FACT: There's been an 18% increase in contest participation by members in the past year    
FACT: 64% of KCBS members own three or more grills/smokers    
FACT: 70% of our members grill-out/cook BBQ more than 25 times per year    
FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
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February Board Meeting Quick Notes

February 18, 2016

Kansas City Barbecue Society

Board of Directors Meeting Quick Notes

February 12, 2016

Roll Call:

Randy Bigler, Sandy Fulton, Mike Peters, Dennis Polson, Dave Compton, Mark Simmons, Mike Richter, Wayne Lohman, Mike Hays, Joe Otto, Bill Capstack.

Absent:   Arlie Bragg

KCBS Office:  Carolyn Wells

MMA:  Mike McCloud

Board Pledge:

             Recognizing barbecue as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbecue Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbecue as a culinary technique, sport and art form.

             I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbecue and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.

Minutes of January Meeting:

Bill Capstack moved to accept the minutes of the January 15th meeting. 2nd Mike Hayes.  PASSED.

Financial Statements:

Wayne Lohman moved to accept the January Financial report.  2nd by Bill Capstack.  PASSED.

President’s Report:

Banquet was a great success.  The Committee did an exceptional job.  Friday night party was highlight of weekend.

Election of Officers:

Election was held by secret ballot.  Results are as follows:

                             President:              Randy Bigler

                             Vice President:     Bill Capstack

                             Treasurer:              Mark Simmons

                             Secretary:              Sandy Fulton


Sanctioning Report:

Kim Collier:  Automatic Approval

Date R'cvd

Date of Contest

 New Contest Name





George County Firefighters Association BBQ Challenge (BACKYARD)





Shelby Forest Spring Fest Smokin' In the Forest





Downtown BBQ Throwdown

Boca Raton




2nd Annual Pork in the Park





The National BBQ cup(Invitational )





Smoke on the Water ( Backyard Contest)





Mankato Cookout Day 2 and Backyard





Smoke in the House

White House




Hog Capital Challenge





Rugby Sound BBQ Competition





Granite State BBQ Championship





Knights of Columbus BBQ Smoke Off"4Life"

Kansas City




Shriners Smoke on the Ohio





HAVA Nagrilla 2017 (Kosher Competitor's Series)





Our Lady of Victory





CEF Good New BBQ Festival

West Columbia




Conquer The Grill





Southern Hot Wing Festival (Competitor's Series)





Rotary Rock-N-Ribs ( BACKYARD CONTEST)





I Grill Because I Care ( BACKYARD )

New Hope




Bynum School's Best of the Basin





Barbecue Bulls Championship 2016

Salzburg Austria




Hamond BBQ





Elk Grove Western Festival and BBQ Championship

Elk Grove




3rd Annual Pickin' N Pullin





Smokin Q at Lynnwood Ranch





Saltwater Brew 'N' Que





35th Annual Kennett Jaycee's Show Me State BBQ Cook off





The National BBQ cup (OPEN)





Boots and BBQ Festival





Mankato Cookout Day 1





Italian Barbecue Championship 2016





Smoke on the Waterfall





Treasure Island BBQ/ Steak Food Fest





Smoke on the Square: In memory of David Harness





Freedom Fest BBQ Cook-Off





  Keepers of the Fire BBQ Contest





Smokin' on the Summit BBQ

Lee's Summit




Hot Pursuit BBQ





RiverFest Red White and Que





Smoke on the Border





Blues.Brews & Barbecue

Burch Run




New London's Best BBQ Chef Competiton

New London





Overland Park




24th Annual State BBQ Championship of Nebraska





KTD Smokin' Gobbler Cook-Off





Butler Chambers Barbeque & Huckster's Day





Cherokee Strip BBQ Cook-Off

Ponca City




2nd Annual Hot Q's & Cold Brews BBQ Championship





Homecoming 2016





Septemberfest BBQ & Rib-eye Steak Cookoff Challenge





Squealin' on the Square





Balloons, Blues & BBQ





Low Country Hog Fest





Shenandoah Valley BBQ Fest





Second Annual Dallas Kosher BBQ Championship(COMPETITOR'S SERIES)





