FACT: There's been an 18% increase in contest participation by members in the past year    
FACT: 64% of KCBS members own three or more grills/smokers    
FACT: 70% of our members grill-out/cook BBQ more than 25 times per year    
FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
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April BOD Meeting

April 9, 2013


Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Director's AGENDA

April 10, 2013

Steve Miller

Request to Speak




Candy Weaver

Call meeting to order


Kim Collier

Motion to accept the minutes from last meeting


Mark Simmons


Attached is a copy of the financials for March, 2013.

The Finance Committee moves that the March financials be adopted as presented.




Status   Date R'cvd       Date of Contest            Contest Name  City      ST        Additional Information  Reps    Meets  90 day deadline

Existing Contest            3/22/2013        8/23-24/2013   Wild West BBQ Shoot Out      Wendover        NV      No conflicts            King's   x

Existing Contest            3/25/2013        9/20-21/2013   Bricks, Broncs & BBQ Russell  KS       No conflicts      Hahn & Grimes x

Existing Contest            3/29/2013        10/18-19/2013 A Smokin' Good Time  Prescott Valley AZ       No conflicts            Whitebook's     x

Existing Contest            3/18/2013        11/7-10/2013   World Food Championships - World Barbecue Championship  Las Vegas   NV      No conflicts      Gage's & Lohman's      x


Status   Date R'cvd       Date of Contest            Contest Name  City      ST        Conflicting Contests      Additional Information       Reps    Meets     90 day deadline


Existing Contest            3/26/2013        9/20-21/2013   Herington Rail N' Trails BBQ Festival   Herington         KS            Salisbury, NC- Russell, KS(121 miles)- Dover, DE- Tulsa, OK- Plymouth, IN- Spearfish, SD- Clarence, NY- Kearney, MO- Des Moines, IA- Fayetteville, AR- Shenandoah, VA-               Polson's            x

New contest 2013        3/20/2013        9/13-14/2013   Bucksaw Band & BBQ            Clinton MO      Ponca City, OK- Mears, MI- Grand Junction, CO- Decatur, AL- Yates Center, KS(146 miles)- Cameron Park, CA- Atlanta, GA- Wothington, MN- Winder, GA- Misson, KS(82 miles)- Millington, TN- Hendersonville, TN, Litchfield, IL- Floyd, VA             Tuttle's x


Wayne Lohman

International outreach Team


Please note that the International Outreach Team (IOTeam) will be out of the country teaching cooking/judging classes in Copenhagen, Demark and Tallinn, Estonia when this report is presented to the Board for approval.  We have a total of 38 cooking teams and 47 CBJ students enrolled at both locations.  Please call or email me before Tuesday if you have any questions.


Since the May report, the IOTeam has been contacted by an organizer from Limerick, Ireland with an interest in a sanctioned contest in 2014.  This interest was generated by an established grilling contest that has been in place for a number of years.  Ed Roith taught a CBJ class at this location in 2004 which will give us some experience with both cooks and judges.  The organizer expects 35-45 teams to compete and has requested both a cooking and CBJ class prior to the contest.


Please note Mike McCloud's Marketing report and I make the motion that we approve the WFC licensing agreement between WFC and KCBS for non-bbq related contests and the approval of a $10,000 (maximum) budget to implement a BBQ Backyard Sweepstakes, which will be used to promote KCBS, Sam's and the GABT Tour by building a new consumer data base.


Jeff Stith



The banquet committee has been approached by Richard Preston, a KCBS rep from the Nashville area who wants to be a part of the committee.  I will locate an email address and have him added to the committee.
We understand that members of the RMBBQA are currently working on a proposal to KCBS for 2015.  More details later.

Jeff Stith


The Rules Committee will be discussing wording on the newly adopted pork rule to determine whether it can be adjusted to satisfy some of the concerns on KCBS members.  Because what was decided upon earlier this year will not go into effect until 2014, we have a few months to tweak and fine tune the rule where needed.
Also, it has been brought to our attention that the beef and pork industries will be launching new official names for certain cuts of meat this summer.  Pork butts will no longer be referred to as such but rather "Boston Roast".  These changes are in an effort to make the names of meat cuts less confusing to the general public and apparently to take away the enjoyment that barbecue people get from making jokes about butts. We will need to make adjustments to the wording of our definition of "pork" prior to the end of this year when this occurs and all teams notified.
For the foreseeable future, the Rules Committee will not be making any recommendation to make changes to the current rules pertaining to garnish although the topic resurfaces every few weeks.

