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FACT: 70% of our members grill-out/cook BBQ more than 25 times per year    
FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
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OCT. BOD Agenda meeting

October 7, 2013


Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Director's AGENDA

October 09, 2013





BOD Attendance:


Other Attendance:



Kim Collier:

Approval to accept minutes of last meeting


Sept BOD Quick Notes Meeting.docx


Karrin Murphy

Section Contest


New Contest 2014               9/23/2013             6/13-14/2014       Smoke on the Prairie           Brimfield               IL

New Contest 2014               9/20/2013             7/11-12/2014       1st Annual BBQ Throwdown & Farm Festival              Salisbury               NC

New Contest 2014               9/9/2013               8/29-30/2014       Chattanooga River Cue     Chattanooga        TN

New Contest 2014               9/16/2013             10/3-4/2014         Smoke on the River            Sacramento          CA



Existing Contest 2014        9/9/2013               4/4-5/2014            The Ultimate BBQ Showdown East vs. West V            Wildomar              CA

Existing Contest 2014        10/2/2013             4/4-5/2014            Stillwater Elks Lodge Blazathon      Stillwater               OK

Existing Contest 2014        10/3/2013             5/2-3/2014            Smokelawn           Hot Springs           AR

Existing Contest 2014        10/1/2013             5/9-10/2014         Mississippi Springfest          Ashland MS

Existing Contest 2014        10/2/2013             5/9-10/2014         Pork in the Park BBQ Festival          Salisbury               MD

Existing Contest 2014        9/11/2013             6/6-7/2014            Bridge City BBQ Fest         Ottumwa               IA

Existing Contest 2014        9/19/2013             6/14-15/2014       2nd Annual Treasure Island International BBQ Championship                Welch     MN

Existing Contest 2014        9/20/2013             6/27-28/2014       Smokin' On The Pecos        Artesia   NM

Existing Contest 2014        9/26/2013             7/18-19/2014       Warren County All American BBQ Festival  Pittsfield                PA

Existing Contest 2014        9/19/2013             8/8-9/2014            CASA's Grab Root and Growl BBQ Competition         Woodward            OK

Existing Contest 2014        9/20/2013             8/15-16/2014       Wyoming State BBQ Championship & Bluegrass Festival         Worland                WY

Existing Contest 2014        9/19/2013             8/22-23/2014       Big Island BBQ    Albert Lea             MN

Existing Contest 2014        9/30/2013             9/12-13-2014       Silver Lake Apple BBQ Festival       Mears     MI


Existing Contest 2013        9/9/2013               12/27-28/2013     4th Aunnal Wild Wild West BBQ Championship         Lake Elsinore       CA

Existing Contest 2013        9/9/2013               12/28-29/2013     4th Aunnal Wild Wild West BBQ Championship (Day 2)           Lake Elsinore                CA


BOD Approval need


Status     Date R'cvd            Date of Contest   Contest Name      City        ST           Conflicting Contests           Additional Information

New Contest 2014               9/30/2013             9/13-14/2014       Table Rock Boats and Bones           Kimberling City    MO         Clinton, MO - 140 miles Clinton was a first year contest in 2013      


Existing Contest 2014        9/26/2013             4/25/26-2014       Rock'n Ribs BBQ Festival Springfield             MO         Rogers, AR - 94 miles                Pushing back one week from usual due to Easter


Mark Simmons

Finance Committee

The finance committee has reviewed the financials and recommend that they be accepted as presented and entered into the permanent record of the Kansas City BBQ Society.




2013 Sep Financials.xls
  34K   View   Open as a Google   spreadsheet   Download    


Dave Compton

Philanthropy Report

This month's report is being held over until next month as the Philanthropy Committee works with the Strategic Planning Committee on the new criteria requirements. The Strategic Committee has expressed interest in adding some new ideas.

 I ask that the Board accept this report.


Jeff Stith

Rules Committee


 No committee action.  Candy would like to re-examine the pork rule.


I move that the 5 pound minimum for pork be added back to the rules for 2014.


