FACT: There's been an 18% increase in contest participation by members in the past year    
FACT: 64% of KCBS members own three or more grills/smokers    
FACT: 70% of our members grill-out/cook BBQ more than 25 times per year    
FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
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February 2014 Minutes of the Board Meeting

March 13, 2014

Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

February 14-15, 2014



Call the meeting to order

                6:00 pm Carolyn Wells

Election of officers

                President – Candidates Mike Peters (4) and Mark Simmons (8)

                Vice President – Candidates Don Harwell (4) and Wayne Lohman (8)

                Treasurer – Candidate Kim Collier

                Secretary – Candidate Candy Weaver

Dave Compton moved to close nominations, Dennis Polson 2nd – Treasurer and Secretary voted by acclamation.

President leads the board in the board pledge:

                Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.

                I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice and excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.

Recognition of new board members:   Bill Capstack, Dennis Polson, Richard Preston

Minutes of January Meeting

Kim Collier:

Approval to accept minutes of last meeting -- Randy Bigler 2nd.  Passed.

January Financial Statements

Move to accept the financial statements as presented.  Moved by Richard Preston, Dennis Polson 2nd.  Passed.

Sanctioning Report


Karrin Murphy:  Automatic Approval:


Status                       Date R'cvd                               Date of Contest                       Contest Name                          City                          ST

New Contest 2014   1/31/2014                               7/4-5/2014              America's BBQ & Brews Festival 2014      Pasadena                  CA

                                                                                                (at the Rose Bowl)

New Contest 2014   1/15/2014                               7/17-18/2014          Ellinwood After Harvest Festival                               Ellinwood                 KS

New Contest 2014   1/13/2014                               8/1-2/2014              Pigs & Pedals                                           Asheboro                 NC

New Contest 2014   1/21/2014                               8/1-2/2014              Southern Maryland Brew & BBQ                              Leonardtown           MD

New Contest 2014   1/22/2014                               9/13-14/2014          Lowlands BBQ Championship                   Diksmuide                                Belgium

New Contest 2014   1/27/2014                               10/17-18/2014        Harper County Bullseye BBQ                    Harper                     KS


Existing Contest       1/16/2014                               4/11-12/2014          Smoke on the Falls Noccalula BBQ Fest    Gadsden                   AL

Existing Contest       1/13/2014                               6/6-7/2014              Que for the Troops                                   Levittown                 PA

Existing Contest       1/13/2014                               6/6-7/2014              Euharlee Covered Bridge 'Que                 Euharlee                  GA

Existing Contest       2/3/2014                 7/18-19/2014          Smoke on the Mountain -                        Galax                        VA

                                                                                                VA State BBQ Championship

Existing Contest       1/13/2014                               7/25-26/2014          Harpoon Championships of                      Windsor                   VT

                                                                                                New England BBQ

Existing Contest       1/22/2013                               7/25-26/2014          Racing for the BBQ                                   Lee's Summit           MO

Existing Contest       1/27/2014                               8/8-9/2014              Med City BBQ & Musicfest                       Rochester                 MN

Existing Contest       2/5/2014                 8/8-9/2014              Brentwood Cook Off & Car Show                              Brentwood               CA

Existing Contest       1/21/2014                               8/12-13/2014          Montana State BBQ                                  Billings                     MT

                                                                                                Championship at Montana Fair

Existing Contest       1/13/2014                               8/15-16/2014          Stand By Your Grill                                   Fulton                      MS

Existing Contest       1/21/2014                               8/15-16/2014          Atlanta BarB-Que Festival                         Atlanta                     GA

Existing Contest       1/24/2014                               8/22-23/2014          Bootleggin' BBQ                                       Garden City              CO

Existing Contest       2/6/2014                 8/22-23/2014          Holy Smoke BBQ Contest                         Liberty                     MO

Existing Contest       1/28/2014                               8/30-31/2014          Septemberfest BBQ & Ribeye                  Omaha                     NE

                                                                                                Steak Cookoff Challenge

Existing Contest       2/3/2014                 8/30-31/2014          Thunder in the Park BBQ                          Connersville             IN

