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FACT: 56% of Americans report having a smartphone, 77% of KCBS members do    
FACT: 70% of KCBS members use Facebook    
FACT: 55% of members choose charcoal when cooking for leisure    
FACT: 23% of KCBS members work in the food service industry as a restauranteur or caterer    
FACT: Learning from friends, family and at competitions is the best way to improve cooking skills    
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September Board Meeting Agenda

September 13, 2016

Kansas City Barbeque Society

Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda

September 14, 2016


Member request to speak: 

Roll Call: 

Mike Peters, Randy Bigler, Bill Capstack, Dennis Polson, Mike Hays, Mike Richter, Sandy Fulton, Mark Simmons, Wayne Lohman, Dave Compton, Joe Otto, Arlie Bragg

KCBS Office:  Carolyn Wells, Kim Collier


Board pledge:

                Recognizing barbeque as America’s cuisine, the mission of the Kansas City Barbeque Society is to celebrate, teach, preserve and promote barbeque as a culinary technique, sport and art form.

                I accept my duties as a KCBS director to further the KCBS mission so that truth, justice, excellence in barbeque and the American way of life may be strengthened and preserved forever.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Sandy Fulton:  I move to accept minutes of the August 10, 2016 meeting.

Financial Statements

Mark Simmons:  The finance committee moves "the August financials be accepted as presented and entered into the permanent record of the Kansas City BBQ Society.


Respectfully Submitted,

Mark Simmons



President’s Report

Randy Bigler: 


Sanctioning Report:  Kim Collier  


Date R'cvd

Date of Contest

 New Contest Name





Dell BBQ Bash

Wisconsin Dells




Que'n In Cummings(DAY 2)





Vienna BBQ Days





The Great Brunswick BBQ Throwdown





Al Bahr Shrine Blues Brew & BBQ





A Que of their Own



Date R'cvd

Date of Contest

Existing Contest Name





Barbourville BBQ Cook-off & Festival





Original SD BBQ Championship





Rock'n Ribs BBQ Festival





The Smithfield King of the Smoker(Invitational)

Rancho Mirage




Tupelo BBQ Duel 1





Tupelo BBQ Duel 2





I Love Barbecue & Music Festival

Lake Placid




National Western BBQ Throwdown





Boots and BBQ Festival





Pepsi WY State Championship BBQ & Bluegrass Festival





Southaven Spring fest





Marietta River City BBQ





Cedar Fest BBQ Cook-Off

Cedar Park








Date R'cvd

Date of Contest

Contest Name



Conflicting Contests

Additional Information



Smoke on the Ohio



Bloomington, IN

Contest is 145 to 155 miles depending on which rout you take. Smoke on the Ohio has had this event for 6 years They average 20+ teams, They would like to have it KCBS sanction next year due to the request of the teams.



Madison Magazine BBQ Festival

Sauk City


Fond Du Lac, WI

76 miles, both are existing contest Madison has to change their date due to it coincides with graduation weekend
always the weekend after mother’s day in 2015 it was May 16 and 17 which was the 3rd weekend in 2016 it was May 12 and 13 the second weekend but because the 1st was a Sunday Mother’s Day was the 8th UW Madison Graduation is always the Sunday after Mother’s Day and Madison BBQ Festival is held that weekend to give the over 50,000 people that come to Madison that weekend a venue to attend outside of the ceremony








KCBS/MMA Marketing Report

August 2016


(Stats through 7/1/16 - 7/31/16)



  • Total page views for July: 465,482  (-11%)
  • Total Unique Users for July: 56,634  (-12%)
  • Time per Visit: 4:07  (-.09%)
  • Advertising sold for July: $775 (+6.5%)
  • July/August Projects
    • User Account Access/Auto Payment Renewal Project - Near Completion
    • International Team Identifier in Reporting - In Progress
    • Backyard Team Identifier in Reporting - In Progress
    • Homepage Graphic Updates - 250K & GAC