Kim Collier

 Rep Committee

Motion to add the following to Rep advisory: 

Q: When is it acceptable for the judge to leave the judging table?


A: Judges may not leave the table until the table captain has turned in the score cards to the contest Rep and has confirmed the contest Rep has no questions or concerns. It's critical the judge is readily available if the contest Rep has any questions.


Mike Budai


The committee has evaluated the latest version of Score and has discovered a new issue that affects the number teams per table when that number exceeds 7. The committee also added a "working" notification while waiting for reports to generate and a "cancel" option during contest results transmission in the event of an internet connection disruption. All of these are minor changes and I expect an updated version within the next two weeks. While the committee continues to evaluate the category tie breaking mechanism all the previous issues have been fixed.

I ask the board to accept this report


Mike Budai

 Technology .


1) Posted the March 13 board meeting recording to our website.

2) Continue to setup committee email groups and committee conference call accounts as they are requested.


I ask the board to accept this report.




Don Harwell


As for the Ad Hoc Membership Survey and Regional Representation Committee’s April Report.

As stated in the March report. The purpose of the committee is to update/finalize the Membership Survey that the Board was going to use in 2012. The goal is have a survey to all membership by mid-2013.  Work continues. This Ad Hoc committee is chaired by Don Harwell with members being Steve Farrin, Tana Shupe, Carolyn Well and Candy Weaver.

CBJ Committee

CBJ Committee April 2013 Report:  Chair – Don Harwell


As of the end of March,

Over 50 CBJ classes are scheduled for 2013

KCBS has had 22 Certified Barbeque Judging (CBJ) Classes this year with a total of 1116 Students, 793 New Members,  319 KCBS Members, and 55 Media-Comp.

KCBS has also had 11Certified Table Captain (CTC) Classes with a total of 217 students. 

The CBJ committee met on March 26th with discussion on the following to be presented to the BOD:

  1.  CBJ Recognition of 100+ Contest

I motion that the Board recognize a CBJ with a CBJ/Rocker pin for those who have met the following criteria.     

  1. 1.       A judge must be a member in good standing for each contest that is counted for 100 plus
  2. 2.       Must be a Master CBJ
  3. 3.       Contests must be Sanctioned in order to count
  4. 4.       Judging, working as a Table Captain or other assigned duties as determined by the KCBS Rep will count.
  5. 5.       For Contest that occurred before June 1, 2013, a CBJ may create a list of sanctioned contest they have participated in, i.e.:

Contest Name:    Location:   Date Judged:    Rep’s Name if known:

  1. 6.       For Contest that occur after  June 1, 2013, a CBJ  must use the KCBS form with actual Rep Signatures included: 

Contest Name:    Location:   Date Judged:    Rep’s signature:

  1. At each CBJ class, CBJ pins are sold at a cost of $3 per pin.  The committee would like to add a lanyard with the CBJ pin with the cost to remain at $3 for both.

I motion that a KCBS lanyard be added with the sale of a CBJ pin at CBJ classes and that the cost remain the same as the pin when purchased at a CBJ class.


  1. The CBJ committee discussed the importance of all instructors teaching the same principle within each class.  Discussion centered around the rule “Garnish is optional”.   The CBJ instructors are teaching that “Garnish is optional and if used it is not to be judged.  Judges are to look for illegal garnish only”.  The CBJ committee has asked that the rules committee look at rule # 12 and consider adding language to better define this teaching. The CBJ committee (I) motion that the REP Chair put an advisory out to the Reps to state in their Judges’ meetings at contests that “Garnish is optional and if used it is not to be judged as part of the appearance score.  Judges are to look for illegal garnish only”.



  1. Discussion continued on with the issue of when a judge can start eating their entries on their judging plate. 

The Judge’s CD states:

Once you have all your samples on your judging plate, you may begin with the first sample by judging Taste and then Tenderness.

The Table Captain’s CD states:

Have the first Judge take a sample. That Judge should then pass that container to the next Judge, receive the next sample container from you, and continue the process of opening and passing each container around the table for the Judges to select their samples. The judging process for scoring Tenderness and Taste for each entry should not start until each Judge has all entry samples on their judging plate.