I make this motion at member direction not at the direction of the rules chair


Jeff Stith

 Banquet committee:


 Carolyn is collecting information from Denver to consider that city for the 2015 banquet.


 Motion:  In return for traveling to Nashville and webcasting multiple banquet meetings and the awards ceremony live online, I move that KCBS pay Dave Baldin of WiredBBQ for two nights hotel expenses, banquet ticket and some additional expenses.


Mike Peters

Nominating Committee

For the 2014 year, there are 4 opening for elections. Mike Budai and Tana Shupe will be going off the board and Mark Simmons and Randy Bigler are eligible for re-election. Nominations notice was published in the October Bullsheet and will stay open through October 31.


Mike Peters

Membership Committee

Below are the numbers for SEPTEMBER 2013.

Number of Total Members= 17,949


Number of New Members= 898


Number of Renewed Members=956


Number of Non-renewals= 447


Number of members who signed up via the website= 176 (24 were families)


Number of New Members from Judging  classes= 722


I did inquire on Facebook about a lower level competition along with additional ways to recognize teams. I think some good ideas came out of this exercise and some things that can expand upon in the future.


A member visited with me about whether KCBS has a "Record Book"? Do we keep track of some different things like Top overall score, Most 180's, Most GC's, etc.




Wayne Lohman

Marketing –Mike McCloud



October Marketing Report:

In early September, the IOTeam traveled to Diksmuide, Belgium to visit with City Officials to discuss a proposed KCBS BBQ Contest on the 100th Anniversary of the World War One Trenches of Death battle that began in 1914 and lasted to 1918.  Over 80,000 Flemish and German troops died during this four year campaign.

The location of the contest site is below the IJzer Memorial Tower and adjacent to a culinary school that trains gourmet chefs and butchers.   The organizer’s goal is to have between 40-50 teams that will compete and cook for an estimated crowd of 40 -50,000 people over a 4 day celebration.  Teams will be provided the competition meat and living quarters by the culinary school as part of their entry fees.  KCBS has been asked to sanction the event from, September 11-15, 2014. 

The IOTeam is giving up their repping and cooking fee to honor this historic event that would allow KCBS to establish its name and position with the Belgium BBQ Society.  Harry Havinga, organizer of the Amsterdam Tony Stone Low and Slow contest will be assisting the Belgium organizer.

The following week the team traveled to Heinsberg, Germany to teach a cooking/judging class at Otto Gourmet Meats.  This was the second year we held class at this location which was, once again, well received.   We had 33 students in the cooking class and 31 in the judging class.  As a result of this combined class, we are in discussion to assist with a bbq event in Italy in 2014.

We left Heinsberg and traveled to Cologne, Germany to attend the Spoga Gafa, world’s largest outdoor equipment event.  We displayed KCBS banners at both the Primo Grill and Meadow Creek booths, which were recognized by several bbq related companies who inquired about our European activites.

Our next trip will be to the American Royal where we will be meeting with organizers from Switzerland, Holland and Japan to discuss both classes and contests in their respective countries.  Results will be posted in the November Marketing Report.  Activity and interest in “low and slow cooking” continues at an unbelievable pace which is astounding to us.  We are continuing discussions with potential contests Rep’s to help meet the growing contest demands.

KCBS/MMA Marketing Report

October 2013



●             Total September Sales: $4,171

●             10 – 15% off coupons redeemed from Birthday emails



●             Advertising sold for September: $800

●             585 members have opted in to receive Birthday emails

●             2,384 online entries for the KCBS Celebrity BBQ Bash contest



●             2 successful event activations in September:  Nugget Rib Cook-Off: Best in the West in Sparks, NV and Rubstock BBQ Championship: A Groovin’ Time in the Foothills in Cameron Parks, CA

●             1 successful retail activation: Sam’s Club #6623 in Sacramento, CA

●             Continual Coordination and Logistics for 2013 GABT Tour

●             GABT promotional registrations thus far 10,656


Sam’s National BBQ Tour

●             26 Local events complete

●             4 Regional events complete

●             Continual PR/Social Media Updates

●             Coordination and logistics for 2013 Sam’s Tour

●             Coordination and logistics for 2013 Championship & VIP Banquet



●             1 successful event: Atlanta Bar-B-Que Festival in Atlanta, GA

●             Monthly eblast to SRSS database featuring upcoming events, announcing winners and a call out to Smithfield Food Service