250KCBS Meals Mission

  • Discussing New Initiatives
  • Current Total to Date – 292,989 meals
  • 120 Contests Signed Up to Date
  • Press Release sent 7/19/16


Sam's Tour:

  • Master Judge registration for Sam's Championship is August 4 - September 30
  • 2 regionals complete, 3 to go. 
  • Next regional is North Charleston, SC on August 27
  • 20 local events complete



Great American Cookout Tour

  • 2017 presentations in process
  • Major event stops completed: 11
  • Retail stops completed: 32
  • Local and National Media Inclusions
  • August Stops
    • Long Beach BBQ Festival, August 19-21
    • The Nugget Rib Cook Off 8/31-9/5



  • Social Media, using KCBS, and GAC Facebook and Twitter pages to promote KCBS-related events/promotion



  • Twitter Impressions: 60,600 (75% +)
  • Facebook Page Likes: 44,616 (3.0 +)
  • Facebook Reach: 242,530 (86% +)
  • Total Audience: 56,687 (2.8% +)







  • Twitter Followers: 6,471 (2.1% +)
  • Twitter Impressions: 8,366 (43% +)
  • Facebook Page Likes: (24,175 (.13% -)
  • Facebook Reach: 8519 (59% +)
  • Total Audience: 30,646 (.34% +)




  • Smithfield class update
  • Yeti program
  • Sam's Club update
  • PR impact of rules changes
  • HPBA programming/strategy in ATL/Nash






















APR-MAY 2016














There are no new updates for this month, therefore there is no report. 



Mike Hays

Marketing Committee Chair



International: Wayne Lohman


Our last trip of the year to Scandinavia proved to be very gratifying in what we had hoped to accomplish during this trip.  This was our 4th year for Smoke In The North CBJ class and contest which has grown each year.  This year we had 28 CBJ Students and 31 International Teams competing in the contest.  The setting of this contest is a beautiful groomed golf course outside the City of Gothenburg, Sweden.

The following weekend brought us to our first sanctioned contest in Oslo, Norway at a bay front marina in a city park.  This site proved to be very useful.  We were able to trade BBQ for the use of their restaurant bar lounge for imputing scores.   We had 26 CBJ’s and 28 teams in the contest, representing 9 countries, including a US Team.  Contact was made with 2 other Scandinavian Countries, Finland and Iceland for possible contests and CBJ classes.

We are currently working with 5 US Military Bases discussing both classes and contests in their locations.  The International Bases are Guam, Spain and Italy, including a location in Sicily.  Unfortunately, there isn’t any connection between the different Military Bases to help our communications and sanctioning efforts.

We have made contact with Seaboard Foods, a division of Seaboard Marine, based in Shawnee Mission, KS.  They have an interest in our activities in Central and South America, with emphasis on Costa Rica and Panama where we have plans for 2 new contests sites in 2017.  Our contest in the Capital City of San Jose, Costa Rica is scheduled for late Feb. and we have plans for a contest at a coffee plantation in early Spring.

One of our biggest projects for 2017 is assisting countries in setting up BBQ Associations or Societies.  We expect this to be a difficult challenge because of the different reasons for the organizations and the personalities of the individuals requesting our help.  The countries requesting help are Japan, Panama and Brazil.



CBJ Minutes for CBJ Meeting

Minutes for CBJ Meeting

August 30, 2016

7:03 pm Central Time

Committee members attending:

Dennis Polson-CBJ Chair

Carolyn Wells-Director

Randy Bigler-President

Nancy Muller

Kelly McIntosh

Mike Lake

Bill and Debby Gage

Carol Bigler


Comment Cards

Dennis Polson reported the new comment cards are in the office and are available for reps to order. Some reps have used them and are getting good feedback from the cooks.


Continuing Education

Dennis Polson reported that the 100 questions approved by the committee are in the hands of MMA and that no time has been given to him on the completion date.