The CBJ class teaches that the first judge receiving the samples can start judging for taste and tenderness after the judge has ALL of his/her sample entries on his/her plate. The first judge does not have to wait until all sample entries are on all judges’ plates at their table.  The sentence underlined above from the TC’s CD is misleading and the CBJ committee (I) motion that the REP Chair put an advisory out to the Reps to state in their TC meeting at contests that the first judge does not have to wait until all sample entries are on all judges’ plates at their table before they can start their judging for taste and tenderness”.


  1. Other discussion by the CBJ committee was about continuing education of CBJ Judges. This discussion will continue next month.


Adding additional CBJ instructors for closed session

Mike Peters

Nominating committee

 Randy Bigler has agreed to assist me on the nominating committee. Randy is eligible for re-election next year and should he decide to run again; he will not be involved in the actual election process.

Mike Peters


Discussion re membership survey from a telemarketing company.  I do not believe that it will need a motion. I will share at the meeting

Tana Shupe


The Education Committee members thus far are Tana Shupe, Paul Kirk, Starr Teel, and Todd Johns, with Carolyn Wells and Candy Weaver.  Although I haven't had the chance to hold a meeting of the entire committee, Carolyn Wells and I have been sent a video that we think could be edited and presented to the board soon that will assist organizers who express interest in holding a Kids Que.  More information will be forthcoming, and I still plan to contact a couple of additional members within the next month.



After speaking with Mike Budai about how TOY points for backyard teams can be accumulated and tracked, it is obvious that this project will be very much in the research stage throughout this year.  I will peaking with backyard cooks and should be ready with a questionnaire for these teams that may help us decide how tracking can be done when the KCBScore program is launched. 


Dave Compton



As of late last week we have had one application for a Grant and zero applications for Grants in Aid.  What is the Board's opinion on sending out an e-blast letting members know that time to apply is running out?


Also, the committee has received a copy of an application processing program from Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC).  This is just seeing how other non-profits handle their applications; it might give us some ideas.


I move that the Board accept this report.


Steve Farrin


Below are the numbers for MARCH 2013.

Number of Total Members= 17656

Number of New Members= 259

Number of Renewed Members= 1432

Number of Non-renewals= 961

Number of members who signed up via the website=198 (21 were families)

Number of New Members from Judging classes= 506


Old/New Business


Jeff Stith

I would like to make a motion that in addition to dessert and any other ancillary category that we make it a policy to give a 180 pin (round one) to the kids who achieve a 180 score at any contest


Mike Peters

For discussion - I would ask the board to consider donating the trailer, possibly both to OBR with the understanding that it be KCBS branded for their outreach purposes.

I am sure that there are some tax implications that we might be able to take advantage of in addition to promoting a good cause.


Motion Don Harwell

I motion that we sell the old GABT truck and trailer.


Closed Session

 On the Executive Session agenda for the web:

Discussion of licensing offer for scoring/judging processes

Discussion of recommended Official Entertainment offerings for contests

Birthday e-mails update

Strategic planning update

Rep issues/past contest

Addition of CBJ Instructor




My second motion is for approval of Carolyn Wells and Candy Weaver to attend and participate in the I. C.C. (International Culinary Congress), held in New York City in late September. 


Attached you will find a CONCEPT promo flyer for the Celebrity BBQ Bash we proposed developing at the Strategic Retreat.

Here are the parameters of the program:


- we will talk to numerous pit masters to get FREE approval to use their likeness in promotions

- if they don't agree, we don't use them

- there are about 20 well known pit masters who we think will participate if called upon

- we would promote the BBQ bash as a sweepstakes across three tours: Sam's BBQ Tour, Great American BBQ Tour, & American Grill master

- the objective is to build a database of consumers who can then be targeted for membership promos

- the database would be used for KCBS purposes; not for MMA or Trybe purposes

- we will also be using social media to sign up people as well, to drive up the KCBS impressions online/fans on Facebook/hits on web site, etc....

- the grand prize is a BBQ party, featuring one of these cooks, sometime in the 1st Quarter of 2014

- we would use the closest cook to where the winner is located (like Lee Ann in a midwest region; a Tuffy Stone in Carolina region), depending on the date and availability of the pitmaster

- KCBS would pay for the marketing materials, the supplies/meats for the party, and a fee to the pitmaster as well as travel expenses

- the overall budget that needs to be approved is $10,000; however, I do not think it will take that much money. Just trying to be safe and over estimate.

- we will kick this off as soon as the board approves the concept and we then get approvals from pitmasters to use their likeness


Our Best of the Best 700 180 100+