Existing Contest       1/13/2014                               9/12-13/2014          Hogs and Hops                                         Harrington                               DE

Existing Contest       1/27/2014                               10/2-5/2014            35th Annual American Royal World         Kansas City               MO

                                                                                                Series of Barbecue Open

Existing Contest       1/27/2014                               10/2-5/2014            35th Annual American Royal World         Kansas City               MO

                                                                                                Series of Barbecue Invitational

Existing Contest       1/24/2014                               10/10-11/2014        Smoke on the Water at Lake Shawnee     Topeka                     KS

Existing Contest       1/14/2014                               10/18-19/2014        Smoke-N-Thunder BBQ Classic                  Rome                       GA


Licensed Contest     1/21/2014                               4/5/2014                 Outdoor Elegance                                    Fontana                    CA

Licensed Contest     1/29/2014                               5/30-31/2014          Kelley Wilson BBQ                                   Kansas City               MO


BOD approval:


Status                       Date R'cvd                                Date of Contest        Contest Name                                          City                          ST


New Contest 2014   1/27/2014                               8/8-9/2014              Smokin' with Woods                                 Odessa                     MO          

Conflicting Contests                 Kansas City, KS         40 miles away - both are new contests


New Contest 2014   1/17/2014                               8/8-9/2014              G2X Energy 3rd Annual BBQ Cook-Off       Pampa                      TX           

Conflicting Contests     Woodward, OK     120 miles - 30 teams in 2013


Existing Contest       12/12/2013             6/6-7/2014              Keepers of the Fire BBQ Contest                              Mayetta                   KS                Conflicting Contests   McLouth, KS - 44 miles  Lee's Summit, MO -107 miles(have co-existed)  Marysville, KS - 84 miles        


Date Change 2014   2/3/2014                 9/19-20/2014          Tri-City BBQ Fest                                      Denison                   IA             Conflicting Contests   Des Moines, IA - 129 miles away. Haven't turned in paperwork for 2014. Had 35 teams in 2013, 26 in 2012.

205 teams listed in database.  CANCELLED




Licensed Contest     2/4/2014                 3/15/2014                               Smoqued BBQ                                          Orange                     CA           

Tri-City BBQ Fest doesn’t meet date requirement.   Don Harwell, so moves to deny the license, Randy Bigler 2nd.   10 Aye, Farrin Nay.   Motion passed.


Steve Farrin moves to accept first 3 contests. Randy Bigler 2nd.  Passed.


Randy Bigler :  I would like to discuss the procedures of a licensed contest.  Procedure discussion held during Tri-City BBQ Fest scenario above.   Referred for action to Sanctioning Committee to develop better procedures.


Marketing Report

MMA, Mike McCloud:



●             Total January Sales: $1,610

●             8 – 15% off coupons redeemed from Birthday emails

●             1 – Cookbooks: $280



•             Advertising sold for January: $1,240

●             863 members have opted in to receive Birthday emails



•             Social Media, using KCBS, and GABT Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion

•             GABT: 4,110 Twitter Followers / 6,778 FB Likes

•             KCBS:  5,191 Twitter Followers / 20,666 FB Likes

•             Updated News section of KCBS website as necessary

•             Bullsheet Content – Sam’s/KCBS Team of the Year

•             Hosted Sam's registration live chat



•             2014 GAC Schedule update – 20 festivals and 50 retail stops

•             Sam’s Club Registration as of Feb. 10 - 698 / 750 local competition spots filled

1156 / 1200 local and regional judges spots filled

•             Sam’s Club Marketing Support – discuss

•             Celebrity Pitmaster Backyard Bash – update

•             Database Marketing Ideas – update

•             2014 Meals Initiative – discuss

•             2014 Banquet COE’s – discuss



•             Reser’s – update  coming back 5 events

•             BBQ Guru – update tied into tour bonus money for teams and event dir.

•             Smithfield – update  no more rib super series  Looking at rib TOY

•             Rancher’s – update gone, not coming back

Detailed discussion of GAC tour budget in closed session.