Judge’s Score Card

Dennis Polson reported a few minor issues still plague the site, but the technology committee is aware of the issues and they are working to fix them.


New CBJ Signing Sheet

Nancy Muller designed a new sheet to be inserted into the back of the updated CBJ manuals and sent it to the committee for comments.  Dennis suggested that this be tabled until the committee defines the rules for signing of the CBJ sheet.


Signatures On CBJ Sheet

Dennis Polson supplied the committee with a list of possible signatures for each type of contest being held at this time. Each application was examined and discussed at length. See the completed list with all the corrections, deletions, and additions on the appendix of this document, which was created by Dennis Polson.


Ambassador Program

Kelly McIntosh sent a brief description of the program to all committee members for their comments. It was suggested that we table the discussion until the next meeting.

We adjourned at 8:12pm CST

Respectively submitted by

Carol D. Bigler



CBJ Committee Motions 9/14/2016


I move that a CBJ working toward their MCBJ by cooking with a team must: 1. Cook in a Master Series either with a team or cook with their own team. 2. Cook in a Competitive Series or a Licensed Series or a Backyard Series with a team or cook with their own team. A Competitive or Licensed or Backyard Series must cook the 4 required meats, Rule number 10, and meet Rule number 6 as to the fuel source.


Reason: The Committee believes this gives the CBJ other options to cook for their MCBJ. We also feel by giving more options to the CBJ, they may cook sooner rather than later in their judging education.


Dennis Polson



I move the following 13 steps for signing a CBJ or MCBJ book by a Contest Rep. This motion will replace previous motions referring to signing Judges   books.


  1. A Certified Barbeque Judge (CBJ) or Master Certified Barbeque Judge (MCBJ) CANNOT have their book signed for the Ancillary Categories of a contest.
  2. A CBJ or MCBJ CANNOT get double signatures the same day.  Example: Doing a Master Series and a Backyard Series the same day. A CBJ or MCBJ will receive only one signature for Double Duty for Table Captain and Judging per contest. The Judge can choose the Volunteer signature or Judging signature.
  3. NO signature of any kind for helping at a CBJ class.
    1. A CBJ working toward their MCBJ must cook with a team at a Master Series. It is encouraged that the CBJ cook with a team or cook with his or her own team between their 5th to 10th contests.
    2. The 4 required meats are Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork Butt/Shoulder, and Brisket.
    3. The KCBS staff will NOT verify contests not listed on the CBJ signature sheet by using the Judges Scorecard program.  The KCBS office staff will NOT use the KCBS Scorecard program to re-construct contests that the Judge did not get a signature for or to re-construct signatures for lost books.
      1. A CBJ working toward their MCBJ must have one (1) Volunteer (V) and no more than ten (10) Volunteer signatures witch count toward the 30 signatures requirements. Volunteer signatures will be for duties other than judging in the tent.
      2. A CBJ or MCBJ or Volunteer at a Backyard Series, Competitive Series, and Licensed Series with less than the 4 but a least 2 of the required meats will receive a volunteer signature.
        1. Master Series:  A contest that is sanctioned by KCBS as a Masters Series.  The contest must have the 4 required meats.  Reps will sign for Judging or giving a volunteer signature for duties in the tent other than judging.

10. Competitive Series: A contest that is sanctioned by KCBS as a Competitive Series. If a Competitive Series has the 4 required meats, a CBJ or MCBJ may get the signature for judging or a volunteer signature for duties in the tent other than judging. If the contest has at least 2 but less than 4 of the required meats, the judge or volunteer will get a volunteer signature.

  1. Licensed Series: A contest that is NOT sanctioned by KCBS but get the needed items (Reps, plates, score cards, computer program, etc.) to hold a one-time contest with no sanctioning fees. The next year the Licensed Contest must move to a Master Series, Competitor Series, or Backyard Series. If Licensed Series has the 4 required meats, a CBJ or MCBJ may get a Rep signature for judging or a volunteer signature for duties in the tent other than judging. If the

ontest has at least 2 but less than 4 of the required meats, the judge or volunteer will get a volunteer signature.