River Grill Before the Big Chill





Smoke on the Water Barbecue Championship

Atlantic City




Que'n in Cumming





New Contests – Board Approval


Board Approval – Existing Contests

2016 Smokin in the Woods, Greenwood MO.  50 miles away is Platte City who averages 47 teams over the past six years. Kim reported that she has talked with both organizers and they have no problem with same date event.

Dave Compton moved 2nd by Wayne Lohman.  Passed

Franklin BBQ Festival in Franklin TN same dates as contest in Pikeville TN. Kim spoke to both organizers who are fine with sharing same date.  They are 140 miles away from each other.   Pikeville draws from NC and Ga teams according to the organizer.

Dennis Polson moved and seconded by Mike Hays to accept the contests.  Passed

Bbq Blues on the Levee in Helena AR and Sheridan AR.  124 Miles away is Sheridan, only 3 teams cooked both contest. Both contest last year had 25 teams. The organizer with Sheridan is ok with Helena BBQ. Sheridan is always the first full weekend of October. Helena is on the MS border line so they draw most of their teams from MS.

Dennis Polson moved and seconded by Joe Otto to accept the contests.  Passed

Sanctioning Report:

No Report.


KCBS/MMA Marketing Report

February 2016 (Stats through 1/1­1/31)


  • Total January Sales: $712 (we quit sending merch sometime around the 15th or 16th)
  • 8 ­ Birthday redemption
  • 0 ­ Cookbooks
  • Total Page Views for January: 572,051
  • Total Unique Users for January: 38,786
  • Time per Visit: 6:17
  • Advertising sold for January: $200
  • Web Hosting Usage ­ returned to normal gig usage
  • Updates to International Page ­ in progress
    • Member Application ­ Country/Region field addition of          
    • TOY Points Chase updates
    • Increasing Visibility and Navigation to page            
    • Addition of Flag Graphics
    • CMS Login Creation ­ in progress of Media Room/Video Uploads CBJs
  • Judges’ Scorecard Project ­ in progress
  • Template for Work Orders for Office ­ sent for approval
  • Seal of Approval Page Creation ­ in progress
  • Page Updates
    • Tyson
    • Entertainment
    • Election Docs Uploaded
    • 2016 Banquet PPTs. Uploaded
  • Creating Space on Homepage for Advanced Online Link
  • Current Total – 128,313
  • Current Number of Events that have signed up: 54
  • Continual PR/Social Media Updates
  • Team and Judge spots are full with the exception of a few Team Waitlist positions (first ever for the tour to be completely full)
  • Sam's Tour Invitational Grilling Challenge is on Feb. 20
  • First tour stop in Daphne, AL on Feb. 27
  • 2016 Schedule


250KCBS Meals Mission

Sam's Tour:

Great American Cookout Tour

●     Dates: 4/22/16 ­ 11/13/16


  • Social Media, using KCBS, and GAC Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS­related events/promotion
    • GAC: Twitter Followers 5,837/FB Likes 24,283      
    • GAC: January FB & TW impressions — 666
    • KCBS: Twitter Followers 10,446/ FB Likes 39,150 
    • KCBS: January FB & TW impressions 61,215
  • Update on GAC tour partners
  • Update on a new ancillary partner
  • Mike attending strategic retreat
  • Assisting Carolyn with HPBA presentation



No Committee Report for January.

Will have a meeting on March 2.  Will be sending out Google form to the Board with all projections and updates of all of the documents.  Chairperson can look at the report and it will tell if committee needs and work completed.  .  Stephanie sent it yesterday.  Please review.