Wayne Lohman:

International Outreach Team

 The KCBS IOTeam has been working with our attorney, Virginia C. Gross in developing a KCBS Chapter Affiliation and License Agreement for countries or regions of the world where multiple KCBS contests exist.  Each of these "Regions" would be issued a KCBS Chapter Charter that allows that chapter to further the KCBS Mission of which is to "celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbecue as a distinctly American culinary technique, sport and art form".


Details of the Chapter Affiliation and License Agreement are still being prepared by Virginia but will be provided before the Board Retreat.  I thereby make the motion that the Board accept in principal the Agreement for Chapter Affiliation and License Agreement.   Motion, Wayne Lohman, 2nd Candy Weaver.  Passed.


I also proposed a motion to approve up to $25,000 for the advertising of the Sam's Club Regional Contests as discussed in the January meeting in Nashville.  2nd Steve Farrin.  Passed.


CBJ Report


Don Harwell:


I move that the age to be a Table Captain be 16 years of age or greater.  2nd Kim Collier.  Passed.


 I move to place a "100+" under "Our Best of the Best" on the KCBS splash page next to the "700" & "180" and member's only page to recognize those judges who have achieved 100+ contests.  The size of the posting should be the same as already used.    2nd Richard Preston.  March 15th date for web action.  Passed.


I also move that some advertisement be place in the Bullsheet and the web for Master CBJ, table captain and 100+ requirements.  2nd Wayne Lohman.   Passed.


Banquet Report


Mike Peters:


The 2014 banquet held in Nashville was successfully held this past January 17 & 18.  While there were little bumps along the way, our KCBS staff overcame the issues and deserves a big Thank You for all their efforts.  It is hard enough to coordinate an event of this size in their hometown, let alone 600 miles away.


Issues that I am aware of:


Banquet tables being placed behind pillars - The good news was we sold out of banquet tickets at 360, the bad news was that to place 360 people, some of the tables would be behind pillars and off to the side with no visibility to the stage. I believe that the consensus was that the people who ended up behind the pillars would have their tickets reimbursed.  These attendees were reimbursed their banquet cost.


Table assignments - This event is to recognize teams and members but it is also a time to recognize the board members for their past year of work. Board seating should not be off to the side or in the rear of the room.


Gathering area - the main atrium was the gathering area but it also was shared space with the inside rooms. I would think that this was unique to this facility and hopefully going forward, there can be an adequate area for members to visit later into the evening without being run off or shushed.


Meetings - There needs to be something for the cooks to do during the event. Other than the rules meeting, there really was nothing. A couple of years ago, there was a butcher meeting, knife meeting, etc as shorter breakout sessions. We need to incorporate more things beneficial to teams and judges.


Table Captains Class - I think this was great and had a much bigger attendance than was anticipated. I took the class and did not get one of the handout books but the office was great and I received my book and pins shortly after returning home.


Perfect Perfect recognition - we dropped the ball again on this and Karrin tells me that KCBScore makes it easier to track Perfect Perfect scores. She is also going to change the website so Perfect Perfect scores are somehow notated on the KCBS 180 kcbs.us site.


Meal - My meal was fine but I did hear complaints about others. On a good note, we did not run out of food!  Maybe it should be researched about just having an awards ceremony and let people eat out on their own. I believe the benefits of the meal to the hotel will make that cost prohibitive.


Awards portion went too long/slow - I will agree up to a point. There were a lot of no-shows, for whatever reason, and when there were a couple of teams not in attendance, in a row, it did drag things down. I will accept responsibility for this. I believe that these teams earned their name to be called and that it is important to know a bit more about them. I send out a questionnaire prior to the banquet with 5 brief questions. Should a team get a call in each category plus overall, I have one thing to say about them for each of their walks to the stage.


What I would like to see is CBJ recognition also. CBJ's that reach MCBJ status during the year, those that hit the 100 contest achievement should be recognized in front of the membership.


Big thank you to Richard Preston and Jeff Stith who were also on this committee.


I would like to make the following motions:


1. That KCBS holds the 2015 banquet in Denver Colorado at the Marriott Westminster Hotel.


                Based upon the RFP's and consulting with a professional meeting planner, this hotel offers the best deal for membership.


Tabled until February 15th so that board members could do some Internet research on the area.


