FACT: There's been an 18% increase in contest participation by members in the past year    
FACT: 64% of KCBS members own three or more grills/smokers    
FACT: 70% of our members grill-out/cook BBQ more than 25 times per year    
FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
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June BOD Meeting

June 10, 2013

Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Director's AGENDA

June 12, 2013










Kim Collier:

Approval to accept minutes of last meeting


Sanctioning Report

Karrin Murphy


Exisiting Contests 2013– In house Approval

10/4-5/2013                 Squealin’ on the Square                                              Laurens, SC

10/25-26/2013             Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational        Lynchburg, TN

Existing Contests 2014 – In house Approval

3/28-29/2014               Firelake BBQ Cook-off                                              Shawnee, OK

7/11-12/2014               Firin’ Up the Fox BBQ Contest                                 St. Charles, IL

New Contests 2013 – In house Approval

9/20-21/2013               Anne Springs Close Greenway BBQ &                     Fort Mills, SC

                                    Bluegrass Festival


10/5-6/2013                 Smoke on the Water Jersey Shore BBQ                     Atlantic City, NJ

11/30-12/1/2013          Kanza Bowl BBQ and Blues                                      Topeka, KS





BOD Approval

Existing Contest 2013

9/13/14/2013               Leavenworth’s Hog Wild West BBQ Contest           Leavenworth, KS

Existing Contest 2014

4/25-26/2014               VFW Post 846 6th Annual BBQ Challenge                Overland Park, KS

New Contests 2013

8/2-3/2013                   Rossville Tall Corn BBQ Contest                               Rossville, KS

8/17/2013                    I Grill Because I CARE (Backyard Contest)             New Hope, AL

Wayn Lohman/Mike McCloud

Marking Committee



  • Total      May Sales: $3,334



  • Advertising      sold for May: $1,825
  • 700+      Club is a new addition to the KCBS site
  • Endorsement      Entertainment site is live on the KCBS site      http://www.kcbs.us/entertainment.php
  • Birthday      emails are up and running. There are 50 KCBS members in 1 week that signed      up to receive a birthday email.
  • KCBS      Celebrity BBQ Bash contest was announced on May 23rd, we currently have      1,362 entries online for the contest.



  • 3 successful event      activations: Apple Blossom Barbecue Contest in St. Joseph, MO; Bloomin'      BBQ & Bluegrass in Sevierville, TN; and Food Lion Speed Street      Festival in Charlotte, NC
  • 3 successful retail      activations: Sam’s Club #4728 in Nicholasville, KY; Sam's Club #6540 in      Charlotte, NC; Sam’s Club #8252 in N. Charleston, SC
  • Print ad and TV segment      secured in Charlotte, NC
  • Continual Coordination and      Logistics for 2013 GABT Tour
  • GABT promotional      registrations thus far 2,884


Sam’s National BBQ Tour

  • 13 Local events complete
  • 1 Regional event complete
  • Continual PR/Social Media      Updates
  • Coordination and logistics      for 2013 Sam’s Tour



  • 1      successful event: Chesapeake Jubilee BBQ Cook-off in Chesapeake, VA
  • Monthly      eblast to SRSS database featuring upcoming events, announcing winners and      a call out to Smithfield Food Service
  • Monthly      strategy calls with Smithfield to discuss social media, events, couponing
  • Continual      Coordination and Logistics


Destination America - DA

  • In the      planning stage for VIP Judging Class in Providence, RI. DA is going to      include the local media network in the class.



  • Social      Media, using KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote      KCBS-related events/promotion
  • GABT:      2,909 Twitter Followers / 3,475 FB Likes (started at 2,797 prior to eblast      / contest launch)
  • KCBS:  3,096 Twitter Followers / 14,969 FB      Likes (started at 13,695 prior to contest launch/eblast)
  • Updated      News section of KCBS website as necessary (Sam's Tour new posts, KCBS team      of the week and recaps, Smithfield Rib Super Series recap)
  • Bullsheet      Content was created for Sam’s Tour, Smithfield, Reser's, GABT 



  • Annual      Membership Survey ended on May 15th. There were 4,165 surveys completed      which is a 15% increase from last year.
  • Had      a strategic meeting with Mark Simmons
  • Still      working on a special project for 2014



The IOTeam recently returned from their second overseas trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands and Leicester, England where we held CBJ classes and sanctioned contests at both locations.


In Amsterdam, the Tony Stone Low and Slow contest had 32 teams competing from 6 different countries.  We were very pleased with the turn-out as this was our second year for this contest and was well attended by the public with an attendance of 8,000.  We expect this contest will grow as it be scheduled on a different date next year to avoid the conflict with the German National BBQ Championship.  25 new CBJ's attended class with 5 American judges assisting with both the CBJ class and sanctioned contest.  One American Team, The Pig Easy, from Huntsville, AL competed in the competition.  As a result of this competition, we are now working with 2 new organizers for contests in Northern Holland and Germany.