2016 February International Committee Report

As reported in the January Report, The International Board of Managers announced the ETOY for Europe and the CTOY for Canada.  These two International Cups mirror the domestic cup with few exceptions.  Team point totals are based on the best of 5 contests cooked and the chief cook must be domiciled in that region. 

The IOTeams first trip of the year took us back to the Italian Alps for our second Winter Extreme South Tyrol contest.  Thirty teams braved the extreme weather and conditions to crown Southern Dutch BBQ as Grand Champion.  We added 51 new CBJs and 21 CTCs to our European rooster.  The contest organizer’s website had over 110,000 hits during the contest.

The IOTeam returned to the States and left 4 days later for a 17 hour flight to Sydney, Australia.  This was our first contest there and was extremely well  organized in a heavily regulated environment that brought 17 teams together.  The sanctioned KCBS contest went off flawlessly for a new contest that had no DQ’s or late entries.  The contest organizer and KCBS did receive several complaints about vendors running out of food, soggy grounds, lack of shade and out of hand sanitizer at the toilet facilities.  In our opinion, most of the complaints were out of our organizer’s control and the event planner is addressing many of the problems with our organizer. 

The following weekend took us to our second year event in Melbourne, Australia.  Last year this contest drew a crowd of 30,000 so it was decided to move the venue to Fleminton Race Track, similar to our Kentucky Derby location. What an absolutely fabulous location. One of the best we have seen for both domestic and international. This year we had 34 teams trying to win the trophy and trip to the Jack Daniels. Again a flawless contest with no DQs.

While there we had a meeting with the President of the Japanese BBQ Association, Tamio Shimojo, which has 4500 members. We are planning a November contest.  More to discuss at the February meeting.


No Report for February


Randy Bigler:  The Rep Committee would like to make a motion to add a new rep during closed session.


No February Report


The Banquet Committee met on February 2, 2016 to review and critique the 30th Annual Banquet that was held on January 15 & 116, 2016 at the Intercontinental Hotel at The Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri.  Listed below in no such order are items that were discussed.

  • Keynote Speaker, Dave Anderson was a huge success.  We only wish more people were in attendance.   Attendance was only 68 people.  Banquet Committee suggests that the keynote speaker should possibly not be at the beginning of the conference; look at a different time later in the day.
  • Several problems occurred with the audio visual requirements.  Must have someone on duty at all times and be exact with them on what the requirements are for each session.  Worked with in house company, very expensive.  Possibly in the future look to outsourcing, based on pricing.
  • The raffle tickets grossed $12,000.  There were 180 contests in the raffle.  Sandy commented that Kim did an excellent job contacting all of the organizers and asking for a donation.
  • The KCBS BBQ Half Slab Tour was a success for the first year of doing it.  There were 19 people who signed up and paid $55.00 per person.  All reported that they absolutely loved the tour.
  • Sadly no one participated in the Life Safety Simulator.  The only reason we felt was because the weather was so cold.  A big thank you to Mark Simmons for arranging for it.
  • The 80’s Groove and Smooze Party was a huge success.  Everyone who attended thought it was a great addition to the Banquet.  They enjoyed having something to do together on Friday night.  Recommend that we look to doing something like it again on Friday night based on cost.  Cost incurred for it were DJ, decorations, photo booth and cake.  No charge for the room.
  • Toy Town Meeting was a great meeting.  It was described as a very spirited group!!
  • A good last minute turn out for the Table Class meeting – 28 in attendance.
  • Banquet went well.  A couple of things mentioned were salad dressing was to preset and wasn’t.  Several comments about Pork being overdone.  Cost was high for beef rib and pork.   Hopefully a better meal and cost can be negotiated in Atlanta next year.
  • Silent Auctions did not do well.  Felt that attendees did not understand where the proceeds were going and exactly what the pricing on the item meant.
  • Randy Bigler gave me the following counts for each session.

