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Proposed Change to Rule 7

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August 31, 2016

The Board of Directors will consider a motion during the September 14th meeting modifying Rule 7.  This proposed change is posted in advance of the meeting to allow for comments and thoughts from the membership.  Please send comments and thoughts to BOD@KCBS.US.

The changes to the rule are highlighted.


Rule 7

7)  All competition meats shall be inspected by the Official Meat Inspector during the times established by the contest organizer but not prior to the day before judging.  Once the competition meat has been inspected, it shall not leave the contest site. Cooking shall not begin until the competition meat has been inspected by the Official Meat Inspector.  All competition meat shall start out raw.  No pre-seasoned meat is allowed other than manufacturer enhanced or injected products, as shown on label EXCLUDING but not limited to: teriyaki, lemon pepper or butter injected. Competition meat not meeting these qualifications shall be disqualified, not allowed to be turned in, and not judged, and receives no score.  When the contest organizer supplies the meat, the contestant is not required to enter only that meat, the single exception is when an organizer provides all four (4) meats.  If an organizer provides all four meats it must be in a fair and equitable manner with regards to quantity, quality and distribution.  Additionally, the organizer must specifically address on the team application how the meats will be distributed, the quantities of the meat to be provided, and when the meats will be distributed.  If after receipt of their meat a team believes their meat is spoiled they should bring it to the attention of the reps.  If the reps agree, the organizer must have additional meat on hand, of the same brand and quality, to replace.  Contests providing all four meats must be approved by the BOD and not approved by the office.

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