  1. Backyard Series: A contest that is sanctioned by KCBS as a Backyard Series. The contest must have Chicken and Pork Ribs.  If a Backyard Series has the 4 required meats a CBJ or MCBJ may get a Rep signature for judging or a volunteer signature for duties in the tent other than judging.  If the contest has at least 2 but less than 4 on the required meats, the judge or volunteer will get a volunteer signature.
    1. Kosher Series: A contest that is sanctioned by KCBS as a Kosher Series. The contest must have 4 required meats for Kosher of Chicken, Beef Ribs, Turkey, and Brisket.

A Kosher Series is considered a Competitor Series contest and falls under the Competitor Series guidelines.



To have reference of the past Board decisions, I have listed items if you would like to look up.

  1. KCBS web site -Judges -Judge Requirements.
    1. 11/15/2013 Board Minutes states the change from partial credit to 1 credit for Backyard.
    2. 6/9/ 10 Board Minutes
    3. 7/14/10 Board Minutes
      1. 11/13/ 13 Board Minutes


The opinion of the CBJ Committee is to clarify the rules when a Rep can or cannot sign a   Judges CBJ book to qualify to become a MCBJ. And to clarify other issues Judges, MCBJ and CBJs, bring up to get their books signed. Reps are not on the same page in signing books and the new guidelines will help.

If approved by the Board, there will be an article in the Bullsheet, will go into the CBJ class manual and sent to all Reps.


Dennis Polson



Rep Committee:  Dennis Polson

KCBS Rep Committee Minutes

September 7, 2016   7pm CDT

Members Attending: Dennis Polson, Chairperson: Linda Polson, Kathy Brazier, Bill and Debbie Gage, Ralph Weller, Dave Londeen, Steve Alvariez, Ralph Williams, Kim Collier, KCBS Office Staff, Carolyn Wells, KCBS Executive Director: and Randy Bigler KCBS President.

Dennis opened the meeting.  The first item for discussion was Rep Training, Tina Weller.  Ralph Weller left the meeting at that point.  Dennis said that Tina has completed her requirements to become a Rep with excellent reports from the Reps she trained with.  Carolyn, Kim, and Dennis all also reported that they have worked with Tina at several contest and highly recommend her to become a Rep.  Tina was approved by the Committee to be recommended to the BOD for approval.

Ralph Weller returned to the meeting.  Dennis asked for other agenda items.  Debbie Gage stated that two international organizers, who are also cooks, would like to be able to compete at contests they organized, because not being able to do so weakens their chances of being drawn for the Jack, due to Jack Daniels rules for the International draw.  Dennis confirmed that the rule stating the organizers cannot compete at their own contest is still in effect.

Dennis reported that the CBJ Committee is working on standards regarding when books can be signed, to be submitted to the BOD for approval.  When approved, there will be an article in the Bullsheet and will also be sent to all Reps.  The committee reviewed items 1-11.  Carolyn said that #5 needs clarification to state “pork butt or shoulder.”

The Committee discussed the following situations: Backyard, Competitive Series, Licensed Series and a Judge cooking for their CBJ at a Competitive or Licensed contest.  Following discussion, the committee agreed that Judges should be able to get credit/signature for Competitive and Licensed contest providing the 4 KCBS meats (chicken pork ribs, pork butt/shoulder, and brisket) are cooked.  Also, a Judge should be able to cook at a Competitive Series contest, providing traditional heat sources (not gas) are used.

Kathy Brazier brought up a situation at a recent contest where a contestant submitted a dessert on a very large tray, requiring 3 people to carry the tray.  Following discussion and research, it was established that Rep Advisory 5.03 states that the KCBS Board recommends to organizers for the purpose of safety for ancillary categories, turn-in containers should not exceed 18” X 24” and height of 18” if 9”X9” Styrofoam containers are not mandated.

