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Quick Notes - May 8, 2013 BOD Meting

May 10, 2013

Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Director's Meeting

QUICK NOTES - May 8, 2013


*The following Quick Notes reflect the actions taken at the Board of Directors Meeting on May 8, 2013 and will become the official minutes of that meeting approved by the board at its next scheduled meeting


 Attendance: Candy Weaver, Randy Bigler, Mike Budai, Mike Peters, Dave Compton, Kim Collier, Jeff Stith, Mark Simmons, Carolyn Wells ,Don Harwell, Tana Shupe, Wane Lohman. Absent Steve Farrin.

Members Call In: Karrin Murphy, Mike McCloud


Kim Collier:

Approval to accept minutes of last meeting

Second by Wayne Lohman

Motion passes unanimously

 Sanctioning Report

Karrin Murphy


Existing Contests – In house Approval

6/14-15/2013     Southern Pride Invitation (Competitor’s Series) Marion, IL

8/9-10/2013        Brentwood Cook Off and Car Show                        Brentwood, CA

8/31-9/1/2013   Blues, Views and BBQ (Competitor’s Series)        Westport, CT

9/13-14/2013     Smoke on the Snake                                                  Idaho Falls, ID

9/20-21/2013     Coalville City BBQ Bash                                             Coalville, UT

9/28-29/2013     The Best BBQ Chef Competition                              New London, CT

10/12-13/2013   Smoke-n-Thunder BBQ Classic                               Rome, GA

10/18-20/2013   Cowboy Up at the PRCA Rodeo & BBQ                   Lancaster, CA


New Contests 2013 – In house Approval

7/26-28/2013     The Great American Cookout                                   Woodlake, CA

8/2-3/2013          Great Northern Barbeque                                          Brainerd, MN

8/23-24/2013     Bootleggin’ BBQ                                                          Garden City, CO

9/27-28/2013     Avi Resort & Casino Music Brews & BBQ               Laughlin, NV

10/18-19/2013   Slab Yo Mama Barbeque                                           Bullhead City, AZ

11/8-9/2013        BBQ BIVOUAC                                                             St. James, MO

11/15-16/2013   Smoke on the Harbor BBQ Throwdown                 Charleston, SC


BOD Approval

New Contests 2013

7/13-14/2013     Pork in the Park BBQ                                                      Stamford, CT

9/27-28/2013     Community First Bank BBQ Competition                   Appleton City, MO

Randy Bigler motion to accept report

Second by Jeff Stith

Report accepted unanimously




Wayne Lohman


The IO Team completed its first cooking/judging classes in Denmark and Estonia and was very pleased with the response from both countries. We had 39 cooking class attendees in Denmark with 28 completing the CBJ class the following day. All four meats were demonstrated and a whole hog was cut up to point out the differences in US cuts of meat.


We repeated both classes the following weekend in a hotel manor setting outside the City of Tallinn, Estonia. We had a surprisingly large crowd of 71 cookers and 36 CBJ's attending the 2-day class. We also cooked 2 whole hogs in the cooking class to help the teams prepare for the 2014 Whole Hog World Championship held in Estonia.


Both countries are preparing for sanctioned contests in 2014 and one request from an attendee in Denmark's class, for a contest in Sweden. I will be asking the Board and Rep's for assistance in conducting these events. Detailed information to follow once we get in the planning stages and dates and times are established.


As of this writing, I have not heard from our attorney's on establishing KCBS Chapters in foreign countries. Carolyn will submit a synopsis of their findings to the Board as an addendum to my report. The IO Team will be in Amsterdam and England for sanctioned contests.


Wayne reported that as of May 8, he anticipates 11 sanctioned contests overseas in 2014.


