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Sept BOD Quick Notes minutes

September 13, 2013

Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Director's AGENDA

September 11, 2013



*The following Quick Notes reflect the actions taken at the Board of Directors Meeting on September 11, 2013 and will become the official minutes of that meeting approved by the board at its next scheduled meeting




Attendance: Candy Weaver ,Mark Simmons, Mike Peters, Mike Budai ,Dave Compton, Steve Farrin, Tana Shupe , Randy Bigler, Kim Collier, Jeff Stith, Wayne Lohman, Don Harwell, Carolyn Wells

Other attendance: Mike McCloud MMA , Karrin Murphy


Kim Collier:

 I move to accept minutes of last meeting

 Aug. BOD Quick notes meeting.docx

Wayne Lohman Second

All say aye, No apposed

Minutes accepted


Karrin Murphy

Sectioning Report


New Contest 2013                           12/13-15/2013   Downtown Throwdown Barbecue Championship             Las Vegas            NV                No conflicts                                                                                                                                       

New Contest 2014           8/22/2013            4/5-6/2014          Cedar Fest BBQ Cook-Off            

Cedar Park          TX           New Contest 2014           8/19/2013            3/28-29/2014     Fire Ant Festival BBQ Bash           Ashburn                GA         

New Contest 2014           8/23/2013            7/24-26/2014     Days of 47 BBQ Showdown          Holladay               UT          No conflicts                                                                                               


Existing Contest 2014     8/19/2013            4/4-5/2014          Fourth Annual Bull Moose           Somerville           TN          No conflicts               

Existing Contest 2014     8/27/2013            4/4-5/2014          Benton KY Kiwanis Barbeque Kookoff    Benton KY           No conflicts- changed weekends, always the first Saturday before the first Monday in April. 

Existing Contest 2014     8/25/2013            4/11-12/2014     9th Annual Smokin' Red Dirt BBQ              Enid       OK          No conflicts - changed weekends due to Easter         

Existing Contest 2014     8/27/2013            4/11-12/2014     The Best Dam BBQ Contest at Smithville Lake     Smithville            MO                Osage City- 105 miles (co-existed in 2013)            

Existing Contest 2014     9/3/2013              5/2-3/2014          Naptown barBAYq Contest & Music Festical        Annapolis            MD                No conflicts       

Existing Contest 2014     8/22/2013            5/16-17/2014     Heatin' Up The Bricks     Kearney               NE          No conflicts - date change - venue being booked and unavailable the weekend in March (3/22-23)               

Existing Contest 2014     8/27/2013            5/30-31/2014     The Rotary Club of West Knoxville - Rocky Top Hummin' & Strummin' BBQ Cook-Off              Knoxville              TN          No conflicts - date change - Site of event unavailable during originally weekend (5/2-3)          

Existing Contest 2014     9/3/2013              5/30-31/2014     Smokin in Steele              Owatonna           MN        No conflicts                Londeen             

Existing Contest 2014     8/19/2013            6/20-21/2014     6th Annual Auburn Hills Barbecue Cook-Off         Auburn Hills        MI                No conflicts        Grinsteads         

Existing Contest 2014     8/14/2013            6/27-28/2014     Bend of the River CookOut          Mankato              MN        No conflicts               

Existing Contest 2014     9/6/2013              7/3-4/2014          Liberty 4th Fest BBQ Contest      Liberty  MO        No conflicts       

Existing Contest 2014     9/6/2013              7/4-6/2014          I Love Barbecue & Music Festival              Lake Placid          NY          No conflicts              

Existing Contest 2014     8/21/2013            7/5-6/2014          Montana BBQ Cook-Off                Absarokee          MT         No conflicts               

Existing Contest 2014     8/19/2013            7/18-19/2014     Island Resort and Casino U.P. Hog Wild  Harris    MI          No conflicts               

BOD aproval

Existing Contest 2014     8/30/2013            6/6-7/2014          Mc Louth BBQ Blowout 23rd Annual        McLouth              KS                Lee's Summit, MO - 60 miles       Co-existed in 2012, 2011              

Mike Budai,  Concerns from organizer that the Kansas/Missouri area may have to many contest on the same weekend.    A current contest lost 15 teams due to a new sanction contest and 4 other contest on the same weekend