Welcoming and Dave Anderson                       68

Bullsheet Meeting                                                30

Legacy                                                                   42

Philanthropy                                                         23

Rules                                                                      81

Organizers                                                             18

KCBScore                                                             69

TOY                                                                       51

Restaurant Panel                                               30

Banquet                                                             330 (Raye reported)

  • Based on these counts when setting rooms up next year look at the above counts.  We felt

we had too many tables and chairs in the room making it look empty.   We were working on the unknown, so this will help next year’s committee

  • 2017 Banquet will be held in Atlanta at the Atlanta Northwest Marriott.  RFP’s have been completed.  Raye and Carolyn have seen the property.
  • Suggestion was that hopefully this year’s committee will help next year’s Banquet Chairperson
  • Only 16 glass and pin sets were sold at the Banquet.  We had ordered 150.  Raye informed us that Advance Online will be featuring them for sale with other KCBS merchandise.
  • Hotel Summary Report for the 2018 Annual Conference was sent to the Committee.  There are five hotels on the summary. A suggestion was made that since beginning in 2018 we will be meeting in Kansas City every year that we consider asking the hotels on the list for a multiyear deal.  Many hotels will do this to lock the group in.  It can benefit KCBS on costs also.
  • We do ask that if any of the Board Members can make any suggestions or comments that would help next year’s Chair please let me know so I can include it in our notes that we will hand over to them.
  • It was certainly a pleasure chairing this Committee this year.  I was so fortunate to have a wonderful group of people helping me. 
  • Barbara Richter was my co-chairperson, and her expertise in the hotel industry was such a great asset to us. Her hotel knowledge was so helpful dealing with the hotel on a one to one.
  • Chris Peters handled all of the donations, goody bags, and silent auctions items.  She worked very hard gathering all of this for us in her travels during the year.
  •  Mike Peters and Carolyn’s guidance and experience in planning the banquets year after year was so helpful.  They helped us stay on track. 
  • And last but not least a big thank you to Raye Keyes.  So much was put on Raye because she was on site.  We had to depend on her to carry out many of the tasks that the committee had decided on during the year.  She handled them all very punctually and thank goodness never complained.  She was on site when all the rooms were being set to make sure they were exactly as we had planned.  She was certainly a great asset to the committee and to the KCBS office staff. 





There was an open rules meeting held during the annual banquet meeting.  Below are the topics raised during the meeting.  The plan is for the new rules committee to review and address if possible,



