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A Boy and His BBQ Get Kue’d

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April 4, 2016

By Bunny Tuttle


Rich and I decided to stop by Kue’d Smokehouse in Waukee Iowa while driving up to Des Moines. And we were so glad we did.  As soon as we arrived we were greeted with warm welcomes from both Shad and Angie Kirton. We felt right at home with their hospitable and friendly atmosphere. Ribbons and trophies lined the walls and tell-all pictures were interesting enough to know that their background in ‘que’ was more than business. Love of que was painted everywhere. History marked the walls.

After warm hugs, we scooted up next to Master Judge Dave Compton and his lovely wife, Erma. Now would be the tough decision on what to order for dinner. We went for the brisket and ribs and the hostess at the counter recommended her favorite sides of Pickled Veggi Salad and homemade Tater Chips with dip.  We were not disappointed. I always expect pickled veggies to be on the sour side or way too sweet, but it was neither. They were a perfect blend of veggies and satisfied my crunch craving.  It was strongly suggested to top off a brisket sandwich with it.  Move over coleslaw! The Taters were fresh and crisp and the dip carried a wonderful onion flavor. 

Now let’s get to the meat of this commentary. You know how when you look at a rib and you can’t wait to dig into them? These were those!  Stop talking, Dave! I wanna eat these right now!  Rich also enjoyed them thoroughly and cleaned them to the bone.

“One thing I like about a barbecue place when I order ribs,” he said, “is when they come out without sauce.” And Rich was right. This place only served the meat with dry rubs. And, no, he didn’t add any sauce.

Kue’d Smokehouse has a WARNING: Get there early, we smoke meat early and serve until we run out. When it’s gone, it’s gone! I got lucky!! The brisket was great in appearance, had a more than fantastic flavor and the texture was spot on.  It wasn’t sauced, but I had to try their $100,000 sauce on a few pieces because it intrigued me. Many of you probably already know he took the $100,000 on the BBQ Pitmaster show and it was this sauce that he used. Yes, it is that good!

Shad and Angie’s team, A Boy and His BBQ, opened up Kue’d on March 8th, 2016. So we were some of the first lucky ones to be introduced to their new joint.

“Shad was the Executive Chef at Hotel Patee in Perry Iowa,” says Compton. “I met Shad in ’06” and they were competing long before then.”

Both Rich and I remember hearing A Boy and His BBQ being called out at quite a few comps we attended and usually after our name was called. And after eating their brisket and ribs, we could certainly see why!  If you’re ever up there in that neck of the woods, please stop by, say hi to Shad and Angie and partake in some of their award-winning barbecue. And definitely end your pleasure with the ooey gooey chocolate brownie.  It’s the best gooey chocolate ever!

On the way out, I stopped by a portrait on the wall with a young boy sitting by a pig. It is good explanation why he calls his team A Boy and His BBQ. I’m not sure why it was intriguing to me, but it was. There was a deep affection of barbecue in that scene. I decided that image summed it up for me why this place is so good and will be for a long time.


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