Addendum: Carolyn Wells

I have spoken with legal counsel asking for a projected cost and timetable. The cost estimate is $7,000 - $8,000 with me and the I/O team committing to do much of the legwork in preparing procedure details consistent with current operations, subject to board and legal approval. We are attempting to get cost estimates for the two groups pushing hardest to be chapters to submit to them as to expenditure for legal and filings in their respective countries, and their commitment to the project(s) both financial and volunteer personnel. Additional information to follow.




KCBS/MMA Marketing Report

May 2013


  • Total March Sales: $3,079



  • Advertising sold for March: $1,825
  • Updated Bullsheet and Board of Directors (BOD) mp3
  • Discount program page updated with Creekstone Farm content
  • Icehole Coolers is on board for a Discount Membership package and will announce new discount and product in May Quarterly Eblast
  • Endorsement Entertainment site is being approved by all talent and will go live after board approval. (link will be sent to KCBS by May 9th)
  • Birthday emails will start in May as soon as discount code program is ready to sync up with it.



  • 3 successful event activations: Smokin on the River Chattooga’s BBQ Cook-off in Summerville, GA; Rock’n Ribs in Springfield, MO; and BBQ Capital Cook-off in Lexington, NC
  • 2 successful retail activations: Sam’s Club #8112 Chattanooga, TN and Sam’s Club #8296 Springfield, MO
  • 1 e-blast sent to GABT database announcing upcoming events and promote the contests
  • Continual Coordination and Logistics for 2013 GABT Tour


Sam’s National BBQ Tour

  • 10 Local events complete
  • 1 Regional event complete
  • Continual PR/Social Media Updates
  • Coordination and logistics for 2013 Sam’s Tour


Smithfield Rib Super Series

  • 2 successful events: Pork in the Park in Salisbury, MD and BBQ Capital Cook-off in Lexington, NC
  • Monthly e-blast to SRSS database featuring upcoming events, announcing winners and a call-out to Smithfield Food Service
  • Coordination and logistics for 2013 SRSS Program


Destination America - DA

  • In the planning stage for VIP Judging Class in Providence, RI. DA is going to include the local media network in the class.



  • Social Media, using KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion
  • GABT: 2,733 Twitter Followers / 2,725 FB Likes
  • KCBS: 2,826 Twitter Followers / 13,533 FB Likes
  • Updated News section of KCBS website as necessary (Sam's Tour new posts, KCBS
  • team of the week and recaps, Smithfield Rib Super Series recap)
  • Bullsheet Content – Sam’s Tour, Smithfield, Reser's, GABT



  • Celebrity BBQ Bash giveaway is almost underway. We have received approvals from Troy Black, Mike Davis, Tuffy Stone, Mike Peters, Lee Ann Whippen, David Bouska, Johnny Trigg, Harry Soo and Ray Lampe to use their faces on promotional pieces of the contest plus will be one of the potential pitmaster’s for the contest when the winner is determined.
  • Annual Membership Survey went out on May 1st and will run until May 15th. We will send a reminder email out to all members on May 13th.
  • Still working on special project with Second Harvest/Feed America.


Mike reported that Sam’s Club has continued their official supplier association with KCBS through 2014.


Wayne Lohman

Ask the board to accept this report.

Report accepted unanimously


CBJ Committee

Chair – Don Harwell


As of the end of April, over 50 CBJ classes are scheduled for 2013

KCBS has had 31 Certified Barbeque Judging (CBJ) Classes this year, one of those being international. There has been a total of 1520 Students, 1045 New Members, 462 KCBS Members. KCBS has also had 13 Certified Table Captain (CTC) Classes with a total of 236 students.


The CBJ committee met on April 30th with discussion on the following to be presented to the BOD:

  1. CBJ Shirts and Master Shirts.

After discussion, Carolyn Wells with help from Candy Weaver will continue to look into finding a new supplier for shirts for CBJs and Masters. Requirements are: must have a collar, must be blended fabric for less heat and easy care, men’s and women’s sizes, and multi-colors so judges may have more than one choice of colors.