KCBS BANQUET, Friday January 15, 2016

  • Kale was approved by the Board for use in 2016.  Will require a learning curve.  Topic will be discussed at the Table Captain meeting tomorrow.
  • CBJ Committee is asking for suggestions for comment cards.
  • Discussion of Table #’s printed on results
  • Angel/Death tables have always existed
  • Problem is leveling out judge seating
  • Re-educate cooks/judges
  • Current system gives so much more info
  • Using judge averages
  • It was mentioned by some reps that teams are taking pictures of boxes and posting them on Social Media before judging is complete.
  • NO pics should be posted until after turn in/awards.
  • Angel/Death tables are only discussed when it involves top teams
  • It also involves ALL teams.
  • A 4 point swing in judges’ averages on one table is a huge swing.
  • Would be offensive to not see the board.
  • Take the next steps with the data we already have and go to seated judging.  Instead of average.
  • Get an experimental program in place to seat judges
  • Make a major change to scoring by adding decimals.
  • Judging training is inconsistent.  They are taught to 1.  Start at 6.  2.  Start at 9.  3.  Don’t start anywhere.
  • There is ability to use the data we have.  Pre seat tables based on scoring.
  • How far in advance do organizers know what judges they will have.
  • Now, cannot sit husband/wife together.  How would seating based on scoring affect this?
  • Technology/Computer systems need to communicate with one another
  • Master Judges have been waiting several years to see how they are doing as judges.  They think if they know how they are doing, they may do a better job.
  • All for further education.  Judges WANT to be taught the new ways.  They want further education.
  • Reps do the best we can to place judges evenly.  They are now getting a system.  Don’t start blaming reps.
  • Reps represent KCBS.  This is who teams and judges go to with positives and negatives.
  • Suggestion – until scoring #’s can be used as a positive, the table numbers should be utilized.
  • Haven’t talked about role of TC
  • Will always have issues with fairness
  • Cooks aren’t giving bad food.  Judges aren’t trying to screw anyone.
  • TC’s need to be trained.  They are supposed to be checking all of this.  They should know if there is a low scoring judge.
  • TC training is key as part of a solution.  They need to have more responsibility.
  • Would never want to be a rep.  Thankless job.  Give Reps better tools.
  • Nothing that says can’t have parsley stem, so nothing says can’t have Kale stem.
  • Through education, teach it is a 2-9 scoring not a 7-9 scoring.  Judges don’t want to be bad guys.
  • Comment cards – if it’s good, what made it good.  If it’s bad, why?
  • Comments could be constructive
  • Everybody tastes differently.  Salt, sweet, heat.
  • 7-8-9 contests.  Go back 6-8 months – was an article published in Bullsheet that should never have been published.  Something “do low scores really need to be accurate.”  Board should never have allowed this to be printed.
  • Touch on Social Media – Sometimes remarks that are put on Social Media are sometimes taken as gospel. (Even when they are meant to be a joke, if you know who put them on there).  Seeing comments by reputable folks, and all of a sudden, they think these remarks are coming from KCBS.
  • Any score below a 9, start asking “What would it take to make that a 9?”
  • Get away from appearance and tenderness. 
  • Take tenderness and include with taste and make that category worth more.
  • Keep hearing about judging classes, training etc. but I have kidney issue and salt really bothers me (so the question is, why is this woman judging at all?)
  • Love the idea of redoing weights in scoring etc.
  • Have a good Q & A Session after contests.  Why did you score this way?
  • No food leaves judging area.
  • Void in feedback from judges.  Ask for feedback from judges.
  • Don’t need some reps to do things at contests that all reps aren’t doing.  Needs consistency.
  • Comment Cards:  are the suggestions listed actually putting ideas in judges’ heads and creating problems for the cooks?
  • TC’s – going back to their table and saying “we had a perfect 180 on our table!”  Then later they find out what team had that 180, so they know whose food they judged.
  • Make a motion to take away take-out containers from the judging tent.  Could end up being a liability issue.  Sometimes space is cramped, and coolers create a hazard.
  • Teams provide meat after the contest that is properly stored for judges to take home with them if they want.
  • Times between turn ins.  The more that we are asking judges/TCs etc. to do (comment cards etc.) then more time needs to be allowed between turn ins.
  • Need to work on how we communicate with one another.  Everyone needs to be on the same page. CBJ’s need to cook with teams early.  Cooks need to judge at least annually.
  • Rues meeting used to be about what cookers want, not it covers about everything.
  • Maybe do a separate CBJ/Reps Rules meeting
  • Hard time hearing about new “practices” that are not rules
  • Rules handed out in goody bags or stacked on tables for this meeting.
  • If we are going to train CBJ’s, write rules about what is expected.
  • Make sure teams who have judges cook with them are mentoring the judges.  Have them participate not wash dishes.  Cook as a team WITH the judges.
  • Make every cook have a clock with second hand
  • Need to come up with a rule that the turn in process is the same at every contest all over the country (bread boxes, stacking, double or triple lines etc.)
  • Turn in boxes need to be standardized
  • Eliminate 1-18, 19-30 lines
  • Not a lot of guidance for cooks about what is taught to judges.
  • Judges are not entitled to make up their own tests based on what they have seen on TV.
  • Having a judge stand by your cooker and judge your food
  • Need to have everyone teach the same thing.
  • Two Things that don’t happen in KCBS:  Classes need to be audited.  Reps need to be audited.  By people who are trained to do these audits.
  • KCBS is not in control of what is taught to cooks, Individual Classes, Thoughts/suggestions/ideas shared – none of this is formal
  • Standards are not clear.  KCBS should set clear, easily understandable rules to judge meat, then educate the hell out of each other on these rules.




