded by Dave Compton, the motion to table a decision until March meeting passed. 


After discussion regarding the contests in Grayling and Comstock Park, Michigan  Don Harwell moved o approve both of those contests as well as the entire report; seconded by Kim Collier the motion, the motion passed.



Mark suggested continuing annual use of the Webinars. Candy Weaver made a motion to accept the Reps Report; seconded by Randy Bigler, the motion passed.


2013 BANQUET REPORT - Carolyn Wells

Kim Collier made a motion to accept the report;  seconded by Randy Bigler, the motion passed.


2014 BANQUET REPORT - Carolyn Wells

After discussion, Tana Shupe made a motion to accept the hotel contract for the meeting; seconded by Kim Collier, the motion passed by a vote of eight ayes, and three noes.


KCBScore REPORT - Mike Budai:

Mike reported that there are still four minor problems, but anticipates that roll-out of the program will be realized this season.  He suggests keeping Webinars for the reps to small  numbers and suggested reps continue taking the Webinar until they feel comfortable.  Candy Weaver moved to accept the report.  Seconded by Wayne Lohman the report was approved.


Mike reported that TOY program for 2013 went live this past week. He reported that the website API is working well, but he is is looking for additional update.  He will send the board the website address so they can view what will be on KCBS website, and he commended the MMA team for their assistance.  Mike made a motion that the board accept his report; seconded by Jeff Stith, the motion passed.



Dave reported that the applications for Grants and Grants-in-Aid have been submitted to The Bullsheet and placed on the website.  He suggested that in the future the date for publication of the applications be moved forward one month. Randy Bigler moved to accept the report; seconded by Jeff Stith, the motion passed.


RULES REPORT - Dave Compton:

Rule 12 - Dave made a motion to change all wording from "appropriate" to prohibited." Seconded by Steve Farrin, the motion passed.


Rule 10 - Dave made a motion to change the wording for this rule as follows:

Pork:  Pork is defined as Boston Butt, Picnic, and/or Whole Shoulder, being one piece, weighing a minimum of five (5) pounds (bone in or bone out).

Seconded by Jeff Stith, a lengthy discussion followed.  After discussion, Jeff called for the vote; seconded by Steve Farrin, that motion passed and a roll call vote was requested with the following results.

Ayes (10 ):  Compton, Farrin, Bigler, Harwell, Budai, Shupe, Collier,Lohman, Peters, Stith

Noes (1):  Simmons

The motion passed.


The above rule changes will become effective for the 2014 contest season.


Dave made a motion to change the deadline date for the approval of rules from August to November; seconded by Steve Farrin,  the motion passed.


ELECTION REPORT - Carolyn Wells:

Candy Weaver moved to accept the report as presented; seconded by Tana Shupe, the motion passed.  The breakout for the election by states, plus the Votenet confirmation of voting will be placed on the KCBS Members'only section website.




The motions from Candy Weaver and Mike Budai to move responsibility for sanctioning content to the KCBS office staff were tabled until a clear definition of "conflicts" can be determined.


President Weaver's motion regarding the member survey was tabled until a committee can be formed to address the contest of the survey.


At 10:05 p.m., Dave Compton moved to go into Executive Session; seconded by Jeff Stith, the motion passed.


At 10:25 p.m., Tana Shupe made a motion to return to Open Session; seconded by Wayne Lohman, the motion passed.


Tana Shupe, Secretary, introduced the Conflict of Interest Statements that were submitted by all board members.  Each voted to accept all Statements abstaining from voting on their own, and all were accepted unanimously.  The Statement reads as follows: 


The KCBS Board finds the above named person has disclosed he/she has a Position or Financial interest in connection with an actual or potential conflict of interest, by reason of being a Contest Rep, CBJ Instructor or assistant, Organizer, Contest Advisor or Consultant, Cooking Class Instructor or assistant, Lessor of office property; or Seller/Manufacturer of merchandise including Rubs, Books and Videos.  The Board, after a full review, finds that no conflict of interest exists, as to the disclosed transaction or arrangement. 


The entire Board of Directors was present with the exception of the person disclosing the proposed transaction or arrangement.  The Board found that the disclosed transaction or arrangement is (i) in the best interest of the Society, (ii) for the Society's own benefit and (iii) fair and reasonable to the  Society.


With the understanding that the meeting would be suspended until the following day, President Weaver announced the following committee assignments and asked each member to consider his/her assignment until the meeting resumed.

Mark Simmons - Finance & Strategic Planning

Mike Budai - Technology & KCBScore

Tana Shupe - Education

Steve Farrin - Membership

Dave Compton - Philanthropy

Jeff Stith - Rules

Wayne Lohman - Marketing

Don Harwell - CBJ's

Randy Bigler - Sanctioning

Kim Collier - Contest Reps

Mike Peters - Nominating

Banquet - Mike Peters & Jeff Stith covering 2014 and the following 2 years.


AdHoc Committee to finalize the Member Survey and Regional Representation - To be named -


At 10:50, Dave Compton made a motion to suspend the meeting; seconded by Jeff Stith, the motion passed.


President Weaver called the meeting to order on Saturday - February 16, 2013, @ 4:30 p.m.


President Weaver made a motion to move a rep-in-training into active status; seconded by Don Harwell, the motion passed.


President Weaver made a motion to advertise on bbqrace.com and compbbq.com for a period of one year; seconded by Dave Compton, the motion passed with one member abstaining.


President Weaver named the following persons to the AdHoc Committee to finalize the Member Survey and Regional Representation - Chaired by Don Harwell, with Steve Farrin and Tana Shupe


Ad 4:33 p.m., Dave Compton made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Mike Budai, the motion passed.



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