Steve mentioned that they were very short of Judges at 3 recent Utah area contest.  He has talked to organizers in the area about having a CBJ class.

Ralph Weller raised a question about a Kosher contest he is Reping this weekend, with regards to Kosher rules effective 1/1/2017.  Randy advised that the contest should be conducted as usual.

Meeting adjourned at 7:58 pm.

Respectfully submitted by:

Linda Polson, Recording Secretary



Tech Committee – Joe Otto

Report for September 2016


1.  KCBS Score 12.6.1 is in the testing and review process


2.  Updates to Backyard TOY and International TOY programs are in place.  These changes will separate contests in our database and allow automatic calculation for Team of the Year.


Please accept this report.






AUGUST 16, 2016


Committee Members:   Sandy Fulton, Randy Bigler,  Karrin Murphy,  Kim Collier,  Rais Keyes,  Carolyn Wells,  Randall Bowman,   Julie  Rusty Cook,  Sybilla Hawkins,  Darrell Meade


Raye and Karrin have worked on the Official banquet Invitation and it was placed in the August issue of the Bullsheet.   More to be included in the September issue.


Still a concern over the AV cost.  Randall is going to talk to Jeremy Moyers to see if there is anything he can do to keep the cost down.


Randall and Raye are going to be working on a gift for the Lifetime Members.  Last year we had 150 glasses for the Lifetime Members and only approximately 100 were picked up.  Raye is going to check with the hotel about the cost of a Saturday morning continental breakfast for the Lifetime Members.


We will have a photo booth at the Friday night party.  Randall is going to check on costumes from Gone With The Wind to have for the photo booth.


Charlie Barrineau is not able to be our Keynote Speaker.  Randall is going to try to look into having a possible local celebrity who would do it.  We will ask Carolyn if she would contact Charlie to see if he would speak during the Organizers Round table.


Carol has contacted The Jack and they will provide something for our goody bags.  Rusty, Julie and Randy are trying to secure some items from Georgia to put in the goody bags.


Raye reported that we are still in need of volunteers.  She thinks we need at least 12.  Randall will send out an email to some local KCBS members.  Raye will provide times that the volunteers are needed.


Raye also reported that she is hoping for 10-12 exhibitors.


We will be playing Bingo on Thursday evening.  Something new this year, planning a Thursday night event.  Raye is trying to get items donated to give out as prizes.  Randy has agreed to be the Caller.

More details to come.


Randy said to proceed with the contract and deposit for the photo booth and the DJ.


Registration will be live after Labor Day.


Sandy will ask Mike Peters to be Master of Ceremonies and for Chris to help on stage with awards and set up.



Rules Committee:  Mike Richter


The Rules Committee met August 8th.   Discussion continued on returning the maximum number of bonus points for a competition from 35 to 50.  The motion for this change will be submitted for the October meeting.  After the August Board meeting and comments from the Board the committee revisited the motion and is resubmitting.  The below motion was submitted and posted on the website for membership comment and submission to the Board for the September meeting


The Board of Directors will consider a motion during the September 14th meeting modifying Rule 7.  This proposed change is posted in advance of the meeting to allow for comments and thoughts from the membership.  Please send comments and thoughts to BOD@KCBS.US.


The changes to the rule are highlighted.