2. That KCBS starts the RFP process for our 2016 banquet to be held in Kansas City as a celebration of KCBS's 30 year anniversary.  2nd Bill Capstack.  Passed.


3. KCBS hires a professional meeting planner for the next two banquets at a minimum.  2nd Steve Farrin.


                With Denver being out of our local area, a professional planner should be able to successfully plan for and navigate the issues that come up, this is what they are trained to do. The reason that I ask for two banquets is because the 30th Anniversary banquet should be above and beyond what we have ever done. This should be a celebration, not only of KCBS, but of Barbeque as well!


Tabled for consideration after budget developed.


Membership Report


Mike Peters:


Number of Total Members= 18,100

Number of New Members= 390

Number of Renewed Members=1220

Number of Non-renewals= 552

Number of members who signed up via the website= 257 (38 were families)

Number of New Members from Judging classes= 40


I would like to make the motion that we form a Pitmaster Recognition Program.   2nd Don Harwell.


Tabled.  So moved Dennis Polson, 2nd Bill Capstack. Passed.


Any team that cooks 5 or more KCBS contests, is a Member of KCBS and also a CBJ would be considered a recognized KCBS Pitmaster. We would have non-dated Pitmaster Pins made up with hanging pins for additional years. We would also be able to produce special clothing – t-shirts or polos with the designation. There should also be a section in the Bullsheet that highlights KCBS Pitmasters on a monthly basis. 


Last year according to records, we had 656 teams cook 5 or more contests. 197 cook 4 contests, 279 cook 3 contests, 506 cook 2 contests. If a portion of these teams cooked additional contests to get to the 5 contest level, it would increase cook teams and judges seats. I keep hearing that we don't make money on sanctioning but have yet for that to be shown. We charge $12 per team so the increased income would help offset costs.


At some point, it would be great to add a level for Pitmasters that host CBJ's completing their MCBJ process.


Rep Committee


Kim Collier:


The January 2014 Rep meeting was well attended in Nashville. It was great to be able to put faces with names. I showed a power point that can be found on the Rep yahoo site. Some concerns were brought to my attention during the meetings, some reps felt that some procedures/advisories need better clarification. We will be working on these in 2014. The feedback I received from the reps that attended meeting was beneficial.  


For 2013 we have the following as new Reps


Jim Stancil, Oxford AL

Robert and Angela McKee, Germantown MD

Dave Amend, Marietta, GA.

Mayco and Marianne VanGalen , Zuid-Holland, Netherlands


 Reps in Training


Sonny Ashford, Omaha NE

Steve and Merralyce Alverez , Yorbr Linda CA

 Charlie Brinza-East St. Louis, Mo

Cindy and Tom Juhl- NorWalk IA



Steve Bedwell-Norwalk Ct

Robert Pace-Norwich England


I want to thank my committee for all their input and help


 Co.  Chair Randy Bigler, Huntsville Al

Bunny & Rich Tuttle, Pleasant Hill Mo

Teresa Lake, Ocala FL

Kelly McIntosh, San Diego Ca


Report accepted


Rules Committee


Dave Compton:


Here's a quick recap of the thoughts / suggestions that were made at the Open Rules Meeting in Nashville last month.  I am not endorsing or disparaging any of these, I'll let the next Rules Committee deal with them in the coming year.


1)  `A clarification of the word "trimmed" in Rule #10 (the Pork Rule). Can the butt be trimmed down to just the "money muscle" or does the meat, after trimming, still have to meet the legal definition of "Pork"?

2)  A clarification of the word "cooked" in Rule 10.  Does this mean cooked to the government standard temp of 145* with a three minute rest or can the meat be cooked to a lower temperature before parting and returning to the cooker?

3)  On the subject of a foreign object (foil, toothpick, etc.) in the box do all judges give a "DQ" or just the judge that has the foreign object on/in their meat give the "DQ"?

4)  Sculpting - the question of what is "sculpting" and what is "creativity"?

5)  Requiring the Contest Rep to photograph a "DQ" and to make that photo available to the cook team that was "DQ'd".

6)  Look at having the Tech Committee and the Reps Committee produce a digital photo album of boxes that were disqualified and post them online along with the reason for the "DQ".

