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All You Want to Know (and More) about KCBScore

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September 12, 2013

KCBScore is the name of our new contest scoring software, which made its debut the weekend of July 13th at every contest judged on that date forward.  It took two years to develop, but KCBScore has met all expectations!

With KCBScore, the weighting factors on judges’ scores changed slightly.  Here’s the rule:  The weighting factors for the point system upon deployment of KCBScore will be: Appearance - .5600, Taste – 2.2972, Tenderness - 1.1428.  Weighting was adjusted to cut down on the number of tie scores.  Scores that are tied are broken by the method detailed on the KCBS.US web site as detailed here, http://www.kcbs.us/pdf/how_to_break_a_tie_2012.pdf.   Should this method not break the tie, the scoring software generates a random number that changes with each team with each category. 

Head cooks should have their KCBS member number available for the contest reps or the organizer.  This tracks teams for KCBS Team of the Year.  Being a KCBS member is not mandatory to cook a KCBS contest, but for ToY points, membership is required.  Judges are still required to present their membership card at Judges’ Registration.

Protecting the blind judging was a major push in the development of KCBScore.  Judges do not know what the blind number is and cooks do not know the alternate number.  KCBScore generates alternate number labels for each category where the category is indicated (ex. 498-CK, 302-BR).  There is a “cheat” list where team number and corresponding alternate number is indicated.  Turn in table staff would have to work really hard to mis-label boxes going into the judging area!

Cooks get more information on their score sheets!  For each category, a team will see the table number that judged them and the rank their entry achieved on that table, along with the individual scores.  Below the calculated score is the Judge’s average score.  This is the average of the judge sitting in that spot across all categories judged by that table/seat number.  Sometimes it will be just the main 4, other times it may include other categories.  Cooks should ask the reps how any ancillary categories will be scored at the Cooks Meeting.

Tally Sheets for each category have a key column that is new – the Table column.  This information lets a team look and see what other teams they were judged with on that table.  If a team is real industrious, the entire contest can be “mapped” showing which tables produced winners – if there was a “table of death” or a “table of ecstasy”! 

Judges!  Please do your part to protect the blind judging process!  No matter who asks – DON’T TELL THEM YOUR TABLE AND SEAT NUMBER! In addition, do not reveal the table or seat numbers of your fellow judges.  No cook needs to know that information.  That puts a face to a score and makes judging personal.  

Thanks so much to all the KCBScore Committee members!  This group worked diligently to give KCBS a top-notch scoring package.  Your work is appreciated by all receiving the benefits – contest reps and especially cook teams with all the new information.  Thank you!

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