Rule 7

7)  All competition meats shall be inspected by the Official Meat Inspector during the times established by the contest organizer but not prior to the day before judging.  Once the competition meat has been inspected, it shall not leave the contest site. Cooking shall not begin until the competition meat has been inspected by the Official Meat Inspector.  All competition meat shall start out raw.  No pre-seasoned meat is allowed other than manufacturer enhanced or injected products, as shown on label EXCLUDING but not limited to: teriyaki, lemon pepper or butter injected. Competition meat not meeting these qualifications shall be disqualified, not allowed to be turned in, and not judged, and receives no score.  When the contest organizer supplies the meat, the contestant is not required to enter only that meat, the single exception is when an organizer provides all four (4) meats.  If an organizer provides all four meats it must be in a fair and equitable manner with regards to quantity, quality and distribution.  Additionally, the organizer must specifically address on the team application how the meats will be distributed, the quantities of the meat to be provided, and when the meats will be distributed.  If after receipt of their meat a team believes their meat is spoiled they should bring it to the attention of the reps.  If the reps agree, the organizer must have additional meat on hand, of the same brand and quality, to replace.  Contests providing all four meats must be approved by the BOD and not approved by the office.



Membership Report: Mike Peters

 August Membership Numbers

Active Members  21011

New Members  439

New from CBJ Class 144

Renewed Members 1018

Non Renewed 746

New from Website 246

Total Lifetime Members 1072

International Members 1203

Countries Represented 28


Membership Application rework - sending Karrin a list of changes. Hope to have copy for review later in the week for approval to send on to the BOD at the next BOD meeting.


Ambassador Program - Lots of discussion about how best to go forward. Agreeing that best route would be to involve the local/state/area organizations to partner in the process. We also need to not impose on the contest representatives for making this program successful other than requesting information on who might be good KCBS Ambassadors for the area. Last ambassador program was scrapped due to personnel issues. Need to make sure that ambassadors are providing a consistent KCBS message and not personal opinions. 


Proactive Membership Drive - Still waiting to make sure that the auto renewal is active and works correctly before sending out next email blast. 


Member website upgrades - Members can update their profile.


Discuss proactive push for new markets. Will form an ad hoc committee to discuss.


Next Membership meeting will be Wednesday, September 21 at 7pm CST.




Nominating Committee:  Arlie Bragg

Only one person to date running for the board.




The communications committee met on August 24, 2016 via conference call. Committee members attending included Mark Simmons (Chairman), Bill Capstack (Vice Chairman), Carolyn Well, Randy Bigler, Debby Gage and Karrin Murphy.


The committee wanted to see what happens to e-blasts that do not get to our KCBS members. Can the e-blasts be posted on the website?

Also, is it possible to have a tab for "Breaking News" ... i.e. Grand Opening, October 24th at 2519 Madison, or "The Bullsheet is out!" etc.


This concludes our report for September.

Respectfully Submitted,


Mark Simmons




Strategic Planning Committee:  Bill Capstack


September 2016


Our committee members are Bill Capstack (Chairman), Joe Otto (Co-Chair), Bruce Bubacz, Sybilla Hawkins, Doyle Hill, Paul Kirk, Skip Sayles, Mark Simmons, Jon Williams, Randy Bigler (President), and Carolyn Wells (Executive Director).


Our future meeting schedule:  1st and 3rd Mondays (unless there is a holiday) 7-8 P.M. (CDT)                September 12; October 3, 17; November 7, 21; December 5, 19;and January 2017 2.


Permanent Home for KCBS:

  • Everything is moving along at a brisk pace.
  • Move-in is scheduled for September 19th.
  • The Ribbon Cutting/Grand Opening event is scheduled for October 24th at 11 A.M.  The Grand Opening will continue through October 29th from 11 A.M. until 3 P.M. each day.
  • Final preparations are being made for the Wall of Champions donor wall initiative.
  • Broker meeting is scheduled for October 12th.


Develop and Finalize the Executive Director Transition Agreement, Duties, Responsibilities and Competencies:

  • No update.


Explore Additional Ways to Expand the KCBS Brand and Increase Participation at Events:

  • MOTION:  To change the name of the Competitors Series to Competitors/Grilling Series.


We ask the board to accept this report.


Philanthropy Committee Report:  Dave Compton

No Report

Old Business:

New Business


Closed Session Agenda:

Dennis Polson:

In closed session discussion of approving Rep in Training.


Tina Weller


Our Best of the Best 700 180 100+