●             Monthly strategy calls with Smithfield to discuss social media, events, couponing

●             Continual Coordination and Logistics

●             RSS upcoming event – 10th Ever Shed Hed Blues Festival, 10/25-10/26, Ocean Springs MS


Wright Brand Bacon:

●             Destination: Bacon Domination! Upcoming event: Big Buffalo Crossing BBQ in Munfordville, KY

●             Continual Coordination and Logistics for remaining events


Rancher’s Reserve:

●             Continual Coordination and Logistics for remaining events



●             Social Media, using KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

●             GABT: 3,589 Twitter Followers / 6,175 FB Likes

●             KCBS:  4,273witter Followers / 19186 FB Likes

●             Updated News section of KCBS website as necessary (Sam's Tour new posts, KCBS team of the week and recaps, Smithfield Rib Super Series recap)

●             Promoting contest on each platform (Big Green Giveaway and Backyard Celebrity BBQ Bash)



●             ICC Smoke event in New York

●             Special initiative for 2014 – will be tested in Atlanta at Randall Bowman’s event

●             Smithfield-Shed update

●             Survey suggestions for representation survey



Mike Budai

KCBS Score Committee

Work has begun on the update to Score.

The committee should be able to start testing the new version in five weeks.


I ask the board to accept this report


Mike Budai

Technology Report


Activity since last report:

Posted the September 11, 2013 board meeting to the KCBS website.

Updated office KCBS email accounts as requested.


I ask the board to accept this report.


Don Harwell

CBJ Committee

As of the end of September; 58 Certified Barbeque Judging (CBJ) classes have been taught in 2013, three of those being international (Netherlands, England and Germany).   There has been a total of 2563 Students, 1787 New Members, 757 KCBS Members.   

KCBS has also had 21 Certified Table Captain (CTC) Classes with a total of 417 students. 

The CBJ committee discussion on the following to be presented to the BOD:

  1. Discussion took place on the CBJ contest signature credits needed to become a Master or a 100+.

The committee and I put forth the following motion:    I motion that a CBJ that is judging or table captaining a Sanctioned, Competitive, or Backyard event be given the following credit for these events: ¼ credits for each KCBS meat judged or table captained. That’s a full credit for an event with the four KCBS meats,   ¾ credits for three meats, ½ for two meats and ¼ credits for one meat.  Reps will write any partial credits after their signature in a CBJ’s book (¼, ½, ¾).  No number is needed after the Reps signature if the CBJ is judging or table captaining four meats.  As is now the policy, a CBJ working as a table captain should receive the lettering of “TC” by the Rep after their signature. 


I motion the adding of a CBJ Instructor, with discussion of the person to take place in Closed BOD Section.



Don Harwell

Ad Hoc Committee

 Comment Cards


The Board has approved a design of a comment card and the use of comment cards at all contest.  These cards are being printed and distributed to the Reps.  The new comment card design is shown as follows:                                   




I motion that the wording from the 2013 Judges’ MP3 be changed to read as follows for the 2014 Judges’ MP3.

On your table, you will find comment cards for your use to advise the Cooks as to why you felt that their entry deserved the score given.  The use of the comment card is strictly voluntary by you, the Judge.

You should know when you give a positive score, a comment is not necessary because the score itself, tells the cook they are achieving excellence in BBQ.   Cooks appreciate your comment which is signified by giving a positive score.

However, as a BBQ Judge you are encouraged, if you desire, to provide information to the cooks which may help them understand the score you have given and to provide helpful information to improve their performance in the future. The comments should be of the type which will assist them in perfecting their art and skills.  Please no derogatory comments, constructive only. If you wish to provide a comment to the cook about your scores:

1. Complete you're judging score card of all entries at your table.

2. Pick up a comment card and write the box number, category and scores given for the team.

3. Tum in your judging score card to the Table Captain.

4. Complete the comment card by adding your comments.

5. Turn in your comment card to the Table Captain.


Don Harwell

Ad Hoc Committee

 Member’s Survey and Regional Representation.