On the following Tuesday, it was our privilege to be invited to the Weber Grilling Academy to teach "low and slow cooking, American style".  11 Weber chefs and Executives attended this day long class where we taught cooking the four KCBS competitive meat entries.  The Grill Master Chefs will now teach these entries in their classroom setting.  Weber has requested asked to be involved in any KCBS events in Europe as a potential sponsor.


The following Thursday we arrived in Leicester, England to help the organizer with our first sanctioned contest in England.  On Friday, we worked on the contest site and organized the turn-in area and prepared the meats for the Saturday CBJ class.  We had 16 attend the CBJ class and 4 American certified CBJ assisting during the class and at the competition.  10 teams competed in the contest with Weber and Owen Taylor Meats as the 2 sponsors of the contest.  There was no money purse, only trophy as prices at both competitions.


Dave Compton

The Philanthropy Committee

 Has no report this month.

Tana Shupe



The Education Committee had a meeting on June 6th, but regrettably few members were available.  The committee would appreciate more guidance from the board as to whether the focus of this committee should be only on younger cooks, the public, or the KCBS membership at large.


It has become obvious that there are unique issues and problems that make it difficult to reach out to and communicate with young cooks … especially in large numbers.


We recommend offering a "KCBS Junior Membership" be offered to youths under the age of 16, at a reduced cost of $15/year.  They would receive a membership card and a newsletter each quarter.  The newsletter would have articles and culinary tips geared especially for them, and could include announcements about upcoming Kids-Ques and articles about Ques that had been held in the former quarter.


I request the board accept this report as presented.



Mike Budai



Activity since last report:

Posted the May 8, 2013 KCBS board meeting recording on our website.

Updated the kcbs.us email groups as requested by committees.

Updated the Accuconference committee accounts as requested.

I ask the board to accept this report.


Mike Budai


So far I have only received one report of an installation issue with Score.

I emailed the rep back but have not received anything further back.

The KCBScore Committee is still working on finishing the PowerPoint for the training webinars.

We will start scheduling the webinars as soon as the PowerPoint is finished.

I ask the board to accept this report.



Mark Simmons


Attached are the May financials. The finance committee recommends that they be approved as presented and entered into the permanent record of the Kansas City BBQ Society.


Motion #2 Attached is a copy of the payout schedule for 2013 TOY, paid out in January of 2014 ... This is a duplicate of last year's payout. No changes have been recommended.



GC          8000
RC          4000

3             2000

4             1000

5               750

6-10          400

11-20        200

21-25        100


Category (Chicken, Ribs, Pork, Brisket)

GC          2000

RC          1000

3               600

4               500

5               400

6-10          300

11-20        200

21-25        100


Total Payout -- 54,250 ... The same as 2012...We move the adoption of the payout schedule.





Don Harwell

CBJ Committee  


As of the end of May, over 50 CBJ classes are scheduled for 2013

KCBS has had 43 Certified Barbeque Judging (CBJ) Classes this year, two of those being international (Netherlands and England).  There has been a total of 1956 Students, 1363 New Members, 584 KCBS Members.    KCBS has also had 15 Certified Table Captain (CTC) Classes with a total of 317 students. 


  1. CBJ Shirts and Master Shirts.

Carolyn Wells with help from Candy Weaver presented to the CBJ Committee a new supplier for shirts for CBJs and Masters.  Requirements are: must have a collar, must be blended fabric for less heat and easy care, men’s and women’s sizes, and multi-colors so judges may have more than one choice of colors.  The new shirts will be available first in just one color for CBJ’s and one color for Masters with more colors  added at a later date.  The committee was happy with what Carolyn Wells proposed and she will be working with the new supplier to finalize cost and available time for these new shirts. I make a motion that the board accept these new shirts and make them available for purchase on the website to CBJ’s and Master’s as soon as Carolyn can finalize the details with the supplier.  I also make a motion that e- blast be sent to the membership about the new shirts and news about ordering as they become available.


  1. Last month the CBJ Committee asked the BOD to adjust the cost of selling both a CBJ pin and lanyard to $5.  The BOD approved the motion that a KCBS lanyard and CBJ pin be sold together at CBJ classes only for a special price of $5. These will only be available at KCBS CBJ classes as a set of one pin and one lanyard together and not sold individually. They will still be available online at the regular prices of CBJ pins for $3 and the KCBS lanyards for $5.


  1. 3.      Other discussion by the CBJ committee was about continuing education for CBJ Judges.   The committee feels continuing education is needed and a few suggestions were made.  The committee believes that continuing education for CBJ should not be mandatory but that CBJs that participate in continuing education from KCBS should be rewarded with something such as a pin, ribbon or sticker to add to their CBJ badge.  The CBJ committee would like to understand from the BOD if this is something that they would like the CBJ Committee to pursue. They specifically ask that we poll the BOD to see if Continuing Education for judges should be on a voluntary or mandatory system.   More discussion on how to track training was discussed.  The Committee would like to continue to update and add to the CBJ test now on KCBS.US.  Question and answers will be provided by committee members for this purpose. 