McLouth is the older contest so it should be sanction

Wayne Lohman, that saturation of contest that Money does come into play   

Dave Compton Motion to accept

Don Harwell Second

All say aye, No apposed

 Motion Pass


Wayne Lohman

Marketing Committee


●             Total August Sales: $9,035



●             Advertising sold for August: $1,905

●             Added Aidrondack Grilling Pellets to Members Discount Page

●             502 members have opted in to receive Birthday emails

●             2,302 online entries for the KCBS Celebrity BBQ Bash contest


●             4 successful event activations in August: Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, WI; Med City BBQ & Musicfest in Rochester, MN; 9th Annual Pepsi Wyomming State BBQ & Bluegrass Festival in Worland, WY; and Nugget Rib Cook-Off: Best in the West in Sparks, NV


●             1 successful retail activations: Sam’s Club #6312 in Woodbury, MN

●             Continual Coordination and Logistics for 2013 GABT Tour

●             GABT promotional registrations thus far 9,513

Sam’s National BBQ Tour

●             24 Local events complete

●             2 Regional events complete

●             Continual PR/Social Media Updates

●             Coordination and logistics for 2013 Sam’s Tour

●             Coordination and logistics for 2013 Championship & VIP Banquet Smithfield:

●             3 successful events: Great Southern Tailgate Cook-Off in Amelia Island, FL; Pigs & Peaches BBQ Festival in Kennesaw, GA; City of Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival in Bedford, TX

●             Monthly eblast to SRSS database featuring upcoming events, announcing winners and a call out to Smithfield Food Service

●             Monthly strategy calls with Smithfield to discuss social media, events, couponing

●             Continual Coordination and Logistics

●             Possible addition of 13th RSS event –  Mike to discuss

Wright Brand Bacon:

●             3 successful Destination: Bacon Domination! Events: Great Southern Tailgate Cook-Off in Amelia Island, FL; Pigs & Peaches BBQ Festival in Kennesaw, GA; City of Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival in Bedford, TX

•             Continual Coordination and Logistics for remaining events

Rancher’s Reserve:

●             2 successful events: Maryland State BBQ Bash in Bel Air, MD; City of Bedford Blues & BBQ Festival in Bedford, TX

•             Continual Coordination and Logistics for remaining events PR

●             Social Media, using KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

●             GABT: 3,450 Twitter Followers / 6,024 FB Likes

●             KCBS:  4,049 Twitter Followers / 18,194 FB Likes

●             Updated News section of KCBS website as necessary (Sam's Tour new posts, KCBS team of the week and recaps, Smithfield Rib Super Series recap, Kingsford contest)

●             Bullsheet Content – Sam’s Tour, Smithfield, Reser's, GABT

●             Promoting contest on each platform (Big Green Giveaway and Backyard Celebrity BBQ Bash)

●             Purchased two week ad space for KCBS to increase Facebook exposure


●             Special initiative for 2014 – still trying to coordinate a 2013 test

●             KC Marathon - possible cross-promo opportunity – update from Carolyn/Mike

●             New International Chapter logo developed – needs board approval

For consideration.  This is the text.  MMA to make pretty.

Great sales in merchandising

KCBS international Logo

CBJ Class at the world food championship in Las Vegas. Casting call 6 episode series will be made of spring or summer 2014 to promote completion food

Smithfield Ribs super series want request to have a KCBS license event the same weekend as Jack


Dave Compton

I would like to ask the Board's permission to start running small announcements in the BullSheet reminding our members about the upcoming applications for Grants in Aid and Charitable Grants.  I would like these to be just a simple announcement letting everyone know that the applications will be posted in a couple of months and that the final date for them to be received in our office is by close of business March 15,2014 (or any other date that the Board decides).

I would also like to stress that all applications must be complete and on time to be considered.

We will have a few different versions of the final application to bring to the Board next month.  Any Board member who has thoughts or suggestions on this is more than welcome to let me know.

All say aye, No apposed

Report accepted




I ask that this report be accepted

Don Harwell

CBJ Committee Report:  September 2013,    Chair – Don Harwell

As of the end of August; 54 Certified Barbeque Judging (CBJ) classes have been taught in 2013, two of those being international (Netherlands and England).   There has been a total of 2451 Students, 1712 New Members, 720 KCBS Members.   

KCBS has also had 20 Certified Table Captain (CTC) Classes with a total of 298 students. 