The membership and marketing committees are in discussion with a company for a potential membership benefit.  More in the March meeting. 

Below are the numbers for January 2016:

Number of Total Members = 20,216

Number of New Members = 356

Number of Renewed Members = 1264

Number of Non-renewals = 637

Number of members who signed up via the website = 214 (33 were families)

Number of New Members from Judging classes = 69

Number of Lifetime Members = 881

Number of International Members = 1023

Number of Countries represented by KCBS Members = 33



Election results were announced at the Annual Banquet Meeting in Kansas City:

Mike Peters                        Re-elected

Wayne Lohman                Re-elected

Arlie Bragg

Joe Otto             

Election:  2016 Board of Directors Results by Question KCBS Board of Directors Total Voters: 20057

CHOICE                                           VOTES                 PERCENTAGE

Bill Arnold                                         912                                         10

Arlie Bragg                                         1105                                       12

Gene Goycochea                              747                                         8

Wayne Lohman                                1467                                       15

Ron Milhous                                     1054                                       11

Joe Otto                                              1155                                       12

Mike Peters                                        1986                                       21

Eddie Smith                                       1065                                       11          

Certification or Results and Audit Report on Activity and Integrity and Votes by State/Country reports on www.kcbs.us


The presentation that I did at the Banquet was well received by all.  I discussed the number of Scholarships that we've given out over the last three years and rough total dollar amounts per year.  I explained that we were pretty much moving away from the Charitable Grants and more towards the Scholarships and that we saw this as a direct benefit to our dues paying members.  I used the example of ten years' of dues versus one years' Scholarship award to illustrate the "direct benefit" to our members.

I brought up that we are in the process of setting up a donation / bequest program and one of our members suggested that we kick off a big fundraiser with ads / articles in the BullSheet and in an e-blast.  I'm going to try to get an article written for the March BullSheet that really talks up the Scholarship program and I'll try to get the interest & applications pumped up.  Another thought is that the Scholarship program might help to increase membership in the cooks segment of BBQ.

Our goals for the next year include revamping the whole electronic application process for the Gary and Carolyn Wells Awards, Charitable Grants and Scholarships.  The program that we've been using for the last two years has served us well but it’s time that we moved on to a more interactive format.  We also need to get a fundraiser drive going for the KCBS Foundation where people can either designate how their gift can be used or have it go "where needed".  These gifts would be completely tax deductible for the donor and would help fund our philanthropic programs, meaning that we would need less money from the General Fund. 

The Members of our Committee this past year have been: 

Nancy Goldsmith, Iowa

Candy Weaver, Arkansas

Raye Keyes, KCBS office 

Dave Edyburn, Wisconsin

Carolyn Wells, Executive Director

Mike Peters, President

Dave Compton, Chair

and I'd like to thank them for all of the work that they've done in the past year.

It seems that we're running way behind on our applications for Scholarships this year.  I'd like the Board's approval for an e-blast that can go out on or before March 1st, seeing as the cut off for applications is the end of March.  This would be in conjunction with an article that I'm writing to go in the BullSheet.

I ask that the Board accept this report.



Our committee members are Bill Capstack (Chairman), Paul Kirk, Mark Simmons, Dennis Polson, Bruce Bubacz, Joe Otto, Mike Peters (President) and  Carolyn Wells (Executive Director)

I am repeating the January 2016 report in an effort to inform the two new board members of the direction that this committee has taken in 2015 and our vision for 2016.

  • Permanent Home for KCBS:

We closed on the property on December 30, 2015 and are currently gathering property management proposals. 