Don Harwell

AdHoc Committee  


AdHoc Committee named to finalize the Member Survey and Regional Representation June 2013 Report:  Chair – Don Harwell


The committee, made up of Steve Farrin, Tana Shupe and Don Harwell, is in the process of reviewing a questionnaire for the membership.  After final edits and changes are made within the committee, the questionnaire will be submitted to the BOD for approval and dates set to run the survey.


Mark Simmons

Strategic Planning


We now have on our committee Mark Simmons (Chair), Wayne Lohman, Paul Kirk, Carolyn Wells, and Candy Weaver.


The strategic planning is now on a schedule to meet twice monthly. One particular strategic initiative has now been a point of discussion for the last several meetings. We are now meeting twice monthly. Our next committee meeting is Monday evening, June 10.


Mike Peters

Nominating Committee

No Report at this time


Mike Peters



Below are the numbers for   APRIL  2013.


Number of Total Members= 17923

Number of New Members= 281

Number of Renewed Members= 1525

Number of Non-renewals= 864

Number of members who signed up via the website=217 (27 were families)

Number of New Members from Judging  classes=292


Below are the numbers for   MAY  2013.


Number of Total Members= 18,687

Number of New Members= 617

Number of Renewed Members=1085

Number of Non-renewals= 545

Number of members who signed up via the website=236 (23 were families)

Number of New Members from Judging  classes=318


The new members are first time members and they are a combination of new members from judging classes and new sign-ups.  The renewed members are existing members who paid their dues in the month of May. 


From calling on some members who have shown up on a non-renewal list, I believe that most have either missed the reminder email or regular mail follow-up so the "Non-Renewal" number is just the number of members who have not renewed. The "Renewed" member numbers are members who might have renewed in the month of their renewal or a prior month.


Kim Collier

Rep. Committee

I   like to make a motion to purchase one new short sleeves Camp/Bahamas style   button up shirts for the Reps of KCBS. The shirts are Poplin Camp BG (Blue   Generation BG6100 (Ladies), BG 3100 (men’s). Also have available to purchase   is a long sleeve button shirt in Cotton Twill BG8213 (Men’s), BG   6213(Ladies). The following suggested colors are White, Maze (Yellow), Red.



The following motions are for close session, Motion to reinstate a Rep., Motion to accept New Rep., Motion to accept New Overseas Rep.

General Topics and Motions for New Business

  1. There has been several Rep      advisories approved by the BOD both last year and this year but these are      not being posted to the Reps.  The      last update was May 10, 2012.       

I motion that the Rep Advisory postings be updated with all approved BOD advisories within the next 5 business days and that any new approved Rep advisory be posted in the same time frame, which would be within 5 business days after approval from the BOD.   I also motion that each Rep Advisories passed by the BOD from May 2012 to the present be published with its effective date in the July, 2013 issue of the Bull Sheet and that all future Rep Advisories  be published in the Bull sheet the following month that they become effective  for all members to read.


  1. It has been brought to my attention that some Reps are letting forks be used to serve chicken and ribs for the entry boxes. Although this is not KCBS policy, I motion that this become policy and judges be permitted to use a fork or a tong to remove any entry of the four meats for serving to their plate.  As is now the policy toothpicks and etc. will still be prohibited from use.


  1. It has been brought to my attention that at some contest, the table captains are standing close enough to the turn-in table to see the cooks turning in their boxes. And at some contest the table captains are able to watch the numbers being changed, meaning they see the original numbers and the alternate number stickers being applied and therefore able to see both sets of numbers at the same time.  I motion that Reps be reminded that table captains should not be able to see cooks turning in their boxes and also that Reps should be reminded that cooks and /or table captains should not be able to see the numbers being changed from the original box number to the alternate number.


Candy Weaver

Motion to accept new design for pins



Carolyn Wells


As per your request regarding the original truck and trailer sale vs. gifting:



Carmax Appraisal: $22,000

Kelly Blue Book: $30,623 good condition (Excellent: $31,223, Fair: $27,773.


I checked with our CPA firm that does our tax preparation. They advise that if we sell outright, the transaction is taxable UBI (Unrelated Business Income--the part that is reported on the 990-T).


As far a gifting to a charitable orginization (501(c)3) there is considerable paperwork, but may be worth doing. The normal deduction is about $500, but if they sell it, that determines the value. If it is used for the purposes of the organization and then sold, there is some other kind of paperwork. I will scan the articles and forward tomorrow when I get to the office for your consideration.


Now on to the trailer. More next month.


Mike Peters

I make the motion to pay Roger Wise of KCBS team Pickin Porkers $400 for their contest win (2nd place brisket) at the Smoke on the Beach contest held in Myrtle Beach, SC on August 31, 2012.

I make the motion to not sanction the 2013 Smoke on the Beach contest to be held in Myrtle Beach, SC on August 31 (which is being promoted on their website as a KCBS sanctioned event) until the $400 is reimbursed to KCBS.

Dave Compton

I hereby move that a downloadable form be posted on our website within five (5) business days that CBJs can use to track contests number 31 through 100 or beyond.  This form should be roughly similar to the form in the CBJ book for contests 1 through 30.  The CBJs can then print this off and obtain the required Rep's signature for these contests




Our Best of the Best 700 180 100+