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Bumps Along the BBQ Road

July 14, 2008
It's amazing how many people we meet at events, gas stations, even toll booths who tell us what a cool job we have and how they would love to live this lifestyle. Well.....LOL.....out of pure fear that TOO MANY folks will be applying for our jobs soon, we thought we'd share a few of the NOT so cool aspects of pulling a 28-foot trailer across the country!

First of all, did we mention that are pulling a 28 foot trailer across the country? That means a LOT of driving on interstates. Since this is summer, you know what that also means... ROAD CONSTRUCTION! Well let me tell you....there are plenty of roads that need to have construction on them as they are horrible. Southern Indiana had to be the worse one. When we stayed in Dayton, Ohio and traveled through Indianapolis to head North to Chicago, Chris made the comment that she was glad that we would not have to travel that road again - I unfortunately had to remind her that we would be in Columbus, Ohio and would have to take that route to get home at the end of July. We can only hope that the construction will be completed by that time. (I won't be holding my breath, though.)

The second "pit" in my cherry bowl is also road related. For goodness sake, people, get a bluetooth headset or hang up the phone and concentrate on your driving! Yes, those of you who know me know that I spent 14 years or so in wireless sales so I guess "karma" is coming back to bite me for all the phones that I sold all those years! I am literally amazed that we don't see more wrecks on the road these days due to cell phones and people who aren't paying attention.

Philadelphia has had a law in place for almost a year concerning cell phone usage while driving and has given out over 45,000 tickets! I can only imagine what would have happened when my GPS unit took us through downtown Philadelphia during rush hour traffic and all those people would have been on their cell phones. It would not have been pretty. I guess I can't complain very much about the GPS, it has only messed up a couple of times. But that downtown trip really sucked!

It seems that driving has the most issues, toll roads especially. Since we pay cash at tolls and the cash booths are normally on the right side, we have to plan ahead to be in the far right lane going to the toll and then go across the lanes again to get back on the highway. Most people are understanding. Now one fellow in New Jersey in a red jeep cherokee wasn't as nice. We got stuck behind a little black car who missed their exit and stopped traffic. The jeep guy must have missed the little black car, because he decided to wave at me with the wrong finger (he must have been a PETA member or hated BBQ!). All was good, though, because no more than two minutes later, we got another honk and a thumbs up as we were trucking to Atlantic City.

Sleeping in different beds all the time hasn't been all fun and games either, but I will say that all the Choice Hotels other than one or two have all had nice beds. Some have been frugal on their pillows, though... I remember the days of four pillows on a bed - some of these have five little ones or three medium ones. Come on folks... I don't have room to pack extra pillows! Then I'd have to leave my Wii at home. (By the way, still obese... darn Wii FIT..good thing it doesn't have a guarantee!)

The last thing off the top of my head is that the show must go on... The morning of the Fourth of July, as I lifted my cooler of chicken into the trailer, my back went out and I went down in a hurry. Chris was still in Phoenix and I needed to get set up. Lucky for me that Joey Mac (Naperville BBQ legend) was on the way to help me set up. He carried the load for me that day and thanks to Advil and knowing that Dr. Dave in Springfield will fix me up, I am doing much better... until those bad roads and the circle of life goes on.

Trust me... even with all the "small stuff", there is no place that we would rather be.  Working in a bank...or talking BBQ.  Having a tornado tear your place of work down (this happened a couple of weeks after Chris left)...or talking BBQ. I think we will take talking BBQ! 

Thanks for coming along for the ride. I promise that the next installment will be all good. I took some of Atlantic City's money so it's gonna be a good week!

For those of you reading this at the kcbs.us website and would like to volunteer to help us at upcoming events or just to say HI, our email is ozarksbbq@yahoo.com.

Mike & Chris
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