  • KCBS History: 

      Carolyn has been exploring various avenues for documenting KCBS history using visuals, film,       

      audio, etc. to document and interview folks who have been around since the beginning. In addition, the 

      second and third generation members have valuable insights to share as to the growth of KCBS and the

      sport of barbecue.  She believes this story will share the Americana aspect of the food group and that it

      will be worthy of sharing the sense of community within.  This is an ongoing initiative.

2015 Strategic Planning Committee Accomplishments:

  • Located and procured a new location for the KCBS headquarters.
  • Updated all committee descriptions to enhance awareness and improve communications.
  • Reviewed all prior board decisions for their origin, justification and continued relevance.  Developed a database so that all board members may research this historical data on a timely basis.
  • Developed procedures for collegiate-level Competitors Series events.  The first event was held at the UMKC campus in Kansas City was a total success.
  • Tailgating competition guidelines have been published.
  • Ancillary category guidelines for steak, oysters, sausage, vegetables (vegetarian), hamburgers and desserts have been developed and published.

2016 Goals:

  • Monitor the completion of the renovation for the new building.
  • Relocate the current KCBS staff to the new facility.
  • Secure tenant(s) for the new location.
  • Review the By-Laws.
  • Update committee descriptions.
  • Finalize the procedures for establishing a collegiate division chapter.
  • Finalize the rules governing the collegiate division.
  • Explore the opportunity to sanction specialty contests/events for heirloom or super premium brands of proteins.
  • Expand KCBS presence at contests to promote membership and Advanced OnLine program



We ask the board to accept our report.

Old/New Business

Dennis Polson: These are my thoughts and/or recommendations for discussion at the February meeting.  Please put on agenda.

  1.  All information from Committees is the property of KCBS.  This means hard copies, thumb drives, emails, etc.  This information will be passed on to the next Committee Chairman.
  2. Retiring Board Members will have the above information ready to present to the office at the Annual Meeting.  The office will then pass this information to the new Chairperson at the February meeting.  This statement may need to be in the information we sign as a Board Member.
  3. A Board Member that is not reelected will be required to have this information to the office before the February meeting to be handed to the new Chairperson.  This statement may need to be in the information we sign as a Board Member.
  4. Each Committee Chairman needs to recommend 2 people from the present committee pool to continue on to the new committee pool.  Even though the new Chairman will have the above information, there will still be information in discussion from past year that would be important.  In the Tech Committee Scott and Steve Grinstead would be my choice because of their knowledge of past, present, and future needs that has been discussed.
  5. The Committee Chairman will choose, above the 2 from the past committee, the members of their committee.  I would hope the committee would be diverse in location of the KCBS membership.  A committee is a good place to groom new Board members.
  6. The Chairman of committees are appointed by the President, but maybe he should also appoint the Co-Chair or 2nd Chair.  More than one Board Member needs to be on each committee.  We never know what might come up to loss the Chair of a committee.
  7. Some committees need to have an office staff member on their committee to answer question.  Sammie deals with CBJ classes, and she would be the one that would need to deal with the problems in the office that a committee might be discussing.  Carolyn is always on all of committee calls in but may not always have the same input as the one dealing with an area day in and day out.


  1. Information that needs to be passed on to the new Chair would be what Teams, Judges, Table Captains, Organizers and Reps that have been visited with on certain problems.  Let’s say Kim had to call me on a Rep rule issue and the new Chair has to do the same thing.  Without knowing I could be having the same rule issue year after year.  A log needs to be kept as to date, complaint, response, and solution.


9.  Some Table Captains are fanning out the score cards after picking them up and then discussing with the Judges their likes and dislikes.  I would like this stopped.  When they are fanned out the Judges can see if there is a 180.  The TC can hold them in their hands and discuss the likes and dislikes.  Reps need to be on the same page on this one.  As of now I have not been told a TC cannot spread out the cards in front of the Judges.  Bill you might have some input on this.