The CBJ committee met on August 27th with discussion on the following to be presented to the BOD:

1.            CBJ Shirts and Master Shirts.

Update: The new shirts are now available on the KCBS web site.

2.            Discussion took place on the new pin to recognize CBJs judging 100 contests.

The committee likes the KCBS cooks 700 pin and would like to see the CBJs 100+  pin look similar. 


1              100+ Contest

2              Second by Mike Peter

I motion that the CBJ 100 pin be created and ordered to look similar to the one shown above.   

Second Mike Peters

All say aye, No apposed

 Motion Pass


Secondly, I motion that the web site be changed to reflect the word “Master” beside a MCBJ member’s name and add “TC” and “100+” beside each name as applicable.

Second Randy Biglar

All say aye, No apposed

 Motion Pass


3.            The next CBJ Committee meeting is scheduled for September 24th.


Ad Hoc Committee: Comment Cards

The committee has three versions of Comment Cards for the board’s review.

 I motion that the BOD vote on each of the three versions and the one with the highest votes be adopted and be put into use as quickly as they can be printed and distributed to the Reps.   The BOD has been copied on the designs with this report.    See Sept. 5th e-mail

Comment card style 2 was approved the BOD with some revision to the card.

Second Kim Collier

All say aye, No apposed

 Motion Pass


Mike Budai

Score Committee

To date, we have now successfully run 129 contests using Score.

I ask the board to accept this report.

All say aye, No apposed

Report Accepted


Mike Budai


Activity Since Last Report:

1) Posted the August 14, 2013 board meeting recording to our website.

2) Performed maintenance and setup on two office workstations.

3) Updated office email accounts as requested.

4) Worked on removing closed session recordings.

I ask the board accept this report.

 Seconds Jeff Stith

All say aye, No apposed

Report Accepted


Mark Simmons

Finance Committee

The finance committee moves that the August financials for KCBS be adopted as presented.

No additional motions at this time.

2013 Aug Financials.xlsx 2013 Aug Financials.xlsx

17K   View   Open as a Google spreadsheet   Download   

The strategic planning committee met on August 12 and August 26 discussing various issues.  I wish to express my appreciation for all the committee members and their valuable input.

Second Tana Shupe

All say aye, No apposed

Report Accepted

We have one motion for discussion in executive session.

Kim Collier

Rep committee

I like to make a motion to accept the McKee as Reps

..\KCBS Rep\Angela_RepTraining.pdf

..\KCBS Rep\Bob_RepTraining.pdf

 Second Mike Budia

All say aye, No apposed

 Motion Pass


Mike Peters

Members Committee

Below are the numbers for AUGUST 2013.

Number of Total Members= 18,221

Number of New Members= 552

Number of Renewed Members=876

Number of Non-renewals= 802

Number of members who signed up via the website= 253 (34 were families)

Number of New Members from Judging  classes= 144

The membership committee did not have a chance to meet this past month. I will try to make something happen before our October meeting. I would like to get input from cooking team members about ways to increase cook awareness and membership.  In visiting with Mike B, there is no easy way for the system to set a limit or number on competitions that a team has cooked (say 10 and less and 10 and more) to designate a lower level TOY.  We also have "levels" of CBJ - CBJ, MCBJ, 100+ CBJ. I would like to see team levels or recognition. Currently we have 700+, 180, and TOY. While everyone has a chance for these, there should be other ways to recognize such as Head Cook who is also CBJ, Head Cook who is also Table Captain, Head cook who has cooked 10, 20, 30 events in a year. Team members who  are also involved. Don H had suggested a "Pitmaster" designation a couple of years ago. I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas.

All say aye, No apposed

Report Accepted


Candy Weaver

KCBS attorney information

All close session recordings have to be deleted

Mike Budai there is a committee who is recording their meetings.

Don Harwell if it is his CBJ committees please delete them, Mike agrees to.


Recordings KCBS attorney informed us that we should not keep recordings indefinitely. That the recording should be to take proper minutes, once the minutes are posted that the recordings should be deleted.  That the records of the meetings are the minutes for the meeting.


Don Harwell, the minutes are the official legal records that the recordings were never intend to be kept forever.




Tana Motion to move to close session

Kim Collier Second


Executive session

Close session

Mark Simmons

Strategic planning


Mike Budai



Steve Farrin motion move to back

Tana Shupe second


Tana Shupe close meetings

Dave  Compton second

Our Best of the Best 700 180 100+