2. The Committee discussed since instructors are representatives of KCBS at classes, they should dress accordingly. Dress guidelines will be sent to each instructor, and a copy of this will be provided to the BOD. Also KCBS badges will be supplied to each CBJ instructor.


  1. Last month the BOD voted to sell a CBJ pin and lanyard at the same price as the pin sold for at classes. After reviewing the cost of this combination, the CBJ Committee is asking the BOD to adjust the cost to $5. I motion that a KCBS lanyard and CBJ pin be sold together at CBJ classes only for a special price of $5. These will only be available at KCBS CBJ classes as a set of one pin and one lanyard together and not sold individually. They will still be available online at the regular prices of CBJ pins for $3 and the KCBS lanyards for $5.


Don Motion to charge $5.00 for a set CBJ pin and lanyard at the CBJ class.

Dave second

Motion passes unanimously


  1. Other discussion by the CBJ committee was about continuing education for CBJ Judges. The committee feels continuing education is needed and a few suggestions were made; one being on-line training. How to tracking training was discussed. Some committee takeaways were given to members and follow up will be provided at next month’s committee meeting.


Don Harwell

Ask the board to accept this report.

Report accepted unanimously


Rules Committee

Jeff Stith


No report



Tana Shupe

No formal report

Philanthropy Report / Grants

Dave Compton


We have received 4 applications for Charitable/ Grants.


Strategic Planning Committee Report

Mark Simmons


The strategic planning committee has added Paul Kirk as part of the committee.

At the present time, I am preparing a lengthy strategic agenda to be brought before the committee this month before the next meeting. There will be much discussion over the next few months in preparation of a report and strategic plan to be brought before the BOD for their approval.


The committee consists of Mark Simmons, Wayne Lohman, Paul Kirk, Carolyn Wells (ex-officio) and Candy Weaver (ex-officio).


We look forward to hearing the development of the strategic plans by the various committees. Might I add that I would welcome the opportunity to assist any committee or committee chair in the development of their process and plan, to provide any suggestions or direction.


Mark Simmons

Ask the board to accept this report.

Report accepted unanimously


April Financials

Mark Simmons


The Finance Committee moves the April financials of KCBS be approved as attached and entered into the permanent record of the Kansas City BBQ Society.


No further action is to be presented to the BOD by the finance committee at this time.


Mark Simmons

Move the board to accept this report.

Second by Tana Shupe

Accepted unanimously


Nominating Committee

Mike Peters


No Report


Rep Committee

Kim Collier


No Report



KCBScore Committee Report

Mike Budia


The Score Committee is currently reviewing the latest program update.

When the review is completed, I will update the board on its findings.


The BOD will be receive a copy of Score this week,

Planning stages of the webinar for the training session.

Will be using the Rep Yahoo group to keep the reps updated.


Discussion regarding timing of rollout of KCBScore. Mike estimates that implementation will happen nationwide July 1 after all contest reps have gone through webinar training and are comfortable with new software.


Mike Budai

Ask the board to accept this report.

Accepted unanimously


Technology Committee Report

Mike Budai


Activity since last report:


1) Posted April 10 recording of the board meeting on the KCBS website.

2) Updated committee email groups and conference calls as requested.

3) Completed moving our website to the new hosting service.


Mike Budai

Ask the board to accept this report.

Accepted unanimously


Candy read the agenda for executive session


Dave Compton move to Executive

Second by Tana Shupe

Accepted to move into executive session

Passes unanimously


Move out of Executive Session

Passes unanimously


Dave Compton-Philanthropy


Dave Compton

Motion to fund $19,400 in Grants to four applicants

Second by Tana Shupe

Motion Pass with ayes, Jeff Stith abstain


Dave Compton-

Tana Shupe motion to allocate funds of $34,500 Grants In Aid to 34 students attending college and to approve both Grants and Grants in Aid.

Second by Mike Budai.

Motion passes unanimously


Tana Shupe move to close the meeting at 8:45 p.m.

Second by Kim Collier

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