  1. The Rep years of service pins went over very good.  I would like to see this continue.  We would have fewer pins to give away in 2016 because some Reps are at the low end of years worked.  Example I just got my 10 year pin and need to work 5 more years to get the 15 year pin.


  1.  Discussion on listing the contest payout with the contest. 


  1.                12.  Set a date in August for the Board to meet in Kansas City. 


Peters:  motion to exempt the 2016 Guinea Pig contests (assuming additional events will be called “Guinea Pig”) from rule #7, specifically the sentence that reads “When the contest organizer supplies the meat, the contestant is not required to enter only that meat”.

I would much rather allow an exemption for an established contest than having an organizer manipulate the system to get their contest approved. This appears to be a fair and even way to distribute meat that does not favor one competitor over another. Sterling states that there will be more events in 2016 which is why I would ask for a 2016 exemption. I know that there have been discussions in the past on how to include more events that closely follow our standard rules and this would give the rules committee most of 2016 to track the progress and suggest changes should they see fit.  The Board requested that Mike present them with more information about the meat distribution.  Motion tabled until tomorrow. Motion tabled until tomorrow. 




Mike Richter: I have received multiple comments from organizers and cooks requesting the return of the prize money amounts to the events section of the webpage.  Per Kim it is not a big deal for the office to return the information to the page or to add the information when comps are added.  Not all organizers and comps maintain webpages and some who do fail to list the prize amount.  In my opinion we want the traffic of our members and potential members to our website and believe we should provide as much information as possible.  I also believe we should add a disclaimer so it automatically displays on each page of the events page. The disclaimer would state KCBS does not guarantee the prize pool, the listed amount may include ancillary prize money, and the organizer is solely responsible for the payment of the prize money.

Therefore I submit the motion to return the information to the events page and for the disclaimer to be added.

Richter: Motion to return (prize purse amount) to the Events page and for the following disclaimer to be added: KCBS does not guarantee the prize pool, the listed amount may include ancillary prize money, and the organizer is solely responsible for the payment of the prize money. 2nd Hays; Passes.

Mike Hays moved and Wayne Lohman 2nd to suspend the meeting until February 13, 2016.

President, Randy Bigler called the meeting to order at 8:30 AM on February 13th.

After receiving the requested information from Mike Peters regarding the 2016 Guinea Pig Contest Dennis Polson moved and Mike Hayes seconded to exempt the 2016 Guinea Pig Contest and that they are eligible for TOY points.  Motion carried.

Mark Simmons led the Board in discussion of Strategic Planning for 2016.  Topics of conversation were the new KCBS Headquarters , membership, Backyard and Collegiate competitions, tailgating and ancillary categories.

President, Randy Bigler announced the committee chairs for 2016.  It was suggested that the committees have another Board Members, and representation from the cooks, judges, reps and organizers.  Each chair must appoint a co chairman.

Mike Peters                        Membership

Mike Hays                         Marketing

Mike Richter                     Rules

Dennis Polson                   Reps and CBJ

Joe Otto                              Technology

Sandy Fulton                    Sanctioning

Mark Simmons                 Finance Committee

Nominating                       Arlie Brag

Strategic Planning            Bill Capstack

Philanthropy                     Dave Compton

International                     Wayne Lohman


Mike Hays moved and Mike Peters seconded that we go into closed session.

Back to Open Session.

Bigler motioned to approve two Rep trainees as Contest Reps.  Polson 2nd.  Passes.

Randy requested that Board Members report to him by March 1st who their co chair is and the members of their committee along with the dates and times of their meetings.  He also would like committee chairs to advise him of their goals for the year

Dennis Polson moved that the Non Disclosures were completed by all Board Members with the exception of Arlie Bragg who is not present.  Wayne Lohman seconded.  Motion carried.

Bill Capstack moved and Dennis Polson seconded that the meeting adjourn.  Motion carried. 

Our Best of the Best 700 180 100+