7)  It looked like 20 to 25 % of those present at the meeting were in favor of eliminating all garnish.

8)  Rule # 7 - if the meat is supplied at a contest does that contest count for Team of the Year points?  If so, is that ruling valid just for the one contest or for all Competitor Series contests?


I ask that the Board accept this report.


Don—clarification that rule changes are only implemented at the start of the new competition year.


Friday 10:20 - RECESS to Saturday.


Saturday, February 15, 2014.


Working breakfast, 8:30


Remove Pitmaster proposal from table. 2nd Randy Bigler.  Parameters of dates, etc.  Retabled.


CBJ 100+ on web by April 1, 2014 and in Bullsheet April issue (March 15th submission deadline).


Philanthropy Committee


Dave Compton:


There's not much to report this month, as the applications for the Grants and Grants in Aid are just starting to come in.  We finally got another e-blast sent out a few days ago and I'll be working on one more that I'd like to go out around March 1st. 


This past year we revamped the eligibility requirements for the Grants in Aid and for the first time we are allowing people to submit their applications via e-mail.  I really think that electronic applications are the wave of the future, especially for the younger generation.


We have a few suggestions for the next Philanthropy Committee to look at during the coming year:


1)  Evaluating and/or revising the criteria for Charitable Grants.


2)  Evaluating and/or revising the criteria for the Gary & Carolyn Wells awards.


3)  Looking at allowing cook-team members (who are also KCBS members) to  apply for Grants in Aid


even if they don't have a qualifying parent.


4)  Looking at whether a member's grandchild could apply for a Grant in Aid.


5)  Studying the feasibility of going to a totally electronic application process for all Grants, Grants in Aid and other awards.


It's been a pleasure working on the Philanthropy Committee for the last two years.  I feel that we have made a lot of progress and that things are on the right track to not only help people with our Grants and Grants in Aid, but also to handle our members' funds in a responsible manner.


I ask that the Board accept this report.  Accepted.


Mike Peters:  Revisit Denver banquet issues relating to hotels.  Westminster Marriott is still best in Mike’s opinion.


How many rooms in Nashville was KCBS committeed to fill?  Are there other hotels around the Marriott?  Nearby eateries?  Are there things to do of interest to membership?


Mike Peters:  Motion to accept Westminister hotel as presented.  2nd Bill Capstack.  Motion passed.


Old business for March meeting:   Professional planner for banquet.


New Business


Saturday 9:10   Resolution by the Board to add signing authority  to the President and Treasurer elected February 14, 2014, to the checking accounts of the Kansas City Barbeque Society.

 2nd Wayne Lohman.  Passed.


Reading of Closed agenda:


MMA – Discussion of Great American Cookout tour budget and related issues


February 15 – Open Session


Candy Weaver moved to accept committee assignments.  2nd by Mike Peters.  Passed.


Committee Assignments:

Finance                                                  Kim Collier                             Vice Chair             Richard Preston

Marketing                                              Wayne Lohman

CBJ                                                          Don Harwell

Contest Rep                                          Kim Collier                                                             Randy Bigler

Philanthropy                                         Dave Compton                                                      Mike Peters

Strategic Planning                                Bill Capstack                                                          Mike Peters

Membership                                         Richard Preston                                                   Dennis Polson

Rules                                                      Steve Farrin                                                          Candy Weaver

Nominating                                            Dennis Polson

Technology                                           Kim Collier

Education/Communications               Candy Weaver                                                      Richard Preston

Sanctioning                                           Randy Bigler

Banquet                                                 Mike Peters                                                          Bill Capstack

International                                         Wayne Lohman


Candy Weaver:

Last year, KCBS paid for advertising at BBQscores.com.  I move that we continue that advertising investment.     2nd by Dennis Polson.  Passed


Exposure in 2013 for our advertisement was:


BBQscores.com 2013 Stats


17,991 Total Visitor (49 a day)

9,985 Unique Visitors (27 a day)

75,206 page views (4.14 per visit)

3:13 on the site


Wayne Lohman, motion to adjourn.  Richard Preston 2nd.  Passed.


Our Best of the Best 700 180 100+