The BOD in August approved a survey to membership.

The KCBS office is working to provide the survey questionnaire for members ASAP.

Tana Shupe

Education Committee

In an effort to grow events and to inform teams who are interested, I am asking the organizers to let us know which include Backyard and Kids' Ques at their events with the hope to get lists in either the November of December issue of The Bullsheet.

Kim Collier
Rep Committee

I would like to make the following motion to have the following changes

3.14 Blind Judging 

Question: Once the judging is over, can we reveal the names of the cooks to the judges? 

Opinion: No! The disconnect between judges and teams is inviolable. Under no circumstances should the names, or the team numbers of the cooks, be revealed to the judges, contest organizers (until check writing time), or volunteers. The only person besides the KCBS Rep who should have access to this information is the person entering the results into the computer and the number changer they are not authorized to share this information with anyone. Judges should  never reveal their table number or the table numbers of any other judges to the teams. The alternate number should NEVER be revealed to anyone other than fellow contest Reps for the purpose of managing the contest.  February 17, 2006 

I like to make a motion to add the following to advisory   

Following Boxes (or whatever you want to call it) 

Question: May a contest Representative deliberately track or follow a turn-in box from a specific team to the judging or leftover table. 

No, unless it is for the purpose of managing the contest. If the contest Rep believes there may be an issue with the team’s box they may track it to the judges table and observe the box during judging to determine if there is an issue. Contest Reps may not follow or track a team’s box to the judging or leftover table for personal motives. If a Rep happens to sample a team’s leftovers they should never comment to the team they sampled that team’s food. Reps should never speak to any team about their box unless it is necessary for administering the contest.



Old Business

Candy Weaver


I move that we delete all past meeting recordings made prior to implementation of MP3 public recordings.  This motion is based on the attorney opinion received and discussed at the September board meeting.

I move that KCBS add the Board Responsibility and Code of Conduct document to the documents executed by all board directors beginning with the incoming class of directors in 2014.



Other business

Carolyn and Candy


On September 28, 2013, KCBS assisted in an unusual (inaugural) event in New York City. As the kickoff to the ICC show, ten chefs were invited to demonstrate their skills at the 1st Annual Smoke Contest. Chefs cooked on either Southern Pride or Lang cookers (determined by coin toss), in three specific categories of Regional American (quail), New World (lamb) and Asian (pork). This event was judged by celebrities, including Steven Raichlen, Brad Orrison (The Shed), Famous Dave Anderson, Andy Husbands (Wicked Good BBQ & I Que) and Kenny Callahan (Blue Smoke). Chefs turn in on 6 inch plates, one for each judge. Also counting towards points was a Peoples' Choice with brisket counting toward GC for 10%. Brisket could be precooked and presented to ticket holders for judging.

Carolyn, Mike McCloud and Candy Weaver maintained order and conducted the contest according to KCBS (relaxed) rules. Numbers were changed. After the first category, we slowed down presentation bringing the judges one tray of samples at a time and the prior entries were bussed off the table.

The creativity was incredible. The public regarded the Contestants and Judges as Rock Stars. A great opportunity to advance the mission of KCBS, and to embrace creativity among contestants was apparent. Great contacts were made on behalf of KCBS. Candy, Carolyn, and Mike were exhausted! It makes our regimented system appreciated, AND openness to creativity also a great opportunity.


Is the number of entries to be allocated per table need to be addressed?  With no comparison between entries, my opinion is that 4, 6 or 8 entries on a table shouldn't make a difference in scoring since each entry should be judged on its own merits. As most know, the at least 4 entries opinion was placed so that as many judges as possible could be seated.


Close Session


Mark Simmons

Strategic Planning

Kim Collier

Reps actions

Jeff Stith

Banquet expense

Don Harwell



Our Best of the Best 700 180 100+